Wrist Injury Chiropractic Adjustment and Treatment

so I'm gonna do a couple more tests but tell me what happened how did this pain first start in your arm the next day so you were putting lifting plywood yeah okay so that does it hurt if you're gonna push your hand up against mine yeah okay don't you don't to go too high off and then if you lift your thumb up just your thumb push up against my hand like go ahead just do that it does that hurt yeah okay and now relax the thumb and you're just gonna move the fingers like this does that hurt no no much okay so here's the extensor pollicis brevis muscle I'm just showing him on my phone this one up here it goes up underneath this one the abductor pollicis longus okay all of these muscles go into your thumb and it's just this is where it's swollen when you push up with your thumb are you feeling it here are you feeling it here so no I want you to take your thumb and go out does that hurt that hurts so going up and now flip your arm your hand over and now you're gonna take your thumb and put it towards your palm does that hurt no he's injured the extensor muscles in his forearm and any pain in here and I go like this mm-hmm how about here nothing here how about in here no now here's here's where the tendons started right here how about right here yeah how are here yeah now when I push here is that real bad Julia so this is where you would say would be worse than this okay and how about this one here well this one will hurt on a lot of issues yeah but I'm just saying is it really real tender right here yeah okay so not your fingers and it might be part of the extensor muscles go ahead and push up with your hand I'm sorry push up against my hand with your hand does that hurt no then you're going to flex your wrist like that does that hurt yeah we're okay so then it's part it's part of the extensor muscles as well he worked all day today right and then you have to go to work tomorrow mm-hmm and is there anything gonna stop you from working no would you stop – what working if I told you not to okay Yukie can't he has to go to work no babies so I'm going to work on it as much as he'll let me we've been icing it you need to keep putting ice on it like as much as you can you've only got the first 72 hours after this to ice and then after that it's not that important it's just real swollen here he still has this strength in his arms and I can feel the tendons are still connected so I don't think it's an avulsion it can also look like an avulsion when the muscle tears off it'll kind of slump towards it but I don't think so this is just swollen in here this is where it's been injured down because he still has strength even though it's painful how bad is it when I even in my place when I touch it here hurts pretty bad so my best bet is probably if it's if it's real tender how about can you let me work here this is yeah if I were to adjust this you think are good yeah really good I take the pain know nothing about it all day thinking about this about the pain about me causing you pain um I've been processing it all right this is not a weapon this is just a blade okay it doesn't hurt this is actually does not hurt at all you've ever been scraped okay all right so that's that it's not jarred won't cut you it's actually more gentle than to make sure all right go ahead and give me an arm how about here cut touch here yeah I'm gonna start up at the origin of the muscle bad let's begin okay okay this is just what I'm wondering about here oh it's all into the to the radius here I'll try to go real easy these easy I can but basically I pull this back down to there your aims a long way yeah there's like a little lump right there here we go slow oh there it is I'm stretching it it's okay breathe I'll get them there it is there's going got you got you didn't hold it take a break and do it two more times okay right here's the bad one okay can we go move your thumb as much as you can that's it here we go I can relax your thumb right there it's almost there almost there okay all right I think we're good I'm gonna adjust it now there's no instability here lean away from me there it goes start out with an easy one can you handle this this shouldn't be too bad yeah oh good there's a little bit it's good it's good that's much better now free money is not even okay yeah come when I pull this thumb is that okay hey this way to turn Oh can't okay the hood I'm subtraction there it is I'm moving it just by doing this okay I'm just testing all right there's one good good that was it relax relax that is something else right there you can't even see well you get real close there's even maybe a little bruising in there right here okay scraper it's great it's great but it's not bad it's not bad it's very my stomachs growling I'm hungry now let's do not anymore it's a huge night there it's trying to heal but it's not healing the right way go bad on is it worse on this side yeah that's what a little bit of bruising is there nothing over here right mm-hm so we don't need to go there you'll let me know in a few days how this is sometimes from gripping real hard this will happen you just sprained it sprain strain type injury and this is where I can't really do much huh how about over here yeah right there yeah are you are you gripping a lot you know with these first three fingers just that's what youth yeah you can see it really easily on my arm you can see here that tendon and then you yeah I use a gun and worked okay that what I would think did this then lifting a piece of plywood because when you're doing the plywood you're using all of your fingers right well then it sir because the plows on the ground and you're on the roof so you have pick up the tip of the plywood and pull it up catch it keep doing it till I got in the middle and then I can't so at the beginning yeah I use these three I'm grabbing right here like this no pick it up you're doing this is harder than I was before does it doesn't feel nice bad no I hit something in there huh yeah the nerve runs in there I'm sorry the nerve is really irritated trying to go all around it all right I'll have your can you turn your wrist a little bit out that way towards that way just a little bit all right you ready for another round yeah yeah oh it's much better it just moved no problem there yeah good all right all right good you did it oh my god it's made me sweat harder no work go check your elbow cuz this bone here runs oh wait no I don't think I can't adjust the radial head it's too sore but if I could it would be good for us I'm going to go for the olecranon the ulna right here this dump just adjusting here I'm not just in here shouldn't hurt sound hurt when I do that did you mess with my wrist or okay my hurting you when I grabbed here just my wrist when it moves like right now like this it's okay you think grab higher but then I'm gonna fling it so what I am gonna have to grab your wrist are you gonna break it no oh good oh I felt it right here go higher here okay that's good that's good cuz I suspect that he might have a problem in his neck that's running I want to check the c6 vertebral area on his neck so face up for me on your back oh yeah alright so I'm just checking cool like it's popping without me even doing anything yeah bro prepare for something that was a warning they one two three oh no I'm counting Oh somebody drink out doesn't let to breathe out is anything sore in your neck yeah it hurts well is this birthday oh yeah tell you I can't make you two swords you gotta go to work tomorrow dang it all this hurts too yeah I just mean oh now I'm gonna adjust it okay all right here you I don't know what to do my hands yeah are you again I didn't get the right side people that'll be scared Joe no your office Oh Baroness that's good this hands go right here Tasha Wow how's your wrist Robin yeah it's not gonna feel too great after we're having that working on but tomorrow it should feel better all right deep breath one more breath in and out drain roller lightly I know you're sore sorry I need to work on you more often yeah that too bad too you know you're good I don't used to pain your lower back your lower back issues oh so uh lot of dead lips oh man the people was hurt when I come here now just you alright what are you sad to see me I'm over here careful of your wrist bottom leg straight stretch breathe but they got hurt this much you're you're sore all over from working hard lean back Oh other side yeah let's do that at home ah so you're gonna do this one day you know where you're like you're a girl from that don't move let's go rose uh-huh I'll never let go again wrong boy Oh the kevro paint me like one of your french girls promise that's why your knee hurts all right side posture what that is all right come on they're hurting now just Alisa don't tell me if anything's hurting but I'll start working on it don't worry you've gone through the worst okay I'm just move your arm a little bit towards me that way there we go um go ahead and put your arm this way is it does it hurt when you pull it this way okay no that's good like that okay my hand doesn't fall it this is not my natural look as far down as you can go good no my like it does just as much as we can all right it's not sticking there you know as the edges peel like this you can just cut them off it'll peel off as it get older you just cut it off well huh tilt falls off a couple days because there's glue in there and I'm trying not to hurt your arm as I do this good companies don't feel okay yeah all right that's just for circulation especially at this huge swollen area here if there's a little hash tag but if you look in the tape here you can come closer there's like a little tail there little hash tags it's kind of like cut and as you move this will circulate and pump blood so it prevents it from getting too swollen okay now this you cannot rely on this when you're working when you're working you can bathe in that these people should sponsor me to advertise your tape something like there we go you could tighten this as much as you want you need some compression here to squeeze out that fluid I was just gonna keep getting bigger and bigger you need to squeeze it and keep your arm elevated when you when you go to sleep tonight you need to keep your arm like up on a pillow oh no you gotta keep it like this so that it can dream all right okay back towards your heart is if you keep it like that the blood is gonna pool okay and I didn't work on your thumb or anything I don't think I can it's just too sore but what we did here was enough I'm a sadist is it going away well I don't feel like lego-like pressure okay we can take it off when you go to sleep but you need to have that on when you work well are you gonna keep tearing it I don't care if it's uncomfortable as long as your hand isn't going numb or purple then keep that on okay now I would advise you to not work yeah what's the while going off which year but I can't answer it like every once in a while when I'm doing things it goes off alright sit straight foot adjust your ears great oh stop feels like when I was a kid I got trouble Larry there need that so bad is there a lot of pinging rang out what skip yeah find a way to shut it off they'll be nice okay get some sleep can you hear that yes can you hear this yes yes shit sorry it comes out nasty is it making it worse no it desserts did you get hit in the ear at any point in my life yes oh yeah Mon times both years but this year and I was also seeing some guns you know when I shot one I shot in one hand and my hair just went you know so that's like your inner ear nerve got traumatized the nerve that goes to your ear for sound how you interpret sound oh it got damaged called hearing damage huh it's called Harrington Eddie thank you cuz I'm saying I think you have decreased hearing over here but you could you say you hear that just fine the same in both ears no I just love your sure but still you right but you have a decreased like when I'm working on your neck suddenly you can't hear me talk I'm noticing you're having trouble hearing me so because of the noise I'm making on your neck really if I were to work on this side you can still hear me right yeah so I'm saying what I'm going for here you're like I can't huh can't hear so you had the gun has hurt the vestibular cochlear nerve it goes to your ear you can't hear so how long ago was that when that gun went off uh years ago and you've had it since then yeah I guess not constant ringing but like thank God every once in a while you know goes off there's a definite scar here on the underside of your ear but if it was from a gunshot then I'm not sure how much it can come back testing one two three huh yeah a man's can't hear cuz I'm losing my hair yeah you can hear me just give it a second your ears still bright red you know let the blood go away you know and say there's it's gonna be hot for about 30 minutes and I'm wondering when the blood calms down you should ringing in the ear should come calm down as well what's your blood pressure you tested your blood pressure blood pressure no I think I have high blood pressure well you can test it yes on your good wrist what does that mean you're gonna do you know 158 well it could be because I just caused you a lot of pain too oh but that's high and that won't raise somebody's blood pressure I could be I mean you'd make sure that that's under 125 this pot number if you can remember that one huh that's what's supposed to be that's a lot your pulse is okay at 70 your pulse is normal mm-hmm I needed to like no and I'm half an hour what that does all right you're good anything else I feel like I can't work on your you're too sore all over I don't think I want to tell you okay it's not gonna feel better right now I just I just stretched the whole muscle that's not gonna feel good right now cuz I broke down scar tissue so I don't know if it feels better right now tomorrow morning when you wake up


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