Yoga For Beginners Lesson #7 – how to WARRIOR 1 & WARRIOR 2

hey guys welcome to lesson number seven
in my yoga for beginners series if you haven’t seen the previous videos I’ll
leave a link to the playlist in the description you can go check them out
for today’s video we will be going over Virabhadrasana 1, warrior 1 and Virabhadrasana 2, warrior 2 both of these poses are energizing
asana’s opening your chest helping air flow increasing your heart rate and
stamina they also work on strengthening their shoulders legs and ankles opening
your chest and your hips as well as helping develop concentration focus and
balance okay let’s get started so we’ll start and downward facing dog
hands come to the top of your mat feet to the back letting your chest fall
through your shoulders towards your thighs breathe one more together in
exhale bring your foot up either your right or your left I bring my left I’m
just so you guys can see a little bit easier from here you’re gonna start to
square your hips off to the front of the room as well as your shoulders your back
foot is creating a 45 degree angle so your toes are pointing towards the
corner of the room and raise your arms take a little bit
lowering your lunch so then your knee is stacked right over top of your ankle
we’re going to square your hips back off towards the front of the room you’re really
pushing down in that pinky side edge of your foot to help create that natural
arch under your foot inhale exhale and that also helps to wake up and straighten
your back leg and then from there once your back leg is straight come into
maybe a little bit more of a lunge inhale exhale open up to the side of the room
warrior two and that back foot that pinky side edge is parallel now with
the back of your mat your knee is still stacked right over top of your ankle
you’re starting to open your hips your chest and shoulders to this side of the
room bringing your arms up to either side strong arms spread your fingers and
then you shift your gaze turn your head you look right over top of your middle
finger and exhale now relax your shoulders lengthen your neck one more breath in hands come down high
plank to low yeah If you need a vinyasa inhale upward-facing dog
we’ll meet together downward-facing dog now switch sides warrior one inhale
brings you up exhale opens you up warrior two inhale exhale come back down inhale exhale big breath in empty out okay and you’ll
switch sides come up again a warrior one one thing
that we want to look out for that we really don’t want to see is your knee
coming out to either the left or the right getting out of that integrity we
want to keep it strong and stable stacking it right over our ankle and then
from there work on maybe lengthening your pose if you want to get
a little bit deeper lengthening your stance inhale open upwarrior two full
breath in hands come down high to low go through the movements you need your
intuitive movements ok downward facing dog is where we meet we’ll take one
we’re together inhale brings you up exhale opens you up big breath in exhale brings
you back down one misconception is in warrior one is
your back ankle lifted and although some people do take this as a modification
for warrior one lifting your back ankle is known as
crescent lunge so what that looks like as your ankles coming up and stacking
right over that ball of your foot waking up that back leg so this is
a great modification warrior one Crescent lunge helps to square your hips
off a bit more to the front of the room especially if you have tight hip flexors
so if these poses aren’t called warrior poses for a reason they are strong they
are Awakening and invigorating make sure you keep your breath flowing so that
concludes lesson number seven on warrior one and two let me know in the comments
if this video helped you if it did be sure to leave a like don’t forget to hit
that subscribe button and I’ll see you guys in the next one

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