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Hello, it’s Lesley Fightmaster Welcome to 30 days of yoga for beginners This is day one We’re gonna come onto our backs with the knees bent to begin and spend a little time with our breathing So, get comfortable And just rest your hands on your belly and just listen, or just feel the breath rise and fall in the belly As you breathe through your nose Allow any tension in the neck and jaw and shoulders to release Just taking notice if there is any tension Sometimes we can and we don’t even realize And just take longer breaths So the breath in yoga is in and out through the nose However, if you have any congestion, you’re welcome to breathe through the mouth when you need to The breath is very important Every movement has a breath We always want to connect our breath and our movement in our practice With your hands on the belly, just gonna inhale and really expand through the belly and then exhale feel the air empty out and the belly draws in a little And then again, inhale Fill the belly And now, walk your hands up to your rib cage And then exhale Feel the breath contract and empty So as you inhale, you fill the belly and up through the ribs And now bring your hands up all the way to your chest All the way by your shoulders See if you can take the breath there, all the way high and then you’ll exhale completely One more time, nice full breath Inhale belly and ribcage all the way up and exhale, release it. Now inhale through the nose This time exhale out your mouth like you’re fogging a mirror And again inhale through the nose Exhale like you’re fogging the mirror Halfway through close the mouth That slight constriction in the back of the throat try and keep it as you breathe in and out through the nose This is called ujjayi pranayama It means victorious breath So just continue breathing in and out through your nose with that little constriction in the back of the throat If it seems difficult today, don’t worry. You’ll just keep practicing it, it becomes easier as we go Now we’ll keep that breath going, but extend the legs out and point your toes up to the ceiling so your ankles are flexed, your leg muscles will be more engaged And now you can just let that relax I want you to notice your body on the ground So, notice the points that are touching and especially notice in your back, the spine The spine has natural curves The lower back is not touching the floor most likely but the upper back is touching the neck lifts away from the floor and the back of the head is touching also the hips are touching and the heels Maybe the backs of the thighs and the calfs So we just wanna take notice of that and especially the natural curves in the spine We would like to keep our natural curves in our spine as often as we can during our practice And a lot of times we’re not aware, so we are gonna become aware So flex the feet again, firm the legs This time, inhale, reach your arms up toward the ceiling Exhale, stretch them by the ears as far as you can And notice your ribcage might pop up, your lower back might arch a little bit more If that happens, take the hands further away from the ears up toward the ceiling and draw those ribs in Now, take your fingertips to shoulders and just start to make circles with your elbows We wanna warm up the shoulders So as if you’re drawing circles on the ceiling with your elbows Make them nice and big, as big as what’s comfortable And then pause, and start to circle in the other direction Keep the breath nice and steady. Don’t forget about breathing And then pause and arms by your sides Your legs might start feeling this because the legs are so firm here Inhale, arms up over as far as you can but make sure those ribs don’t pop out and the lower back doesn’t over arch Let your shoulders relax away from the ears so they’re not all bunched up As you exhale, take the arms back down by your sides Once again, inhale, sweep the arms up and over as far as you can while keeping the ribs in reaching the tailbone towards the heels Exhale, arms down by your sides Legs are still active Now we will draw the right knee into the chest And bend the left knee, put that foot on the floor Or you can keep it extended out Start to circle the right ankle in one direction You can hold on to the shins or behind the thigh Circle it in the other direction You might notice I’m wearing socks. Usually I don’t wear socks when I practice, but today it was really cold so I kept my socks on for this one Now extend your right leg up toward the ceiling And let it straighten out as much as it will Now it might not straighten up that much, it might be a little bit bent You might be holding on to the leg closer to your hips But wherever it is, try to draw the right hip a little forward so your hips stay leveled And keep that left leg active, toes pointing out toward the ceiling And continue steady breathing Go on a little deeper if you can. Or not. Wherever you are, it’s fantastic That’s all a process. When I first started, I could not stretch my leg that much, anywhere near it So now we’ll switch Bend the left knee, put that foot on the floor And draw the… Or, sorry. Bend the right knee, draw the left knee in Circle the left ankle in one direction Right leg is extended out, or you can keep that leg bent Circle the left ankle in the other direction And then we’ll extend the left leg up toward the ceiling I’m holding on behind the thigh but you can grab a bunch of your pants and hold. Your knee can be bent or if you can straighten up the leg, then straighten it Drawing the left hip forward a little bit so your hips are leveled And continue breathing in and out through the nose, that slight constriction in the back of the throat Ujjayi pranayama And your right toes continue to point up toward the ceiling so the right leg is active We’re stretching out our hamstrings a little here Hamstrings tend to get tight from sitting in chairs Take another breath And then we’ll release that Now bend both knees, hug your knees into your chest This is called apanasana Rocking a little bit side to side So the names of the poses are in Sanskrit. Sanskrit is an ancient language originated in India and so I will sometimes use those names although you can always call them by the English names too So we’re gonna roll off to one side And just pose a moment. I wanna show you how to get up safely So, you roll to the right, left hand pressing into the floor and you’ll bring yourself up nice and slowly with that hand Now we’ll make our way to hands and knees If your knees are on a hard surface, be sure to pad them up with a pillow or blanket Line up wrists under shoulders, knees under hips. On an inhale, bring your chest forward, lift your chin and lift your tailbone up As you exhale, round your back, tuck your tailbone under and pull the ribs and belly in as you press away from the floor Inhale, gently drop the belly, bring the chest forward, shoulder blades are drawing toward the waist As you exhale, press firmly into the arms and hands, and lift away like you’re hollowing cat. Or a scared cat Inhale, bring the chest forward again, lifting the chin and tailbone And exhale, rounding the back Sometimes we call this one cat and cow or bitilasana One more time, inhaling, drop the belly, lift the chin and tailbone And then exhale, and start to round the back. Pull the ribs and belly in strongly Inhale again. Chest forward, collarbones are widening And exhale, rounding the back This is a great way to warm up the spine We’re gonna take the hips all the way back to the heels in child’s pose Your hips might not touch, it’s fine. If they don’t, you’ll keep your hips up higher. You can also rest your head on the floor or on your hands If your knees bother you, put a blanket between the back of your thighs and your calfs, or a pillow So, this is your child’s pose. It’s a resting pose. If you’re brand new to yoga, it might not feel so restful. So remember, you can rest you head on your hands or a block if you have a yoga block, put some padding between the calfs and the backs of the thighs, or keep your buns up higher, they don’t have to go all the way to the heels. Now we’re gonna come back up. Inhale, bring the chest forward, lift the chin and tailbone up Exhale, round the back and take the hips as far back to the heels as you can keeping the arms extended forward Inhale, come forward again Just gonna link some breath and movement Drop the belly, lift the tailbone Exhale, tuck and round, take the hips back toward the heels. Once again, come on up to the knees, bring the chest through as you’re inhaling As you’re exhaling, round the back, chin toward chest and stretch the hips back toward the heels Keeping the arms extended And again, up onto the knees, chest comes through, tailbone lifts, chin lifts Exhale, rounding the back, chin toward chest, hips toward heels. So these movements, you’ll move any amount in these directions Just until you feel a nice stretch And we’ll come up, we’re gonna walk the feet forward so we can sit down And then onto the back again, hugging the knees into the chest So these classes will build little by little. So arms to a T, we’ll drop the knees off to the left and look over the right shoulder Your knees don’t touch, it’s fine. You can hold up with your hands or if you’ve got a block or a pillow or blanket, you can put that underneath I mentioned props. I don’t have any with me today but I will further on, but it’s nice to have those handy: a blanket, a pillow, yoga blocks if you have them, a yoga strap or a belt or a tie. All of those are helpful. And I’ll talk more about them as we continue Inhale through center. Exhale, knees to the right and look over the left shoulder Long breaths. Again relax, relax your jaw, relax your shoulders, belly, hips, let it all relax And then we’ll come all the way back in a moment to center We’re gonna set up in a moment for savasana, so this is our final pose. So it’s probably the most important Extending the legs out, let your feet flop open, bring your arms away from your torso with your palms up. Let your shoulder blades release toward the waist If it bothers your low back, bend the knees and feet on the floor instead And now close your eyes and relax. This is savasana.We try to be still and quiet for just a short period of time, where we can practice being present As you’re resting a little longer, I always like to end it with a quote. Today’s quote is from Stanislavski who said: “The longest, most exciting journey is the journey inwards.” So this is the yoga journey: it’s the journey inwards and I’m so excited that you are on this journey with us Let’s start to stretch out the body. Take a bigger breath, reach out through the arms and the legs. Bend the knees and roll off to one side, and then remember you’re gonna slowly use your hand to press yourself up so your head comes up last. We wanna keep the neck and back safe. And sit up crossing the shins. If that’s not comfortable then sit in a way that is. Bring your hands together in front of your chest. Let’s bring the hands to the forehead to remind us to have clear and loving thoughts. And our hands to the heart to remind us to have clear and loving intentions. And our hands to the mouth to remind us to have clear and loving communication. So we’ll send out this wonderful energy to all beings everywhere. Namaste: the light in me recognizes and honors the light in you. Thank you so much for joining, so bowing forward any amount. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and push like, tell your friends. We also accept donations for our free yoga classes. There is a link below or you can also visit, there’s a way to donate there and a mailing list to join Have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye-bye!


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