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welcome to beautiful peru we are here amidst incredible Inka ruins with a yin yoga class that will open up your hips and release any physical and emotional energy out of your body this practice is all about letting go and surrendering allow yourself to let go of any worries or stress and simply connect deeper with your inner self as you take each breath Dedicate this time to you and only you with that said grab your mat find a quiet space and let’s begin alright friends we’re gonna start today at the back of your mat with your knees together Let’s go ahead and take a reach with the arms up to the sky then as you exhale bring the arms forward with the palms open close your eyes here and bring all of your awareness to your breath welcoming beautiful positive energy through the palms of your hands allowing that energy to come into the body and taking this opportunity to set your intention Some let’s take an inhale again this time reaching both arms up and allowing the arms to come down into your child’s pose just taking a moment here to breathe connecting with your breath feeling that gentle stretch through the shoulders wonderful let’s take another deep breath knee On your exhale come on up to your all fours inhale again no drop the belly look up to the sky exhale round the spine tuck the chin in beautiful again inhale arch look up and exhale round out the spine a nice gentle warm-up for the spine inhale arch exhale let it go and again inhale arch and exhale this time tuck your toes underneath and then start to press your way back into your downward facing dog So i’m gonna walk it out on the spot here let go of any tension any soreness and your feet and your legs Just, add some movement here to your body wonderful and then stopping back into that downward-facing dog pressing both heels down deep breath in exhale slowly from here rounding through into your plank position And then a very slow chaturanga as you drop your belly to the floor and drop your legs To the floor let’s come on up into a baby cobra so keep the hands grounded elbows close to you just, lift the upper body as high as you can And if you like go ahead into a full upward dog here if you’re comfortable otherwise stay in your baby cobra beautiful slowly from here release and come back into your downward facing dog deep breath in as you exhale look up to the mat step or hop forward and then slowly from here coming into our rag doll what you’re gonna do here is grab both elbows with the opposite hand and start, to move your body side to side in a forward fold position and then when you’re ready you can just release the hands to the mat stay in your forward fold and if you like to go a little deeper see if you can grab your both toes with your peace fingers and just staying here with your exhalation allowing your body to release very gently closer towards your legs remembering to be patient with yourself today wonderful slowly let’s round up into her standing position Inhale reaching both arms up to the sky exhale forward fold again inhale halfway lengthen lengthen through the spine exhale stepping one leg back into our high lunge reaching both arms up to the sky find your center here interlacing your fingers index fingers pointing up to the sky and once you’re ready drop that back knee release into your low lunge think about pushing those hips forward so you’re getting that deep stretch through the hip flexor And now releasing your arms take your opposite hand to the mat the other arm is gonna reach up to the sky into a very gentle twist here Slowly start to heel toe your front foot, to the very side of your mat allowing that needs a fall away from your body as you come down to your elbows into our first you and posture the lizard pose you want to think about rolling that front foot To the lateral side so the pinky toe area of your foot this will help you let that knee open even wider away from you Just, stay here and breathe focusing on the inhalation through your nose and a long exhalation through your mouth just, let it go be loving and patient with yourself here give yourself time to release deeper and deeper into this posture don’t rush it don’t push it just, breathe through it with each yen posture we take today what i think about coming into a meditative state in our mind allowing yourself to be aware of the thoughts that may come into your mind And simply allowing them to continue onward not paying attention to what they are giving yourself this opportunity to be present with this very moment just, keep breathing we’re almost done here Notice how your body’s starting to let go so as the body let’s go push a little more not forcing letting go deep breath in exhale oh Make sure that the front foot stays on the mat allow that knee to fall away with each exhale feel that release through the left hip you’re doing wonderfully just ski breathing keep your eyes closed if you need to feel the sensation through your body as the muscles begin to let go feel that tension releasing out of your body out of your mind Very nice we’re gonna slowly now come on up? take your time here come up to your hands and then tuck your back toes and lift your back knee Heel toe your foot, so it’s closer to the center of the mat and then reaching up with that same arm towards our twist at high lunge keep reaching with those fingers and then release down towards the mat stepping back into our plank position chaturanga dandasana inhale opening into your upward facing dog breathing deeply and exhale release into your downward facing dog let that sternum fall towards the mat bend your knees go ahead step or hop towards the front of your mat again coming into your forward fold just, simply breathe folding from the hips slowly come on up now and then reaching both arms up to the sky exhale forward fold back down inhale halfway lengthen exhale bend your knees the other leg now steps all the way back High, lunge reaching both arms up to the sky when you’re ready finding that center here making sure the front knees on top of your ankle interlace the fingers index fingers up and hold extending through the elbows here really lengthen up the upper body wonderful that once you ready drop the back knee come into your low lunge pushing the hips forward so you’re getting that stretch through that hip flexor Releasing the opposite hand to the mat same arm reaches up to the sky into your low lunge with a twist Beautiful now release the other hand he’ll tone out that front foot, to the outer side of your mat So right, to the edge Allow the foot, to roll to the lateral side Allow the knees to fall away from your body and if you’re comfortable come down with your elbows to the mat Now if reaching your elbows to the mat is too advanced for you you can always place a prop like a block or a book or you can simply keep your hands on the floor listen to your body and take each posture to your own level here this is your practice breathe and let go with each exhalation allow that knee to gently fall away from you as you continue to push the hips forward so you’re feeling that release through the opposite hip flexor we hold a lot of emotional stress in our hips So when we get into these deep releasing yin postures it’s normal to feel emotional release as well as a physical release don’t hold anything back allow yourself to let go of all that no longer serves you physically and emotionally be one with your breath feel the coolness of the air coming through your nostrils and the warm leaving your nostrils be conscious of the breath welcoming oxygen into your muscles into your joints give yourself permission to go further and further reading through any uncomfort you may experience here listening to your body being patient with yourself You are exactly where you need to be in your practice today just, breathe through it and feel the incredible benefits of the cn posture you’re almost done just a couple more breaths here try to breathe, through anything that may arise whether that is emotional or physical and comfort just, focus your awareness on the inhalation and the exhalation tell your body that it’s okay we’re almost done let’s take our final deep breath in through the nose On your exhalation come on up to your hands very nice go ahead and ground that front heel and heel toe the front foot to the center of your mat tuck your back toes and lift your back knee off the floor let’s come up into our twist at high lunge here just breathing deeply twisting from the bellybutton inhale exhale release the hand and step back into plank position chaturanga dandasana inhale upward-facing dog and exhale downward-facing dog beautiful Now slowly from here let’s look up to the top of the mat Bending the knees and taking a big hop or a couple steps to the very front of your mat inhale let’s come up halfway exhale releasing into that standing forward fold See if you can go a little bit deeper now Grab those toes or the ankles whatever is comfortable and allow that chest to release the top of the thighs folding from the hips great job let’s take another inhale through the nose a long exhalation out great job slowly let’s release the hands inhale halfway and then An exhale from here we’re gonna make our way over to our mats now so come to a seated position at the center of your mat reaching both arms up to the sky you’re gonna bend one knee and place the foot the inside of your other leg inhale and then exhale coming forward into our single legged forward fold folding from the hips you want to think about allowing that bent knee to fall away from your body as you, allow the chest to release over top of the thigh a wonderful release for the hamstring here try to keep your front foot flexed so you’re feeling that stretch not only in the hamstring but all the way through the calf muscle as well this is a wonderful posture for anyone that likes to run or spends a lot of time on their feet just, breathe deeply and like uh sending wonderful energy into any tension along that a hamstring you may feel once you notice that tension that resistance simply breathe into it welcomed even more oxygen into that area of your body and as you exhale you will notice how slowly your body will let go just, breathe through it be patient relax try your best to keep those toes pointed towards here feel the lengthening sensation through the entire like breathing and exhale oh notice of any thoughts arise in your mind Once you become aware of them simply make a decision to let them go this is your moment right now No one else’s be present breathe and let go enjoy this beautiful moment we’re almost done here just keep breathing As you start to feel the muscle letting go seething and bring the chest a little closer towards the leg inhale exhale slowly let’s reach both arms up to the sky lift your body bring that knee towards your chest and then cross the foot over the leg we’re gonna take our seated spinal twist so you can just stay here looking over the opposite shoulder or if you’re more advanced and you combined go ahead and bind here by bringing the front arm through the leg and Then reaching the other arm behind the back this is too confusing today don’t worry about it and just staying the first version of the seated spinal twist wonderful but slowly now release Come back to center inhale reaching both arms up exhale Bending the other knee now placing the foot, to the inner thigh inhale reach up exhale folding from the hips into your seated one-legged forward fold flexing the front foot bringing the toes as close towards your body as possible so you’re feeling that stretch through the hamstring through the calf muscle Letting go of any tension or any resistance in that entire leg breathing deeply here focusing on the inhalation and the exhalation coming into that meditative state in your mind clearing all thoughts all worries i Need to do less take this time for yourself breathe let go and don’t worry about anything except releasing deeper and deeper into this posture we’re almost done here welcome oxygen into that hamstring into the calf muscle through your breath inhale and exhale let go inhale and exhale wonderful let’s take our final inhalation out through the nose i’m going to take a very long exhalation through your mouth Make a decision right now to let go of all that no longer serves you any energy any thoughts anything at all that brings you down let it go let’s do that one more time deep breath in and let it go Come on uh? reaching both arms up to the sky release the arms down bring that bent knee over and then cross the foot over the straight leg Reach the arms again now the opposite arm to the bent knee comes forward so the elbow and the knee connect then you’re looking over that shoulder if you’re more advanced go ahead and take your bind bringing that hand through the leg and then reaching with the opposite hand behind your back whichever version you take really think of it along getting through the spine here Wonderful slowly release the bind if you’re in the bind andalus come forward? great job you guys we’re gonna take one more yen posture today this is a wonderful stretch for the hips opening into our dragon pose so open the legs as wide as possible Knees pointed up to the sky feet flexed inhale and then exhale simply walk your hands forward Now you’re gonna take this To your own level some of you might be able to come all the way down with your head in the chest others might want to come down to their elbows or you can also place a prop here like a pillow and rest yourself on top of that pillow or bolster wherever you are just allow yourself to let go and feel that release through both hips Trying to keep both of your feet flexed the toes pointed up to the sky your knees pointed up to the sky give yourself permission to let go of that tension that you store in your hips physical emotional Whatever it is with this posture make that decision to let it go breathe deeply exhale slowly welcoming oxygen into the hips now with your exhalation visualizing all that you wish to release see that energy leaving your body leaving your space your energy field Let it go and release deeper and deeper you’re doing wonderful you’re almost done here just, keep breathing noticing how your body let’s go how that tension starts to melt away out of your hips wonderful let’s take a deep breath in through the nose exhale let it go and again deep breath in through the nose fill those lungs with oxygen exhale release very nice slowly walk yourself up releasing out of the posture inhale reach the arms up exhale bend the elbows and come into your seated easy pose Just, resting the hands on the knees palms open up to the sky i’d like you to close your eyes here Begin, to breathe deeply through the nose and exhale out Having our palms open we’re going to encourage that positive energy to enter our body enter our energetic field filling us with love positivity and peace just, breathe deeply allow yourself to become centered, to become balanced feeling that powerful energetic energy running, through your spine from the very base To the very crown of your head? allow yourself To be completely at peace with where you are and how you came to be here today keeping your eyes closed let’s reach both arms up to the sky palms together and exhale to your heart and One more time deep breath in reaching both arms up to the sky bringing the positive energy between your hands and then take that energy down to your heart take this opportunity right now to thank yourself for your incredible practice today for dedicating this time to you i send you love and light and i’m grateful that you joined us today here in beautiful cusco peru i hope you have a wonderful rest of your day namaste for full length in yoga and other classes check out boho beautiful complete this program will give you everything you need in terms of toning your body gaining flexibility and learning how to let go


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