attention boys and girls it's finally coming face is coming junior not meant for the week but only meant for the strong New Jersey well first before we do anything with this another face we're gonna go first in with that motherfucking intro I will now unveil Moe Larry and curly so aggressive Labs hooked me up with these funky ass masks Chris I'm losing it nevermind me because I can't see where's the other oh I don't know people no let me introduce you big back Pete and Chris oh my god alright so today we're going to finally reveal its Leatherface it's too powerful for you or not but it is fucking hot as hell with these masks on boys so we're gonna have to take the shit off are you ready to the concert let's do this take it off we're now back in our normal status mode now ready to commence with Leatherface all right originally aggressive lab2 had sent me a leather face I never tried it so I passed out scoops like guinea pigs to people like this hold that for a second uh what would you describe that original flavor of water slaughter melon whatever slaughter melon is a combination of ass and battery acid that's what I'm talking about so what you're saying so what you're saying is so what you saying is it tastes like gasoline 100% of the time all the time all right so we are going to reveal performance later it's a mother effing surprise for the stem junkies this is basically let's don't chug your pre-workout right yes absolutely no no no no no I've never tried it I'm being honest I never tried to slaughter my own but I did try back in the day like a dumbass a full heaping scoop of the green apple Javier's never tried it he's not ready to feel the power everybody commenced shakeout cops Chris will not be handling Leatherface today the reason why it'll kill everybody pour please don't ever mind Mac there's no room in the background for me whatever you want wiper all right Pete assist with the twist joking so many times people bring down somebody's go down no no no no no open that thing show everybody the green apple everybody gets from me come on the banya price of the name of this island the holy ghost Pete would you like the one fuckin waiter with a big boulders like remember when we did wild all right bring your cup over here uno dos got one last nuggie trying to get out while you're pushing yeah you can it is now my turn to commence with letter K yeah yeah I didn't put that much water Oh what is that you bastard whoa that's scary looks like a black rock you can see it spinning in there Oh John whoo got me nervous Leatherface broke the shaker tornado is down all right you sexy fuckers okay everybody you got your first I'm the pre-work oh we cannot describe what he has it's ancient Chinese secret okay count three one two three so look at Pete's face huh that's way better oh yeah good I didn't think Javier would say that no you never did slaughter melon everybody's need to know about all happy right here all right Wow I forgot how it tasted I'm gonna get that motherfucker up almost the night is shit 8.5 maybe 8.5 I don't know I'm around there what are you sweet green apple a little bit of a chemical aftertaste but not bad it was good I'd say eight and a half yeah I caught a bullet I keep forgetting what it tastes like Wow here ditto on the chemical I like green apple that shit was definitely nice for me now on day Leatherface you will see ingredient profile pop up right in the corner over Chris's head right now you'll notice it has all the good shit in it all right stuff that most can't handle remember again warning boys and girls Leatherface is not meant for the weak stem junkies only can handle this baby right here well I remember with me made me sweat and energy kicks in with in under five minutes for me I don't know about you people how long does it take you well seeing in the slaughter melon took me like a half-hour to drink cause it was so nasty but it was it was pretty quick it kicked in while I was still drinking it whoa that's wrong turnabout's then junkies all over the world right now the code Leatherface we love you all right boys and girls you ready to go to gym let's test this mother fuck out let's go to two hours later never you know go home tonight you stay home and drink beers all night that must play a dungeon bad all right we are back and ready to give you an honest review on this motherfucking leather phase by aggressive labs again I'll put ingredient profile up to the right you will notice that it has l-citrulline die mallet who cares spit Allen who cares like creatine monohydrate who cares equity sulfate who the fuck cares caffeine here we go jackpot 500 milligrams DM a a 45 milligrams YUM whatever is are they on some black pepper to help with the extracts peach then your ass up come on boy let's go hold your magical powers of Leatherface okay you gave it a rating on the flavor from what zero to what is 8.5 either a green apple all right on the performance zero to 10 but also give you your experience what do you feel when you take a little bit let the little children the boys and girls know what's gonna happen because this ain't meant for little children go Pete you're gonna feel your heart coming out of your chest that's what I'm talking uh definitely a 10 on performance if this doesn't work for you just shoot yourself just put the gun in if this don't work nothing's gonna work all right I ain't even talking all right shaky hands right sometimes you get the shaky heads post-nasal drip yes yes dripping like you're in a field with hay fever and it's meant for people who just basically can't feel shit anymore all right now this is wait wait this is the slaughter melon right slaughter melons bad okay now squeeze the top this is what we think of the slaughter melon did it again exactly who didn't get beat one more time that's slaughter melon so go get the slalom on get the green apple okay so we're gonna go with that Xavier stand you find sexy ass up now [Laughter] children don't listen to Xavier yeah nobody's talking about flavors and nine yeah give it a nine green apple a green apples select a phenomenal yes performance okay now give that whole scenario what happened from the beginning and then what happened when it kicked in and did you post trip did you sweat did you yeah I did not post trip I was definitely sweating something serious like a fucking pig yeah I was following his trail around a little bit of snakes towards the end what did I you can after fixing a bitch hey I'm sorry I'm trying to be the fun sees everybody's that girl would just highly suggest picking as many of these up as you can to stockpile them like it was fucking awesome got me nervous I thought you were getting it like I love psychotic gold yeah this I think is I couldn't have no speech definitely oh and wait and me and Xavier did a straight level we say my we gave all Pete a fucking heaping and I learnt the my lesson he pyth is the best if you do heated the level I was just happy and focused and dialed in on my workout but I wasn't like crazy crazy like Pete was feeling the fucking crazy yeah HEPA is a morning right now definitely meant for stunt junkies if you're doing a he bit level scoop I heard out perfect right was a smooth run I was good for about an hour hour and some change yeah and I was just like hey can you just do something but I didn't crash did you crash no no crash Wow Wow I feel really sound like I'm doing a script or something a member shit it's alright no crash you didn't get the poops yeah no and we're like what is it almost three hours after you taking it yeah I'm still wide awake I feel good I'm ready to go home and do nothing it is a shuts detector then so get it before it's gone because it's going to be gone because it's dma cause you won't know TMA is going to be fans as well it is bad but it's go beat level shine focus what focus was awesome look at Pete in the background so zero to ten on focus Oh ten holy shit I smell it going to be sold out so you better go get it now [Laughter] everybody's broke it's sold out off the website yes shit like that happens when I make videos alright so listen let's go motherfuckers have it at a low price it's only thirty four ninety five and if you use my discount code every ten you'll get it even cheaper all right deal that is a fucking big-ass deal alright so check out boys and girls if you want to try the leather face like I said just not meant for children who taking see for muscle check products this is for professionals only alright so check out boys and girls if you want to try fucking some leather face from aggressive lad so you're just gonna have to go to my boys who have all the mas all the DMH a pre workouts at the lowest lowest prices you will ever find on the internet really alright go to fuck us cocom use my discount code Eddie 10 to save even more money on a pre regard that's only thirty four ninety five and yet we'll kick your ass and give you long lasting focus energy and you heard it here boys and girl ten a motherfucking performance bitches alright so we're gonna go from there yo don't forget thumbs up this video for Leatherface Leatherface and ten and four l Baldy sitting over there alright there's probably one of my shortest videos ever made so thousands video for being extra fucking short for once in my life and don't forget if you're new to my channel to go now hit the subscribe button and hit the little bells every is notified when I upload video pretty rude that you're talking alright so next week I'll let you all in on something that nobody knows yet but I'll the Pete and everybody else know but it's gonna be a surprise really because you're all gonna be the press after I release it to the world all right so go to Resco right now calm you said eat endoscopies yourself some motherfucking Leatherface as we say all right look thumbs up this video comment below with your feedback and don't forget to subscribe hit so the bail on you uh already dog that we already know if I want to upload a video and as for me I give this motherfucker performance I forgot to say fucking nine this shit's motherfucking crazy yeah I know I give it a nine because this is fucking too much energy weird you just get like I like the super happy ones this is to revive the dead oh my god for UPS I'll give you a scoop that way you could deliver your packages I'm under stress oh wait wait wait hold up a second I forgot boys and girls I had surprises for Pete he came over and I always give him samples that he could try shit too but he's gonna love this surprise since I already have so much I like to share with my muscle plays but please I can't share what everybody hold war because I got subscribers you contact me every day can you send me shit doesn't work like that I can't send everybody everything I can only take care of the most employers that are local if I start sending shit a little more people gonna request more such shit nope oh yeah you ready on the count of three you get free birthday surprise it's like fucking Christmas you got a fuckin look at that price sighs – oh wait one more day they're always around you're not shut up you're never a few guys are always our P's only close what – the blue man I gotta hook up up alright so next close your eyes again this might kill you as many have been getting six so I wish you the best of luck annex but we're probably gonna review it probably like two weeks but I'll let Pete try first nobody tells me if he dies around all right so check it out whether you want kamek source Leatherface or whatever just go to a Rosco value that this guy told Eddie ten we're gonna head out now because fuck up that Leatherface has had them talking since god says they took it and we got to Jim they have not shut the fuck up all right sold subscribe comment below love y'all thumbs up the video because not gonna shut up they're gonna fuck this video everybody say peace the fuck out don't forget my facebook pictures on one word post place of your peace up not till next week something new


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