Yoga Camp – Day 20 – I Am Worthy

– Hey everyone, and welcome
to 30 Days of Yoga Camp. It’s day 20 y’all. Ten more days of Yoga Camp bliss. The mantra today is, “I Am Worthy.” This is a good one so
get into something comfy, and let’s get started. (lively, uplifting piano music) OK, today we’re going to begin in a seat. I’m coming to a hero
variation with my block, so if you have a block, use it. If you don’t have a block but
you have a big, thick book, you might pause the video
right now and go grab it. And I’m going to sit on
the block or the book, knees bent, toes pointing back. Knees are in line with the hips. So, I’m gonna give you time
to get settled in here. Again, you can pause the
video if you need more time. And this is where we’ll begin. If you’re not feeling this, then you’ll start in a cross-legged seat. So first bring the knees
hip width apart here as you get settled in, and then you might find that no prob, you can bring the knees together. Then we’re gonna bring
the right hand on top of the left so palms face
up, right hand on top. And then begin to sit up nice and tall, pressing into the tops of the feet. Pressing into the toes. And findin’ that length up through the center channel of the body. (breathing) So beginning today with a little alternate nostril breathing. So yummy. So nice. So just taking a second to get settled in, and noticing your breath. (breathing) Noticing where your mind is, where your thoughts are. Maybe you’ve had a tough time
getting to the mat today, or maybe you’ve been
waiting for your practice for quite sometime. Either way, here we are now. Drop the pin down. Pshewwww, and we’re gonna keep
the left hand where it is. Reach the right arm up, right hand up. So we can bring the three
middle fingers in for a little hang loose here. Hang loose. Or, you can use, if
you have smaller hands, you can just bring the
two peace fingers in to use the ring finger and thumb. And then what the heck, if you have really small hands, sometimes it’s nice to use
the middle finger and thumb. So, pick a finger. You can experiment and then
we’re gonna use the thumb to bring right up to the right nostril. Plug the right nostril. Inhale, deep breath in
through the left nostril. Sit up nice and tall. (inhaling) Then pause at the top, retain the breath. And take your extra finger,
whichever one you choose, to seal the left nostril. Exhale out through the right nostril. (exhaling) Now, just as you begin to
settle in and get focused, if this was new to you,
just take your time. You’ll get it. So here we go. We inhale in through the
right nostril this time. (inhaling) Then we pause, retain the breath. We seal the right nostril. And alternate. Exhale out through the left. (exhaling) Inhale in through the left. (inhaling) Pause, retain. Seal and switch at the top. Exhale through the right. (exhaling) Inhale through the right. (inhaling) Pause, retain. Switch and seal at the top,
and exhale through the left. (exhaling) So every time you’re exhaling, you’re inhaling through that same nostril. And every time you reach at the top, you’re switching and alternating. So let’s see if we can get
in a little groove here. We’re not gonna be here long. If you want, there is a
video for alternate nostril breathing so you can check that out and get the whole intro and
the foundations, and stuff. Here we go. Sealing the right nostril. (inhaling) We begin with a big exhale. Excuse me, a big inhale through the left. Seal and switch. Exhale through the right. (exhaling) Mmmmmm. Give you a second to get caught up here. Ready, inhaling in through the right. (inhaling) Seal and switch. Exhale through the left. (exhaling) Inhale. (inhaling) Seal and switch. Exhale out the right. (exhaling) Big inhale. (inhaling) Seal and switch. Exhale, out through the left. (exhaling) And now I’ll pass it on to you. Keep it going. See if you can extend the inhale
and then extend the exhale. (inhaling and exhaling) And even it out here my friends. (inhaling and exhaling) And once you’ve evened it out, gently release the right
hand to rest with the left, and take a deep breath in both nostrils. (inhaling) And exhale, both nostrils out. (exhaling) Again, just like that. Full breath. (inhaling and exhaling) Good. Now we’ll bring the
hands just as they are, right hand in front of left. Bring them right to your heart center. And see if you can lift your heart space, whatever that means to
you, up to your hands. (breathing) Keep breathing deep. (exhaling) Notice any effects of the Pranayama Nadi Sodhana, Alternate Nostril Breathing. Super powerful breath. So we’re just getting a
little taste of it here today just to help us drop into our
mantra, and make it count. (breathing) Noticing how you feel, continue
to lift the heart space up to your hands. And press the hands into your heart. Maybe you feel a little
bit of emotion here. Just notice. Keep breathing. Feel the warmth in your right palm. And then close your eyes. And the mantra today, we repeat to ourself or say it quietly to
yourself, or say it loudly, “I Am Worthy.” And say it again, “I Am Worthy.” Then one more time to yourself
or be brave, say it out loud, “I Am Worthy.” Then notice how you feel. Believe it. Know it. Take a deep breath in. Feel it. Exhale out. (exhaling) Release the fingertips and nice and easy, inhale all the way up and overhead. (inhaling) Exhale, gentle twist to the left here. Keep pressing into the tops of the toes. Inhale, reach to center. (inhaling) And gentle twist to the right. (exhaling) Inhale, the center. And exhale, coming forward
off the block or the book. Coming to all fours. You can take your block and
put it towards the back corner of your mat for later. And we’ll come to all fours. Taking a second to just
workout any kinks in the body so starting with Cat-Cow. (breathing) Synchronizing with the breath. And then veering off the railroad tracks whenever you’re ready,
shaking the hips side to side. Or your just on the knees so
maybe extending one leg out. And then the other, and
listening to your body. Checking in with the hands, the feet. So a little freestyle here. (breathing) Coming into your body. (exhaling) Maybe you had quite an
experience with the Pranayama, or just by saying the words,
“I am worthy” out loud. I have to admit, I felt something there. More on that later. Inhale. And exhale. Great, we’re gonna come all
the way onto the belly now my friends. Make your way there in your own time. Palms underneath the shoulders. Toes, heels hip width apart. Loop the shoulders. Inhale, lift the head,
the neck, the shoulders, but keep the chin tucking in today as you press into the tops of the feet. And then nice and easy, we’re
gonna slowly open the palms just so you make sure
you’re not muscling here. Now try to draw your
elbows back so that there’s lots of space between
ears and shoulders here. Breathe in. Release the palms, breathe out. Great. Breathe in again, open your heart. (inhaling) And exhale, softly release. (exhaling) Great. Send the fingertips out left to right. Lift the center of the palms. Now check it out. I’m gonna bend my right knee so my right toes are
coming up towards the sky. This is kinda hard to do on the video, but I’m doing it anyway. Then inhale in. Exhale, take your right toes, draw it all the way over to the left. My reboot friends will
remember this from reboot or know this from reboot. OK, maybe the right foot
comes onto the earth here, maybe not. Be super duper mindful of
your left shoulder here. So maybe you release on the palm. Maybe you come off it a little bit. So I’m supporting myself with
my right fingertips here. Breathing deep. And then slowly I’ll
melt it back to center. Nice and slow. Slow as you can go. Sending the right fingertips out long. Bending the left knee. Lift the left toes up. (inhaling) Try not to get frustrated if
your brain is doing a little weird thing. It’s OK. It’s normal. And then take the left toes
over towards the right. It takes time sometimes. Left foot comes to the ground. Left fingertips support the earth, and you might extend
the right fingertips now down to the ground. Take a deep breath in. (inhaling) And then slowly we’ll unravel back. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Press into the earth. Come back to all fours. Great, press away from your yoga mat. Come to nice, stacked bones here. And then from here, I’m going to slowly press into the to of the left foot. Lift the right toes up towards the sky so that the right thighbone
is parallel to the earth or at least it feels like that. Then draw the lower belly in. And breathe here. (exhaling) Stay here and we’ll begin
to rotate the right ankle one way and then the other. And then when you’re ready, shift your weight to your
right hand nice and slow, and send the left fingertips maybe to grab the top of the right toes. Maybe you made it that far. If so, begin to draw a
line with the right toes up towards the sky. Press into your foundation. Inhale, open through the heart. Lift your right toes. And then exhale, release. Back to all fours. Rotate the right wrist
a little if you need, and then pressing into
the top of the right foot, bend the left knee or
keep the left knee bent, and lift the left toes up. In your mind’s eye, see
your right quad, right, excuse me, what am I saying? Left quad, sorry, parallel to the earth. Stay here or rotate that ankle
one way and then the other. (breathing) Then feel free to stay here. Hugging the lower ribs in. I have this comfy sweater on today, but really drawing the
front body up and in, and maybe we reach the
right fingertips around to grab the toes. If you made it that far,
see what happens if you draw a line with your left toes all
the way up towards the sky, opening up through the right armpit chest. Big breath in here, just playing. (inhaling) And then exhale with control, release. Awesome. Send it back, Child’s Pose. Knees together. (exhaling) Hips back. Connect to your breath. Inhaling, fill with air. See if you can feel the skin
of the back body stretching as you take such a big breath in. (inhaling) And such a big breath out. (exhaling) And then reach the fingertips forward. And pressing into the tops of the feet, once again we’ll slide all
the way onto the belly. Pressing into the elbows,
pressing into the base of the palms, we find a
little Sphinx Pose here. (exhaling) Pressing into the tops of the feet. So I can come here nice with
a little bit of ease now. But I remember first coming to Sphinx, you can get really kind of caught here so press into your elbows, draw the shoulder blades
in together and down, and it might just be here. It might not be that tall. We’re going for a nice, right angle. Elbow underneath the shoulder. Wrists in line with the elbow. Take one more breath wherever you are. Then exhale, release. Palms stack, we rest the
forehead on the palms, excuse me. (breathing) So with this little palm
pillow here, close your eyes. And repeat the mantra to
yourself, “I Am Worthy.” Say it, “I Am Worthy.” You are, dudes. We are all worthy. And you might take a second
here to just think about finishing that sentence. Maybe it’s just fine how
it is, it feels good. (breathing) Then pressing into the tops of the feet, we’ll send the fingertips out long. Excuse me, out left to right. Tent the palms. (exhaling) Chin to the earth. Great, turning onto the
left ear now nice and slow. Obviously you have to watch the video, so I’ll move nice and
slow so you can catch up. Going wherever you were before, and this time adding on right
toes lift towards the sky. Bend your right knee. Then slowly drawing a
line with your right toes towards the left side of your mat. This time you might bring
the sole of the right foot to the earth. You might bring fingertips to the mat or we might reach around this time, and grab either the tops of
the toes or the inner arch. So super important to stay connected to your foundation here. Anchor through that left leg. And breathe here as
you kick the right foot into the right hand. This is a very sensitive posture so if you don’t feel comfortable here at all, you need to keep your right
fingertips on the ground or even your right leg. Wherever you are, take one more breath. And then use an exhale to
slowly unravel back to center. Forehead to the mat. Our chin to the mat. (exhaling) And same thing on the other side. We bend the left fingertips. We draw a line with the left toes over. Again, whoa, you might just stop here. (breathing) Breathing, breathing, breathing. Breathe a lot here. (inhaling) And then send the left
fingertips maybe around to clasp either the left toes or the
inner arch, and we play here. (breathing) Kicking that left foot into the left hand. Breathing deep. (inhaling and exhaling) Inhale in. (inhaling) Use an exhale to bring it back. (exhaling) Unravel. Then send the fingertips
down for a little Locust variation here, pressing the
pubic bone into the earth, turning the palms face down. Inhale in. Exhale, begin to slowly lift, reaching the fingertips actively back towards the back edge of your mat. Pulling the shoulders away from the ears. Should feel strong here. Pressing into the palms. Pressing into the lower body. Keep the chin nice and tucked so the back of the neck
can be nice and long. Take two more breaths here. (breathing) Let your breath move you literally. (inhaling and exhaling) And then we use an exhale to release. Child’s Pose, make your
way there nice and slow. Be kind to yourself. Knees together. Send the hips back. Stick with your breath. (inhaling and exhaling) Then slowly reaching
the arms all the way up. And we have one Downward Dog here today so find your best and most
beautiful Downward Dog. Sending the hips up high. Maybe smiling a little bit here. (exhaling) The mantra, “I Am Worthy,” comes in. And pedal it out. Find a moment of stillness. Align with your breath. (inhaling) (exhaling) Then bend the knees. Look forward. Hop through all the way or slow walk all the way to the front. Then cross the ankles
and use your fingertips to come to a nice seat or you
can hop all the way through. Great. Sit up nice and tall here. Palms on the knees. And again, whether you
smile here literally or you just kind of tap
into that inner smile, close your eyes and relax the
shoulders down the back body. (breathing) Just notice how you feel. A little meditation pose here. Drawing the shoulders down. (inhaling and exhaling) Good, then send the legs out long. And slowly begin to lower down. Center yourself on the mat. (exhaling) And we’ll bring the
knees up nice and slow, soles of the feet to the mat. So your reclined one-legged
pigeon today for the hips, nice and easy. Finishing with the support
of the earth on your spine. Here we go, right leg lifts up. We cross right ankle over the left. Interlace, thread the needle. Squeeze the lower body
up towards your heart. And then yogi’s choice here. You can press your left foot
into an imaginary wall here and squeeze, or you can extend it up long, getting that hamstring stretch here. (exhaling) Close your eyes. Neck nice and long. Relax the shoulders. (inhaling) Mmmmm. Restoring the body. Checking in with the breath. Then checking your mind, man. It’s pretty easy this self loathing, and this feeling
that maybe we must not be worth it if it’s not happening. And so today we take some
extra time on the ground here at the end to just
acknowledge those thoughts and those feelings, and then
return back to the mantra, “I Am Worthy.” (breathing) Gently unravel. Switch to the other side. (deep breathing) Don’t give up. If there’s something
you’ve had your eye on, your mind’s eye on, a dream, a goal, a desire, a sensation, I am worthy. Manifest my friends. (deep breathing) You are worthy. So how can we expect to find
support and faith from others if we don’t have it for ourselves? If we can’t find support
from within and we don’t have faith in ourselves. I know it’s difficult so
that’s why we’re here. I am totally worthy. Or as a friend of mine would say, “I’m totes worthy.” I’m gonna regret saying that. (laughing) OK, gently unravel. Just playing. Bring the knees in to touch your feet as wide as your yoga mat. Interlace the fingertips
and send them wide. Extend the thumbs. Give yourself a massage. Crawl the shoulder blades down. So yogi’s choice today. You can stay here for the next beat. Calm, blanketing yourself in
love that you are worthy of. So more restorative today. Or if you’d like to
end with a little core, we’re gonna send the legs up high, keeping the arms, elbows nice and wide. So there’s an option today. You can stay here, nice, restorative. Or, slowly bring the legs up. Here we go. Inhale in. Exhale, lift. Lift your chin towards your ankles. Send your gaze up towards
your toes, so not here. Nice and wide. Then baby pulses here. Baby, baby pulses. (quick breaths) Tailbone’s scooping up towards the sky. (quick breaths) Baby pulses, you got it. Look up towards the ceiling now. (quick breaths) Baby pulses, find that exhale with me. (quick breaths) Then keep it going. Release the fingertips. Reach towards the outer edges of the feet. (quick breaths) Smile, take it to the left. (quick breaths) This is our Simba pose here. What’s up? (quick breaths) To the right. Taking Simba up and over the cliff. (quick breaths) And one more time to either side. You got it, to the left. (quick breaths) Last time, to the right. (quick breaths) And slide back to center. That was a gentle, gentle
Tootsie Roll reference there. (inhaling) If you were on the restorative,
please release the arms. Everyone bring your hands to your kneecaps and draw big circles here, massaging the sacrum and
then allow your breath to just return back to a natural rhythm. Reversing. Then give yourself a big hug. Draw your nose up towards your knees. (exhaling) Gently release. Send the legs out long. Begin to open up the arms, left to right. Get comfy here. So if you have a block,
if you have a block, if you don’t, don’t worry about it. Maybe grab a pillow. Maybe you grab a comfy blankie. Maybe you grab a stuffed animal. Maybe you grab a pet and
start to snuggle here, but we’re gonna take a nice
loving moment together. So if you have a block, go
ahead and bring it at the lowest height to be a little pillow here. Bring it right to the
back of the neck so that, back of the head, excuse me, so that the first ledge here kind of comes right to the base of the neck,
and it should feel awesome, especially if you have a harder block. But every block should be good. And then just give it a gentle
rock, arms at your sides. Should feel awesome. Gentle rock back and forth. Again, if you don’t have the block, I really, usually don’t like
to use a whole bunch of props on the videos. I do in class, but ’cause
I love the home practice. You don’t really need
everything, anything, just your body, your breath. It’s at a nice intention and boom! Boom town. OK, when you feel satisfied,
bring the head back to center. You can keep the block
there as a little pillow if you’d like or ditch
it whenever you want. Say it loud and proud, “I am worthy.” Again, “I am worthy.” And one more time, you got it, “I am worthy.” Hell to the yeah, you guys are awesome. Thank you for joining me. Hope you enjoyed the ride. I know these affirmations can be tough, but that’s why we’re here, just to gently, gently,
gently peel away the layers and explore. OK? So just notice how you feel. Take what worked for you. Leave what didn’t. And have an awesome day. Namaste. (lively, uplifting piano music)


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  69. Same here! I teared up right at the beginning with the first saying of the mantra "I'm worthy"… Really powerful practice, I can feel I'm slowly but surely unblocking these hidden emotions and blocks inside. Thank you so much for this, I'm glad I found the power of yoga <3 And I'm glad I found you Adriene! 🙂 "You're all worthy, dudes!" 😉

  70. So relaxing loved the ab at the end xoxo

  71. Congested sinuses paired with alternate nostril breathing was making me feel super grateful I wasn't in a public class 😂 Other than that this practice was super yummy while being under the weather! Happy International Yoga day to all my fellow yogis 💫🙏

    And at the end in Shavasana I chanted "I am worthy AF" 😄😄😄

  73. I’m very thankful to you for this amazing and empowerment sessions 😊

  74. girl I love you. Just done a blogilates video (many regrets) and tuning into you is like coming home to a warm hug and calm hot coco after being screeched at for half an hour. my soul and my aching gluteus medius Thank you 🙏

  75. finallyyy I'm continuing my yoga camp practice T_T I skipped like 3 days already and I feel bad

  76. ❤️

  77. I missed my yoga practice the last couple of days and I was feeling kind of disappointed in myself because of that. I got back on my mat today to the "I'm worthy" mantra and it helped me realize what's important is that I came back and that I want to keep going. Now I'm leaving the mat feeling great. Thanks for that. Namaste!

  78. First time, doing yoga on my own mat and in my own apartment. I am worthy of a new beginning. Thank you, Adriene 🙌🌟❤️

  79. How many pairs of yoga pants does Adriene have? The question popped in my head 10 minutes into this, and I spent the rest of the video imaging her closet filled with hundreds of pairs of yoga pants.😂

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  81. This was tough. Stuffy nose was impossible to do alternate nose breathing and boobies owie. Lol. This sequence is not for the big chested. Had to go a little rouge to find what feels good. Made it through though and definitely needed to repeat i am worthy to myslef and outloud

  82. One of my favorite so far!! <3

  83. that new posture really squished my boobs

  84. Practice #141 complete.

  85. Adrienne I swear our inner soundtracks are the same 🙂 tootsie roll reference definitely helped me work on my core today. Also thank for such an important montra to remember! I'm totes worthy 🤣 too. Thank you for being real and helping me to remember that I am worthy to just be myself and not be expected to be someone I'm not to fit the perception of a what mom or wife or a person that society makes me think I should be 🙂 I love practicing at home so much because I can just be myself and not have to think about anything except caring for me so I can become my best self! Nameste 😊

  86. Going on day 20 😊It's so empowering. As I go along though my day. Iam hearing the very supportive voice of Adriene gently reminding me to breath..Remember your beautiful breathe…Thank you Adriene for your support and love, with love respect ~ Namaste🙏

  87. As someone who suffers with chronic sinus issues I've never been able to do alternate nostril breathing. So frustrating…

  88. Several Years ago I was seeing a chiropractor for back pain, he said that I was taking very shallow/short breathes and was full of stale air….sounded silly to me but I did as he suggested and started the “yoga breathing” I can’t even remember the last time going to the doctor for pain. Breathe is very powerful!! Thank you Adrienne! God Bless from Texas!

  89. I did this practice three days ago and the mantra is still with me ❤️❤️❤️

  90. Namaste <3

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  92. Got to say I didn’t really enjoy today 😕 bit too much nostril breathing and my nose got really blocked 🤥 also found it very hard to twist over whilst lying on stomach 😕 I suppose we are going to have good days and bad. New day tomorrow day 21 🙏

  93. I am working yoga each day for 5 month it is completely amazing now I am living stress free life happy health…. I recommend almost every one to try yoga with Adriene, thank you so much (እግዛብሔር ይስጥልኝ).

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