Yin Yoga For Flexibility | Full Body Stretch | 27 Minutes

hi everyone welcome to Rachel Pichler
yoga my name is Rachel today we’re gonna do a yin yoga practice for the entire
body so we’re gonna get a really awesome full body stretch so if that sounds good
to you find a little bit of space to move let’s get started and just remember
to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already so let’s get started today by laying
down on our backs so just find your way down onto your back and you can either
bring your legs out nice and long or you can bring the soles of your feet
together and let your knees come out wide
either way wherever you’re at rest your arms wherever it’s comfy close your eyes
and just start to find your breath here notice your breath I’m taking these next
few moments just to let go of your day whatever it is that might be on your
mind right now just set it off to the side and just tell yourself to inhale
you can tell yourself to exhale starting to soften through the legs the hips even
the core with each inhale you take see if you can just fill up your stomach let
the tummy rise and as you exhale let the tummy fall so also checking in with the shoulders
here it’s not them being nice and heavy on the mat just continue to feel the
breath staying here for just a little bit
longer if you want to reach your arms above your head for the last few moments
feel free to do so and if your arms are above the head take
one more inhale with them there and he’s an exhale just slide them back down to
your sides they’re all the way onto your stomach and everybody take one more full
breath mmm I mean you can start to bring a little bit of movement into the legs
you can bring the knees together or plant the feet on to the mat but we’re
going to be pulling the right knee into the chest and giving it a nice big hug
so just think about softening that right hip hug that knee and nice and tight and
you can extend the left leg out long if you’d like or just keep that knee bent
and then if you want to add a few ankle circles to that right foot you can do a
few ankle circles just loosening things up but all the while pulling the knee
into the chest and if you are doing those circles with your ankle to switch
directions do a few more I see you guys starting to release let
go of that write me and pull the left knee all the way and give it a nice big
hug softening through that left hip straightening the right leg if you would
like and then as you keep that knee hugging in you can add your ankle
circles if you want it I’m just switching directions miss one more breath here and then you
can start to let that left me go you can either rock forwards or roll to the side
but we’re gonna come all the way up onto our hands and knees so just come
forwards bring your hands to the mat we’re gonna be bringing the right foot
forwards we’re gonna keep our hands on the mat but I want you to send your your
knee really far past that big toe so we’re thinking about this front leg the
calf and the ankle the back of that the back of that ankle so you can take your
bodyweight and just kind of rest it on that front knee the heels lifting off of
the mat a bit so with that heel lifting up to take it further into the stretch
you just try to push it down but if it does touch just send the knee further
further further forward so that it lifts up again because you’re just gonna take
that stretch that much further so resting the upper body on them on the
knee using your hands to support you to keep you balanced and then not to forget
about that left leg if the knee is staggered far enough back you might even
get into the hip flexor while we’re here but more importantly that front leg that
front ankle that calf foot staying for just a few more breath here just allow your breath all about the
breath it allow it to just calm your mind down a bit if your mind is
wandering to all those lovely thoughts that are on it let’s see what happens
when you bring it back to the breath and you just feel a stretch awesome you guys
slowly push yourself back take all of the weight out of that Braun foot front
ankle and we’re actually gonna move into pigeon next so you’re just gonna take
the front foot heel toe it over to the left side and then lay your Shin down so
you can have your heel as close to this left hip as feels good but the more open
the hips are the more of a challenge that you can get from your pigeon is if
you move the heel away but find what feels good for you any discomfort in the
knee have that heel nice and close to the hip but if you do this all the time
you can start to work on bringing the shin parallel to the top of the matter
somewhere somewhere in that direction so bring your hands to either side of that
front leg take an inhale lift the chest and as you exhale start to tip forwards
feeling this all through that right leg gluts and then just try to rest your
head on something your arms or a block get nice and comfy just sting as you are but just checking
in are you getting lost and all your thoughts and all your to do all the
things you gotta get done are you just feeling your breath feeling the stretch
really settling and really surrendering to the pose your no judgment to which
which way you’re going right now but just just notice and then stay for another breath here and slowly you can start to lift all the
way back push into the hands we’re gonna be coming back onto our hands and knees
if you want to come into Child’s Pose or even downward facing dog I’ll let you
get into those positions however you want to get into them but just move slow
get there the easiest way down dog Child’s Pose or
tabletop if you’re coming to tabletop you can rock those hips side to side
notice all the sensations running through that right leg that hip gluts
feels so good right so when you feel ready to go to the other side you can
bring your knees back to the mat if you’re in down dog but lift up if you’re
in Child’s Pose the left foots gonna be coming forward forwards forwards and
then the knee is gonna come even further forward so try and send it past that big
toe lift the heel up rest your upper body on your front knee let gravity kind
of pull that leg pull that knee towards the floor pull the heel towards the
floor everything to help lengthen through the back of that calf and then
if you want more well you might just find it as we stay here for a few
breaths but if you have to put in a bit of
effort to find the stretch just think about pushing the heel down towards the
mat staying for just a few more breath here nice and slow and you can start to you
just push yourself back so that you can release all that stretch that you were
getting for the back of that calf and that ankle and when you want to go into
your pigeon just move your foot over to the right side and lay your shin on down
it’s again move that that front foot close to the hip or away from the hip
whatever feels best hands are gonna come to either side of the front leg and then
inhale lift the chest sink into those hips and then if you want to fold fold
on down a few moments here you guys so if you can rest the head on something
take all that weight out of the neck all that weight out of the shoulders and
just try to relax breathing softness into that entire left
leg that last side of the body nice and slow let’s start to lift up a
little bit push into the hands you can come back into down-dog
Child’s Pose onto your hands onto your knees wherever you want to go where
we’re gonna be meeting on our stomach so we’re gonna be laying down so if you
want to go there right now you could also go there but I want you to just
take a moment notice all those lovely feelings that you’re feeling through
that left side that left leg so finding your stomach and your forearms when
you’re ready so we’re gonna make sure that the elbows are right under the
shoulders so tuck them in take your palms and push them into the mat so I
want you to grow a little taller here push into the forearms lift the chin
from the collar bone just a little bit and then feel this all through the back
sphynx pose if you want a little bit more you can zipper your legs together
you can kind of squeeze your legs together if you want a little bit less
you can bring the legs out wider but push into the forearms drop those
shoulders and let your hips let your belly button just be really heavy into
the mat I’ll seem you guys so we’re gonna either stay here you can take a
quick break you can lower your chest all the way down to the mat or if you want
to go further just bring your palms to the corners of the mat and we’re going
to lift the elbows and the forum’s ups for seal pose so same thing you want to
drop the shoulders away from the ears a little active through the upper body but
the lower body is just nice and heavy nice and relaxed unless you’re trying to
squeeze your legs together feeling this all through the back of the
body maybe even the abdominals stay for another inhale and exhale gently place
your chest back just bring the elbows out to the side
stack your palms and rest a cheek or chin if you really felt that one you can
gently Rock the hips from side to side so we’re just gonna slide over a little
bit to the right side of the mat so just find the edge of your mat and then bring
your left arm out to the side cactus arm so the hand is gonna come to the corner
of the top of the mat and then the elbow is coming down from palm and the
shoulder is in line with that elbow so a nice 90 degree angle so you’re gonna
look away from your arm so left ear cheek to the mat keep that hand up by
the corner top corner of your mat and then you’re just going to start to roll
over towards your arm just going far enough to feel something through the
chest or the shoulder through the arm and just try to rest your head let your
head be nice and heavy so nice and slow let’s start to turn
back over onto the stomach who dropped that right hip down do a little shoulder
roll with that left shoulder if you need it and then you can just shimmy shimmy
all the way over to the left side of your mat so we’re just moving over so
that you can stay on your mat as you roll so the hand is gonna come to the
top corner the right hand make that cactus arm or that 90 degree angle so
the elbows nice and bent right your cheek to the mat and then you’re just
rolling over staying for another breath mmm and
gently turning back over on to your stomach so you can stay laying down for
a little bit or if you want to push yourself up we’re gonna find a nice
comfy seated position so whatever that might be for you
just sit on down place your hands either on your knees or in your lap and we’re
just gonna get into the neck we’re gonna finish off with our neck today so let
the chin fall towards the collarbone let the head be nice and heavy if you
want a little bit extra you can take your hands and bring them just behind
the head and instead of pulling on your head just think about letting the arms
be really heavy a lot of dead weight in the arms and that’s just gonna let the
chin come closer to the collarbone loli you can start to let the hands come
back to the lap but let the chin stay relax your shoulders and just when you
think that your head might be stuck here we’re just gonna let it roll over
towards that right shoulder nice and slow nice and gentle and then if you
want a little bit extra that right hand can come rest on the top of the head and
instead of pulling on the head just let the arm be heavy letting the shoulder
fall away from the ear and then gently let the head come back
down to the lap but keep your head falling over to the side and then very
slow let the chin roll down towards the collarbone and all the way over to the
left side whew so being nice and gentle if we stay for a few moments in the neck
stretches you can really feel that so just move really slow if you want to
take the left hand this time just rest on the head go for it letting that arm
just be heavy slowly letting the hand come back down
if you’re using it let the head still fall over to the left
and very slow let the chin come back down to the collarbone and then lift the
chin all the way up alright we’re just gonna do a few circles draw a few
circles with the chin nice small circles awesome job you guys just shake it out
move a little bit more release that neck so ya bringing your hands together in
front of your heart whenever you’re ready have a really awesome day you guys
and until next time namaste


  1. So relaxing! Supta Baddha Konasana is one of my favourite poses!!

  2. Yes! a new video and your pretty feet are bare.

  3. I could really use a nice long stretch today. How are you feeling today!?

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