Yoga For Beginners – A Little Goes a Long Way

– Hey, everyone! Welcome to Yoga with Adrian. I’m Adrian, and today we have, A
Little Goes a Long Way yoga practice for you. If you’re new to yoga
this might be a great practice for you to delve in and just kind of get a foundation for focusing on sensation over shape, which is important. If you are a regular member
of the yoga datering community then chances are you’ve
heard me say it before, a little goes a long way. And if you’ve practiced
even just a little bit I’m sure you’ll agree. So let’s hop on the mat, check in with where we’re at today. Let’s get started. (gentle acoustic music) Alrighty. Let’s begin in a nice comfortable seat. Depending on where you’re at today you could even start this part on your couch or in a chair. So truly find a place where you can get comfortable. Because we’re gonna start
with some pranayama. Some breath work, breath practice. And this can be a little tricky, especially if you’re new to the practice. Because I think a lot of times people don’t consider or know, haven’t experienced the breath practice is as challenging sometimes
as the asana practice. They are part of one physical practice, the physical branch of yoga. So if it’s hard for you to settle in, I guess I’m just saying you’re not alone, let’s give it a try. Because with the breath we can really change our game. So the theme of today is, a little goes a long way. And just taking, you know, we know this, right? Intrinsically, intuitively. Taking one deep breath at a certain point in your day, whether it’s in traffic or when you’re dealing with someone, or, you know. Can absolutely support you in that moment, can totally be a game changer. So that said, come into your comfy seat and sit up nice and tall. And then just allow your
energy to kind of land here and maybe put the hands
wherever feels good. So be very mindful about where
you are placing the hands, just as a way of spreading
a little awareness out. Spread awareness out to
all parts of the body, sit up nice and tall. And we’re not going to do
anything in particular today, so nothing fancy, just a couple moments of
deep breathing, alright? So, no fancy pranayam. Just really conscious, full, deep breaths. So we’ll do about 10 of them, but don’t worry about the number count. Just close your eyes, I’ll breath with you. Keep lifting up through
the crown of the head, sit up nice and tall. And then after about 10
or so breaths I’ll que es. So you can kind of trust the video, trust me, trust yourself,
and close your eyes. Here we go. Sit up nice and tall and we’ll begin to deepen the breath. (deep breathing) So big conscious breathe in, (inhaling) mindful reslease as you exhale out. (exhaling) And see if you can slow
your breath down a bit, make the inhalations a little
bit longer and smoother, and same for the exhalations. (deep breathing) And then notice where
your thoughts have gone, where the mind goes. And just notice that, acknowledge that, and then come on back
to the breath practice. We’re breathing deep here, deep breathing. (deep breathing) And on your next inhale imagine the breath coming
in through the nose and travelling down. So the direction of the breath is down as you inhale, (inhaling) and then it does this kind of sweet little somersault and then
comes up as you exhale. (exhaling) Let’s try that one more time. Inhale, breathing down. (inhaling) And then exhale. (exhaling) Breathe travels up and
out through the nose. (exhaling) Great. Bat the eyelashes open, loop the shoulders, and we’ll let that go. So it doesn’t mean we’re gonna stop the conscious breathing, but we’re gonna kind of let the movement and the breath become one. ♫ When two become one ♫ Is that Spice Girls? So big looping of the shoulders. If you are on your couch
or in your chair now go ahead and come on to the ground. Maybe you have a yoga mat, maybe just on to the floor. (exhaling) We’ll come into a nice comfortable seat. So keep conscious breath going, whatever that means to you, keep coming back to your nice deep inhale, nice long exhale whenever you can. Little goes a long way there. Sit up nice and tall. We’ll take the left hand,
just spread it super wide, rotate the left wrist. And then go ahead and place
it on the ground and inhale. Reach the right finger tips up and overhead. Side body stretch, so good. A little goes a long way here, so find a little movement. Whether it’s gentle pulsing, maybe it’s opening the
chest up towards the sky and then rounding it down to the ground, checking in with the shoulder. Find your deep breath here (inhaling) and then come back to center. Ooh! I do declare! And then right hand. Spread the palm super
wide, rotate the wrist. So this is great if you sit at a desk. Just kind of opening up
through the hands, the wrists, and then side body uncrumbling. Great for lower back pain, too. Rermember, it’s all connected. Find movement that feels good here. See if you can keep up
with the conscious breath. (deep breathing) Great. Then come back to center
and send your legs out long. Hm, I’m a little sore. Firming down through
the tops of the thighs, nothing fancy here. Reach the fingertips up as you breath in and then forward fold as you breath out. So even if you only land here you’re great. Way to be where you’re at today. You need to breath into the back body, stretch, stretch, stretch. Okay, so don’t feel like you need to push it to any certain shape here, focus on the sensation over the shape. So find your version of this here and then connect to your breath. So this is also a good standing. If this is too tricky you can do a standing forward fold instead of a seated forward fold. And that one you can do anytime, anywhere. Just be careful when
you do it in the shower so you don’t slip. (deep breathing) Wherever you are with your
singiter standing here, forward to fold. Allow the weight of the head
to relax and release down. This is an awesome pose to check in with daily. Not just for the muscles of the body, but for the nervous system, for the mental aspect to your practice. Then connect to your sitting
bones if you’re seated. If you’re standing connect to the soles of your feet, all four corners. And everyone tuck the chin into the chest and roll it up. Great. Just in case you took
me up on the standing, come on back down to seated. And just nice and easy we’re going to take the right foot into the left palm. So start here. Be super mindful here, especially in these little yoga breaks, you can never be too mindful ’cause it’s always in
those unthoughtful moments that you end up kind
of tweaking something, or anything, if ever. So it’s usually not in
the actual yoga practice, at least with my community of friends, where people get injured, it’s always kind of in
the moments in between, so stay present. And we’re gonna come to a little rocking of the cradle. (laughing) Of the leg and the foot. Okay, sorry. Right hand comes to the
outer edge of the right knee. And this will be a little
different for everyone. If you’re like, “I can’t grab my foot”, no worries. Just grab your calf here. And so what, again, we’re focusing on is the sensation over the shape. So unfortunately, I mean I
don’t want to be negative, but unfortunately we
see a lot of instructors just kind of slamming into the shape ’cause it’s in their body and then it’s hard to decipher what it is for us. So it could be this for you, it may not be this. Okay, on the same token, if you need a deeper
stretch go ahead and bring that right foot right into
the crease of the elbow, the left arm, and you can come here. So we’re here, or we’re here, or we’re here. (laughing) And we’re imagining the ball and socket joint here on the right in the right hip and we’re breathing and we’re doing our best
to it up nice and tall. So all of these things are great things we can do as a sequence or great things that we can do on their own. For instance, this is a great thing to do. All of these things actually, so far are really great to do while you’re watching T.V. So after this video, if you’re watching this
on your big screen, you can pop on an
episode of your favorite. See, if I had a T.V. show I could send you to my T.V. show right now. Just kidding. Girlsy! We’re working on a T.V. show, that’d be fun. But I want all the community to be in it. Travel around and visit the community. Uh, yes. Take your right foot, cross
it over, nice twist here. We’re gonna hug the right knee with the left elbow, roll up through the spine, swim the right fingertips behind, and boom. Find what feels good here, maybe point and flex
through the extended leg. So I wanted to mention, it can be this twist or
it could be any twist. A little goes a long way with the twist. Recline twist. You always want to find
that deep breath in a twist to get the full benefits. (deep breathing) And then we’ll release and switch on the other side. Switch to the other side. Bend the left knee, rock the cradle. So it’s a practice, you know? Yoga asana, we’re taught shapes, and that’s the physical practice. So take it upon yourself with your home practice, and I think that’s what cool
about Yoga with Adrian, too. ‘Cause this will just help you when you go to your public class to focus on sensation over shape. And then you’ll want to
come back to your mat, you’re gonna want to take these
little yoga breaks everyday. (deep breathing) And then you stop comparing yourself to other people, too. At least I have, or I try. Because I’m like, “You know, yeah.” When you really focus on what feels good for you it kind of doesn’t really matter what other people are doing. I mean, you can be
inspired by someone, but. This video turned into
yoga lecture by Adrian. Haha, okay. (deep breathing) So after you’ve moved
around a little bit here go ahead and cross it
over into your twist. (deep breathing) Notice if you’re kind
of leaning back here, notice if you’ve lost
connection between your feet. Reconnect. Great. And then we release. Cross the ankles, come to all fours. We have two more things to do. So you know your cat-cows, we’re not gonna do that
one because I feel like everyone really knows that anyway, and you can insert that
here as a freestyle. We’re gonna bring the knees super wide, big toes that touch. If you come to my public classes, I rarely do not do this next little ditty because I feel like we’re
constantly here with the head, neck forward here, here all the time. So this is a great little neck and upper back body hygiene. Here we go. Inhale, reach the right
fingertips forward, find that length, that
stretch in the right side body and then try to maintain that
as you thread the needle. So, right fingertips in and underneath the bridge of the left arm. And we come to rest on the right ear, outer edge of the right shoulder. Keep a connection with your big toes. And the knees are wide so that we can find this awesome rock in the pelvis here. And then breath into the upper back body and stay connected through your hands. So you can really use this left hand to press away from the earth here either by bending the elbow or finding extention. You might also like to bring it all the way up or even around. Hand on the sacrum or to twist. You know what to do here,
listen to your body. Big, deep, conscious breaths. (deep breathing) Play with that directional breath. Inhale, it travels down into the belly, and exhale up and out. (exhaling) And slowly release, pressing your foundation
to come back again, pay attention to the
mindful moments in between. And the same thing on the other side. Left fingertip stretch, try to maintain. So sometimes we just
come into it from here, I have all this collapse on the side body. And so this little bit
of consciousness in the side body goes a long way as we thread the needle. Left fingertips underneath the bridge of the right arm. And same thing, try to stay
connected to your toes. Find what feels good with the right arm and breath. (deep breathing) If it’s too much, don’t worry about it, but otherwise maybe you play
with that directional breath. Inhaling, filling the belly with air, (inhaling) and then exhaling, imagining the breath traveling up and out
the nose or the mouth. Sweet! One more breath. (inhaling) And beautiful release. I always love my view from here. Like, depends where I’m at and which day, but today’s really pretty. Okay. Coming back to seated, you can also do this one standing. If you’ve done a Yoga with Adrian video you’ve probably done this before. I’m actually gonna come to my knees. Neck circles. Not 1980’s neck circles, as fun as they were, are. (laughing) Okay. We’re putting, this is what we say in kid’s yoga, but it works. We’re putting a little marker here, you can choose your color. Or if you’re sophisticated and modern you can put a little charcoal pencil, haha, on the tip of the nose. And we’re starting with
small circles today. So small, tiny, tiny, circles. Head over heart, heart over pelvis. So sit up tall or stand tall. And then allow your
circles to grow larger. And you really need to kind of
drop what you look like here and really focus on the sensation here to find that yummy spot. I’m a great example of that, sometime I’m just like in public like, “Oh!” (laughing) And then allow the circles to grow larger. So we start at like button size and then we move to like full dinner plate size. You can move through like, saucer, salad plate, dinner plate. And then reverse your circle. Check in with your breath. And then if you find a catch you might rock a little bit in that place. You might notice that the shoulders have started to creep up out of just our habitual self, and so relax your shoulders. And then bring it back to center. (exhaling) Draw the palms together. Big breath in, big breath out. (exhaling) Okey doke, my friends. So that was, A Little Goes a Long Way. I encourage you, a little
friendly invitation, to try this once a day for a week. And then I think the big idea here is that you make sure to
take time for yourself and that you don’t always need a big, fancy, sweaty, yoga practice to do that. Someitmes just a little
bit goes a long way. So it’s just doing one pose or one little ditty from this practice, or returning to this video everyday for seven days. I encourage you, schedule
it in your planner, whatever you need to do. Just like you would schedule anything. You wouldn’t skip eating, you wouldn’t skip a shower. See if you can touch
on a little bit of this everyday for a week and let me know how it goes, okay? I know it’s a challenge, so handing you a friendly challenge. See if you can schedule
time for seven days to drop the pin and find what feels good. Alright? I love you guys. Leave questions, comments below. Share this practice with your friends, this would be a good one to share with someone who’s new to the practice, and I’ll see you next time. Free yoga videos every Wednesday. Take good care. Namaste. (gentle acoustic music)


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    crying… just so grateful for finding what feels so, so good. Thank

  97. I feel like I have a yoga high now. Girl you have a new subbie, and I don't say that❤️

  98. Today was my first time ever doing yoga.. I'm really going to try and do this every day after work. Thank you

  99. Yoga a little goes a long way

  100. The kid in me always comes out when we put an imaginary pen on our nose…I always go for the Hot Pink Crayola Marker ✌🏻😎✌🏻

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