X200 – The exercise system of choice for Christine and Bob

Nerve wrecking! Woohoo…Wow! Look! I’m Christine Bradley, I am a New Zealander. Although I spent 39 years in Canada. We’ve recently returned back to New Zealand. Hi, I’m Bob and I’ve worked most of my life in Australia. When I retired, I went to Canada for a couple of years, and with Christine, came back here. So we had a spa here when we moved but it was pretty old, so we decided to get rid of it. Bob loves swimming for exercise. We both love exercising, and so we thought it’d be a great thing to have. When everyone discovered of how heavy it was, and how far it had to be swung, We’d had to swing it 35-40 metres, over the top of the house. We needed about an 80 tonne crane and there’s no way, as you’ve seen the driveway, there’s no way that they could get the crane up. So, really, the only solution is to have it helicoptered. Either that or a whole bunch of very strong people to carry it up. It sits inside and outside, and we can use it in the rain. We can use it in the winter. It’s a good thing. And I much prefer swimming in fresh water. I can see us in ongoing time using the Endless Fitness Swim Spa a lot for exercise. And as we’re getting older, our joints are getting older, and to be able to just walk in it, swim in it, do exercises in it, it will be great. The Endless Swim Spas is the answer in many ways. for our fitness requirements, you know, as we get older. So it was a little nerve-wrecking, but they did a wonderful job I must admit… in delivering it and getting it through the door. Dave and his young friend from Hot Spring Spas have been wonderful. Doing it, getting it in. They’ve been fantastic! Which was really good. All round, it’s worked really well. Want to get it fixed up, turned on, lights on, water in, a bottle of champagne. In we get… The dogs won’t be coming in!

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