Yoga challenge w/ Evelina (IN SWEDISH) | Sanna Haydon

You can say if you do it right. You can be Thea today! The pictures are here. Thea did it when Sanna and Lilly did it. If I occupy the mouth – it’s like The Lion King! It looked low-key not so hard. No, you would think so. “You would think so”. You think you can do yoga poses… I haven’t stretched for that one. Ella has finished her coffee. We need to start. Hello! Today I’m here with my sister Evelina. And we’re gonna do the Yoga Challenge. Unfortunately..! Choose a pose. I feel like I need to warm up before that one and that. I don’t even know which way she’s bending. But if that’s backwards then… it’s probably better if I do it because I’m better that way. But I might fall backwards. Should we start with that one? Yes. I don’t know if I should start by putting my legs on your shoulders. Start by putting your hands on my ankles. I know that you hate feet! I’m gonna wee myself! Not when I’m underneath! It feels like you were better with Lilly. I hit my toe! Down with your butt a little. That might be a good way to start. Maybe this wasn’t as easy as we thought it was. Maybe you need a wider man underneath for… “Wider man”?! We can’t already fail. Let’s try again! What felt better for you? I want to be on top. I want to be under. Should we face the other way? What do you mean “face the other way”? Like this. I don’t know if it makes a difference for you but… Knees down. Okay! Stand up! I can’t… I’m laughing too much but I’ll try… No! I was just about to get up. Okay. Wait… Are we doing it? That one? Yes. Okay. Last time when I did [yoga] with Lilly I got such pain in my tailbone. You know when you get to a point where it’s *ouch*! I know exactly what you mean. I think feet first is the smartest. No, it wasn’t at all the smartest. Take my hand! It’s my strongest hand! Where’s that from? Scary Movie. Yes, that’s right. When he falls out the window… This was the easiest. Straight back. Okay, so we’re towards the same direction. Do they have abnormally long arms? Why does it feel like this is so difficult? Should I hold like this? Was that it? You should stand by her thighs? Oh! This makes it difficult. Wait. Like that maybe. “Like that”. Something happened to my throat. Should we try this one? Which one do you wanna be? Do you want to have your feet on the floor or not on the floor. What do you want? I feel that I want my feet on the ground. Like this? Yes. Wait, I just… Are we doing it? Your feet should be towards her. I’ll accept that. I’m caressing your butt. Don’t forget your arm’s gotta be T-Rex. How do I get up? Just jump on! I’m scared I’ll hit my front teeth. You do that and I’ll hold you. Wait, one gets so weak when one is laughing. It’s not good to start now. Are you okay? I’m sorry! I’m trying not to look at Sanna because there’s pure fear in her face. I haven’t got any muscles left in my legs. Don’t you have any male friends to do this with=Don’t make that noise! We did it. I don’t think that’s so difficult. The only thing I need to do it “flip” you up. Wait… how? Now it wasn’t as easy. So I should some how catch your back. Wait, I’m so confused. Stand here. I’m gonna hold – I’ve got You lean like this. Oh, this is how I die! And then I lift you up, and hold your legs, and you’re not holding anything. Okay, are you ready? NO! Let’s go! I think something happened in my back. I think it’s better if I take your back first. How do I lift you? Okay, here’s my feet. Okay and now I lift you. I’m doing it! Come on! Put me down! I’m so tired. And I didn’t even do anything. I’m gonna make myself a sandwich [after this]. This was fun, Eve. Ella: Stay zen! Ella: And remember, carpe diem! This went well. Thank you. Thank you. This was interesting. When you did this with Lilly I was like “That looks fun. That looks quite easy!” But Lilly is like 2 poops heavy. Thanks Ella, for the support. Thanks for watching this video. Give it a thumbs up if you liked it. And I’ll see you in my next video. Take care. Bye!


  1. It's hard to have a bad day when it's filled with your laugh! Great vid!

  2. Du bör ha en ambulans i närheten när du gör yoga. 😆👍

  3. Great vid 🙂

  4. You guys so funny 🙂

  5. "Den ser inte så svår ut…" – Famous last words

  6. Well at least youre having fun and doing yoga at the same time 😊 seeing you two laugh brings a smile to My face 😊😂great vid sanna. Sovgott sen

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