Yoga for Beginners – Foundations of Flow

– What’s up everyone,
welcome to Yoga With Adriene. I’m Adriene, howdy do? Today we have a yoga for beginners video. I’m calling this Foundational
Flow, or Foundations of Flow. So this is great for people
who are wanting to, you know, eventually graduate to
vinyasa style classes, or maybe you’re trying out
vinyasa or flow classes now and you’re feeling like “I
can’t keep up,” or like, “How do I breathe?” or
“What the heck am I doing?” So this sequence will be
great for you to just kind of get the foundations of
flow, really connect to what matters, which is
synchronizing the breath with the movement and the
movement with the breath so that you can find what feels good. Let’s get started. (upbeat guitar music) Alrighty, my friends, we’re going to begin in an extended child’s
pose, so get on down. Knees as wide as your mat,
two big toes touching. Now if this is not a
comfortable posture for you then you can keep the hips lifted, and in time baby, we’ll get them down there. So just be where you are at today, if you need to curl the toes
under and stretch the feet and just kind of rest on the
elbows, this is an option. So just know that your
extended child’s pose may not look like the magazine today, but it will evolve and
change, so you just kind of have to get into it. So that’s where we’re
starting today, just kind of nice and easy in an extended child’s pose. If the forehead can come
to the mat you might experiment with that. Melting your heart down. And just take a second
to close your eyes and draw your attention to your breath. (deep inhale) A little invitation to notice
the breath is super important here as we begin today
and talk about vinyasa, or introduction to flow style yoga. And just the synchronicity
that comes when you start to really play with your breath
and move with your breath and let your movement
be fueled by the breath is so rewarding, especially
in the physical practice, it’s totally the manifestation of joy. And if you don’t know what
I’m talking about yet, you soon will, and if you
do, you know I’m not crazy. Notice your breath, take it nice and slow. We’re going to move in a circle here, so the goal today is to not
do it perfect but to just enjoy the ride, stick
with the practice, so we’re going to start by
inhaling, coming forward, and exhaling around and back. See if you can move with your breath, inhaling coming forward,
and exhaling around and back through that extended child’s pose. Keep it going: inhale coming forward, moving in a big circle,
exhale around and back, and then reverse your
circle, again inhaling as you come forward, exhale through
extended child’s pose. Now we want to take long,
deep, smooth breaths, so rushing your movement
isn’t really great for that. Slow it down so you can
focus and begin to control the breath and the movement. (deep breathing) Let’s do one more. Back to extended child’s pose, or your version of extended child’s pose. Awesome, then we’ll gently
draw the palms underneath the shoulders and press up. Walk the knees in line
with the hips and press up. Come to all fours, tabletop position. Just a little side body stretch
since we’re going to kind of hop into a flow today, kind of quickly. I’m going to press into
the tops of my feet, but you’re going to be okay. I’m going to extend my right
leg out, take a deep breath in, on an exhale draw your right
toes over towards the left side of your yoga mat,
and then take a look, take a little gander at your right foot. If you were able to do
the dunda practice with us this will help here. You can really see that line
from the crown of the head to the tip of the tailbone
here, so we’re not collapsing, we’re really engaging. Stretch it out, stretch it
out, and then release back to center and same
thing on the other side. On the inhale lift the left
leg up, square the hips, and then take it over towards the right. Take a look at your left leg, press away from the earth with both palms, stretch, stretch, stretch,
and then we release. Awesome, from here I’m going
to curl the toes under, take a deep breath in,
and then nice and easy, keeping the knees bent, I’m
going to send that up to a downward dog. Pedal it out here, soften the knees, and we’re going to slowly
walk it up all the way to the front edge of your mat. Take a nice forward
fold, and when you land, just notice your breath, notice how you might
have stopped breathing and continue to breathe
deeper and deeper as you let the weight of the head go. (deep exhale and inhale) So we’re really trying
to awaken the breath, and if that’s tough for you
I just want to let you know you’re human, you’re not alone. It’s a super challenging thing
to cultivate a more mindful breath practice. When you’re ready, roll
it up nice and slow. How slow can you go? Enjoy this move. All the way to mountain. Keep the knees softly
bent here as you roll up to a nice tall mountain pose,
lifting up through the crown of the head and then going
ahead and just taking this opportunity to check in
with your body today. Whether it’s looping the
shoulders, drawing some circles with the nose, a little neck hygiene here. Maybe pressing into the feet,
shaking out any leg cramps, rolling through the ankles
a couple times, the wrists. So go ahead and take a little
freestyle moment to really check in with your body, and then we’ll stand up nice and tall. Toes pointing forward,
feet hip-width apart, so really stacking the
bones here, and then, when you’re ready, just
getting used to moving with the breath. And just going back for a second, stacking the bones is so important because our habitual selves kind
of want to take over, especially when things begin
to move at a faster pace, as they do in vinyasa. So the more attention
to detail we have now while we’re kind of
going through the basics and really building the
foundation of our practice, the better. So when you feel like you
have a nice foundation, really pressing through all
four corners of the feet, just go ahead and, nice and
easy, reach the fingertips all the way up toward the sky
and take a deep breath in. (inhale) And that’s it. Exhale, let it go. (exhale) And again, full breath
capacity, inhale, reach up. Reach till you can’t breathe in anymore, and then exhale, let it go. Couple more, try closing
your eyes or just softening your gaze, going inward,
focusing on the breath. Inhale. Exhale, get used to really
moving with your breath. See if you can let the
breath fuel the movement. And after you’ve kind of
found that synchronization, or at least tried, we’re going to add one more thing to this. So you can stay just kind
of doing this flow here, synchronizing the movement
and the breath, the breath and the movement, or you can
begin to lift up on the toes. So we’re practicing a little
balance here, too, inhaling… This also just requires
us to kind of slow it down so we have more control
over the breath and more control over the movement. Inhale. Exhale, slowly release. Let’s do one more,
spreading the fingertips, and exhale back down to mountain. Draw the palms together at the heart, and let’s keep playing
with this moving breath and movement, together as
one, let’s see what happens. Inhale, soft knees, reach all the way up. Moving nice and slow today,
exhale down, go forward fold. See if you can move with your breath. And it’s almost like we’re
moving through water today, not because we want to be
weird, but so that we can really just kind of stay
in control of the movement and of the breath. Also really great if you’re
a beginner to just take it nice and slow, allowing the
muscles that have been tight for so long to reawaken and stretch out. From here I’m going to inhale and lift up to a flat back position. Now, what that looks like today is this, sliding the palms all
the way up the shins, all the way up the knees,
we kind of draw energy up through the legs as we do
this, just a little bonus tip, and then I’m going to loop
the shoulders, pull the elbows back, and find extension
through the crown of the head. Kind of like I’m creating
the number seven shape here. The legs might want to lock here, especially in certain body types, so just keep a soft bend in the knees. Everyone draw your navel up to your spine, this is hard work, and we’re
going to draw the shoulders away from the ears. Take one more breath in here,
and then use your exhale to slide back down to that forward fold. Bend your knees super generously to give your lower back some
extra special love here, and then if it feels good
you can grab the elbows, rock a little side to side, keep breathing nice long,
smooth, active breaths best you can, and chances
are you will stop, and so we’re just going to
make it about coming back to the breath each time,
even if you have to do it a million times, no worries,
that’s what the practice is all about. (deep inhale and exhale) Then release the arms, and slowly roll it back up once again. Press into all four corners of the feet, and again we’ll take a
deep breath in and inhale, reach up towards the sky. Exhale, soften through the
knees, and down you go. Rain it down. Inhale, halfway lift, palms slide up to the tops of the thighs. I’m just going to pause
here and work on this shape. Finding that length through
the crown of the head. Usually the neck wants to
kind of spill off like this, so remember that the neck is
an extension of the spine, remember not to lock your
knees, take a deep breath in. Pull your elbows back
and then use your exhale to slide it down. Great, rolling up one
more time just like this. Flat back position. And then use your exhale to fold. Awesome, this time we’re
going to bring the fingertips to the mat, walk the feet in just a hair, and then on a big breath in,
send your right foot back. On an exhale lower your right knee. Inhale, open your heart. Awesome. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale, plant the palms,
and we’re going to step the left knee back to meet the right. Cool. Catch your breath,
gather your bearings. And we’re going to come to
kind of a half push-up here. Inhale, open your heart forward, so really let the chest open. Exhale, bend the elbows
slowly, lower down. Stay down. Then inhale, lift the heart up, lower the legs if you haven’t already. Cobra. Exhale down. Keep your cobras nice and small here. Inhale, lift up. Especially if you’re new to
the practice there’s a tendency to kind of want to recreate
the shapes that we see, and then this ends up happening. Because it takes a long time
to get everything integrated and working happy to
kind of get here, so… Don’t worry, not trying to
call you out or anything, just trying to help you,
don’t want you to have any back pain or anything,
so keep it nice and low. Inhale, lift. Exhale, release. So we’re doing this on our own here, we’re really pressing
through the foundation, inhale, lifting up. Exhaling, lowering down. Each time you lift up with the breath, pull the elbows back like
little grasshopper legs, press into your pubic bone
and the tops of your feet. So it’s like a pump here: inhale, lift, and exhale, fall. Let’s do one more. Inhale, lift. Baby cobra, and exhale, release. Cool. Curl the toes under,
lift the kneecaps, inhale in. Exhale, press up into
a push-up. You got it. You can always be at a half push-up. Inhale in, exhale to your downward dog. Soften through the knees, and then eventually begin
to straighten it out. Awesome work, everyone. Here we go. On your next big breath
in, lift your right leg up into your lunge, exhale, lower your left knee down. Inhale, loop the
shoulders, open your heart, take a deep breath in, and exhale, let it go. Great. Inhale, take your time. We’re going to lift the back
foot up to meet the front. Big breath in. And if that doesn’t happen in one step, which it probably won’t, who cares. Take as many steps as you need. And then everyone exhale, forward fold. Probably already there, so take a couple nice
long, smooth, deep breaths. Awesome. Inhale. On your next breath, halfway lift. We know this position, just
checking in, staying curious, experimenting. And exhale, down you go. And then softening through the knees, pressing through all
four corners of the feet, spread your fingertips
and begin to reach it up. Full body stretch, it’ll feel really good. And exhale, hands to heart. Awesome. Just take a second to catch
your breath, or observe your breath. You know, getting used to moving
with the breath in this way is actually a really intricate thing, so we go to vinyasa class
and we’re expected to just perfectly sync up. So I think it’s really nice
to actually break it down like this whether you’re
a beginner or not. Just to kind of slow it down and remember, ah, yes, synchronicity. So taking a second here to
just observe the breath. If you’re brand new to the
practice and you need a sip of water right now, go
get your sip of water, it’s really your home practice
too, so you can kind of take what you need. That’s when you return to the mat, like when you’re really
listening to your body. A lot of yoga for beginners
is just about learning everything the “right way”
and we forget to allow for permission to make it so
that you want to come back to your yoga mat. Okay, so we’re just going
to go through one more little flow here, just practicing
moving with the breath. So soft knees, marry the
breath to the movement and the movement to the
breath, best you can. Big inhale, reach the
arms up and overhead. Full body stretch. Long exhale, enjoy this
move as you forward fold, dive forward, soft bend in
the knees, take good care. Inhale, halfway lift, this
time you might experiment with bringing the palms to the
shins, just another option. Instead of the thighs. Take a deep breath in here,
lengthen, lengthen, lengthen, and then use your exhale to bow forward. Moving nice and slow. Walk
the feet in just a hair. Inhale, step the right
foot back into your lunge. This time you can keep the
back knee lifted, or you can lower it, go ahead and
let all the air out. On your next inhale open up the
palms wide, lift your heart, press into your feet strong again, we can also be on the knee here. Take a deep breath in, full
capacity of breath here as you open and expand and then exhale. Back down you go. Plant the palms. Walk the left toes, or slide the left toes
back to meet the right. Stay here, or lower the
knees like we did before. Inhale, extend. Exhale, slowly lower down. So we’re doing it on the
knees, we’re lowering all the way down. And everyone hug your
elbows into your side body, and on your inhale lift up, cobra. Move with your breath. Exhale, release. Inhale, curl the toes under. Exhale, draw your navel up to your spine, lift your kneecaps, come
up to push-up, plank. Inhale in. Exhale, downward-facing dog. Awesome. Inhale, step your
right foot up into your lunge. Again, you can lower the
back knee here, exhale, or you can keep it lifted. On your next breath in,
wherever you are, move at your own pace, we’ll inhale,
open the heart, expand. Power up through the legs. Open, open, open, breathe in. And on your exhale, let that be your cue to make your way back down. Awesome. Step the back
foot up to meet the front, take a big breath in. Exhale, forward fold. Awesome work, everyone.
Inhale, halfway lift. Palms on the shins or thigh. Exhale, diving forward. And inhale. Awesome work, everyone. Take the deepest breath
you’ve taken all day as you reach your fingertips up towards the sky, reach for the stars, full body stretch here, full breath, and your exhale brings you back to the heart, back to palms together, back to namaste, which is
where we end our practice. If you still have more energy
and you want to do more today, you can repeat this sequence. Everyone just take a second
to notice how you feel. Maybe closing the eyes, and allowing the breath to return back to its natural rhythm. (guitar outro)


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