Yoga Body Workout: Free yoga class (Ashtanga 30 min intro class) | Fightmaster Yoga Videos

– Hi, I’m Lesley Fightmaster. I’m here today at Pacific
Ashtanga Yoga Shala, and I have filmed a little introduction to the Ashtanga yoga practice
for you to try at home. So I hope you enjoy yourself. Please be careful, honor your body, rest when you need to rest, and, if you wouldn’t mind,
hit the donate button, and please donate for watching this video, so we can continue to make more. Thanks. Begin in samastitihi, big toes together, heels slightly apart, breathing in and out
through the nose, ujjayi, slightly constricting
the back of the throat, and we’ll start with our invocation. Exhale everything out. Inhale for Om, (inhales) (chanting) Om. Vande Gurunam Charanaravinde Sandarshita Svatma Sukava Bodhe Nih Sreyase Jangalikayamane Samsara Halahala Mohashantyai Abahu Purushakaram Shankhacakrsi Dharinam Sahasra Sirasam Svetam Pranamami Patanjalim Om. Ekam, inhale, the arms up. Dve, exhale, fold forward. Triṇi, inhale, is head up. Catvari, exhale, step or
float back, chaturanga. Panca, inhale, cobra or
upward dog, your choice. Sat, exhale, downward facing dog. Five breaths here. Spread your fingers wide,
arms shoulder distance, feet hips distance, two. Three, exhale, lift
your belly and ribs in, four, exhale, five, sapta, step or jump your feet, inhale, astau, exhale, fold forward, nava, inhale, root down to rise up, exhale, samastitihi. Ekam, inhale, reach up. Dve, exhale, folding forward. Trini, inhale, look up and lengthen. Catvari, exhale, step or
float back, chaturanga. Panca, inhale, up. Sat, exhale, back, breathing here for one. If you find you come
into upward facing dog and it’s not feeling
good on your low back, just stay with low cobra,
just peel your chest up off the floor, three. Exhale, lift the knee caps from your quadriceps, four, exhale, and five, sapta, step or
jump your feet, inhale. Astau, exhale, folding forward. Nava, inhale, reach all the way up. Exhale, samastitihi, once more. Ekam, inhale, reach up. Dve, exhale, folding forward. Trini, inhale, offer your heart. Catvari, exhale, step or float back. Panca, inhale, shoulders back and down, sat, exhale, stretching back, lengthening your spine by
spreading the fingers wide, pressing down into the base of each finger and lifting your forearms away, take the weight up to the hips, press it down through the heels, three, exhale, steady ujjayi, four, and five, sapta, step or
jump your feet, inhale. Astau, exhale, folding. Nava, inhale, root down,
reach all the way up. Exhale, samastitihi. Surya namaskara B, ekam, inhale, bend the knees and reach up. Dve, exhale, folding forward. Trini, inhale, look up and lengthen. Catvari, exhale, step or float back. Panca, inhale, up. Sat, exhale, stretch back. Sapta, right foot steps
back, foot is flat. Inhale, reach all the way up. Astau, exhale, lower back down, elbows in. Nava, inhale. Dasa, exhale, back. Ekadasa, left foot steps by
the left hand, back foot flat, reaching up, belly in. Dvadasa, exhale, lower back down. Trayodasa, take your breath in. Caturdasa, stretch back, for one. Exhale, gaze between your knees or up toward your navel, is your drishti, or focal point, three. Exhale, soften the shoulders, four. Exhale, five, pancadasa, step
or jump your feet, inhale. Sodasa, exhale, fold. Saptadasa, bend your knees
and reach all the way up. Exhale, samastitihi, last one, ekam, inhale, reach up. Dve, exhale, fold forward. Trini, inhale, offer your heart. Catvari, exhale, step or
float back, chaturanga. Panca, inhale, shoulders down. Sat, exhale back. Sapta, right foot steps,
inhale, reaching all the way ’til the fingers touch. Astau, exhale, ride the
breath down, elbows in, belly lifted, nava, inhale. Dasa, exhale back. Ekadasa, left foot steps,
spin the back heel down, reach all the way up. Dvadasa, exhale and lower. Trayodasa, take your breath in. Caturdasa, stretch it back, one. Exhale, two. Exhale, this becomes your
moving meditation, three. Exhale, four. Exhale, five, pancadasa,
step or jump, inhale. Sodasa, exhale, fold. Saptadasa, bend your knees,
and reach all the way up. Exhale, samastitihi. Padangusthasana, step or jump your feet, hips distance apart. Folding forward, take your
big toes with your first two fingers, wrap ’em around. Ekam, inhale, lengthen
your spine, and look up. Dve, exhale, folding forward. Let your relax down, lift
up your ribs and belly, two. Exhale, notice, if the
weights in the heels, if it is slightly shifted forward. Ekam, inhale, head up. Exhale, padahastasana, stepping
the feet onto the hands, bend the knees as needed to get a nice wrist stretch, two. Three, exhale, gaze off
the tip of the nose, nasikagra drishti, four. Five, inhale, let’s head up. Exhale, hands to hips, inhale,
all the way through center, exhale, samastitihi. Utthita trikonasana, ekam,
inhale, step to the right. Turn your right leg all the way out. Dve, exhale, reach out and then down. Your front heel lines
up with the back arch, and then looking up toward your hand if that’s okay on your neck Two, lengthen your spine. Exhale, three, steady breath, and inhale it up, trini, switch your feet. Catvari, exhale, reach
out and down, for one. Exhale, soften your shoulders, two. Exhale, three. Four, and five. Panca, inhale, come up. Parivrtta, square up
your hips and shoulders toward the wall, inhale, arm up, exhale, left hand down, reach up though the right arm, inhale, lengthen your spine and exhale, pull your right hip back
as you breathe, two. Three, exhale, squeeze the inner thighs. Inhale, come up, windmill
your arms around, walk your left foot to the left a little. Catvari, exhale, right hand down. Inside or outside of the
foot, or to the shin, if it doesn’t reach the
floor, reach up tall, two. Exhale, three. Four, and five. Panca, inhale it up, step
or jump, samastitihi. Utthita parsvakonasana, ekam, inhale, take a bigger step to the
right, turn your right leg out. Dve, exhale, bend your
knee over your ankle, forearm to thigh. Reach your left arm over
in line with your ear. The right forearm can stay on the thigh, or the hand can go to the
pinky toe side of the foot, or a block, and stretch. Inhale, back to center,
take your feet to parallel. Trini, exhale, bend the
left knee over the ankle, reach your right arm up and over, open the chest toward the ceiling, as you breathe, three. Exhale, make sure the knee’s
right over the ankle, four. Five, inhale, come up, parivrtta, square up
the hips and shoulders. Ekam, inhale. Dve, exhale, bend the
right knee over the ankle, left elbow across and twist. Press your palms in toward
the center of the chest. Or you can take the hand to
the pinky toe side of the foot. Draw the shoulder blades back and down. And trini, inhale through center, walk the left foot over
to the left a little. Catvari, exhale, bend the left knee. Take your right elbow
across and twist, one. Press the weight into the front heel. Press it through the outer
edge of the back foot, three. Four, and five, panca, inhale, come up. Step or jump to the front, samastitihi. Prasarita Padottanasana A. Ekam, inhale, step to the right, feet parallel, hands on hips. Dve, exhale, hinge from your hips, fingertips to the floor. Inhale, look up, lengthen your spine. Keep the length, trini,
exhale, folding forward. Lift your shoulders away from your ears, and squeeze your outer
hips and inner thighs toward each other like you
have a giant beach ball that you’re holding there, three, four, five, inhale, let’s head up. Exhale, hands to hips. Inhale, back to center for C. Ekam, inhale, reach the arms out. Duve, exhale, clasp your hands behind you. Trini, inhale, lengthen and look up. And exhale, folding in, take the arms with you as you go. Crown of the head may or
may not rest on the floor. Doesn’t matter, let’s
get a nice long stretch, let the shoulders relax, three. Four, exhale, lift your belly and ribs. And five, panca, inhale, and come up. Step or jump to the front, samastitihi. Parsvottanasana, ekam,
inhale, take the arms to a T. Bend your elbows, either press your fists or your palms together. Step your right foot back, pivot. Walk the right foot over a little. Dve, exhale, folding forward. If you’re wobbly here, try
to walk your right foot to the right a little, so your front heel lines up with the back heel. Pull the right hip back, two. Three, exhale, four, and five, trini, inhale through center, walk the left foot to
the left a little bit. Catvari, exhale, folding forward, for one. Pada drishti, gaze
toward the big toe, two. Three, four, and five. Panca, inhale, come up. Step to the front, samastitihi. Ardha baddha padmottanasana. Ekam, inhale, pick up your right leg. You’ll take it into half lotus. If that bothers your ankle or your knee, take it into tree pose, anywhere above or below the knee. And if you’re in half lotus, the right hand comes behind the back to hold onto the left arm, or eventually, it holds the toe. We’ll just stay standing today. If you have the toe, you
can fold forward, three. Lift the belly and ribs, four. Exhale, and five. Inhale, and release. Sat, left side, pick up the left foot, either tree pose anywhere
above or below the knee. Or if it’s okay with
your ankle and your knee, we’ll take to half lotus, so heel toward the navel, and then let the knee
point toward the floor. Left hand behind the
back, holds the right arm, or eventually takes the
toe and folding forward, or not, two. Three, lift the belly. Find a little spot to focus on, to help with your balance, four. Exhale, and five, release, samastitihi. Vinyasa to utkatasana. Ekam, inhale the arms up. Dve, exhale, folding forward. Trini, inhale, lengthen and look up. Catvari, exhale, step
or float, chaturanga. Panca, inhale, up. Sat, exhale, back. Urkatasana, bend the
knees, step or jump, sapta. Knees and feet together, sit back in your imaginary chair, reach
up through the arms, but let the shoulders relax. Two, belly lifts. Three, lengthen your
tailbone, your low back, four, press the shins back, and five, fold forward, optional bakasana, take the knees to the
outsides of the triceps, squeeze the legs, pick it up. Step or float back, chaturanga. Panca, inhale, up dog. Sat, exhale, back. Virabhadrasana A, sapta. Right foot steps back foot flat. Inhale, and come up,
pull your right hip back. Try to square up the hips as best you can. Make sure your knee’s
over your ankle, two. Exhale, urdhva drishti, looking up, three. Four, five. Straighten the right leg, pivot. Face the back wall, left
foot over to the left, bend in again, one,
soften the shoulders, two. Exhale, pull the left hip back, three. Four, exhale, and five. Open your hips, open your
shoulders, virabhadrasana B. Fix your front heel to
line up with the back arch, and gaze over the fingertips, one. Press into the front heel, press the outer edge of
the back foot, three. Lift the belly and ribs. Inhale, switching legs,
left leg out, or sorry right let out, bend the
knee over the ankle, one. Exhale, belly in, two. Exhale, three. Four, and five, windmill the arms down, step it back, catvari. Panca, inhale, come up. Sat, exhale, back. Yoga chikitsa, yoga
therapy, bend the knees, step or hop to seated. And as you’re ready, sapta. Extend the legs out,
sitting down, dandasana. Sitting tall, pull your toes back, lengthen your spine, chin slightly in toward the chest, three. Exhale, four. Exhale, and five. Pashimottanasana, reaching for your toes. If you can’t reach your
toes, hold your ankles. Lengthen, inhale, the spine, and astau, exhale, extending forward. Five breaths here, one. Two, exhale, steady breath, three. Four, and five. Inhale, head up. Or a little bit longer, exhale, release. Dasa, cross your ankles, press down, pick up anything that’ll come up, set it down. Right into parsvottanasana modified, so bending the knees,
feet flat on the floor, reverse table, pick it up. If you want to work this
a little bit harder, straighten the legs, pressing
the soles of the feet into the floor, three. Four, keep the belly lifted, tailbone toward the backs of the knees, and five, release, cross the ankles, press down, pick up anything that will come up. Either stay right here or roll forward. Step or hop back to catvari. Panca, inhale it up. And sat, exhale, stretch back for Ardha Baddha Padma Paschimottanasana, sapta, step or jump through,
straighten the legs. Bend your right knee in. Either right ankle just
above the left knee, or taking it into half lotus. So if it doesn’t bother
your ankle or knee, take the heel toward
the navel, set it down. Right hand behind the back
reaches for the left toe or hold your shirt. Lengthen, inhale, astau, exhale, left hand reaches for the left foot. Pada drishti, gaze towards your foot, two. Three, four, and five, inhale, let’s head up. Exhale, release, dasa, switching sides. Straighten the right leg,
and bend in the left. Take your left hand behind your back, holding your toe or reach for the shirt. Inhale, lengthen, pancadasa,
exhale, extending forward, right hand toward the right foot, two. If you can’t reach the foot, no worries. Hold onto your ankle,
or if you have a strap, you can use that, four. And five, inhale, your head
up, and exhale, release. Sodasa, cross your ankles, pick it up. Either stay right here or
float back, catvari position. Panca, inhale, up. Sat, exhale, back for tiryam-mukha eka-pada paschimottanasana. Sapta, step or jump
through, right knee bends, left leg extends. If this bothers your knee, put a block or a blanket under your left hip. Reaching forward, lengthen,
and astau, exhale, two. Pada drishti, three,
belly lifts, four, exhale, and five. Inhale, your head up, and exhale, release. Dasa, switch sides,
straight the leg, right leg, and bend in the left. Reach for your right toes, lengthen your spine, inhale. Pancadasa, exhale. So keeping your breath nice and steady, this is a breath practice, two. Don’t worry about the poses, you’ll open up with time, three. Four, five, inhale, head up, and exhale, release,
sodasa, cross your ankles, pick up anything. Stay here or float back
to catvari position. Panca, inhale, up. Sat, exhale, back. Janushirasana A, sapta,
step or jump through. Extend the legs. Bend your right knee in, right sole of the foot
to the inner left thigh. Pull your left toes back, reach for the toes, lengthen, inhale. Astau, exhale, one. Exhale, just come as
far forward as you can, so you get a good
stretch in the hamstrings and the low back, three. If you’re tight in those areas, this is the perfect
practice for you, four. Exhale, five, inhale, head up. Exhale, release, dasa, switch sides. Bend the left knee, extend the right. Reach for your right
toes, lengthen, inhale. Pancadasa, exhale,
extend and breathe, one. Exhale, soften your shoulders, soften your jaw, two. Three, Four, five, inhale, let’s head up, and exhale, release,
sodasa, cross your ankles, pick it up, stay here,
or float back to catvari. Panca, inhale, up. Sat, exhale, back. Marichyasana A, sapta,
step or jump through, Extend the legs. Bend your right knee, take
the right sole of the foot on the floor, right in front of the hip, reach your right arm forward, wrap it around, clasp what you can. Inhale, lengthen, and astau, exhale, fold. So if you’re newer to this
one, it’s a little tricky, the right arm comes to
the inside of the thigh, reaches forward, and then wraps, three. Pada drishti, gaze toward the foot, four. Exhale, five, inhale, head up. Exhale, release, dasa, switching sides, straighten the right leg, bend the left. Left arm inside, reach forward, wrap it around, clasp what you can. Inhale, lengthen your spine. Pancadasa, exhale, extend forward. If you can’t clasp hands behind your back, that’s completely fine, hold your shirt or grab a towel, and hold
that between the hands, two. Three, exhale, soften the shoulders, four. Exhale, and five, inhale, your head up. Exhale, release. Sodasa, pick it up. Stay here or float back, catvari position. Panca, inhale it up. Sat, exhale back, marichyasana c, sapta, step or jump through again. Extend the legs, bend
the right knee right, so the foot on the floor, take the right hand behind you, left arm up, inhale tall. Astau, exhale, left
elbow across, and twist. As you inhale, sit up nice and tall, lengthening your spine. As you exhale, roll your
right shoulder open, and pull your left toes back, three. Exhale, four. And five, inhales, head to center, and exhale, release. Dasa, switch sides, bend the left knee, left hand behind, right arm up tall. Pancadasa, exhale, and fold and twist. And eventually may wrap,
the arm around the leg but that comes later, just a
bigger shoulder opening, three. Four, exhale, and five. Inhale, head to center. Exhale, release, sodasa. Cross ankles, pick it up, and we’ll go right into a navasana, so sitting up nice and tall, the knees can be bent or straight, very important to keep
the spine long, three. Four, belly lifted, ribs in. Five, cross your ankles,
press down, pick it up. One more time, knees bent or straight, long spine, two. Three, four, and five, release. And lie all the way back
for urdhva dhanurasana. So, astau, prepare, take your feet hips distance apart, arms by your side, so we’ll start with bridge. Pull your belly in, and
press into the heels, pick it up. Clasp your hands, spiral your thighs in toward each other. Lengthen your tailbone toward
the backs of the knees, chin away from chest, three. Four, exhale, and five, release. We have two more to go. Go second one, astau,
prepare, arms by your sides, or if you take urdhva, arms
by your hands by the ears, and pick it up, one. Two, exhale, tailbone long, three. Breathe into the chest, four. Exhale, five, release. We’ll do one more. Urdhva dhanurasana option, hands by the ears, press
onto the crown of the head, line up your wrists and elbows first, and then straighten the arms. Notice how the arms were
parallel before I went up. Keep the arms parallel, the elbows want to sway out, don’t let them, three. Four, still spiraling the thighs in. And five, chin in toward chest, you come down, land on
your shoulder blades. And then give your knees a hug. Hug the knees, rock a little side to side. Gives your low back a nice little massage. And then roll it all the
way up for pashimottanasana. Extend the legs, pull the toes back. Reach for your toes, inhale. Astau, exhale, extend. Taking five long breaths here, soften the shoulders and the jaw, moving into our finishing sequence, two. Three, exhale, four. Exhale, and five. And a little extra breath here
for the finishing sequence, so we slow it down a bit. Inhale, your head up. Exhale, release, lie down for
sarvangasana, shoulderstand. So if you have any injuries, you’re just gonna go halfway up, keep your hips on the floor. Otherwise, lifting up, hands to the low back, press down into your
elbows and your forearms, and lift up through your shoulder blades, chin away from the chest for a long neck, and nasagra dristhi, gaze
off the tip of your nose, so find a little spot on your
shirt, focus there, three. Lift up through the legs, four, and five, halasana,
keep lifting your spine. Legs active, your feet
may not touch the floor, your legs might not be
straight, but it’s okay. Two, this pose is really good for boosting the metabolism by
stimulating the thyroid gland. Now, bending your knees for karnapidasana, just for a moment. And then begin to roll yourself out to one vertebra at a time. When you get to your low back, take your hands under your hips. That will protect your back, so you can come down slowly, and then when you get all the way down, lift up, come onto your
forearms and elbows, and reach the crown of the head back toward the floor behind you. Matsyasana, fish pose, three. Four, exhale. And five, release, coming down, hugging your knees into your chest. And then roll yourself up. Rolling forward, step or
float back, catvari position, panca, inhale, up dog or cobra. Sat, exhale. Baddha hasta sirsasana, sapta to the knees for bound hand headstanding. Clasp your hands all
the way to the webbing. You can use the wall for
this if you’re going up, and you don’t have to go up. Crown of the head down,
make sure your elbows are no wider than your shoulders. You can stay with your
feet right onto the floor, or if you’re ready to go
up, you’ll lift up, one. Lift up through the
shoulders, belly pulls in. So this is a more advanced asana pose, so if you’re not ready for it yet, just don’t worry, keep
your head on the floor, keep your feet on the floor,
or use the wall, four, five, lift the shoulders, belly in. Seven, eight, now halfway down, hips pass the shoulders,
start to take the feet little by little, this is ardha sirsasana. Use your core muscles to hold you. Let’s take a few breaths here. Inhale the legs all the way back up. And then exhale, slowly coming down. And all the way into balasana,
child’s pose, resting here. Just take a few breaths, resting. Lean forward, we’ll make our
way back to catvari position, nice, strong catvari. Panca, inhale, upward dog or cobra. Sat, exhale back. Baddha padmasana, step or
jump through to seated. So we’ll take your lotus,
whatever works for you, so either crossing your shins, or you can take the right heel toward the navel for half lotus, or take both legs up, only do this if it doesn’t hurt your
ankles or your knees. Then take your elbows behind your back, hold the outsides of the
elbows or take the toes. Inhale, lengthen. Astau, fold forward, sealing in the benefits of our practice, one. Exhale. Four. Five, inhale, and come up, jnana mudra, first finger and thumb together, straight arms, sit up nice
and tall, five breaths. Jnana mudra. Release for urdhvaplathahi. Hands under the thighs,
press down and pick it up. It’s an upwarded lotus. Pick up anything you can, three, exhale, four, five six, seven, eight, nine, and ten, release. So you can either go right into
shavasana here and lie down, or if you want to work
on one more vinyasa, come up onto the knees. Take your elbows right into your navel, let them press there, make a
little shelf, lean forward, pick up your legs, extend
them back, catvari position. Panca, inhale, up dog or cobra. Sat, exhale back. Shavasana sapta, step or jump through, and lie down. This is where you get to take your rest. Take your feet about hip’s distance apart or a little bit wider,
let your feet flop open, arms away from the body
a little, palms face up. Draw your shoulder blades
away from your ears. Close your eyes, and release
your ujjayi breathing, so just nice, natural breath. A quiet mind, quiet.


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