Yin Yoga For Flexibility | Full Body Stretch | 45 Minutes

hi everyone welcome to Rachel Pichler
yoga my name is Rachel today we’re gonna go through a nice yin yoga practice so
if you are new to that term it simply means that we’re gonna have the
opportunity you just settle into each pose that we come into and spend a few
moments there so you’re gonna get a really awesome stretch today through the
whole entire body so that sounds good to you just find a little bit of space to
move let’s get started and remember to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t
already thanks you guys all right Serina start laying down today
if you do happen to have a block at home with you or wherever you’re practicing
your yoga today you can grab a block will use it a little bit but it’s just
an option you can always complete this entire practice without any props so
with that being said we’re gonna lay down on our backs and if you do have a
block and you want to lift that chest your chest off of the mat a little bit
just to open up through the shoulders to the heart a little bit of a backbend you
could place this block underneath your upper back so it does have two different
heights so you can pick a height that works for you the higher that block is
the more your shoulders will be lifted off the mat and all I ask is that if you
are coming on to a block just make sure your head is touching the floor so if
you have a second block or pillow that you could rest under your head you could
place it under your under your head or maybe you like the stretch that you’re
gonna get through the front of the neck as you just let your head fall back so
take a moment set up that block if you are using one finding that sweet spot
where head can rest comfortably and your chest is lifted and then you guys if
you’re laying flat on your back or if you’re up on a block just bring your
arms out nice and wide and turn your palms to face up so I love to make a
diamond shape with my legs while I’m here so feel free to bring the soles of
your feet together and let your knees come out wide or you can just keep your
legs straight or howevers comfiest and then once you do start to settle in
just let your eyes close sort of feel your breath just kind of be right here
right now I go of your day whatever it is you have to after there’s practice and just allow those shoulders to relax allow your neck to be soft and your jaw
you need to open your mouth you can keep the mouth open we’re gonna stay here a little bit
longer if you need to make any adjustments feel free to do so if you
want to feel this a little bit more in the hips you could bring the heels
closer and I’m making that diamond shape a little bit smaller and if anybody
wants to reach their arms above their head feeling the length of the Dominos
into those shoulders you can reach your arms above your head and then ideally
just resting your hands on the floor on your mat so if this feels good you can
stay here with your arms above your head for a bit or you could bring those arms
back to your sides if this isn’t for you if you did bring your arms up above your
head you can slowly start to bring them back to your sides keep those palms
facing up and drop the shoulders into the mat and let’s just stay here for
maybe three Moeller breath just continuing to slow down the mind to feel
the breath just start to relax the body nice job you guys so we will be staying
on our back but if you are on a block we’re just gonna come off of it so you
could sit up a little bit or you could roll to the side but take your block out
move it out of the way and then come back down so if you have your knees out
nice and wide you can start to bring them back together and we’re just gonna
let the knees rock from side to side massaging the low back you can have the
feet planted or you could hug your knees all the way into your chest and give
yourself a nice big hug but adding that rock from side to side and then
eventually we’re gonna just move our feet out to the edges of the mat so
you’re gonna just plant those feet step them out nice and wide nice and wide and
then we’re just gonna let our knees fall to the left so keeping your feet out
wide and your knees are also gonna be wide so they’re not stacking right on
top of each other I just want you to keep that right hip as close to the mat
as you can it’s gonna want to lift up and if it lifts up it a little bit
that’s all good but just think about keeping it down a little bit of a twist
here but something different so you can take that left foot and just rest it on
top of that right leg if you’d like you’re gonna feel there’s more through
the side of the body even into that right leg and hip as you use the weight
from that left foot just to hold the knee down
I’m still thinking about keeping that right hip nice and low relaxing through
the shoulders but your eyes stay closed if you did cross that left foot over top
of your right leg you even start to bring that foot back
to the floor out to the edge of the mat if you can and then use an inhale lift
your knees all the way back up to the top you can do a little wiggle rock
those knees from side to side and when you’re ready to go that the knees are
gonna fall over to the right this time so feet are wide and knees are wide
think about that left hip try to keep it down and if you want to take that right
foot and use it as a little weight on that left leg you can do that but it’s
just an option absolutely starting to uncross the legs
and using inhale lift your knees all the way back up again little windshield
wiper movement rock your knees side to side if that feels good and then you can
start to heel toe your feet all the way back to the middle of the mat we’re
gonna pull the right knee into the chest so give that right knee a nice big hug
you can just the left leg bent or straighten it out long but try to relax
through the feet through those shoulders and that right hip that entire right leg so an option to move into another twist
or just stay here hugging the knee in but if your left leg still bent just
straighten it out long and we’re gonna pull that right knee across the body so
just bring that knee over your right hips probably gonna want to lift off the
mat so you can adjust those hips stacking them one on top the other and
then also adjust the shoulders so that they stay down maybe your big toe wants
to hit the floor your knee might not it it might you could grab your block and
just to get under your knee if you wanted but if you also want to get into
your neck in this twist just turn your chin over your right shoulder I’ll stay on this side for about two
more breath and then you can start to use an inhale
don’t lift that leg back up hug it into your chest and then start to let that
right leg go we’ll switch sides so you can pull the left knee and give it a
nice big hug if you want to straighten that right leg now you can but just
starting to feel a little something through that left hip and then relaxing
everywhere as best you can so if you would like to come into that
twist just start to straighten the right leg if you haven’t and then gently
encourage your knee across your body all the way over as far as it wants to go staying for those last two so breath on
this side and then easing in inhale lift that leg
back up hug it in one last time and then you can start to let it go all right
we’re gonna come up onto our hands and knees if you want to roll to the side or
rock forwards however you want to come on up so just make your way into
tabletop position so your hands and your knees
and we’re just gonna walk our arms out in front so keep your hip stacking above
your knees reach those arms all the way out and start to drop your forehead drop
your chest Bobbe dog stretch so you can stay with your hand straight
out in front or if you want to add a little side stretch to this you can take
your hands over to the left side so we’re still reaching really far
lengthening your arms and then dropping the chest back down so a little side
stretch and then if you went over to one side
you can start to walk the hands back to the middle and all the way over to the
other side nice job you guys
lifting on out walk your hands back to the middle of your mat and then walk
them all the way back in have a seat on your heels
hmm take a nice big shoulder roll roll your shoulders up to your ears and pull
them back and down all right so we’re gonna sit down and I’m gonna
give you guys just a few options you can sit cross-legged you can sit on your
knees on your heels or you could actually sit between your heels maybe up
on a block so if you want to keep your knees together and then let your feet
come out wide you can sit all the way down but be nice to your knees so if
this does not feel comfy if you can’t get down just stick a block on your butt
and if you don’t have a block today or anything else to sit on again sit
cross-legged or on your heels so we’re gonna sit and then add some arms so get
into our shoulders and our upper back again so once you’re comfy you can start
to reach your arms out nice and wide and then we’re gonna be bringing that right
arm over top of the left arm and then wrapping those arms together bringing
the palms together as best you can and then just lift those elbows drop those
shoulders Eagle arms imagine you’re pulling your shoulder blades away from
each other keep dropping those shoulders away from the ears and almost like you
want to round through the upper back but it’s just a very micro movement you’re
just pulling those shoulder blades away from each other okay I see you guys use
an inhale reach your arms out wide and exhale bring that left arm over top line
those arms together pick the elbows up and drop the shoulders and I stopped you guys using inhale
reach your arms back out and exhale relax your hands to your lap or just to
the floor beside you all right we’re gonna stay sitting just as you are a
little bit longer so we’re actually gonna bring our hands just behind us on
the floor so whether you’re cross-legged or on your knees or on your block
whatever just lean back enough so that your fingertips can reach the floor then
you’re just gonna open the chest you’re just gonna try and lift that chest up
towards the ceiling as you pull the shoulders back almost like you want to
squeeze the shoulder blades together and open that heart and I want you to start
to lift the chin away from the collarbone so you can lift it just a
little bit or a little bit more are you think about opening the chest nice job you guys using inhale just lift
yourself off your hands we’re gonna come forward back into our back onto our
hands and knees so if you had a block just move it off to the side bringing
your hands to the mat and then we’ll step our right foot forwards in between
our hands so coming into a nice low lunge so you can have your hands on the
mat to start I want you to feel this for that left hip flexor so push those hips
forward and before you get too comfy just make sure that your front knees or
top of your ankle so if your knees coming really far forward just move your
foot up a bit to find that nice alignment you’re gonna be so much more
balanced in this lunge if you do that all right you guys so if you feel that
hip that left quad even right away you’re in the right spot if you need a
little bit more to find it just move those up move the upper body excite to
side a little bit find that sweet spot we’re getting an awesome stretch and
then if you do want to bring your hands up to your knee you definitely can but
you can always keep your hands on the floor and those of you that do bring
your hands up to your knee try to resist putting all that weight all that upper
body weight into that knee so if you can actually let your hands just come to
your side’s like gravity just assist you by pulling those hips towards the floor
letting your body go as far as it wants to go into this lunge into this hip
flexor stretch it’s breathing softness into the hips
keep it upper body relaxed nice work you guys you can start to bring your hands
back down to the mat if they aren’t there and then just send the hips back
enough to straighten that front leg so we’re gonna start by just pushing the
ball of the foot and the toes into the mat creating length through that shin
even through the back of the leg and if you want a little bit more just drop
your chest towards your knee nice job you guys so you can keep
pushing the ball of the foot into the mat or maybe relax the ankle maybe pull
the toes all the way towards your forehead so flexing that foot you’re
gonna feel there’s a whole lot more through that hamstring through that calf
and you can still keep dropping the chest if you need more mmm half splits awesome you guys slowly state to shift
your weight forward back into that lunge we’re gonna bring our front foot over to
the left side and then lay the shin all the way down for Pigeon so you might
have your heel nice and close to that left hip your right hip might even be
lifted off of the mat a bit if it is you could take a block or a towel or
something and put it under your hip so that you don’t have to hold yourself up
but we’re enough ruled forward so just take a second to adjust your front shin
that heel can be nice and close to the hips or maybe it’s a little bit further
away the more open your hips are usually the further away your heel is but just
take an inhale open the chest shine it forward and then as you exhale you can
fold down so in this one we’re feeling this all through that right leg that
glute if you’re able to rest your head on something a block your arms anything
at all just try to do that it’s gonna help you relax through the upper body
and I’ll take a whole lot of weight out of the neck and it’ll just let you even
soften those hips as you start to relax other areas of your body nice job you guys as much as I would
love to stay here for another five minutes we’re gonna start to move so
starts to lift upper body you can put your hands on the mat and then we’re
just going to push ourselves all the way back either into downward dog
this might feel really good a nice release for the hips or you could come
into Child’s Pose or even just onto your hands and knees but just take this time
to notice how that right hip is feeling even that left hip and then when you
feel good you can bring your knees all the way back down and we’re just gonna
send that left foot forwards so coming into the lunge on the other side so
taking a second just to set it up again knee over ankle if you can and then
sinking those hips forward try and find that hip flexor stretch ideally we feel
it even before we bring our hands off of the floor so sink into those hips and then if you are staying with your hands
on the mat the whole time or for a bit longer please do and if you’re ready to
come on up you can also come on up remembering to try to let that upper
body just completely relax maybe resting your arms at your side so
that you’re not tempted to put any weight into that front leg nice work you guys just take another
inhale and use an exhale to come back and send those hips all the way back
well just enough to straighten the front leg and then we’ll start our half split
by pushing the ball of the foot and the toes into the mat again hopefully
feeling a little something through the shin and the top of the foot but if you
need more drop the chest so if you’d like to adjust what that
foot is doing you can do so now I’m going to flex my foot just to get into
that hamstring a little bit more ah some work you guys slowly start to
band into that front knee and we’ll take that foot heel toe it over to the right
side lay your shin down and set up your pigeon so moving the heel nice and close
to the hip if that feels best for you or maybe working on bringing the shin
parallel to the top of the mat but again it can be anywhere in between and then
before you melt it down if you haven’t already taken in hey lift that chest
sink into those hips and then as you exhale you can fold just a few more moments on this side
just really settling in feeling the stretch letting go of all the thoughts
racing through your mind nice job you guys slowlyslowly let’s
start to lift back up and you can come into a downward dog or Child’s Pose
anything you wanted to do right now just for these next short moments I’m gonna
eventually bring your knees all the way back down to the mat so we’re gonna have
another comfy seat so you can either do the same thing that you did before
sitting cross-legged on your knees and heels or taking that block bringing the
feet out a little bit wider and keeping those knees together but getting back
into those shoulders so we’re just gonna take our left arm and see if you can
bring your forearm all the way behind the low back maybe your fingertips can
come out the other side maybe not just give it a try and then you can just hang
on to your hand if you can get it so that your right elbows just falling out
to the side or pointing out to the set then just let your head roll roll over
to that right side so creating some length through the left side of the neck
as we drop the shoulder and just let the head be nice and heavy then you 3q guys slowly started to
release and just let your head come back up we’re gonna switch sides if you can
take that right arm bring it behind the low back that left elbow will point out
to the side this time and then just let your head fall over towards the left and then with an inhale release lift
your head back up place your hands in your lap or on your knees and take a
nice big shoulder all sake alright you can get rid of that block again and
we’re gonna come on to our stomach and start on our forearms so just lay on
down we’re gonna bring our feet out wider so book to the edges of the mat
I’m starting on our forearms for Sphinx pose so tuck your elbows in try and get
them right underneath your shoulders and take your palms and push them into the
mat so pulling those shoulders away from the ears so you’re just gonna kind of
grow a little taller mmm relaxing through those legs even your
glutes may be feeling a little something through that low back or all the way up
your back nice job you guys so we’re gonna stay a
little bit longer than this one if you want to bring your chest down and give
your back a nice break take a quick break if you’re good you can stay near
Sphinx or if you want to take it a little further we’re just gonna bring
the hands out to the corners of the mat and then lift the forearms up so this is
seal still dropping the shoulders from the ears pushing into the palm hmm
growing taller through that upper body and then your hips are just so heavy on
the mat keep those glutes soft and then just notice what you feel maybe you’re
getting into your abdominals maybe it’s all in your back let’s just stay for
another inhale and then as you exhale you can slowly place your chest back
down just rest a chin or keek on the mat if you really felt that you can rock
your hips from side to side nice work you guys so we’re gonna start
to turn all the way over on to our back you can roll over or if you want to turn
around so that you’re facing the right way you can turn around as well which is
coming on to your back we’re gonna keep our feet planted for seconds and just
bring that low back nice and close to the mat so if you need to rock a little
bit get that low back nice and close to your mat do that and then you can start
to bring the knees towards the chest but then out to the side so I want you to
make sure that that low back is still touching the mat if you want a rock from
side-to-side give it a nice little massage go for it
so our knees are out nice and wide you can keep hanging onto your knees or your
shins are you coming you can come into a full happy baby reaching for your big
toes or maybe your feet and then again checking in with that low back see if
you can keep the low back touching the mat it does like to lift up I know it
does but if you bring it down or at least try to bring it down you might
feel a little bit more of a stretch through those hips and your spine will
be nice and happy that you’re keeping it nice and long and I see guys just a few more breath
and happy baby if you do want to try and straighten your legs and come into a
straight leg happy baby you can give her a try as well if you’ve got the space to
do that awesome job you guys slowly starting to
bend the knees you can let go of your feet and we’re gonna bring the soles of
the feet back together and then knees out wide and then just taking your right
hand place it on your belly button and your left hand can rest on your hearts
just letting your eyes be closed take a nice big inhale through your nose exhale
out your mouth I’m continuing to just feel the breath feel your stomach moving
up and down as you breathe awesome job I guess if it feels right to
just stay here a little longer you can you can start to reach your right arm
out up towards the ceiling we’re going to be placing the right hand on top of
that left one and just creating some length of the forearm so you can take
those fingertips and point them to the bottom of your mat and then use your
right hand just to give a little bit of extra love a little bit extra support
and stretch as you pull the palm down a bit and create some length for that
forearm just kind of bending the wrist you can also get a nicer wrist stretch
and this as well and then if you did come on to that wrist and forearm
stretch we’re gonna search the side so right hand can reach up grab on to the
palm and those fingers of it and then just try and create some length through
that forearm as you send those fingertips towards the bottom of your
mat nice for you guys slowly release if you
need to do a few wrist circles you can do a few wrist circles we’re going to
start to extend our legs out nice and long on the mat keep your feet out wide
if you can off to the edges and then just take your hands and clasp them
behind your head pulling the chin to the collar bone for a stretch for the back
of the neck and then I can gently place your head
all the way back down bringing your arms to either side turn your palms to face
up one more inhale through the nose exhale out the mouth setting up for
shavasana our final pose today our final relaxation just letting your body be heavy on the
mats ah somewhere today you guys please stay
as long as you would like in shavasana but if you are ready to bring your hands
together in front of your heart have a great rest of your day


  1. This one is long I know, but definitely worth it! It will leave you feeling so open and relaxed. Enjoy 🙏😊

  2. It's been a stressful week! I'm going to save this and do it tomorrow 🙂 Looks so relaxing!

  3. Love the long flows, give me time to admire 💦

  4. I release it all for u

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