Yin Yoga Fusion ♥ Stretch, Breathe & Let Go | Palo Duro, Texas

hey friends, welcome to Texas we are here right now in Palo Duro state park and today I got a yin yoga vinyasa fusion for you this is going to be about getting deep into those muscles now were only going 2 yin postures but they’re really going to affect your glutes and your hamstrings where a lot of times we tend to hold a lot of tension and emotions so find that 15 minutes today i want you to relax grab some water and really dedicate this time to yourself to releasing all that negative energy and giving yourself a nice deep stretch so if you’re ready, grab your mat and lets do it


  1. Amazing emotional release. Thank you!

  2. Love this in the morning.

  3. Been doing 1-3 of your yoga / pilates / yoga workout videos every morning and sometimes in the evenings as well for around 5 months instead of going to the gym and you have basically changed my life. I'm just so much more in tune with my body and mind now when I practice yoga every day and I can handle stress much more, I'm happier, I see things clearer and as a bonus my body is so much more toned, stronger and flexible. Just wanted to say that you DO make a difference in this world and you have made my life so much better. I've been going through some really tough personal things this last year and your videos have been my reason to just go up in the morning when I've felt like just staying in bed all day and it has truly helped me so much to just keep going and never give up. Just thanks to some videos on youtube. So THANK YOU. Never underestimate the power you have to inspire people. Wish you nothing but happiness and joy, you two deserve it all. Keep doing you and (your boyfriend as well hehe). Sending lots of love and light from cold Sweden.

  4. Life got busy and it's been awhile since I've stopped by your channel! SO glad I'm back. I always love the beauty and the flow of your routines!

  5. Love this thank you <3

  6. I love your classes so much and this one is a favorite at the moment! Random question, where did you get your shirt in this video!? I adore it!! Much love!!

  7. I love u woman .. you have become an important part of my routine .. 😘😘😘

  8. We both loved this one, a little bit slower than most of hers, It was a nice change after doing some of her Pilates which we do 2 or 3 times a week.

  9. Oh God how I missed this 😭 thank you guys, your excerzises are truly magical 💖💖

  10. Thank You❤🌸

  11. This was amazing! I was feeling so stiff and quite bad after work today and this really energised and relaxed me, feeling way better! Thank you for your wonderful videos:))

  12. Thanks,,🙏❤

  13. Hi, I love your yoga. Have been doing your lessons for about a year now. Do you have a new moon or full moon sequence that you practice? 💜❤️

  14. Thank you for this yoga practice. Your videos have helped me to release tightness and negativity from my body. I appreciate what you guys do. Keep up the good work!

  15. Thank you!!

  16. Those postures felt truly good! when on the floor holding to my toes I starting laughing because of all this energy that I felt and you telling me to let go really help me out listen to my body which wanted only to get free! If you would slower it would more than perfect, but it is already the way it is! Thank you! <3

  17. I love your yoga session!!!!!!!

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  19. Thanks a lot for a truly beautiful practice! I felt like it was more of a practice for the mind, rather then for the body)

  20. Great workout! PD Canyon is one beautiful place less than 2 hours west of us. Thank you!

  21. Boho beautiful I wanna start being more healthy in my life it hurt me I love doing yoga

  22. Do you teach classes??

  23. Simple . Serene . Surrender 💓💕
    Lots of love to Juli and Mark!! One day, up in the heaven all your followers will meet and tell you, how wonderfully you contributed changing the world in a positive way 😇 Love and light from all of us to you..

  24. I want to thank you for the practice but more importantly the words you are saying and message you sent. You are doing awesome job. I was crying first time while doing yoga. Appreciate it. God bless you. We need more of this positive energy and I adore you for spreading and sharing it. 🙂

  25. Ahh my new favorite!! It’s perfect thank you so much you two ❤️❤️

  26. I love this fusion, my body needed it and I enjoyed it. I look forward to more🙏🏽

  27. Thank you. Beautiful practice as the pain and hurt of recent events in life were deep in my hips. This practice helped me release (briefly) the pain I've been holding. Namaste.

  28. You're my absolute favorite yoga teacher!! I've been taking your classes every morning for the past few months and it's truly changed my life. Thank you so much for sharing this gift!! More yin yoga classes please 🙂

  29. I just wanted to say thank you for all of your wonderful videos. They have helped me through some very difficult times. Lots of love 💕

  30. Love this practice, really gets all the negative energy out of the hips. Thank u so much, u r amazing❤

  31. To me your yoga is healing time!! So so beatiful so inspiring so wonderful ❤🙏

  32. Something happened to me while I was doing this class today. I follow this channel for more than one year now, you brought me to yoga, I started with you. With other Yoga classes (online or in "real"life) it really brought me a lot. But today, something happened. I am NOT flexible at all, even if it's getting better after one year of practice and I tried some of your Yin Yoga class to help me letting go, I was not sure it was working but I kept trying, and tried to be patient. During this video, at one moment, I even didn't understand anymore what your voice was saying, I was really focusing on my breath, on the negatives energy stocked in my muscles, and I saw faces of poeple whose had been mean to me, bad memories that I had, I saw a very special bad moment in my childhood and I kept breathing and push it away and it gone. I felt like something was really going out of myself, it is indescriptible. I reach forward and in one second my muscles released and I've been really farther in the stretch that I never could had imagine. Perhaps It hard to believe, perhaps it sounds weird, but I wanted to share it, and to thank you. <3

  33. Love your videos! Xoxo

  34. Thanks for mentioning allowing new things to come into my life. I usually think too much about letting go of past, not enough of letting new things in.

  35. Thank you! I love how you explain during the practice how the stretches benefit you.

  36. This is one of my favorite Yin Yoga videos. Thanks for all the good vibes, love and light that you share with your video. I would appreciate if you could make a longer Yin Yoga vídeo with more poses, sometimes I would like to do 30 mins or even 1 hour Yoga and it would be great if you can add all the poses that help to align the chakras, you use some of them in your other video but for example the lion pose or the head stand would be amazing to see a long video with a compilation of beautiful Yin Yoga poses. Thanks and lots of love back. Your channel is amazing.

  37. I do this flow once a week… Thank you….

  38. Thank you Juliana :*

  39. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  40. love u

  41. I love you! You make my day 😘😘😘

  42. Amazing..thank you

  43. I cried like a baby during this, thank you.

  44. Thank you so much for your beautiful yoga workouts. I love them. I bought the Boho Beautiful Life Complete program which is wonderful but please keep making new content for your channel too as your workouts are the best x

  45. I love all your videos!! Been doing it for about a year on days I can’t make it to the studio. Your voice is so relaxing it always puts my doggo to sleep 🙂

  46. Just wonderful! Love and Light to you, guys!

  47. Your yin yoga videos have made me realize how much negative energy I have stored in my hips. I just gave birth two months ago, so I think that’s why I have all this negative energy because it was such an intense experience. So doing your yin yoga videos have been so helpful in releasing that negative energy. I can actually feel the negative energy releasing because when I do the poses I feel like crying. Thank you for these!

  48. Such a peaceful way to start my day. I had a nasty cold this weekend and knew I'd need some gentle movement to start my Monday. This was perfect. Thank you, as always!

  49. Amazing releases!!! I love the length of time in the holds! Do you have for hip openers (hip flexors – this length of release) or shoulder opening?

  50. i cried during this class today! my body was allowed to let go of so much of the negativity it holds on to. thank you so much for what you do!

  51. I love you, thank you.

  52. Lots of love.❤❤❤❤❤

  53. We lived International when I first found you, we are now living riverfront near San Antonio in Texas…..we are retired with a private guest house, it is so very peaceful….herds of deer, turkey, foxes, raccoons, squirrels….we have a private paradise for family and friends, I would like to extend an invitation to host you! Pets are welcome …the river is just perfect now for kayaking! God Bless from a Texas grandma that still loves practicing!!

  54. Already improved from the second time doing this!

  55. awsome practice. thank you very much!

  56. Thank you very much

  57. Thankyou💚

  58. this sesh was amazing and exactly what i needed shockeR haha love your channel girl we have both grown so much since i first began following you years ago. thank you for the constant and gentle motivation

  59. Wow!!😮😯 I did touch my knees with my forehead… Yeah to me!!👏👏

  60. You are amazing! Thank you for all your time. care and effort.

  61. I started crying. Had many bottled up emotions that finally came out…tapping & meditation are also helping me. I want to thank you so much, I discovered you recently. You exude so much kindness, peace and LOVE!! Keep up this compassionate work. I love you….Namasté.

  62. Thank you Boho Beautiful. I did this practice right before bed. You bring light to my day! I am very grateful for your amazing intermediate videos!

  63. Thank you for this wonderful healing experience. <3

  64. I do this video once a week…. Thank you. I can feel your love through your work.

  65. I love you guys! You help to unit my body and the soul and the Spirit. I wish you happy New year full of joy and discoveries

  66. Totally love this! ❤️

  67. Thank you namaste

  68. Perfect to start a good day full of energy. Thank you for sending us so much love. NAMASTE from France

  69. Very relaxing, thanks a lot !

  70. Thank you for an amazing flow!! LOVE IT.

  71. Very nice – Thank you … Namaste

  72. Sometimes I see these older videos, and I have no idea how I missed them….

    This was lovely. Thank you 🙏🏼💕

  73. I had to pause the middle of the video to comment this.
    For the first time, when I was in pigeons pose, I stayed in the pose on my right side and at first it was really “intense” (more so my ego didn’t want to be stretching) and finally at the very end I felt so free in my hip. It was absolute bliss. I have never had that feeling before in yoga. I encourage everyone to push through the intense feeling, and more so let it go. Don’t hurt yourself and know your body but also don’t hold back. Your body will show you amazing things. Yoga is one of the best tools to relieve physical stiffness and emotional weight. Namaste brothers and sisters ❤️

  74. Thank you for this flow! Now it's my favourite yoga flow 😊💕

  75. One of my favorites

  76. Thank you

  77. really enjoyed this! Thank you sooo much

  78. You are Beautiful, thxs much

  79. Thank you 🙏🏼 Namaste 💖

  80. I adore you, you make me feel mellow just seeing you smile, thank you for this great yoga class!

  81. Beautiful!

  82. Loved it thank you

  83. Thank You, I really felt the stretches. And feel surrender to the mat

  84. Thanks, your the best.Sending back good feelings and thoughts.

  85. I cried the most from this one.

  86. Thank you for this flow! Every time I spent time in a certain posture, I start to understand it better.

  87. Watch out for the big ratters

  88. I Love your Videos. You are such an Inspiration. Im also a yoga teacher and started to do videos for YouTube. I never thought it is so much work. I really appreciate the work you are doing. Thank you so so much 🙏

  89. This yin yoga video makes me feel so relaxed. I do it every night before i go to sleep and I feel every posture. Thank you!

  90. Thank you for being a golden glowing light. You are a Siddha.

  91. Lovely always enjoy so so good

  92. So beautiful and peaceful. I need this each day to refocus on what is really important in life. Thank you ❤️

  93. Thank you, your Yin Yoga Videos always help me to shift my energyy.

  94. amazing practice……I was able to totally release and reach a new level in my practice….. thank you…. with gratitude 🌺 namaste🌞

  95. Good job mam👏🥀🥀

  96. Namaste'e

  97. love your videos so much! and this one is so close to my home 💚

  98. this was ubsolutely amazing, thank you!!

  99. this was so lovely! I was wondering why your shavasanas are so short. i feel like there isn't really any time to even breathe, i understand i could inherently pause the video but rushing to hit the stop button on my computer stresses me out to begin with. was just curious if there was reasoning behind it maybe i am missing!

  100. When I first did the pigeon posture, I couldn't even get into position. Now I can bring my elbows to the floor and hold it! I am so happy! Thank you Juliana❤️

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