Yoga Chitta Vritti Nirodha II 1.2 II

Namaste friends, I am Ritesh and today we cover the second sutra that is 1.2 of samadhi panda that gives you the definition of yoga and the Sutra is YOGAS CHITTA VRITTI NIRODHA i.e yoga is the stoppage of the mind we have already defined the word yoga in the Sutra number 1.1 now let us understand the word Chitta friends chitta means consciousness mind-stuff lower mind mental substance friends in simple terms thoughts that clutter the mind everything and anything that you think the good or the bad the ego the intellect emotions your likes and dislikes your inner and outer conflicts the brutality of mental function is chitta friends our mind is like a monkey the little monkey who likes to wander from branch to branch coming from one thought to another it’s like to constantly swing between the past and the future invite that little monkey to rest on one branch for a moment and just breathe being reflective not reactive it’s the mind reacting friends it’s quite a challenge to remove the fluctuations of the mind because the mind is always thinking well that’s what it does and if I say stop thinking but you will ask how how to simply stop the mind continues you have cooperated with it you have had it even if you say the mind continues even if you don’t do it still continues you can sit in a posture and you can try some chanting mantra or you can just try to sit silently not to think but then not to think becomes our thinking and if you try to say I am NOT to think don’t think stop thinking but friends this is also thinking now let’s understand the meaning of rindy rip tea means fluctuations or wave
patterns we see the word according to our own release that is the disturbance
of the mind like the reflection of the moon on the water if the water is not
calm the reflection of the moon is obscure disturbed when our mind is
disturbed by the wings of life by changes by disruptions or challenges in life we cannot see ourselves clearly our divine nature like the Moon is always there but our views often is distorted print these are always with us they come to us from family friends society teachers and our own unique life
experiences they can change throughout our life the good news is that they can be modified and lessened thats the practice of yoga works to calm these disturbance of the mind so that we may see and reflect on our divine nature more clearly when we count the receives the disturbance of the mind we are better equipped to respond to people and situations with compassion and love following the true path of yoga teaches us to control the body and to calm the mind friends considered a silently for example let us consider a silently when we threw a stone into the lake ripples start appearing on the surface until we stop throwing a stone in gradually appears at the surface these ripples don’t let us see at the bottom of the
lake the lake is line or chitta the chitt or manas the stone we throw into the lake is the external causes which enter in mind through senses vrittis is the ripples appear on the surface of the lake regular accumulation of vritti over chitt surface that is the lake
surface makes the bottom vision unclear this unclear surface keeps us from
experiencing the deeper truth offset hence vritti is the fluctuations of chanting of the mind basically that affects our perception of experiencing the reality usually vritti is a result of our attachments desires and the fear
of external world and let us now understand the meaning of Nirodha Nirodha the means stoppage, suppression, restraint or removal friends the control mind should not be confused with suppressed thoughts the thought and emotion stay but with deep meditation the mind becomes chill and one-pointed this mastery of each stillness is called Nirodha here patannjali is teaching a technique to quite in the mind and lead to mental peace various yoga practices help you achieve chitta vritti nirodha including patanjalis ease eight limbs path among them the asanas that is your
physical postures rely on that is your breathing techniques meditation and just observing the Yama’s and the Niyamas that is the restraints and the observances only with the dark mind can the true nature of existence be realized Patanjali does give the solution and yes there is a solution but because it is very simple it’s difficult to accept it so how can you control your mind the answer is very simple by just observing it be a witnessness he says let it go just look let the mind do whatsoever it is doing you don’t interfere you just be
a witness you just be an onlooker not concerned and if the mind doesn’t belong to you and if it is not your business nor your concern don’t be concerned just look and let them mind flow it is flowing because of past momentum because you have always helped in to flow the activity has taken its own momentum so it is flowing you just don’t cooperate look and let the my flow then river will flow a while if you don’t cooperate if you just look at the concern it stops but the hold is indifference he says who picture looking without any concern just looking not doing anything in any way the mind will flow for a while and it will stop by itself when the momentum is lost when the energy has flowed the mind will stop when the mind stops you are in yoga you have attained the discipline this is the definition of yoga is a cessation of the mind or stoppage of the mind change your mind and you can change your world hence keep smiling have a good practice Namaste

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