– What’s up everyone, and welcome to The Yoga With Adriene Vlog,
I’m Adriene and we are on the set of Yoga Camp. What is Yoga Camp? Dude, I’m here to tell you. So last year we did 30 days of yoga, you’re probably familiar. 30 days of yoga with
Adriene, it was magical, it was awesome, it helped
our community grow, it brought more people to the mat, it started a big, rich
conversation around finding what feels good. We started seeing all
types of people doing yoga and at home, and it was just so awesome, so here we are looking ahead, the new year and we wanted to do
another project so yoga camp is that, it’s a
sequel to 30 days of yoga with Adriene, we’re going
into some new territory this year, adding some
different elements that tend to mental health and spiritual
wellness, just hang with me, just roll with me right,
and yeah just pulling back another layer, I think
it’s going to be awesome, it’s open to all levels, it’s
all free, and it’s all on YouTube, it starts January
1st, and every video so I know that sometimes we’re like
well when does it upload, we’re in different time zones,
so just make it work people, make it work, the uploads
are every morning at 6 AM Texas time. So go to
to sign up, you get your calendar so
your 30 days of yoga camp comes with a calendar. And the calendar’s going
to be special this year, you’ll find out why later,
and you’ll also get a daily email from me which I always
thought I don’t know why anyone would want the daily
email but it’s turned out to be one of the more
special, empowering things that come with the 30
days, not because of me or anything I have to say but
just because it helps us keep the conversation going so
that we’re not just doing the yoga shapes, we’re really
finding ways that we can integrate the philosophy
and what we’re learning on the mat, the experience,
into the things that we meet and greet in our daily life
and really I’m not going to spill all the beans now
so you gotta go sign up, it’s free so not really trying
to sell you on anything, but go sign up, The more the merrier
so invite your friend, invite your family, invite
your grumpy coworker to hop on the train, get signed up, that way we’re all ready to
rock when the new year arrives so tweet your friends, Facebook
your foes and tag them, make sure they know what’s going on, and that everyone’s
invited to the party right, everyone’s invited to camp. So ultimately the goal of
yoga camp is to not just tend to the physical body
but also to the mental and to the spiritual so more on
that later but get signed up and just know that you’re
invited to camp this year. Take good care everyone, namaste. (peaceful music)

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