Yoga For Bedtime – 20 Minute Practice

– Hey everyone and welcome
to Yoga with Adriene, I’m Adriene, and today we
have a yummy, sleepy time yoga for you. This is a bedtime sequence
that is sure to help you get a lovely night’s rest and
also just let go of the day and transition into the evening. So, put on something
comfortable, get your comfys out, and let’s get started. (upbeat music) Alright, my friends, so
we’re gonna begin in a nice, comfortable seat. This can be a cross-legged position, this can be one foot
in front of the other, like I have here. You can sit up on a
pillow, a blanket, a block, just find a nice, comfortable
place where you can sit up tall. And we’re gonna take the palms face down wherever feels good. (soft music) Then close your eyes and
relax your shoulders. Begin to notice your
breath and we’re gonna take a couple of neck rolls
here, but nice and slow. So begin to draw big
circles with the nose. So they might start really big. Again, moving from the
tip of the nose here, just settling into the moment. Allowing the lower body to
grow heavy and the heart to keep a little lift. Notice any crunching, any
noise going on in the head, the neck, the shoulder connection. And then reverse your circle, move in the opposite direction. Keep the shoulders relaxed
here and enjoy this beautiful time that you have
carved out for yourself. Maybe you feel like, “Oh, I
don’t even have the time.” But relish in this
awesome bedtime practice. Knowing you will benefit from it. Connecting the brain and the body. Mind intelligence and
the body intelligence. Winding down for the day. Reverse your circle one more time. If you find any catches
here, you might rock back and forth there, just finding
a little movement here that feels good. You might feel a little weird doing it, but if you just close
your eyes and surrender. Find what feels good. And then one last breath
here, find what feels good, letting go of the stress and the tension that,
perhaps, has built up over the course of the day. And then we’ll bring
the head back to center. Draw the palms together at the heart, take a deep breath in. On the exhale, bow your
head to your hands, to your heart. Now, actively draw the
shoulder blades together here. Breathe into the back of
the neck, close your eyes, feel the sensations of
the palms kissing together at the heart in prayer. One more breath here, you might
imagine a little trap door opening out through the
crown of the head, and again, any stress you’ve been carrying,
any tension, any worry, any burden of the day, or
even anything in anticipation of the future or tomorrow,
just go ahead and let it spill out, trickle out. Telling the mind, the body,
the heart that we are winding down for the day. Preparing for much needed rest. Balancing the equilibrium,
finding peace from within. (breathing deeply) Big breath in, big breath out, release the
fingertips down to the legs, nice and slowly roll up
through the head, the neck. Awesome. So we’re going to draw the
left heel in towards the center and extend the right leg out long. Point and flex through the
right foot, the extended leg. So moving really soft here today. Point and flex, point and flex. And then, when you’re ready,
we’re gonna reach the arms just nice and soft and
slow all the way up. Take a nice, big stretch here,
lengthening, un-crumpling, lifting up on all four sides
of the torso so that the side body, the front
body, the back body lifts. And then exhale, softly
release, begin to turn towards your right foot and find
a place where you can bow the head. So, it might be a, kind
of, classic Janu Sirsasana head-to-knee pose. (chuckles)
Janu Sirsasana. Or, you might keep it nice and chill, just kind of resting here. Maybe you’re reaching to the
outer edge of your right shin. Your body’s gonna tell
you what feels awesome. So if it’s lower back body, you’re here. If it’s the leg, if you
need a little twist. Everyone, see if you can
keep the right foot bright. So, even though we’re
working softly and mindfully, see if you can keep a little
energy in that right foot. Then come to a place that feels
good and allow the eyelids to soften or close. Make your inhale long. Exhale even longer. (soft music) Listen to the sound of your breath here. (breathing deeply) And then slowly release. Wherever you are, tuck
the chin into the chest, roll up through the
spine, so much love here as we roll up through the spine. Inhale, lift the chin, the chest. And then, on an exhale,
just a little counter pose, we’re gonna take the left palm behind, or left fingertips, and
inhale, sweep the right arm all the way up and overhead. This time, point your right
toes, breathe in here. Don’t really worry
about the perfect shape, but your body will tell
you, “Ah, yes, opening.” So, we just folded and
now we’re gonna open. Inhale in. And exhale back to center, great. Draw the right heel in, left leg out. Take a second to get setup here
and then when you’re ready, inhale, reach for the sky nice and slow. Experiencing the body stretching. Slowing everything down. Inhale, lift through all
four sides of the torso, and exhale, rain it down. So each side is different here. You might come to the outer
edge of the left shin. You might come to head-to-knee pose. Maybe interlacing around the foot or holding on to your pant leg. Finding the breath again here. Softening through the
forehead, closing the eyes, or finding a soft gaze. Allowing, again, the day
thus far to melt away and the anticipation of tomorrow. To hold, being present with
your body and your breath. This is an act of self love here. And super great for the body. One more breath here,
wherever you are, enjoy. (breathes deeply) And then slowly release,
tuck the chin into the chest, stacking head over
heart, heart over pelvis. Beautiful. And then releasing the right palm back, pointing through the left
toes and inhale, reach, left fingertips up high. Big breath in, big breath out, bring you back to center. Awesome work. Soles of the feet come together here. So take a second to give
yourself a little foot massage. Thumbs coming to the
ankles, or the arches. The heels. And the base of the foot, the toes. Keep breathing here. The more you practice this
video, you can freestyle here, finding extension through the foot, maybe even lifting both legs. But if this is your first
time, just keep it to a nice, soft, gentle massage. Maybe you start to
bring oils into the mix. A little lavender oil on the feet. And then we’ll interlace the fingertips, bring them to the toes
and draw the tops of the thighs down. As you inhale, lift the
heart, as you exhale, drop the chin to the chest. Close your eyes, breathe here. Grounding down through
the tops of the thighs. Inhale in, lift your chin, exhale, swing the fingertips around. So, fingertips are gonna
come behind you now. We’re gonna keep the soles
of the feet where they are as we walk our self back. This time, to the elbows,
keep the legs as they are, in Baddha Konasana. Inhale in, open the chest,
breathe, breathe, breathe. Exhale, continue the journey
down, all the way to the back. Oh, yeah. Now we’re talking. Shoulder blades shimmy
underneath the heart space here. So, crawl the shoulder
blades underneath you. Hands come to the belly. And the legs grow heavy. If you’re feeling any
pressure in the lower back, my loves, lift the tail, draw
it down towards your heels, and then release back into
this restorative posture. So this would be a great time to, maybe, pull a blanket or pillow, I’ll choose you, underneath
the head or the neck. Oh, yeah. And then, actually, I want to
keep the hands on the belly because I’d like for us to
breathe into the belly here. So once you get situated,
(breathes deeply) close your eyes. And, just with the sound of my voice here, we’re gonna inhale in big,
fill the belly with air. So the hands are gonna rise. And then, as you exhale,
they fall, nice and slow, with control. Inhale, belly rises, just like a big wave. Maybe there’s a small pausing at the top, and then exhales, the
wave crashes and falls, with control. Hands float down. Keep this going on your own
for just a couple more breaths. Inhaling, belly rises. Exhaling, falling down. (breathing deeply) Relax the jaw here. Surrender. Noticing sensations in the lower body, the shoulder joints, the neck. Then slowly, gracefully,
slide your fingertips all the way to the
outer edges of the legs. You do not have to look at the video here. We’re gonna slowly close
the legs, one at a time, bringing the knees in. And then I’m gonna lift the
knees, give myself a big hug. Lower back should feel awesome here. Rock a little side to
side, keep the eyes closed and the breath still going. Maybe draw a couple circles
here with the knees. And then I’ll slowly release
the soles of the feet back to the mat. I’m gonna allow the knees to
melt over towards the left. Allow your hands to rest
gently on the rib cage of the belly here. And what I’m gonna do is just, kind of, shimmy my shoulders down
so that my right knee can really reach towards
the bottom left corner of my mat. Inhaling deeply, exhale,
release, and chill. If you want a little more
stretch, you might cross the left ankle gently over top of the right. Breathe deep here, sink into the earth. Inhale, lots of love in. Exhale, release, take
it to the other side. So great after a long
day, hard day’s work. Massaging the booty as you
rock over to the right, and then same thing here,
drawing the left knee down, resting the weight of the
body completely and fully into the earth. Cross the right ankle over
the left side, if you’d like, and breathe. Hopefully you’re starting
to feel a little relaxed. Soften the tongue in
the base of the mouth. Begin to let go. Great, we’ll slowly rock back to center. Two options here, if you’re
really sleepy and you feel awesome, move into Shavasana. Otherwise, you can take a bridge pose, planting the palms and
keeping it nice and soft and fluid as you inhale, lift the hips up, massaging through the spine,
opening up through the palms. And exhale, floating it down. So Shavasana, bridge
pose, or another option, just ’cause I want to take
care of all my brothers and sister out there, all different
level, is to crawl the shoulder blades under and
come into a little shoulder stand, or a plow. I like to do this, this is really nice. So I’m not pushing, nice
and soft in the feet. Hands come to the lower back body, knees come to shield the
eyes, or even the ears, and I just take a breath or two here. So wherever you are, breathe, be present with your breath. If you’re in the plow, use a
slow and controlled movement to release, so resist
the slingshot effect. If you’re up in bridge,
same thing, nice and slow, controlled movement brings you back down. Everybody extend the legs out long now. If you were in the shoulder
stand, take a second here to walk the palms underneath the bum. Actually, everyone can
try this, if you like, and we’ll draw the shoulders
underneath and just take a quick moment here in the fish pose. So this is the counter pose to
your plow or shoulder stand. Big breath in, and then exhale, release. Release everything. Choose to let go. Inhale, lots of love in as
you get comfortable here. Exhale lots of love out. Inhale lots of love in. (breathes in) Exhale, lots of love out. (breathes out) Then slowly, sending the
arms out at your sides, heels in line with the hip points. Now would be a great time
to cover up with a blankie. Crawling the shoulder blades
underneath the heart space one last time. Find a place where you can rest. Allow the breath to return
back to it’s natural rhythm. (soft music) And connect to a sensation of peace. Peace within. I hope you rest well tonight. Namaste. (soft music)


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