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Hey Guys! We’re On a beautiful Island called [Monte] [monte] [Island] Just off the coast of Borneo in Malaysia [and] Today I got a Yin Yoga for you that’s Really going to Help you release Any negative Energy out of your Body We tend to Store A lot of our Negativity in our lower Body Especially in The glutes and Even Sometimes the hamstrings so for this Yin Yoga class We’re Going to Really Focus on releasing Tension out of Those Parts of your Body? As you hold each Posture [I] want you to really dig Deep Within Yourself Think About Specific Situations People Or even Circumstances That Cause Negativity in your life and I want you to exhale all that Energy out as you hold each Posture and Then Inhale Beautiful positive Peaceful Energy to fill your body With Good Vibrations So if You Guys Are Ready grab a mat find a quiet Space and let’s do it [Alright] Guys, We’re Going to Begin Today on your Mad seated [let’s] open the Hands Taking A, Deep Breath in Just Allowing all the Wonderful Energy to Flow Into your Hands Flowing Through your Body as you Take A Deep Breath in and Then exhale out [and] [Again] Just Another Deep Breath Exhale Bringing Yourself, Into This present Moment Inhale Let’s Reach the Arms up to the sky and then exhale Slowly Reaching Them Forward Into your Child’s Pose Or Head Reaching, over to the mat Try to Keep your hips Close to the Heels Just doing a gentle Stretch Through the upper back to the Shoulders and Then Coming [Forward] Into your Upward Facing, dog so just Take a gentle, one don’t push [it] too much Bending the Knees and Then Coming Back Into the Child’s Doing that One More Time Let’s come Forward drop the hips Look up to the sky look, the eyes off the mat And then exhale bend the Knees I’m Pushing [Back] Into that Child’s bow Inhale Exhale Let’s Come Back to that all Fours Inhale Arching the back Now Let’s Talk the toes When you exhale start to Lift Into the downward Facing dog Posture Now Take your Time here [when] you, really warm up those hamstrings Walk out your, Downward Dog if That Feels good or just stay There With your knees [Bent] Really Feel That Stretch Through the Hamstring give it a little Massage if That Feels good, way to really warm up those legs I’m going to do it again to the other Side of the Massage Felt good on your leg if not [Just] Hold your downward dog Good And then Just allowed A, he’ll sink as low as possible Really Opening Through the [chest] to the upper Back Sternum Falling to the mat Really Feeling The Opening in The Shoulder blade Let’s come Forward Into your Plank Chaturanga Dandasana Awkward Facing dog Hold Open The Heart and Then exhale Pushing Back Into the downward Facing dog Hold up There and Just Breathe Inhale Let’s Reach the right Leg up to the sky Holding That Position First Really Feeling the Stretch Through [the] Left Hamstring Now Bending the right Knee and Taking A big step Forward between the two hands high Lunge Find your Center find your Balance and Then Slowly Drop the Left Knee to the mat Reaching Both [Arms] up to the sky Into your low Lunge Making Sure The front Needs now Past your ankle Just Allowing The hips to fall Forward Now Taking The Right arm Behind your Back Reach the Left Fingertips a, little bit Further to the right Side and getting A Little Closer Into That Psoas Muscle and then Slowly Release the chest Down as Both Hands Come at each side of your foot Pushing All the Way back to that Left Knee Flex The right Foot hips are Square [and] when you’re Ready Let’s Slowly Get Into our first Hand Posture This is your Half Split Posture? Now Remember if Keeping your Hands on the mat Is a little too [difficult] you can Always Use Props Here like Blocks Or Pillows Or even Books Just hold There Holding each Posture Today for Two minutes The during This Two Minutes [I] want you to really Focus on your Breathing? Inhaling Into your Nose and Gently Exhaling Through your Mouth Letting go, of all that Tension all that Stress or, worry you’ll it Physically Leaving your Body Because your Muscles Let go Deeper Into This Posture Another Deep Breath in And exhale out Remember to Always Think About Pulling that right hip, [ass] and Pushing the Left hip Forward That’s Going to Really Help you Keep Those hips [Square] [so] you get the Maximum Benefit of This Posture And Just stay With your Breath Let go of Any other thoughts With each exhale Become Fully present of Where you are right [now]? Inhale and Exhale Inhale and exhale You’re Almost done [Just] Breathe Through it One More Deep Breath in and then Exhale very Slowly Let’s Lift the Head Just Take a second Bending The Front Knee Coming Back Into That low Lunge Position And then Slowly from here, we’re Going to come all the way back now So what I want you to do? Is Make sure Both sit Bones on the ground your right Leg Is straight your Left Knees but Coming Down are Staying on the Elbows Feeling That Stretch in The Quadricep and if You Feel like you, want to Feel a Deeper Stretch or you can go even Further See if You Can bring the entire back on the mat and then bring the Elbows over your head Reaching for The Opposite Elbow With each Hand Now Be very Careful that you don’t Feel Any Pain in your Knee Any Sharp or Shooting Pain as A sign from your body that this is too much so if You do Feel any Discomfort Please Come Up a little Higher or Completely Avoid This Posture and Reverse it on your Stomach [I] just simply Pulling the Heel to your glute Once You get your Desired Pose again bring your Awareness to your Breath Breathing Is the Best tool to Help you stay present to this Practice As soon as your mind Starts to Wonder and Starts to go to Different Places Bring it back to that Inhale and Exhale Reminding Yourself That This present [moment] is all you have The past is Gone and the future has not arrived yet all you have Is this [moment] right now So please Enjoy it Breathe Through it Pay [Attention] to Any Motions Or Feelings that May Arise Through this Posture And if They do don’t hold back Let it go Make a choice to release all that negative Energy that no longer serves you Make a Choice To bring positive Happy Peaceful Energy Into your life Into your Body and Into your mind Take A Deep Breath in Exhale Allow Yourself To sink a, little Further Into the Floor Let it go Wonderful Good Job You guys Slowly let’s come on Up to the Elbows and Then Slowly Come up to your Hands Take your Time [and] then [From] Here Bending That [Front] Knee Transition Yourself Back Into The Lunge Position I’ll Just hold it There Breathe Give Yourself a moment to release the Quadricep and then Step Back Into your Plank Let’s Just Take A gentle Flow Chaturanga Dandasana Upward Facing dog and downward Facing dog This Downward Facing dog Should Feel Amazing you can Let go of Any Tension here Any Soreness From the last Posture Whenever You’re Ready Let’s Take it to the other Side so Deep Breath in Reach the Left leg up Bending the Left Knee and Then Taking A Big Step between the Two Hands The very Top of your mat high Lunge Again Just Give Yourself a moment here find your Center find your Balance and Then Slowly [drop] The Bottom Knee and Reach Both Arms up to the sky Into your low Lunge Pulling The Belly Button to your, Spine so you, engaging the core to Help you find your Balance and Then Take That Left arm Behind your back and Gently Reach the right Fingertips to the Left Corner of your Mouth and then Slowly drop the chest Both Hands on the mat Pushing Back To that Right Knee Squaring off The Hips Flexing The front Foot and Releasing Into Our un Posture here have Split Hold Now the Flexing of the Foot helps you get a, Deeper Stretch Into the Calf Muscle so as you start to advance Through this Posture Try to Add a little more Flexion each Time Be present Just Breathe Through it it’s all in your mind if You allow Yourself to Let go, Into This Posture to surrender to [this] Moment your body will Follow your mind is Stronger Than your Body and your mind Can Control the body in Ways you can’t even Imagine So brie surrender Let go Feel The Tension Melting out of your Left leg Feel Any negative Energy that May Be stored Within that Area of your body Dissolving, Into thin air Inhale Into your Nose Exhale Visualizing That Energy Leaving your Body Leaving your mat Let it go Again Take A Deep Breath in Feeling that Coolness of The Air Coming Into your Nostrils Bringing you positive Peaceful beautiful Energy Into Every Cell of your Body And then exhale let it go Beautiful You Guys Slowly Let’s come out Bring your Hips Forward Now Just drop that Knee and Just Walk it Slightly to [the] right side of [your] mat and as you push Back you’re Coming Down With Both sit Bones Onto the mat and then from here Just Wiggle Into Position that’s Comfortable and then Come on down to your Elbows Staying Here Or if You’re Up for it you Can, come all the way Down Now again Listen To your body Please do not push Through any Sharp or electric Pain [in] your Knee If This Posture Is too Uncomfortable Reverse it go on your Belly and Just Simply Pull the right Heel to your right glute and Stay There You want to find a position where you Can, Actually hold the Posture you, don’t want to be in Excruciating pain ever You May Feel Discomfort But that’s okay? Just Breathe [Through] it Focus on the Inhale and the Exhale Focus on Letting go of Any Tension that you May be Feeling in your leg Causing You Discomfort Irritation Or even Frustration Or in your Awareness to any Tight Areas in your Quadricep and Then Breathe Into it Visualizing The Tension Melting Away, letting go as You Slowly sink Deeper and Deeper Into the Posture As you Breathe Pay [Attention] to your body Notice How it Actually Lets go Little By little Let’s go Inhale and Long exhale Left very Nice You Guys Let’s Slowly Begin to come out Extend your Arms Come on up to your Elbows and then Slowly Come up to your Hands Bending That Extended Knee and Then bring your weight Forward so what, We want to do Is come Back Into that Lunge Simply Extend the Back Knee Just Feel That Stretch and then from here Come on Back Into your Plank Chaturanga Dandasana Inhale Into [your] Upward Facing dog and Exhale Downward Facing dog Beautiful Job Osia Little Deeper here Let Those, Heels sink a, little Further When you’re Ready right Leg Comes up again Bending that Right Knee This Time Let’s Try to stack the hips the right hip, over Left hip Try to Get That Heel to come as close to your bum as possible Keeping the Flexion of the Top foot and then from Here We’re Going to bring our Self Into Pigeon so your right knee to your right Thumb Hips Are Square Make Sure the back Foot, Is right in The Center of your mat and Just Come on over to your Elbows Now don’t worry if you can get the Shin Parallel to the top of the mat it is quite A Challenging Posture so to Begin Keep your Heel closer Towards the Center of your body and Over Time as the glute [Lets] go you’ll be able to move the Heel and The foot a little bit Further Upward But again like I always Say Please be patient [Just] [Breathe] Here The glute Muscle Is One of Those muscles Where, we hold the most negative energy? You Ever Noticed You, had a stressful Day and Then You start to Feel Attention Physically in your Body and then, over Time you start to feel, lower back Pain, or leg Pain A Lot of The Time it is caused from tight glutes So as, we hold this Pigeon? We’re Targeting that glute Area Placing your Body Where A lot of the negative Energy can be Stored so as you hold this What is it [that] Bothers you right Now what Is it that brings [in] negative Energy in Your life? Give Me Anything I Want you to become aware of the Situation or the Person or the Circumstance that [has] Caused Stress in Your life? As soon as you become a wire [bat] I want you to take a Deep Breath in And when you’re Ready to exhale I? want you to surrender your Body Into the mat and Let that go the Person the Situation the Circumstance Whatever it is I want you to let [it] go With your exhale Inhale Exhale Beautiful Inhale it Slowly Come out Lifting your body Up and Then what you’re going to do is Slightly Turn and swing that back leg Around Crossing it over Top of the right Leg Now and then See how far you Can Stack the Knees Once the Knees Are Stacked Both Hands Coming Underneath The Right Knee to Prevent Hyperextension of the Knee Then all you’re going to do is slowly release Forward To, Add a, [Deeper] Stretch Into the Calf Muscle Feel free to Flex The front Foot Otherwise Just Focus on getting that Forehead right Down to the Knee Holding From the [hip] And Feeling That Deep Release in The Hamstring again This is One of my [Favorite] Hamstring Stretches As you May Feel it not only in the Hamstring but all the way Down to the Heel and All the way up to the sacrum and the lower Back Now Just for you here let go Allow Yourself to Surrender to the math to this present moment to where you are right [now] Because you are Exactly Where you need to be Enhance and Exhale Simply Staying Focused on The Breath Nothing Else If Thoughts Come Into your mind become, aware of them I’m going to let them go Learning to be the Watch of your thoughts Being aware of Them but not letting Them up back to you or your State of mind in Hand and exhale Let’s Slowly come out and Then Simply Swinging the Back Leg [Around] Just Make your, way, over to a plank Position Shoulders over your wrists and then Whenever you’re Ready come back, Into the downward Facing dog Let’s go right to the other Side Bending the Knee Like Seeing The Foot and Just Stacking the hips, over Top of each other [so] Left hip, over right hip And then from here bringing the knee to your left Thumb Your Left Heel is on the right Side of the mat [and] Come on down to your Pigeon You Can [Stay] [on] your Elbows or you Can, come all the way Down with your entire Body Here Trying your Best to Keep the hips Square your back Leg Should be Right in The Center [of] your mat Bree Don’t worry if You can’t touch the Floor with the left hip You are Exactly Where you need to, [be] don’t push it Just Accept A and Surrender and slowly You will Feel your body Let go Deeper and Deeper and Over Time you will gain Flexibility in your glutes You will Release that negative Energy that’s build Up in your glutes as well Again Just being, aware of Any Motions Or Feelings that May Arise It’s okay, to let the Emotions go during These Postures Accept it don’t hold it Back Just Breathe Into your Nose exhale out Visualizing All that negative Energy Releasing out of your glute out of your leg and as you Inhale Feel the coolness of the Air Coming Into your Body Feeling Every Cell of your Body With Positive and Vibrant Energy Keep Rapping And exhale very Nice Slowly let’s Come up Shift your weight you’re going to swing that back Leg Around Bending the Knee and From here Let’s Stack the Knees Hands Coming out Underneath the Left Knee and then Slowly Folding Forward Now again if You like a Deeper Stretch in The Calf Muscle Flex The front Foot Heel That Stretch Coming all the way Through the Heel the Calf the Hamstring and all the way up Into the Lumbar Spine Breathe Here and Let go Make A Decision To let go of all [that] no longer serves you Only you know what that is only [you] Can, Make that Choice for Yourself? Breathe in and exhale Left Feeling your Body Going a little bit Deeper Into the Posture and If You start to Feel the Posture become a little Easier Push a little Further Always Challenging your Body Always Pushing, Into The next Level, you’re Always Improving Becoming A better Version of you Inhale Exhale One More Time Just bring all [of] the Awareness to the Inhale Bringing Oxygen Into your Lungs Into your Body and then exhale Slowly Lift your Body Come on Up Extending the Leg and Just swing [it] all the Way Around Coming Back Into That Plank Position Hold Let’s Take A flow here Chaturanga Dandasana Upward Facing dog and Exhale Downward Facing dog Hold for a moment and Slowly drop Down [Tangy] Unless Just come Back, Into the Child’s Pose One More Time Keep Reaching the Arms Forward Sinking the hips low to the Heel Notice if This Feels much Easier for you than the Beginning of the Practice Good Just One More Deep Breath [in] Exhale Let Yourself go Feel [on] [that] Underneath you Feel your heart Beating in your chest Feel The Energy [of] Life Within you Inhale and your Nose exhale Gently Through your Mouth Feeling Completely Cleansed and Relaxed you [Have] Let negative Energy out [of] your body you have done an incredible Job Today so as You Breathe here bring beautiful positive Thoughts Into your mind Things that You might be Grateful for things that Make you happy and smile Every single day Bringing Those Thoughts Into your mind will Attract Energy positive Energy Into your Body and Thus Attracting More Things to be Grateful for to be happy about Ingratitude to Yourself for Taking This Time [for] doing Something good for your mind for your Body for your health Think Yourself for Having the patience With your Body And for Having the dedication to live a Healthier and [Happier] life Let’s Take One More Deep Breath in and then exhale very Slowly Come on up to your seated Position Finishing Off [With] Another Deep Breath Palms Together and bring Them over to your Heart You go, one more Time Inhale and then exhale Slowly Bringing your Hands Down Thanking Yourself Or your beautiful Practice Namaste [Thank] [You] so much for Joining me Today on our Union Yoga Practice if you Enjoyed this Video Feel free to give it a thumbs up Or Comment Below Lots of Love to you guys and I can’t wait to see you soon And don’t forget to subscribe to our Channel for more Videos and Follow Us on social Media like Facebook and Instagram Lots of Love See you soon


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