Wrist Mobility Exercise

Dom McKay musculoskeletal therapists in
this video we’re going to be talking about the wrist now people have some
degree of difficulty with extending the wrist enough here so a lot of people
feel kind of kind of tight particularly when they’re doing things like a front
squat where they have to have to lift the elbows up and they’ve got the the
bar in the hand there in these fingers and they they feel like they get
compression into the wrist also with a back squat if they’re holding it and
they they have the bar on the hands a lot of feel people feel this kind of
compression in the wrist and some of that is simply just that there’s not
enough movement in the joint itself so you can’t change it miraculously but you
can change it a little bit and an increment is all we need to to get that
motion back enough to do most things that we’re trying to achieve so with this mobility drill is going to
be a limitation to how much extra movement you can get out of the wrist
joint so don’t go too hardcore on it you’re just looking for those little
extra bits of movement that you can achieve so we’re gonna take a power band
and we’re gonna place our hand through the band and then like we do with the
ankles we’re gonna walk the hand forward and then we’ve got all this pressure
just applied to those bones there so what that’s doing is repositioning the
bones in my wrists and just giving me an extra experience of movement in there
that the joint doesn’t normally receive so what I’m doing is just oscillating
forwards and backwards just trying to increase the degree of extension in that
wrist so you can also just spread the fingers out which sort of changes the
the sensation of the mobilization and don’t spend too much time on this you
just want to get a little bit of extra movement and then that that’s enough now
the second thing you can do to increase your extension in your wrist is to
stretch the is to stretch the flexors of your forearm so all you do is just place
that growth hand on the ground and you should feel a strong stretch through the
front of your forearm here so again you can play with the position of the
fingers which changes the stretch a little bit and you can hold this sort of
stretch up for up to two minutes and that’s it so after those couple of
drills you’ll feel a lot more looseness and relaxed mobility in the wrists

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