Yoga Camp – Day 11 – I Release

– What’s up my friends? And welcome to 30 Days of Yoga Camp. It’s Day 11, and this is a good one. The mantra today is, “I Release.” Let’s get started. (lively, uplifting piano music) All right, let’s begin flat on our backs. Take a second to get settled in. The hard part is over, OK? Getting here, starting the video, and getting to this moment, hardest part. So, take a second to just get settled in. Point and flex the feet. (inhaling) Find your breath. (exhaling) Then reach the arms up and overhead. Big breath in here. Go ahead and stay soft in
the fingers and toes for now. Big breath in. Big breath out. (exhaling) Great. Float the fingertips down. And then you decide what feels best, palms face up or palms face down here. And then you can take your
eyes off the video here. Close your eyes. Tuck the chin into the chest, and lengthen through the back of the neck. (exhaling) Begin to deepen your breath. And as we start to get
this conversation going with the breath today, and we bring our attention to the affirmation or the mantra,”I Release.” My friends, take advantage
of today’s mantra. Honoring the power of
word, the power of thought. Super powerful. So we take a moment here, fully relaxed. Flat on the back. Feeling supported. To connect our breath and
connect to the mantra, again, “I Release.” And I would like to invite
you to just take a moment here before we start moving through our asana, and moving and grooving, to just think about the things that you are ready to release. Just go ahead and ID them now so that we can let it go. And then just notice if
you kind of went into toxic thought world or
you got a little angry, a little frustrated, that’s normal. That’s human. Acknowledge it. So, I love yoga because we’re
not actually zenning out or checking out, it’s actually quite the opposite. We’re goin’ in. Divin’ in. Checkin’ in. (inhaling and exhaling) Then take a nice, refreshing inhale in through the nose. (inhaling) And then let your exhale
release out through the mouth. (exhaling) Inhale, fresh breath in. Say to yourself, “I release,” as you exhale out through the mouth. (exhaling) Again, just like that. Inhale, fresh breath in. (inhaling) Mmmm. And say to yourself, “I release,” as you exhale. Let it go out through the mouth. (exhaling) One more time. On your own. Practice the mantra. (inhaling) (exhaling) Nice. So nice and easy we’ll hug the knees up in towards the heart. Take the mantra with you. So today’s practice is about releasing the things that do not serve you. Give yourself a big hug. Wiggle back and forth left to right. Maybe front to back with the knees. Maybe circles. Just give the sacroiliac
joint a little love there, a little lower back love as well. Hmmmm. Relax the shoulders. Wake up through the feet, the ankles. Ooh. And then interlace the fingertips, and bring them behind the head, opening up through the chest here. This might be your first
hard open road today so snuggle the shoulder
blades underneath the chest, press into your elbows, and then send the legs up high. It doesn’t matter if you
straighten the legs here. In fact, they can be
bent quite generously. And then hang with me guys. Just roll with me today, right. I promise it’ll be worth it. Spread your toes and see if you can look in between your toes. And just notice if you have toxic thoughts about your feet. We’ll begin to shift that
I think, a little bit. I know I have. There’s a lot of practice
that goes on for me, you know, putting myself on camera. I try to take what I’ve learned from that and share it with you, so if you’re like, “Oh, I hate my feet,” or “Oh, you know I’m fat,” remember the whole thing about Yoga Camp is connecting the mind and the body, understanding the power
of conditioning the mind, the thoughts, and also the body. So, we’re letting the blood flow in the opposite direction here. And then, here’s the part where I need you to hang with me. We’re gonna spread the toes and just look in between the toes. And just look at your feet, and see if you can see
the feet that you had when you were a kid. Whatever that means to you. Right now, we’re opening
through the chest, still elbows left to right. You can extend the thumbs. Even give yourself that
little neck massage. (clicking tongue) Bonus. And see if you can see, yeah, your feet as a kid. Little innocence there. See if you can see between all your toes. You’re spreading your toes super wide. We call this Yogi toes, but
really it’s just awareness. And in time we really awaken
the muscles of the feet, and they begin to change. My feet have totally changed
in the last ten years. Really five years though, major way. All right. Then, with the knees straight or bent, we’re gonna keep those Yogi toes or those childlike toes, and scoop the tailbone up. So you’re really engaging. And we’re just gonna pulse, gentle pulses here. Lifting. Lifting. Lifting. So if the toes are reaching back, ’cause you’re wanting to
get a good ab workout, you’re not alone. See if you can just reach tailbone up so we’re actually getting into those deeper core muscles. Oh yeah. If the fingertips ares
starting to get numb, and fall asleep or whatever, you can come to cactus arms here. And, we keep it going. So we’re going to do some releasing today. (exhaling) So lot’s of twists. So take a second to just
kind of light that fire in the belly here. Five more seconds. You got it. Lifting up with the tail. It’s a small movement. So you almost don’t see anything. Whew, but I can feel it. I don’t know if you can. And then we’ll gently release. Sweet, release the arms. Give yourself a big hug. Laugh it off. (breathing) Cool. Then slide the hands to
the backs of the thighs. Give your hamstrings a little love. I’m gonna release some tightness
in the hamstrings today. And when you’re ready,
begin to rock and roll all the way up to seated. Here we go. Rock once. Rock twice. Three times a la– I don’t know many times
I’ve done that joke. (laughing) If you’ve been rockin’ and
rollin’ with me for a while you might begin to have
a little more fun here. Kind of coming into a
Cobbler’s Pose as you rock up. Maybe even a Plow as you rock back. And if you’re new to the practice, then maybe you save that for a rainy day. Eventually we’ll come up to
a nice, comfortable seat. Excuse me. And we’ll bring the palms
to the tops of thighs. Press down with the palms. Lift up through the heart. Big breath in. Lion’s breath, tongue out. (exhaling) Inhale, fresh breath in. (inhaling) Exhale, let go of that
which is not serving you. (exhaling) And one more inhale. (inhaling) Press down with the palms. (exhaling) Good. Awesome. Take a second to reach
the arms all the way up and overhead and just do a
couple side body stretches. Just stretching out through those muscles. Long and lean. And then when you’re feeling fine there, we’ll bring the fingertips
down at your sides. Just nothing fancy here, just gently at your sides. And then taking those neck
circles that you know I love. One way and then the other. So this a great way to
release tension in the neck, the shoulders, and then,
but all the way through the back body, right? I can’t tell you how
many times I’m in line at the grocery store, or I’m in my car, and I must just be like… (laughing) On my own. And it feels really good. And if I don’t do these
neck circles for, you know, like consecutive days, and then I do them, I’m like, “Wow.” It’s like fireworks. You know I can hear it, pa-pa-pa-pa-pow! So, enjoy your neck circles. (exhaling) And then we’ll bring the head
back to center stillness. And take the arms out wide. Inhale in. Exhale, hands to heart. (exhaling) Inhale, extend out wide, palms face down. And exhale, hands to heart. (exhaling) Inhale, extend. And exhale, hands to heart. Now, we’re going to throw out some energy. Ready, inhale, extend, throw it out. Shoooooo. (inhaling) Sigh was an inhale. And then exhale, hands to heart. Just got excited. Inhale, throw it out. And exhale. (exhaling) And just a little flick of the wrist here. And. (exhaling) Gettin’ the Kundalini vibes going today. And inhale. (inhaling) And exhale. (exhaling) Good, bow your head to your heart. Repeat to yourself, “I Release.” I release that which is
no longer serving me. Say that to yourself. I release that which is
no longer serving me. And maybe you have something else here. You take a second. I release attachment to such and such. I release my grip on life. (laughing) Or just keep it simple. I release stress and tension in my body. Ready to rock and roll? When you have your mantra, we’ll begin to send the
fingertips all the way up. And exhale, release. Coming forward onto all fours. (exhaling) Just a couple of moments here in Cat-Cow to wake up the spine as
you inhale, belly drops. As you exhale, chin to chest. Navel draws up. By now we know to find
our alignment quickly, and we understand that
it helps to pay attention to the details, to stay curious. Not because we want to do our yoga right, but as a way of loving our body. And enjoying our practice. Staying curious. (exhaling) So as the Yoga Camp goes on, we start to peel away at the layers. So today’s practice is gonna be great. Kinda release some
excess, stagnant energy. (breathing) Mmmm. (breathing) And then when you’re
ready, curl the toes under, and send it up to Downward Dog. Pedal it out. Keep breathing deep. Waking up through the backs
of the legs, the feet. (exhaling and inhaling) Take one more breath here. And then slowly lower back to all fours. Great, we’re gonna take
the two big toes together, knees as wide as the mat. So, go ahead and stay
up on your palms here. So don’t sink all the way
back into Child’s Pose. Stay up on your haunches, and we’re gonna inhale. Bring the left palm to the center. Reach the right fingertips forward. Find length in the right side body. Reach, reach, reach, then keep the tops of
the feet pressing down as you bring the right
fingertips in and underneath the bridge of the left arm. Then you can readjust your left palm to where it’s either pressing
into the earth, elbow up, or palm reaching all the way
forward sometimes nice as well. Now see if you can press
into both knees evenly, so sometimes the hip tends
to come over to the left. Pull the right hip back and
breathe nice, beautiful, opening the upper back body. So there’s lots of options
here with the left arm. We can even bind it here. Or send it high up towards the sky. (breathing) Now what does it mean when someone says, “Send breath to your hips” or “Send breath to your upper back body?” (breathing) Well really, it’s just about
sending your energy there, right? You can’t really send your
breath there or can you? If you’re a scientist, can
you write me and tell me? But just send a little
awareness, a little energy as you breathe in to the upper back body. And breathe out. (breathing) And then to the belly, can
you send some breath there, some energy, some awareness? Just direct your energy
there as you breathe. (inhaling) Awesome, then press into your foundation. Unravel that sucker and
take it to the other side. Here we go. Right palm comes down. Left fingertips reach forward. I like doing this first because it really, instead of just crumpling into my twist, and trying to like muscle my way there, I’m finding the space that
I want and crave and need, and then I find the twist. (exhaling) Coming to rest now on
the left ear this time. Left palm to the earth. You can use that elbow up to the sky to find what feels good. Maybe all the way forward. Maybe you take the bind. And then finding your breath. (exhaling and inhaling) Mmmm. (breathing) Inhale in. Life’s simple pleasures, becoming present. I just noticed how pretty
that is with the blue sky in the background from my POV. So nice. Inhale in. Use your exhale to come back. And then we’ll walk the palms out. Walk the knees in and send it to Downward Facing Dog. (exhaling) So nice, cleansing breath here. Again, the mantra, “I Release.” Now I want you to let go of
identifying what exactly it is you need, want, crave, release, and just focus on what
it feels like to release. With the breath. Maybe lactic acid in the muscles. Just practice the mantra, “I Release” and let go of the rest. This kind of specificity,
’cause sometimes we attach to too much there. So kind of free yourself from that. (exhaling) Now. And just work on finding places to let go, places to extend the exhale. Here we go. Dropping the left heel,
lift the right leg up high. Big breath in. On an exhale, slowly
bring the right knee in. Try to touch your nose to your knee. (exhaling) Connect to your inner strength. Inhale, extend. Exhale, step it up into your lunge. Lower the back knee down. And we find a nice, low lunge here. Breathe, breathe, breathe. (breathing) Then we release onto the
top of the back foot. Plant the left palm and inhale, reach the right fingertips
up towards the sky, and then as if you were smearing a wall, we’re on a wall or a window. We’re gonna slowly reach towards the sky and then smear all the way
back towards the back edge of your mat. Great, and then back up. And then down. Great. Plant the palms, curl the toes under. You can step it back to plank here or bring the knees together
for a little half plank. Right. Inhale, look forward. Exhale, slowly lower down to the belly. Inhale, Cobra. Nice and easy. Exhale, release. Come back to all fours. Or up to that plank. And then send it to your Down Dog. (breathing) Cleansing breath. Here we go, Inhale in. (inhaling) Exhale, release. (exhaling) If there’s someone else in
the building that you’re in or the house in, they should
hear from time and time again, your exhale. (laughing) On this day. Drop the right heel, lift
the left leg up high. Connect to your strength. We got this. Inhale. Exhale, squeeze. Nose to the knee. (exhaling) Inhale, lift. Three-legged Dog. Exhale, step it up into your lunge. Lower the right knee. Stretch it out here. (breathing) Keep breathing. When you’re ready, uncurl that back foot. Plant the right palm, and so left knee’s gonna
want to splay out here. Hug it in. And we open up into our twist. So even if it’s not as high, you can work on this mirroring effect. Drawing a little rainbow. Ready, inhale. Exhale, reaching back. (exhaling) Inhale, back up. (inhaling) And exhale, release it down. Here we go. You can plant the palms. Curl the back toes under. Come to plank or do a little
half plank today here. Either one. This time belly to Cobra or
shifting your weight forward, Chaturanga to Upward Facing Dog. So, everyone’s working
at different levels here. (exhaling breath) Play. And then we’ll make our
way back to Down Dog. (exhaling and inhaling) Big breath in. (inhaling) Big breath out. (exhaling) Sweet. Go for a nice, slow walk all the way up towards the front edge of your mat. Take your time getting there. Maybe today you challenge yourself by bringing the feet
together or hip-width apart. Forward Fold. (deep breathing) Nice, long, smooth deep breaths here. Just imagine the little trap door opening at the crown of the head. Right there at the crown
chakra, let it open. (exhaling breath) Let any stress, any worry, tension, concern, insecurities, just let that shit– Ooh, sorry. Just let it fall out. The more kiddos that are watching Yoga with Adriene, and the
more I’m trying to check myself so, sorry about that. Stupid. Just kidding. So just letting go here
for a couple more breaths. We’re gonna stay here a little bit longer. Maybe you interlace the
fingertips behind the legs. Maybe you grab the elbows. (deep breathing) Make sure you’re breathing. Deep, long, smooth deep breaths. (deep breathing) And then slowly release the
arms, wherever they are. Begin to straighten through the legs without locking the knees. Inhale, halfway lift. And exhale, bow. (exhaling) Inhale, reach for the sky. Press into your feet. And exhale, hands to heart. Lift your sternum up to your thumbs. Open through the chest. Lengthen through the crown of the head. Neck nice and long. Big breath in here. (inhaling) Then exhale, release the arms. Go ahead and take a
look down at your feet. So nice, conscious footing here. Let’s take the feet hip-width apart. Maybe a little wider even. So nice, conscious footing, and we’re taking a look down so that we can really spread the toes. Spread awareness. And then draw that energy up, up, up. So we’re gonna take the
arms to the side here, and this is a little Kundalini move really. I think it’s called
Knocking on Heaven’s Door. ♫ Keep on knockin’ on ♫ So, big breath in. Important though for me, for you to have awareness
through the feet. Draw energy up through the center channel and keep the sternum lifted so you’re not just like, wa-wa-wa, right? Like that person at the party, right? You don’t want to be that. Just kidding. Some people were like, “Oh.” Just kidding. Lift, lift, lift. And then here we go. Soft knees here. Super important. I’m just gonna begin to
swing the arms left to right. (breathing) Now, rather than telling
you when to breathe, I want you to find a
rhythm with your breath. Then remember that foot
to earth connection. Keep soft bend in the knees. Remember that lift in the sternum. (breathing) And eventually you find your groove. (breathing) And just let the arms go. Release. So they become kind of like noodle arms. (breathing) You might feel a little silly. (breathing) Or you might feel like, “Oh, I used to do this as a kid.” Right. This is a great thing to
do in the morning, guys. Just want to get a
little pep in your step. Also a great thing to do
when you’re pissed off and you need to, let go of some steam. So we’ll keep it going
for ten more seconds. (breathing) I kind of feel like a Spice Girl. (breathing) Gently release. (exhaling) And without moving your feet, don’t shift your feet. Don’t fidget. Just release everything through the arm. Keep that lift up through the sternum. Close your eyes and notice how you feel. Maybe even let the jaw
part a little bit here. Soft in the lips. And say the mantra to yourself, “I Release.” Finish the sentence if you
like or keep it simple. I release, just in order to
create space for something new. And slowly draw your
hands to the waistline. Superhero or Super woman or man. Merman. Draw the elbows back. Shoulder blades together. See if you can lift your
heart even more here. I love this shape. If you’ve ever seen
that TED Talk, that Amy Cuddy I think is her last name. TED Talk. Just having a brain fart. So good. It’s about power posing. Take one more breath here. What are you waiting for? Notice if you’re trying to
like get to the next thing, can you just be present
here in this moment? Then find a soft bend in the knees. Go ahead and look down. Inhale in. Exhale, hop the feet together. Whoooooooh! Sweet. Then inhale, reach the arms
all the way up and overhead. (inhaling) Exhale, down you go. (exhaling) Way to stick with it guys. Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, bow. (exhaling) Bring the feet together. Bend the knees. Plant the palms. Step or hop it back to plank. Maybe you hop it back today. Releasing some like built up energy, some you know stagnant energy. Hi Ya! Plank. (laughing) Then slowly lower to your belly. Belly to Cobra or shift
your weight forward. Chaturanga to Upward Facing Dog. Inhale, everyone, open your
heart wherever you are. And then exhale, Downward Facing Dog. Here we go. Drop the left heel. Lift the right leg up
high as you breathe in. Exhale, right knee to right elbow. You got this. Only doing three of these. Inhale, reach it up. Exhale, release. Navel to spine as you
cross right knee over to left elbow. Twist. (exhaling breath) Inhale, lift the right leg up high. And exhale. Nose to knee, squeeze. Step it up into your lunge. Beautiful. Hands come to the waistline. The Superhero in a lunge. So find your footing. If you want to lower the back knee. So say your brand new to the practice, and you’re jumping into Yoga Camp, then lower the back knee here. Aww, power pose. Otherwise we’re lifted. Fingertips extend out. Find that lift in the heart. And then palms come together. Big twist here. Inhale. Lift your heart. Exhale, over to the outer
edge of your right thigh. So, if you’re on your knee here, this is what it looks like. And if you’re lifted, stay strong through that back heel so really spike your left
heel towards the back edge of your mat. Palms pressed together here. Try to bring your sternum to your thumbs. Breathe deep here. (exhaling) Let it go. Let go of that which is not serving you. Connect to your inner strength. Lengthen through the crown of the head. One more breath here. (inhaling) And exhale, release back to your lunge. Awesome work. Plant the palms. Move through your flow or take a rest, Child’s Pose. (exhaling) So you’re moving through
your own vinyasa here. (breathing) And then maybe you take
a beat in Child’s Pose or maybe it’s straight to
Downward Facing Dog for you. Take a nice cleanser
here wherever you are. Inhale, in through the nose. (inhaling) Exhale out through the mouth. (exhaling) Eventually make your way to Down Dog if you are not there already. And then we’ll drop the right heel. Lift the left leg high. Here we go. Ready? You got this. Inhale. Exhale. Left knee to left elbow. Let it kiss. Gaze forward. Inhale. Anchor through the right heel. Lift the left leg up high. Cross it over, twist. Left knee to right elbow. Gaze forward. Inhale. Reach it up. Three-legged Dog. Last one, you got it. Squeeze nose to knee. (exhaling) Then step it up into your lunge. Here we go. Looping the shoulders,
hands come to the waistline. We press into the legs strong. You can always lower
on the back knee here. Sometimes it’s nice to come down just to gather your bearings,
and then to get back up. (exhaling) And then we’ll send the fingertips out. Find that lift. I mean like no other, in the sternum here. Lift, lift, lift. And palms come together, and we think up and over
as we take it to the left. Peel the left hip crease back. Find your twist here. Meet your edge. Extend through the crown. (breathing) Keep growing in the posture. You got it. (breathing) And then use an exhale
to release with control. (exhaling) Plant the palms. Move through your flow. We’ll meet in Downward Facing Dog. So, it could just be here. Nice and gentle. (breathing) Last thing, before we flip our burger. Send your hips up high. Press into both palms evenly. Great. Walk the toes out a little bit wider. Then press into your left palm firmly. Nice and slow. Hug the lower ribs in. Connect to your core as you
reach the right fingertips over towards the bottom
left corner of your mat. You might grab the leg here. Or the ankle. Coming into a deep twist here. And you might turn your
gaze over to your left. (exhaling) Breathe deep here. Then press into your left palm. Release, going right
on into the other side. You got this. You can do it. Find that connect to the mid-line first. Connect to your center. Right, find support. (exhaling) And then take it over. This is very challenging. Maybe you don’t get to this today. You just observe and
go, “OK, another day.” Big breaths. (exhaling) Release the attachment
to master the poses. Stay present in the process. And nice and slow, we release back. And then everyone coming onto the knees. Yay. And sending it back. Child’s Pose. (breathing) Gently begin to rock the head
a little side to side here, massaging the forehead. Perhaps, stimulating that third eye area. Why not? It feels good. Mmmmm. And relaxing through the jaw here. Maybe swallowing a couple times or moving the tongue around in the mouth. Hey-O! And, then whenever you’re ready, we’re gonna reach the arms back up. Left foot stays where it is. Right knee is gonna draw in. (grunts) And then come across. Right? So we’re coming into those cow legs. Shift your left foot over, and slowly, with the
help of your palms here, sink back. (exhaling) So here we are. Ooooh, big release in the hips here. Bring the palms to the soles of the feet. And sit up nice and tall. If this is too intense, you
might sit up on a blanket, or block here is very helpful. And then just check in
with your lower belly a little bit here. Just a slight awareness there as you draw it inward. And then breathe here. Lift from your sternum. Really, really, really lift in your heart. Long in the neck. So eventually we’re trying to
bring the knees together here. It took me many years. I wasn’t always able to bring the knees even this close. So, just be where you’re at today. You might be here. And another good option
is to kind of come to a fire log version, which is here. And then, add a new layer
of breath if you can here as we open up the hips. If you want more, you can take it forward. Draw the shoulders away from the ears, and slowly melting forward. (exhaling) (inhaling) So, work in a place that feels good for you today. Finding release. (exhaling) Sending breath energy to the hips. That right hip. (breathing) Then if you’re folded forward, slowly roll it up. Release the hands and super
mindful of the knees here so I’m not just gonna
rock forward from here. We’re actually gonna unravel first, and then come back to all fours. Great. Cat-Cow, just once here. Dropping the belly. Inhale. Exhale, navel to spine. Press away from the earth. Now, keep the right foot where it is, maybe walk it into center right leg. And we’ll squeeze,
squeeze, squeeze left knee up and in, and this kind of a hard move. You gotta negotiate, maneuver. (exhaling) Crossing over. Swing the right foot around, and we settle back into Gomukhasana legs. So, notice what it
feels like on this side. A little different. A little different, more
like a lot different. But, palms come to the feet. And we explore here, giving ourselves a nice,
juicy breath to support the release in this posture. (deep breathing) Can you close your eyes and align head over heart, heart over pelvis here? Can you allow the hips to
grow heavier and heavier with each exhale? Can you allow the heart to
lift with each inhalation? Again, if you feel any fussiness, particularly in the knees, then you can just get empowered here. Don’t get discouraged. Find a variation or a modification, a shape that works for you today. If you want to take it forward, please do. (deep breathing) Notice the thoughts that come up. It’s always Gomukhasan that just strikes like a memory or an emotion or something. Notice that. And then come to the mantra. “I Release.” I release that which
does not bring me peace. I release that which is
no longer serving me. Maybe it’s time to
release a certain burden or responsibility that’s not feeding you. (breathing) Then ground down, tail to the earth. If you’re folded forward, slowly rise up, and then nice and easy, everyone take a deep breath in. (inhaling) And exhale out through the mouth. (exhaling) Great, maybe shake the head
a little yes, a little no. And then slowly, mindfully unravel. You can use your arms, your hands to help you unravel here. Before you come to lie flat on your back, just take a second to
windshield wiper the legs slowly one way and then the other. I like this because it
slowly inches my booty down to where it needs to be. It’s also a nice little massage. And then, when you’re satisfied, when you’ve had enough, slowly lower back to flat back. So, we’re not lying down just yet so just hang on. We’re gonna take one full body stretch just to even out. We’re gonna end with some Russian twists, but first take a big breath in. (inhaling) And a big breath out. (exhaling) Reach your arms up towards the sk– oh, that’s not true. Reach your arms up behind you, if you haven’t already. Big breath in, so we’re just opening up through the hip creases here. And big breath out. (exhaling) Good, then just like we
did at the beginning, bring your hands to the
backs of the thighs, and rock and roll all the way up. Again, you can rock once, twice, maybe you keep it going. And then I’m gonna rock all the way up to grab this block. But I would like you to have a little fun, and I’d like you to look around, wherever you are, and pick a prop. Don’t pick something crazy
heavy or silly or breakable. Or, if you do, I’m not
gonna be responsible for it. Just kidding, love ya. Pick something now, have fun. I’ll wait. I’m looking around, trying to think what I could pick out. I’ll just use the block though. (laughing) All right. And when you have your prop, maybe it brings a little sense of humor to your practice here, which is the point. And, you know, it also kind of takes away this whole like, we need
fancy props and everything to do yoga. Yeah, eventually, maybe it’ll be fun. And I do find the props quite helpful, but you know, it’s your
home yoga practice. Have fun. So grab your prop. Hopefully it’s not breathing. And we’re gonna inhale. Loop the shoulders, lift the heart, lift the sternum like you’ve been doing. Super, super strong here. Lift the shins parallel to the ceiling. And here we go. Taking your prop, touching it to the left. (exhaling) Twist. Inhale, bring it up and over to the right. Up and over to the left. Knees are bent here. Shins parallel to the ceiling. Lots of work here. Here you go. You can pick up the pace. (breathing) Don’t break your prop. Have fun with it. Keep your sternum lifted. (exhaling breath) Keep it going. If you want more, you can extend the opposite leg. Keep it going. Keep the chin lifted slightly. Keep the heart lifted. Shoulders drawing down. You got this. Let’s do it for ten more seconds. And even it out. And then take your prop. Thank you, prop. And release, awesome. Let’s come flat on our backs. Bring your hands to the belly this time. Awesome work my friends. So, if you want to share
what you used in that moment in the comments, I think it would be fun to see what everyone used. (laughing) So, keeping it alive and fun. After you give your belly a little pet, go ahead and slowly hike the heels up for a little reclined Cobbler. Last little release here in the hips. Soles of the feet come together. So hands can stay resting on the belly. If you want to take another
shape with the arms, please do. Tuck the chin into the chest. Close your eyes. (exhaling) And allow your breath to
return to just its natural rhythm, its natural ebb and flow here. So we can release the
control of the breath, and just let it do its thing. (breathing) Close your eyes again and
soften through the jaw. Notice if you’re gripping anywhere. I just noticed that I was
totally gripping right here. Hmmm. (breathing) And notice how you feel. Then gently slide the right leg out long. Followed by the left leg. Windshield wiper the toes back and forth, back and forth. And then bring the arms
out gently at your sides. Slowly rock the head
a little side to side, ear to ear, massaging the
back of the head, the neck. Mmmm. (breathing) And then bringing it back to center. Hopefully now you feel like you have created a little bit of space by releasing that which is no longer serving you, and ultimately just opening up, creating space for whatever’s
next, whatever’s new. Lightening the load. And strengthening that
which is serving you or strengthening the
muscles that support you. It’s a lot. Hopefully you feel good. You did a wonderful job today
if you’ve made it this far. Right on. We’ll bring the palms together. And we bow to ourselves and one another. People all over the world, so amazing. Take good care. Namaste. (lively, uplifting piano music)


  1. Did this practice today in honor of the Full Harvest Moon. Releasing all which does not serve me. Namaste

  2. I used a cuddly plush squid which I keep on my sofa to freak out my guests. It was super fun doing those russian twists with all those tentacles!

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  7. For Day 13 of MAGIC it is good to return to 30 Days of Yoga for this one. I remember how those 45 minutes just fly by ! Slowly kindly building to get the heart pumping and feeling that tingle all over. I admit to doing my hilarious version of cow legs …. how do you do that Adriene ? The mind is willing but the body is not. This is when I wish I had discovered yoga early in life ! Anyway this practice leaves me feeling awesome, thanks Adriene 🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️👍🏻🙏💞

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    And chose my law of attractions book as prop

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  14. “Pick a prop”
    Grabs Neil Gaiman's book
    “Nothing breakable”
    Looks at the title: Fragile Things

    Ended up laughing while doing the twists. Haha. There’s so much laughter and fun in your practice! I love it. I’ve been doing yoga on and off since I was 17, always half-assing it I must say, now I’m 30 and I’ve never understood its real meaning until I started the TRUE challenge. This is my third 30 day challenge with you. And I’ve been doing it for the past 72 days without skipping. This is a huge feat because I have ADHD and my problem is with consistency and inattention. It’s been helping me through writing my master’s thesis as well which have been driving me insane. And today’s practice about release helps so much. This is my first comment in youtube ever because I would just like to say thank you, Adriene. Sincerely. I enjoy reading the comments too after each practice. This community is kind and loving. Namaste to you all!

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  19. Today was a YogaCamp review for me (2nd time around) from July 10th, 2018 as part of YogaCamp (on weekdays) and center (core) work according to July’s theme of CENTER on the weekends. Four months and two days later, I am able to do the choreography in it’s full expression and able to find the proper body alignment faster. I used my water bottle this time for the Russian twists. Also, it’s powerful when you said “if you’re already waiting for the next thing to do, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???!!! STAY PRESENT!” I wanted to cue Ellie Goulding’s “Love Me Like You Do” when you said that. It’s powerful because it’s a reminder for all of us that there should never be a dull moment and we really should not be going to that place mentally of waiting for direction. We really should be taking charge of the present and find something new to bring awareness/intention to and work on.

  20. Experiencing a lovely wash of #YWAmagic! I usually practice first thing in the morning, but today I did it right before bed. And it turned out to be the perfect thing. Besides being exactly what I needed for the long and difficult day, I was filled with emotion, because Yoga Camp was my introduction to Yoga with Adriene. I don’t think I’ve done this video for almost 3 years, and it was so yummy. I know I have grown so much since I started doing yoga with Adriene. And that Yoga Camp theme music just made me cry tears of gratitude. Love to all of you practicing around the world. ❤️✨🧘🏻‍♀️🌊

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    The hardest part, was, getting onto the mat, and then there's the ongoing "Release," and that's a challenge too .. Today you have been on a roller-coaster of laptop maneuvers, my yoga-mat-placement-scheme has been put on it's ear much like I was in today's practice 😀 It's November 11th, so we've been bringing in firewood, and it's taking up the space that I used to enjoy in front of the window.
    Release, and reorient! Namaste

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