Yoga And Pilates Poses HOW TO Guide – PILATES SUPERMAN

[Music] welcome to the yoga how-to section so whether you’ve done yoga or pilates before it doesn’t really matter this section is for everybody it’s going to tell you how to practice particular postures or Pilates exercises accurately and perfectly as best you can to get the best out of each posture or exercise so you look and feel great after every practice also it’s really key to avoid any injuries now it’s super unlikely that you’re going to injure yourself in your group Pilates because the essence of the exercise is that they’re controlled and steady but to avoid any injuries it’s best for you to watch all the classes through and then you’ve got all the tools that you need you to have a perfect experience in my yoga and Pilates classes so watch all the how-to section through and then you can intertwine all of your experience into my yoga and Pilates classes if you only see please subscribe to Tabitha yoga and I’ll see you on a mat welcome to your how to Pilates Superman or in this case superwoman okay right so Superman is starting on all fours it’s a brilliant way to stabilize the whole of the upper body stable ice and strength it’s a great thing to do and it requires a little bit of stamina so bear with me a nice neutral all fours position the middle finger facing forward and your hands under your shoulders and your knees under your hips okay I’m going to extend my leg come out or under to begin with a key that I keep both hip bones facing the floor I’ll show you why with your lift and either point or flex your foot whatever is best for you I like to plant on my toes to the floor cause it seems to strengthen my whole leg and up to my lower back now often the errors here is this kind of like a cocked leg or too low and it’s dropped I’d like to see you can even look back at yourself have the let peridot to the floor pull your belly in imagine you’ve got a corset on and you’re putting it tight and tight and tight as tight as it can possibly go and then release it 50% so you’ve got muscle tone in your tummy there’s nothing moving that belly lift your pelvic floor as well a little bit of muscle tone here too and then extend your right arm and I’m going to look to the floor because I want a nice neutral neck and hold that steady and breathe in Pilates that breakfast in through the nose and out to the lips as I breathe out through my lips I pull my tummy in a little bit more and I also lift my pelvic floor a little bit more so that’s why I’m sounding a little bit more high-pitched and I want to reach in each direction heel pushed away arm reaches away and hold it and this is getting hard here getting hard on my tummy on my bottom on my hands and lower back so whenever you’re feeling the burn it means it’s working as soon as it hurts if it pinches gently come out okay so listen to your body all the way through take cues from yourself when you’re ready when you’ve done both sides have your knees down and then round your back release your lower back and bring your hips gently to your heels and stretch get your breath back bring yourself back up I hope you enjoyed your how to super women practice and I’ll see you on the mat [Music]

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  1. In this the 7th video in the series I focus on PILATES SUPERMAN. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced student, my Yoga and Pilates Poses How To Guide will help you perfect your postures and get the very best out of all the classes you do, try and watch all of them as I add to the series. I'd love it if you would tell me which other postures you would like me to include in the guide 🙏🏻🌸💕

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