Yoga Flow To Release Everything ♥ Empty Your Mind… Be Water, My Friend.

Water the element of movement forgiveness creation and cleansing Water is fluid water is emotion shapeless water flows through any obstacles in a encounter Water is the element that closely relates to our emotional body and since emotion is energy in motion If we do not let this energy flow through us if we suppress it Just like water eventually it will find a way out of you positively or negatively Throughout our yoga class today I want you to visualize this fluidity and energy moving gently through your body with every breath you take May you let this incredible element of water guide you and move you in every way that you need Let it flow and dedicate this practice to letting it all go Today’s video is sponsored and brought to you by Squarespace Squarespace is your all-in-one Platform that will allow you to build a beautiful and authentic online presence whether that is through your own website or online store Squarespace empowers and inspire so many dreamers makers and creators just like us and you out there By providing all of us with online tools that we need in order to bring our creations and ideas to life So if you’re looking to take that first step in bringing your ideas and inspirations to reality Check out Squarespace comm for a free trial or when you’re ready to launch Go to Squarespace comm slash boho and save 10% off your first domain or website purchase With that said let’s get back to a practice grab your mat and let’s begin All right friends, we’re gonna get started today’s seated at the back of your mat go ahead and bring your knees together Just take a deep breath reaching both arms up to the sky First gathering all that energy and then releasing yourself all the way down into your child’s pose reaching both arms forward Letting that forehead drop to the floor and just bringing all of your awareness to your breath On your next inhale begin to round through the spine as you come up to your all fours inhale again arching the back look up and then exhale round the spine and sit back into your child’s pose a Few times just like this come forward inhale arching the spine look up and Then exhale rounding out the spine as you sit back to your heels nice gentle movement here inhale look up and exhale sit back into Child’s Pose Focusing your attention on allowing yourself to be fluid come through inhale look up exhale Now tuck your toes underneath and Slowly pressing yourself all the way up into your downward facing dog Feel free to keep your knees bent slightly If you have to you can also begin to walk it out on the spot bending one knee at a time Hips moving side to side as you breathe deeply Pressing each heel closer towards the mat beautiful Now pressing those heels down we’re gonna round through vertebra by vertebra into plank position and Then leading with your hips arch the back and push back into your downward dog Just like an ocean wave coming through into plank position and exhale pushing back into that downward dog rounding through your head is coming up last and Exhale push it back Inhale rounding through plank position hold it there exhale chaturanga. Dandasana inhale opening now into your upward facing dog and Exhale downward facing dog beautiful bending the knees and then hopping all the way forward to the top of the mat coming up halfway and then exhale folding forward Taking your arms behind your back interlacing the fingers and allow your hands to fall forward towards the top of your mat So adding a deep stretch through the shoulders here or head is a region close to the knees Throughout our practice today. I want you to set an intention to stay with an e je breath Meaning you’re going to inhale through your nose and when you exhale softly making ocean sound in the back of your throat Great, let’s slowly coming up to standing now allowing yourself to arch back as you drop the head all the way back. Stay there Opening through the heart center opening your heart up to the sky Right now if this is too much for your neck you can keep your neck neutral and just look up Otherwise throw your head back as much as you can Allowing those hands to slide further and further down Bending the knees and rounding yourself back into that forward fold allowing your hands to fall forward feeling that stretch through the shoulders inhaling deeply into your nose and Exhaling softly you je breath making a little humming sound in the back of your throat Bending the knees round up through the spine your heads coming up last and Then allow those hands to guide your back one more time Open up through the chest through the heart Keep your head neutral or throw it all the way back if that’s comfortable for you As we stay present here with our you je breath Allow this breathing technique to keep your mind connected to your body So each time you begin to feel your mind going elsewhere Remind yourself with that soft humming sound in the back of your throat that you are here right now on the spot present with your body Your mind and your soul Beautiful now slowly let’s come back to your Center you’re going to release the hints inhale reach the arms up to the sky Exhale diving yourself down into your forward fold inhale halfway legmen Exhale step or hop back into plank chaturanga Inhale opening into the upward facing dog hold Exhale push it back into that downward facing dog Beautiful now at this time We’re going to reach the left leg all the way up to the sky Three-legged dog bend the knee and then come through and bring that knee to the chest Inhale reach it back into the downward dog Exhale come through knee to chest for two inhale reach back Exhale come forward leg position bring that knee in for three inhale reach back Work with your breath exhale bring it in for four stay here. Just extend the leg back and take your chaturanga inhale opening up upward facing dog and Exhale push it back into your downward facing dog. Great job now Same leg is going to reach all the way up to the sky again. So once you’re ready take a big breath in Reach the left leg up Bending the knee and then stepping through Right to the top of the mat with that left foot Binding that Center and then once you’re ready you found your balance or reach both arms up to the sky Crescent lunge Hold it here reaching those arms up to the sky Stay with your UJ breath Inhale on your exhalation bend the elbows squeeze the shoulder blades together exhale squeeze the shoulder blades together It’s a constantly moving the body adding lots of motion throughout your entire system here Bring it in Good now from here reaching the body forward arms forward. We’re going to take our Eagle arms So first reach the arms up, then the right elbow underneath your left elbow and see if you can interlace the wrist as well allowing your shoulders to drop away from the ears as you elongate the neck deep breath in as you exhale shift your weight forward and bring that back knee up and Then cross it over top of that left leg and if you can interlace The foot as well if that’s not possible for you today. Just keep your knees crossed staying in our Eagle pose Finding that focus finding your breath Oh And making sure that your shoulders are staying away from the ears Your elbows and your knees are aligned One beautiful straight line with your body here. See if you can go a little bit lower with your hips if possible inhale exhale Slowly come on up bring your right knee up and then extend that leg all the way back into your warrior three Posture squaring off your hips keep your arms in that Eagle position if that’s too difficult you can release them and Then from here and drop your left fingers to the floor Right arm reaches up as you open and stack your hips your right hip over top of your left hip half moon posture relaxing that back foot Stacking your shoulders over top of each other Taking this moment to energize the side body deep breath in exhale Release step that right foot all the way back as you reach those arms out to the side and then right away just fall back into that peaceful warrior I’m going to add some movement here Transitioning from peaceful warrior all the way forward into your extended side angle hold elbow to the knee Beautiful inhale. Just creating that straight line exhale back to that peaceful warrior stretch reach back Inhale exhale extended side angle this time feel free to go further if that’s comfortable for you by bringing the hand all the way down to The floor or staying that first version with the elbow to the knee Stay breathing into any tension. You might feel along the side body Visualizing the lengthening of every muscle every tissue here take one more deep breath in exhale Returning to Center arms out to the side and then slowly make your way to the front of your mat inhale Let’s reach the arms up to the sky exhale dive yourself down. We’re gonna keep moving here. Inhale halfway lengthen exhale Step or hop back into plank A chaturanga. Dandasana inhale opening into your upward facing dog and Exhale releasing back into that downward facing dog Take an inhale here Finding that you J breath exhale rounding through into plank arching the back push back downward dog So creating that wave-like motion with your body as you come forward exhale push it back moving with fluidity Equating a dance with your body as you come forward and back Rache out one more time coming through into your plank exhale chaturanga inhale opening into your upward facing dog and Exhale release yourself back downward facing dog Right leg now reaches up to the sky three-legged dog bending the knee and then coming through and bringing that knee to chest for one Inhale reach it back Exhale knee to chest in a plank position for two Inhale reach it back Exhale knee to chest for a three one more time exhale knee to chest for four extend it all the way back and Then from here that right foot is going to step all the way to the top of the mat between your two hands Find your Center first and then on your exhalation reaching the arms up Crescent lunge holding here for a moment Find that Center Inhale on your Exhalation OJE breath as you bend those elbows squeeze the shoulder blades inhale reach exhale squeeze inhale reach exhale squeeze those shoulder blades together bend the elbows inhale reach exhale Squeeze hold extend reach the body forward and Then as the body comes up this time, we’re going to take the left elbow underneath the right elbow interlace those wrist Eagle arms Drop those shoulders away from the ears Beautiful hold it here and then shifting your weight forward to your right leg and Then bending that left leg crossing it over the right into your full Eagle posture again If wrapping the ankle is too much for you. You can just keep the knees crossed and that’s it for today. Don’t worry. Just breathe focus on your breath and enjoy Enjoy all the benefits of this wonderful posture as you stay focused and present Aligning your knees and your elbows in one beautiful vertical line Binding your Drishti the point of focus So whether that is on the wall in front of you are on the floor just focus on that spot and breathe Let’s come on up extending now that left leg all the way back warrior three Seebik and remain with your Eagle arms. If not, you can bring your hands down And then once you’re ready opening up into our half moon, so this time your right fingertips coming down to the floor You’re opening your hips your left hip stacks over top of your right your left shoulder stacks on top of your right shoulder Your left back foot is flexed. Lots of energy here through the entire side body Great now drop that left foot to the floor and then as you open yourself up through that warrior ii position We’re dropping all the way back right into peaceful warrior Reach that right arm back and then flow it forward into extended side angle right elbow to your right knee as your left arm reaches forward and Again one more time coming through and opening into that peaceful warrior Lengthening through the right side of your body right knee stays on top of your ankle and then burying it forward Extended side angle this time go a little deeper if possible with your right fingers to the floor Opening up through the side body really open up left shoulder back creating lots of space Allowing lots of space for energy to run through the entire left side of your body A great way to balance out our Sun and Moon energies here deep breathing and Exhale slowly coming through arms up to the side warrior two, but we’re not going to stay here for too long We’re just gonna wave right into our standing position at the top of the mat. Inhale. Let’s reach the arms up exhale Bring your hands to Center Inhale reaching the arms all the way up lengthen up exhale dive yourself down forward fold Inhale halfway lengthen exhale step or hop back right into plank position Chaturanga. Dandasana inhale opening into your upward facing dog and Exhale pushing back downward facing dog. Great job Just take them over to here connecting with your breath. Seeing how far you can lift those heels to release to the floor Opening through the sternum feeling the release in the shoulders beautiful job inhale Great and as you exhale now Let’s reach the right leg up to the sky three-legged dog bend the knee and then begin to stack your hips So right hip over top of your left You like to take it further release that right foot all the way back into your wild thing Opening up through the chest through the heart hairs you arch the back lifting up your hips as high as you can Letting go of any tension in the frontal area of your body another inhale Great job. Now as you exhale slow with control And fluidity in your movement come through reaching that right knee up Around and then come forward with the knee towards the right thumb Dropping the chin to the floor lining yourself inhale. And as you exhale diving your chest all the way down into our pigeon pose Let that forehead drop to the floor Allow your body to relax over top of your mat here as we go deeper into the glute muscle Focusing and staying present with that Achaia breath With each exhalation letting yourself the opportunity to surrender To let go deeper into this posture Relaxing your muscles relaxing your entire body Letting go of any pent-up energy you might be holding within that right glute muscle Just focus on letting it go with each exhalation Great job another inhale into the nose exhale Humming sound in the back of your throat as you open up the chest Tuck your back toes Press the palms of your hands down and step your way back into downward facing dog rounding through into plank chaturanga ami Hale upward facing dog exhale Release it back downward facing dog left leg reaches up to the sky bending the knee Open up the hips and stack your left hip over right hip and then if you’re comfortable opening up into that wild thing Stepping that foot back and lifting the hips up to the sky arching your back opening the chest So you can reach that top arm closer towards the ground really let go of any tension in that shoulder Let it go breathe it out inhale Exhale Slowly coming back to centre Grounding both hands and then bring that me up around And then that left knee to your left bum as you drop the chin to the floor Keeping your front leg either at a 90 degree Bend or 45 if that’s too much for your knee Once you’ve settled into the position go ahead and drop the chest all the way down and release yourself into that page in Make sure the back toes are relaxed Simply let yourself go surrender letting your bodyweight release into the mat and focus on your breathing Visualizing any tension or energy leaving the left glute muscle now? Visualization is a very powerful technique that you can use in postures like this keeping your eyes closed Visualize letting go of all that no longer serves you Letting go of any tension physically or emotionally Welcome peace and joy into your life Your slow and relaxed inhalations and long exhalation, ‘he’s Great job take one more inhale Pressing the palms of your hands as you exhale lift your chest on Gray, tuck your back toes, press your hands into the floor lifting your body and Releasing yourself into that downward facing dog, press those heels down to the floor inhale on your exhalation round through into play chaturanga opening into your upward facing dog and Exhale releasing into that downward facing dog, beautiful At this time bend the knees and hop forward to the front of your mat. Inhale. Halfway lengthen exhale full Inhale rounding up through the spine. Let’s reach the arms up exhale diving yourself down to mother earth Inhale halfway lengthen exhale step or hop back into plank chaturanga Upward facing dog as you open Exhale downward facing dog drop those heels open through the chest inhale bend the knees on your exhale Go ahead and hop through with your feet to the front of your mat or step forward Whatever is easiest once you make your way to the mat go ahead and reach the arms forward around the spine and Then exhale begin to release a vertebra by vertebra as you take yourself all the way down into your shavasana Right, not this time and let’s relax the body here open up those hands make sure the palms are facing up to the sky Close your eyes and allow yourself to completely let go at this time Slowing your breath down Slowing your heart rate down Simply let go With each exhalation Give yourself permission to surrender Let go of any worries let go of anything that you have to do today This moment right now is simply meant for you to be to be present with your breath to allow your body to become weightless and free just Stay with your breath as you inhale Dec sale Feeling all the benefits of this practice Let your bodies soak it all in Just following your breath Visualizing your breath as an ocean with gentle waves coming up And crashing on the shore as you exhale Just feeling yourself weightless as if you’re floating in water Letting go just Allowing the water to take you wherever you need to be Completely Surrendering to this moment Surrendering to this path that you’re being guided through Inhale and exhale Go Now let’s slowly begin to bring gentle awareness to the breath To your heart eating in your chest And then once you’re at a moving and gently the fingers and the toes Then bring the arms over your head as you stretch your body Rolling over to your fetal position. Take your time If you’re ready on your mat, go ahead and sit up tall inhale reaching those arms up to the sky exhale Hands to heart and one more time big breath and fill those lungs with oxygen and exhale hands to your heart taking this opportunity right now to Bow down to your heart and thank yourself for your incredible practice today of movement and fluidity Thank you so much for joining us in beautiful. Hawaii sends you love and light and I look forward to seeing you again namaste You


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