Yoga For Beginners Lesson #4 – Upward Facing Dog / Downward Facing Dog

hey guys welcome to video number four in
my yoga for beginners series if you haven’t seen the previous videos I’ll
leave a link in the description you guys can go check them out so for lesson
number four we will be going over urdhva mukha svanasana upward facing
dog and adho mukha svanasana downward facing dog upward facing dog is
a heart opener and the backbend it focuses on stretching your chest and
abdomen as well as lengthening your neck whereas downward facing dog
lengthens your entire spine stretching your hips hamstrings and calves both of
these poses are incredibly important throughout your practice as well as if
ever you feel tired or like you need a break throughout your practice downward
facing dog is always somewhere that you can go okay
let’s try it we’re gonna start in high plank
transition to low plank and from there take on upward facing dog if you haven’t
seen my video on high plank and low plank be sure to check it out so from high
plank inhale shift your weight forward exhale come down low plank from here
tuck your feet under so the tops of your feet are pressing into your mat from
there you’ll push your chest open and up bringing your shoulder blades together
on your back lengthening your neck and notice how my hips my thighs and knees
are lifted right off my mat only the top of my feet are pressing actively down
towards the mat nice breath here
exhale a modification for this if you take low
plank on your belly is to come up into baby Cobra just bringing your shoulder
blades together on your back lengthening your neck bringing your hands and
lightly pressing on your mat actively still pushing the tops of your feet into
your mat squeezing exhale lower inhale back up exhale lower nice great now that we’ve gone over upward
facing dog let’s move from there to downward facing dog
so I’ll start in high plank inhale shift my weight forward exhale lower
low plank inhale pulls my chest up for upward facing dog notice how my feet
flip tops of my feet to my mat open up inhale exhale you’ll start to lift your
hips towards the ceiling option to tuck your toes under or just let them flip
totally your choice hips up high let your chest fall towards your thighs your
heels might not quite touch the mat which is totally fine option to bend
your knees so your hips can point even more up towards the ceiling let your
chest fall and then from there let your heels sink what we don’t want to see here
is rounding out in your back we really want your chest to fall head relaxes yeah if you feel tension in your wrists
bring the weight to the balls of your feet more feet are about hip distance
apart hands come to both mat distance so your pinkies are to the edges of your
mat inhale find space exhale sink deeper heels sink towards your mat one more
breath in and out nice okay so that concludes lesson number
four on upward facing dog and downward facing dog
the next video in this series is going to be everything that we’ve learned so
far put together into an actual flow so keep
an eye out for that in the meantime let me know in the comments if this video
helped you if it did be sure to leave a like don’t forget to subscribe I’ll see
you guys in the next one namaste


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