Yoga For Beginners 30 Day Challenge | Fightmaster Yoga Videos


  1. <3

  2. Can't wait to get started! !! xoxoxo What day will u be starting it? thank you so much!! I was so worried about not being ready for the 90 day one yet. Bless u!!

  3. When is this starting? If tomorrow, it'll line up sooo perfectly with my whole "new year, new me" cliche. Can't wait!!!

  4. SO excited for this! Your 90 day fix was intimidating and a bit too advanced. Thanks!

  5. Oh my god, this is perfect timing! When will the first video be up? 🙂

  6. Great idea lesley! I will be doing this

  7. i am going to give this a try, finally!

  8. This is great! I will make sure to share with all of my friends. 🙂

  9. Yes!!!! Looking forward to this. You're a gem Lesley!!!

  10. Even though I’m not a beginner, I enjoy the beginner classes because I always learn something new that I can improve on…Many blessings to you and your family and thank you so much for all you do for us!

  11. I'm so excited, I will doing this.

  12. I'll definitely try this out! you rock Lesley

  13. Cannot wait to start:) last year I did yoga fix 90 and it was really awesome. At the end I decided to do it all 90 days again. Now I practice yoga mostly every day (except those days when I'm really tired or sick) thanks to you and your lovely work. I see the difrence every day. So another one big thank you 🙂

  14. Doing it anyways! xx 🙂

  15. you should teach a partner yoga course!!

  16. I am in for this challenge and will also encouraging my friends to this.

  17. I started the yoga fix 90 testerday and now I don't know if I should do this instead. Advice?

  18. wow I will be the part of this new class I will learn yoga at my home so amazing hope all the moves easy so I can do it easily

  19. I'm in! Can't wait.

  20. My first class of Yoga was with you and it was so comforting!! Thank you!!Nice experience!

  21. beautiful and beautiful. decided to add this beginning routine in top of my usual practices. love sensei.

  22. Thank you Lesley! Such a beautiful way to start the new year! Much love.

  23. Dear Lesley, I am now on day 21 with the Yoga Fix 90 program, and I was thinking about starting this 30 day beginner programme , too. I have been doing the 90 days in the mornings and maybe I could do the beginner 15-minute classes in the evenings… What do you think? Thanks again for this wonderful youtube channel! 🙂 Kindest regards from Hungary.

  24. Hi there, I have a torn rotator cuff and would like to know if Yoga can help repair this injury. Thank you for this video series, it is exactly what my wife and I are looking for.

  25. Hi Lesley, I am a newbie of this course but I love it, as I wrote you.
    I am starting to documenting on Yoga… so my question is, what kind of yoga is this one?
    Hatha Yoga?

  26. I'm excited to do this! I did the 90-day challenge to get ready for surgery, and now I'm rehabbing from it so this will be perfect. The physical therapist told me all the yoga I did really helped get me prepared 🙂 Thank you so much!

  27. A lot of places online have good things to say about your channel, so I'm going to finally start making it a regular thing to exercise. I'm not the best person with follow-through so the plan is to try and get at least one friend in on it so we can push each other to stick with it. I'm glad there are people like you making this stuff available; I've done yoga a few times before and I liked it a lot, but as a student it's hard to fit it into a routine and a budget. I'm excited to try this out, thanks for making your expertise available for free.

  28. I've tried most everything when it comes to working out, except yoga. I am so intrigued by the possibility of getting stronger, more flexible, and more relaxed within a workout. I am going to try this beginner's 30-Day challenge, and I am looking forward to it very much.

  29. I just finished Day 1 of the 30 Day Challenge and I'm looking forward to Day 2! I've done a few yoga videos on YouTube and I want to thank you for the comfort and peace your video has brought me. I've never had the confidence that I could practice yoga until this video. I can't wait until tomorrow!

  30. Hello. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing gift. I am so happy to say that I completed your 30 day beginners challenge and loved it. I took a few days off then dove into the 90 day yoga fix; however I'm now having right shoulder soreness. I'm taking a break to give some rest time for a few days but I really want to get back to my practice. Do you think that I should redo the 30 day challenge to give myself more time to work on alignment & building strength or is there something else that you would advise. Thank you!!!

  31. Hello Lesley, great work, i love your courses! For the first time i feel good and its not borring. Im at day 14 now and i start feeling better and more flexible:) Could you tell me please wich course is the best for me after this one? I see other playlists for beginners but i dont know the order tha i should follow. Thanks for the good work!

  32. You have a beautiful voice, Lesley! I enjoy your classes a lot:)

  33. Love your genuine caring, loving, positive spirit ~ That's what brings me back**

  34. Love your beginner 30 day challenge classes I am now on Day#21. Thank you I am a new subscriber to your channel.

  35. I'm new to yoga and I am loving these daily videos. I am currently going through radiotherapy for breast cancer and the yoga is really helping me to relax and recuperate😊

  36. Hello im a beginner to yoga. What do you recommend after i am finished with this 30 day challenge? is the 90 days to challenging?

  37. Hi, Lesley. I am full of gratitude for you and your astounding generosity. I am a 50-year-old woman who has gotten far away from the yoga practice of my 30s, but recently I was diagnosed with a rather devastating auto-immune disorder. I had to cancel my gym membership (I was a textbook hard-driving "gym rat") but my doctor recommended yoga. I was reluctant, but I shouldn't have been; I have just completed the first week of your 30-day beginners' series, and I swear I already feel somewhat better. (Even if I'm "just imagining" my improvement, I don't care…it feels great!) This disease has also sent us into a financial downward spiral, and if not for your willingness to offer free classes, I would never be in a place to enjoy this healing energy. I hope someday to pay your kindness back or forward (as applicable), and until then, please accept my humble and profound thanks. Mae Shields

  38. Can I go directly from the 30 day challenge for beginners to the 90 day yoga fix? 🙂 im a beginner to yoga.

  39. im not beginner but did 30 days yoga amazing.thanx for that but what next which routine should i follow after these 30 days.??

  40. Great I am going to share with my patients and we can do the challenge together 🙂

  41. i'm going to start this on thursday! 🙂 – just a little note for myself to remember

  42. Hi..I`ve browse several 30 days yoga challenge and found that it is not suitable for beginners. Your vids here are better because you really break down the moves so gentle. Thing is I have a really weak upper body strength than my lower (since usually i only focus on my legs in doing workouts). I even have trouble in lowering my self down (that semi chaturanga pose)… ca I still do this yoga challenge and also increase my upper body strength? Thank you

  43. Hi Lesey, is this playlist more of a vinyasa beginner rather than total beginner? I have been doing hatha for a while and find it good but a bit challenging without getting exhausted, my sister on the other hand (a complete beginner) was really struggling when trying to do most of these videos.

  44. Started yoga 5 months ago, all on You Tube. Was blessed to find Lesley Fightmaster's classes after trying several different instructors. After doing yoga everyday with various beginner classes, I just started Lesley's 30 day challenge for Beginners. I am on Day 24 and it's what gets me out of bed every morning. I am 51 and do not have the body of a yoga goddess! However, when I do yoga it makes me feel like a yoga goddess inside and out. My body shape has changed, I have muscles; aches and pains have disappeared! My girlfriends who are advanced yoga gals have been recommending yoga to me for years and they give me advice and support. I still find the pace of some classes difficult and fall out of poses, struggle with balance. When I reach Day 30 not sure where to go from there. I do not feel I am ready to start anything more advanced. I think I will go back to day 12 or 15 or so and start again. Lesley, I love your calming voice, your positivity and lots of instructions for modified poses and reassurance that it's okay to do so; I love that you are not 25 and stick thin but instead have a woman's and a mother's natural body and curves; when I see how flexible you are I am encouraged that with time I will be able to fold my curves into a pose as you do. Yoga, especially Fightmaster Yoga, has changed my life mentally and physically. thank you.

  45. I am new to yoga! I downloaded an app and this 30 day beginner challenge is on there and I LOVE it. I am not sure what I should go to next because I don’t want to go to something my body can’t handle. Do you have a recommendation for what to do next? Thanks for this it is great to do first thing in the morning while the kids are still in bed.

  46. Hello, the $60 coupon does not work anymore 😭😭😭

  47. Ill start today! Cant wait to see the results and be more in peace with myself. Thank uu

  48. Mam what diet u follow

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