Yoga For a Broken Heart – Unconditional Love

Hello my friend. Today’s practice will help
aid in healing a broken heart. It will help to lift a heavy heart by nourishing the physical
and emotional and spiritual body pertaining to your heart space. We’ll start in extended
child’s pose nice and easy. Rest your forehead on the mat and knees nice and wide. Stretch your fingertips up and just begin
to relax in that heart space. The name of the game today really is unconditional love.
And I support you in your practice and I encourage you to give yourself permission to just feel
whatever the heart feels like today. Sometimes we must come a little closer to the heartache,
step into it and feel it with a certain openness and maybe a softness or tenderness. Take this
time for you. You might gently rock the head a little side
to side. You might call an intention into your practice, maybe it’s just that unconditional
love, forgiveness, courage. And take your intention with you and we’ll lift up to all
fours for a little cat cow. So definitely move softly in and out of things today. You
can keep the eyes close and I’ll do my best to guide you with my voice. Begin to tap into the breath. You might ask
yourself what kind of breath or breathing today will bring your heart peace. Deep breaths,
soft breaths, fire breaths, ujjayi breaths. Begin to stretch your body, maybe you shake
the hips a little side to side. You might crawl the toes under or you might come forward. So we begin to improvise from that cat cow
and check in. Continue to deepen the breath, and without any strict rules or obligations
here we’ll just explore the body, expanding awareness, maybe stretching the calves if
they’re sore. Checking with the neck, the jaw. And then when you’re ready, we’ll walk
the palms out and crawl the toes under and come into a nice downward facing dog. Pedal it out and then melt your heart back.
Again, ask yourself what kind of breath will bring your heart peace here. Then when you’re
ready, we’ll take a nice slow walk up towards the front edge of the mat. Forward fold. Walk the feet and hip with the part here.
Keep it soft to bend in the knees. And then find what feels good. Close your eyes, you
can walk the fingertips left to right. You can grab the elbows rock a little side to
side. Breath into the lower back body, then release the arms. And when you’re ready, inhale
lift to that flat back position. Tend to yourself. Hug the ribs in, draw the shoulders away,
elbows back. Find strength as you lengthen to the crown of the head. Careful not to lock
the knees. On an exhale, slide it down. Let’s try it again, inhale. Halfway lift, use your
breath out to float it down. And then we’ll continue just a couple more times in your
own time. Palms can be on the shins or even fingertips on the mat. You can mix and match
this and move with your breath. Then we’ll walk the feet together. And in
your own time, slowly roll up. Come all the way to standing. Feel the soles of your feet
on the earth as you lift up through the center channel. Lift your heart and begin to open
up softly through the neck. Draw circles with the nose. Nod the head. Then we’ll draw the
palms together at that heart space. Lift your sternum to your thumbs. Relax your
shoulders down and remember your intention. Your practice has your back, you can lean
into it, you can trust it. Ready, here we go. Using the breath, we’ll begin to find
the soft bend in the knees. And when you’re ready, inhale reach the arms all the way up
and overhead full body stretch. On the exhale, bend your elbows, open your
heart and thumbs back. Good, inhale reach it up and exhale all the way down forward
fold. Inhale halfway lift, exhale bow. Inhale, reach for the sky press into your feet. Exhale,
bend the elbows and thumbs back. Inhale, reach it up. Exhale, hands to heart. Beautiful.
Inhale, reach it up. Again, exhale. Open your heart, bend the elbows
and thumbs back. Inhale, reach for the sky. Exhale fold. Inhale, halfway lift and move
with your breath. Exhale fold. Then take your time, we’ll step both feet back to come to
a plank. Stimulating all the [notties 00:07:12], the energetic systems in the body, pressing
away from the earth. Pressing away from your yoga mat with your palms. Then keep the knees lifted or you can lower
the knees here. Walk the wrist underneath the shoulders and we’ll pull the elbows back.
Come on to the belly and inhale. Open your heart in cobra. Now we’ll find a little wave
in the spine here moving with the breath. And then we’ll curl the toes under, press
up strong to that plank, you got it. And then to downward facing dog. Inhale, lift the right leg up high. Use an
exhale to open up through that right hip. Maybe move the right toes ankle around. And
then we’ll squeeze the right knee up and in towards the heart shifting up into our lunge.
Lower the back knee, then we’ll swim the fingertips around to interlace behind the tail. Stack front knee over front ankle and lift
your heart. Hug the inner thighs towards in bed line, you might sink a little deeper,
you might not. Breath into the lungs, then release the arms back down. And we’ll shift
the hips back rocking onto the right heel, right toes up towards the sky. Then rolling through back to our lunge, we’ll
plant the palms and step it back to plank. Find your breath, take a vinyasa here or feel
free to skip it and go straight to downward facing dog. In down dog, we’ll take a deep
breath in and lift the left leg up high. Open it up for one breath here. Then when you’re
ready, bend that left knee and squeeze it up and in towards your heart center. Step it up into your lunge, lower the back
knee and check it out. Pull the left hip crisp back when you’re ready, interlace the fingertips
behind. We work on balance and stability here. We keep the heart lifted, the neck long. Find
places to lift but also places to ground. Then gently release and we’ll pull it back
coming on to the left heel. Beautiful. Then shifting back to your lunge. We’ll step it
back to plank and take that vinyasa. Move through it, breath into it. Downward facing
dog. From here we can repeat the slow walk up towards
the front that we did before or we can bend the knees generously and hop up towards the
front. Inhale halfway lift, exhale fold. Inhale, reach up towards the sky. Exhale, bend the
elbows and thumbs back. Inhale reach, exhale hands to heart. Here we go, inhale reach it
up. Exhale, bend the elbows and thumbs back. Inhale reach, exhale fold. Inhale halfway lift, exhale soft and then
bow. Step or hop it back to plank. Take your vinyasa or skip it. Together we’ll meet in
downward facing dog. Inhale, lift the right leg up high. Exhale, step up into your lunge.
Lower the back knee, take your time really building from the ground up supporting yourself.
Then take just a moment to interlace the fingertips, open your heart. Then we’ll reach the fingertips
forward up and back. Big breath in. Exhale and bend the elbows, thumbs back. Inhale,
look up and reach. Exhale, bending the elbows. Inhale lift, exhale surrender. Inhale lift,
exhale fold. Awesome. Coming back to child’s pose. Notice how you
feel. Remember, sometimes we must come closer to it and really feel it with the tenderness
and an openness so that we can process and find what feels good. Stay in child’s pose
a little longer if you like. Otherwise, we’ll make our way back to down dog. Optional vinyasa
here, shifting our weight forward. Moving through
and we’ll meet in downward dog. On a big breath in, lift the left leg up high.
Exhale, step it up into your lunge. Lower the back knee. Find your foundation, interlace
the fingertips and open the chest. Then when you’re ready, reach the fingertips up in overhead.
On an exhale, bend the elbows, thumbs back. Inhale, reach it up. Squeeze the inner thighs
together. Exhale, open. Inhale, reach, lengthen. Exhale, open. Soft neck. Inhale, reach it
up. And exhale, flow it down. Awesome. Step the back to meet the front. Take your
forward fold. Then inhale halfway lift. Exhale bow. This time we’re going to slowly inch
the feet out so that we can drop the hips down into a yoga squat. So in yoga we talk
about how we store a lot of emotions in the hips. So just notice. You can sit up on a block or you can draw
the palms together. The heels can be lifted or lower. We get down low here. And we try
to even in this deep yoga squat. Breath deep and somehow, someway lift our hearts, open
our hearts. Stay in the yoga squat or take a moment to
play here. I’m going to do a little handstand play. Reminding myself to smile, to maybe
turn my perspective upside down. You do whatever it is that you want here something playful
or maybe just staying in that squat still with the breath. And after a couple of moments
of smiling or playing or whatever it is you’re feeling. We’ll come to a nice seated position. Go ahead and bring the soles of the feet together
and the knees nice and wide, baddha konasana. Interlace the fingertips around the toes,
ground down and lift your heart up. Inhale in, exhale lion’s breath tongue out. Repeat
that if it feels good, nice cleansing breath. And then we’ll take it into a gentle forward
fold. We connect with your breath as you slowly
roll up. We’ll transition to all fours, take your time. When you’re ready, go ahead and
extend the right leg out long here. Walking the palms forward a little bit. Then we’ll
bring that right knee all the way up and in. Coming into a one legged pigeon shape here.
Rolling up through the spine and then go ahead and rock on to your right hip here. Keep a
brightness in the right foot as you reach your fingertips towards the front left corner
of your mat. Stay connected to the top of the back foot
and breath. Then slowly we’ll lift back up, curl the back toes under and comeback to all
fours. And we’ll repeat on the other side. Extending the left leg out this time, coming
into that one legged pigeon shape and finding your foundation. Lifting up through the heart
and breath, breath, breath. And then shifting on over towards the left hip. Fingertips reaching
out towards the front right corner of the mat. You may rest on the forearms here. Breath. Life is good. Your yoga practice has your
back. Gently unravel, curl the back toes under. Come to all fours. And we’ll inhale reach
the right fingertips forward. Exhale, bring them in underneath the bridge of the left
arms. We’ll coming into a little twist here for the upper back body. The left hand might
reach up towards the front edge of your mat or maybe up towards the sky. Close your eyes
and breath. Use an exhale to gently unravel and then repeat
the same thing on the other side. This time with the left fingertips going in underneath
the bridge of the right arm. Close your eyes, find what feels good and breath. Use an exhale to gently unravel. Come back
to plank and take one final vinyasa. Strengthening and moving through it. In downward facing
dog, take a deep breath in and a long exhale out through the mouth. Repeat a couple of
times. And we’ll slowly lower the knees, cross the ankles and come through to flat back. Bring the hands behind the thighs and begin
to rock, front to back a couple of times. Here massaging the spine, maybe the toes touch
behind, maybe not. Stick with your breath. Your breath is an amazing tool. Stick with
the self love here, the good vibes. And notice how you feel. We’ll get situated on the mat, bring the knees
up. Left hand to heart, right hand to belly. Walk the feet out towards the edge of your
mat so that your knees can fall in gently together. The belly softens, the ball of the
pelvis softens. And you can close your eyes here. Here we take some deep expensive meditative
breaths, feeling the belly, feeling the lungs. Feeling the heart center with our breath. Me and my friend, you might feel a little
emotion here. You might bring your right hand up over your head. You might begin to soften
the breath and just give thanks for this moment. Then slowly we’ll begin to shift to one side
using the bottom arm as a pillow. We come into fetal position. Embryo pose, our first
yoga position ever. A pose of comfort, of love. It’s an honor practicing with you and sharing
the tools of yoga. Thank you for sharing your heart with me and for allowing me to share
mine with you. Take good care. Namaste.


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