Yin Yoga For Flexibility ♥ A Sore Hip & Hamstring Love Song

welcome to beautiful turks and caicos we are here today with a slow and gentle yin yoga practice todays class is going to be all about releasing your hips a part fo our body that not only holds physical tension but also emotional stress so as we go deeper into that area of your body i want you to stay patient be present and welcome every kind of release that may come your way if you are looking to deeper your yin yoga check out our essential yin yoga journey a program that will not only allow you to deeper your practice but also help you release any negativity and tension out of your life with that said grab you mat find a quiet space and lets begin


  1. This is definitly a new fav! ❤

  2. Thank you for this amazing relaxing video!)

  3. thank you so much for everything you do. you truly help me to find my inner peace.

  4. The filming is amazing!

  5. I had a sore hip for almost 2 m had not been able to run which is my fav thing to do. Did yesterday and today you have cured it. Thank you J, Love and light

  6. Perfect post-workout release…love the body scan in shavasana. Thank you

  7. i just discover yin yoga, it feels amaaazing i think that it will be part of my morning routine now! thanks a lot 🙂

  8. You are my 'go to' for yin yoga. These short classes really help me to relax and feel great. i loved this new one for sore hips. I am currently doing BBG Fierce and for the life of me, i can not get both elbows down in lizard pose, can you tell me what I can do as a 'lighter' version, using props or no props. thanks!

  9. This was lovely, thank you! ❤️

  10. could you please do a variation of the butterfly for beginners who are very stiff? Great video!

  11. thank you so much

  12. very nice video…..excited to do this… Mam do this yoga also helps in losing weight??

  13. That was wonderful.

  14. I love your yin classes 🙂

  15. Awesome class, thank you so much!

  16. yass more yin yoga <3

  17. Can anyone please tell me where is this place, can't recognize it when i heard the name.

  18. Fantastic im addicted to your classes. Much Love to you guys =)

  19. Thank you so much! I just feel like a new me after this class💕

  20. What a great class! Thank you <3

  21. Oh my God, this is so good! Thanks so much for this class, I keep doing it, makes me feel so better.

  22. Wow ! Wonderful ! Thank you so much. Love from France

  23. That was awesome. I have a minor tear in my hip labrum – this really helps. Thank you

  24. Lovely just finished ❤️

  25. I am so happy with the quality of your class.

  26. Thanks for another great video 🙂


  28. I am not sure if I am doing lizard pose correctly. What is important to focus on? Would love some mote details if you include it in a future video 🙂

  29. Exactly what I needed today, thank you! Your thoughts are so positive, I love them.

  30. almost weeped a little when you say “now it’s your moment… let go of what no longer serves you…” in an understanding, gentle way. thank you.

  31. 可愛い!憧れの女性♡

  32. Send You love and sow many thanks You for your hours and hours of great job to our bodys!!

  33. I hope this helps, after teaching 9 classes in the last 36 hours, I can’t walk without hobbling.

  34. Another great morning of letting go! MERCI!

  35. ya

  36. It’s kinda sad how some people just do yoga for the appearance, while others do it to enjoy the moment.

  37. thank you so much for your videos 🙏🏼❤️ i love you ❤️

  38. Ti seguo dall'italia! E pratico questa routine ogni sera! Ti adoro! La tua voce é la mia guida per la meditazione!

  39. I thought this was for beginners😭😭😭..

  40. Loved this! Keep up the good work! I also purchased your Boho Beautiful in 10 days and I am loving it <3

  41. Merci 🙏🏻 pour cette séance qui améliore vraiment la souplesse des hanches!!! Je l’adore 🧘‍♀️. Traduction for you, thank you for that fantastik class for hips!!! It helps so much my flexibility, i love it. Thank you from Quebec 🙋

  42. This is wonderful. I've never realized just how much tension I held in my hips. I've also never felt tension melt away so quickly and my flexibility immediately improve before. Thank you for these longer poses.

  43. This was masic. After doing this workout, I felt my pelvis and legs are in right position. This is first time in my life. I stood up with perfect straight legs. Thank you very much!

  44. Euphoric.

  45. Thank you!!!!!! 🥰😘

  46. Favorite yin yoga

  47. confession, I am a sucker for both beauty, nature and human so I clicked, but I keep coming back for a different reasons now, I mean I love everything about your videos, its simple, its to the point, its beautiful and well made. I am sold! Blessings

  48. Yin yoga for those who stay on their feet all day plssssss 😢 hugs from Florence

  49. What a beautiful physical guided meditation. I completely lost track of life just now lol! I love your vids sis!!! Namaste <3

  50. Estou fazendo yoga com você 😘😘

  51. Thank you soooo much~ appreciated it~~~~~~fantastic voice, words and team :)))

  52. I don't much care for her feet. She doesn't take care of them. It's a sign of female laziness.

  53. Just finished the class and I feel amazing!! Thank you!

  54. Love it

  55. This is truly amazing 🌷

  56. My hips feel loose and I feel beautiful.Love your gentle voice and the lovely scenery. Thank you. 🙂

  57. Who is on their journey to their splits? I would Love to get in conatct and motivate us to make it via Instagram @franzi.nuss

  58. Great and inspirational!!😊

  59. Thank u

  60. Yes finished day 1 of the 14 day flexibility challenge..,my right leg had some kinda tickle ystday after the splits video hopefully today's deep hip stretches solved it I def need those bc I'm sitting ,majority of the day so…

  61. Thank you for this yin practice, along with others. It really does good to me & my body!

  62. Love yin yoga! Just not enough time for relaxation, slowing down, and connecting with yourselves in this fast paced world. Yin yoga makes that time and space. Thank you! So needed.

  63. Amazing !

  64. Wonderful video! Your videos are so peaceful! I love it! Thank you for making this!

  65. This was nice. I don't think my head has ever been that close to my toes😊
    This really helps.👍

  66. With this practise i could release all my jealousy and negative thoughts i had about you. I truly love you, beautiful being and you're inspiring me. Thank you so much

  67. I have lower back problems and my back has been acting up again the last few days. I feel this through the locking up of my entire back and my hamstrings get absurdly tight. This morning I couldnt touch my knees without being in pain, after this i was able to put my hands flat on the ground. Thank you thank you this one is a 10/10.

  68. One of my favourite classes <3 Thank you for sharing what you have with us, its such a treasure Im so grateful for.

  69. Юля Вы великолепны!

  70. Really grateful for this yoga tutorial that you've put out into the universe. I've really loved it. Thank you 🙂

  71. Wow! When i finished i cried and came here to say love you so much… and i saw that im not the only one who feels like cry… you have an incredible energy that reaches me miles away. Feel your love and i know you feel every person that is gonna watch you… otherwise its not possible to feel the same thing. Feel your soul and you are the only yoga teacher can touch my heart that strong… love you so much

  72. needed this THANK YOU!!! amazing hip release 🙂

  73. Absolutely love this yin yoga class. Time seems to slow right down as you do it and feel amazingly chilled afterwards. Thank you ☺️

  74. Thank you…

  75. This is what i needed .my hips so tight😭😭

  76. Nice. Thank you.

  77. Really beautiful

  78. I love all your vedios ♥️

  79. Thank you for such a beautiful flow of movement. I needed this today ❤️

  80. Wonderful. I'm always so relaxed and even sleepy after that class. And on the "you are not your mind, you are the entire universe" part I'm about to cry happily 😅 thank you so much!

  81. 👃Namaste! 🌻🌸🌼Love and light💌

  82. 👍👏👏❤

  83. Gracias!!!!! 🌳🌱🌲🌸🍃🌈🌄💓💖💚💜💕

  84. Ребята вы классные.Все изучаю англ.язык.Круто.дух захватывает.Занимаюсь с вами.Спасибо.Дякую.Намасте

  85. Love your yin yoga videos! Hope you can make more yin yoga videos in the future 🙂 Thanks so much!!

  86. Always enjoy your yoga classes <3 I have some heavy emotions stored in the hip area and the psoas muscle in my right feels like a hard rock, I cried at the last pose, now it feels a little bit lighter again, thank you so much for all the yin yoga videos

  87. I've been practicing yoga with your videos for a quite a while and my daughter keeps asking me what is your name?

  88. I watch so many yoga videos and you are by far my absolute favorite! ❤️ Thank you I love doing this one every morning or night.

  89. Thsi Video🚺💪🏼💪🏼👍🏽👍🏽🏖️🤸💯✨🔝🎵💞🤗😍😘🙃

  90. Thsi Video Sexy piękna🚺🏖️🏝️🤸👍🏽👍🏽💯✨🔝🎵💞🙃😘😍🤗

  91. Thank you Juliana and Mark for all your beautiful videos <3

  92. I have tight hips, hard to do lizard etc.. but this whole practice was just a beauty. I felt warmth streaming in my hips, and I was really relaxed after.. thank you

  93. I just want to tell you THANK YOU so much for these yoga videos… I had a severe piriformis issue for nearly a year, went to the doctor several times, tried meds, went to PT… NOTHING had completely resolved my pain and I was afraid that I might struggle for the rest of my life until I started yoga with you! I have gained so many benefits from practice, especially with learning how much emotion and stress we can hold in our hips. I have recommended many of my own clients to your videos for their own practice. I owe my pain-free life to you! ❤️❤️❤️

  94. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…Namaste`

  95. lots of love to you and thank you so much for putting this online <3

  96. Amazing practice! Thank you so much. My hips needed it.

  97. Yoga is just eastern mysticism for their unknowing participants …

  98. How can I go practicing without saying that U r truly a beautiful yoga practitioner….. thank you boho…
    Stay blessed

  99. Amazing. I can't get tired of this practice.

  100. I live in exotic Banos Ecuador …2 hours from the Amazon Jungle
    The property has 360 Mountain View, with direct view of Tungurahua Volcano.
    I would love to host a boho class
    Also if anyone else is interested you can view the property on Airbnb
    Just send me your email and I’ll send the link
    Thank you for getting my spine In great heap

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