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this is cooped with garage gym and this is my garage gym this is actually going to be my first garage gym walkthrough I've been wanting to do this for a while but I want to make sure that had everything cleaned up and in order and typically when I train that's not necessarily how it is because I do have a lot of people that come and train with me so keeping it in good shape is sometimes difficult but today I think I have it enough in order where I can go through and kind of show you guys exactly what I have and some some different things that I've done this area this is my just general tool kit keep all sorts of tools and things in there and then my pegboard so if you haven't checked out DIY pegboard how to build a pegboard on garage in click up here to check that out it's probably one of my most viewed articles I use it quite a bit so I like to use it in super sets say I'll do squats and then I'll mix in with you know doing pegboard I think pegboard is one of the most underutilized pieces of equipment in any gym you know I'm glad to see that CrossFit has kind of made them a little bit more popular and they are growing but I would like to see them more in commercial gym so I've got that one and then if you go up I've got one up there too to cross it this was actually my first squat rack this is a rogue SML – it is if you're going to have a if you want a squat rack in a place such as your garage where you don't want to take up a lot of space this is definitely the one I would suggest it's more than enough for nearly everybody the only reason I bought additional racks just because I want more features but for what you get you know it is pretty stable especially if you get some weights on the to go on the bottom like I have there that hold them hold it down but it's an awesome rack it's really solid it's made by rogue so it has a lifetime warranty on the back here I have those are just rogue HG bumpers I have I think it's a 265 pound set I've got more over here and then these I actually just picked up the CrossFit boards and these are robes first-edition training plates they're great place in my opinion they're not as good they're not as good as the second versions because these are the same ones that actually pendulum produces and I'll show you a little bit that I actually have the colored versions as well the person I bought them from actually put electrical tape around the edges I think it's a good idea it can wear out especially if you use them outside like I do but that being said you know it does protect the edge and it's easy to tell what you're using especially if the actual print starts fading because that's possible and it does happen these are great plates moving on here this is kind of where I put my cardio equipment I have two rowers in a air bike these are both from Xebec syv reviewed these in the past if you want to check those out this one will lead the Xebec ser down or air bike and then this will be the zabbix rower there are two solid pieces of equipment I highly suggest if you're looking in the market force think something like an air bike so I suggest looking at this one for the price and the components I think it's very similar if not the same as the assault bike and it's cheaper the the zabbix rower I don't think it's as good as the concept – but it is a bit cheaper and I think you know it's pretty close so it's a great roller I've had no problems using it back there that is a concept to model B I think it's one of the earliest versions it's pretty much all metal it still rows like it would on the first day it's a great rower it's super heavy and you know I like it I think it's nostalgic and it looks cool so I've kind of changed this up a little bit right now I have my dip bars this is a Body Solid dip stand it's a great dip stand for the price I actually got it on Craigslist but you can find it on Amazon or maybe eighty bucks or so I think around a hundred bucks it's a it's a very solid stand it's it's commercial grade in my opinion it's not something that's necessarily needed because I do use rings the most of the time but it's nice to have especially when you start adding weight on it down here I've got quite a few random things that I've collected various pull-up implements this is a roll recovery mobility tool on that I'm doing a review on grips perhaps wraps I guess that mobility tools just a whole lot of stuff that I don't really use a whole lot but I've reviewed or I may use some time and so I've got it this then is my power block dumbbells I absolutely love these dumbbells there's some of the best one of the best purchases I've made I actually got these on Craigslist right when I started my garage him and I'm really happy I did I use these all the time mainly for body building movements like pull or like bench press curls things like that but I also use them for you know CrossFit workouts when I'm doing dumbbell snatches or man makers things like that they're very solid I like to stand that came with their compact and they're out of the way though if you've seen any of my review videos this will be pretty familiar to you this is kind of spot where I like to film because I really like the backdrop of the barbells in the background the American flag and in the Wall of Fame these are all like some of my favorite things in the garage I love my barbells I love the barbell rack the barbell rack itself it's a barbell gun rack from again faster I got it you know when they were actually closing down and weren't telling everybody and they were going into bankruptcy and offering you know huge discounts I got then and they actually sent me two extra ones on accident so now I have three of them and I have two of them I don't know what to do with but you know just another excuse to tell my wife I need more bars but this is my wall of fame I love I love this right here I've got Arnold Christians with ambition calm I've got Ito port all I've got rich Froning Piero's Dimas and then Franco Columbu so these are just those are just some of my favorite pictures I think they're really cool and they kind of show I guess my training style so I train everything everything you can think of all sorts of different movements and conditioning things and strength I don't just do CrossFit I don't just do powerlifting or weightlifting I do everything okay so and this kind of like emphasizes that I think it's real cool but go moving onto my barbells or actually let me show you real quick down here these are my kettlebells and the like right here these are kettlebells from Vulcan strength these are great kettlebells that they sent me to review their competition kettlebells and I've got a little baby head above there for my wife 253 pound kettlebells from row row Thompson fat Bell awesome shoutout to Donnie Thompson died Thompson's the man then I've got an 80 pound kettlebell that thing's a monster if you ever want to do something like Helen with a big kettlebell you know trying a and you're going to die that's a hundred pound slamball that I just got from Diamond Pro a great very heavy great great workout and then another bulk and strength of medicine ball it's a twenty pound as many of you are probably you know dying to see these are my barbells I've got a whole lot of them and I'm only getting more one of the reasons I have so many you're probably asking why does this guy have so many freaking barbells this kind of seems like a waste of money and it could be but a lot of these I received for free to review and you know they're they're good barbells and I have a lot of people that come train with me and so you know it's like that we could end up using all these and actually we have many times we actually did yesterday I actually did Linda with a buddy and anybody who's done Linda it's the three bars of debt you have to have three separate bars set up so thankfully I had enough us to both do it at the same time and enough weight which is pretty difficult when I weigh about 185 pounds and he weighs about 230 so based on that you know it can get heavy real quick so I'll just show you the end cap so you can kind of see what I got here this is an earthquake bar I really haven't used it much I actually won that in a competition from rogue on their Facebook page it's a good bar for accessory movements this top one here is rogues euro weightlifting bar in my opinion that's the best weight lifting bar out there I think it's better than a LICO to be honest if you check the spin on it the spin is better than the Alico this is a spin here I'll to show you is this spin on the rogue okay just goes for days and then this is the spin on the Alico this is a LICO training bar i lu– them up just the same so not nearly as good of a spin okay they're both great barbells I like the neural and the Alico better but I'm pretty sure they use the same steel so then this here is rep Fitness's gladiator bar it's a bearing bar as well great bar this is actually a cap boss bar it's about 190 K 20 and a half millimeter bar it's a little bit of a cheapy bar it's one that I kind of use outside and just kind of throw around using the power rack and just kind of you know beat to crap everybody needs a you know a crappy bar that they can just take apart and that's what I do with this one this is a this is a American barbell this is our training bar reviewed this one it's you know it's one of my worst spinning barbells when I first got it I was under the impression that the spin would get better over time because I think they packed it with a lot of grease you know it's gotten better but it's not substantially better this is a rogue Ohio bar one of my first bars then this is Vulcan strings 28 millimeter weightlifting bar down here and then this is rogues TV – trap bar it's a great bar use it and I use that one quite a bit I love doing trap bar deadlifts and then this one at the bottom here is my axial bar that I made from schedule 80 pipe from Home Depot and then it's just got some hose fittings I think is the name of them and I use that part a lot actually – down here we have a rep Fitness rep Fitness bench and then below that I have a rope fitness flat bench and then beyond that you'll see there is a brute-force training sandbag and then a brute-force training kettlebell sandbag I love those four workouts they do leaks and so if you're looking for something that doesn't leak any sand those probably aren't your best options because they do unfortunately but their overall pretty good down here I have the ref fitness adjustable bench my opinion for the price you can't get a better adjustable bench because this one goes incline and decline and it's super I mean it's greatly priced it's got a high quality robe you know I love rogue stuff but they can't hold a candle to this on price their benches you know really don't even decline which i think is a big disadvantage so if you're in the market for that check that out up here you can see that is a rope into a hole in my ceiling I do a lot of rope climbs something that I really enjoy doing rope climbs especially since I do Genet gymnastics bodies and it calls for quite a bit above here actually and I'll pull them down for you so I also have rings up there and that's where I do muscle up so if I'm doing say muscle ups and I don't want the rope I just put the rope up into the attic and do muscle ups or if I'd want to do rope climbs I put the rings up there so having that in the having that hole in the Attic has been one of the best things for my training simply because it's made it a whole lot easier to get in muscle ups and rope climbs when typically in a garage with you know ten-foot ceilings that doesn't really happen here these are pen leg plates pema is actually out of business now or muscle driver USA same company they're out of plot they're out of business right now these are the exact same plates as one I showed you earlier from Road the only difference is these are coloured they're great they're pretty good plates the hub's actually spin on them you know I wasn't ever really a fan of muscle driver USA or pin light their quality wasn't really there and their customer service was even worse but these are pretty good plates I'm glad to have them and I got them for really cheap just some random dumbbells thirty thirty-five and 60s a homemade kettle bell implement so you just unspin this put plates on there then you can use it as a kettle bell and you can give this thing heavy I've had this thing with Oh probably over 150 pounds on it it's solid some fat gripz here some training implements so I like to pull ups on these or do climb up them like a rope climb I've got two thousand one over here trigger point stuff some change plates there some cheap change place and then rogues rubber-coated change place these are awesome awesome change plates they're pretty expensive but I think they're great down here I just have a plethora of callers this is actually a form lifting collar it's actually connected this is a module printed on a 3d printer that connects to your phone I've done a review on these that this was actually recently on Kickstarter they sent it to me for a review and if you want to track your velocity and force and things like that it's very cool it connects to your phone I don't tend to use it that much simply because like I said I like to be in and out of the gym but if you are somebody that likes to track these things I check this out again faster klokov a cloak of collars I got these in a deal these are two and a half pounds each super heavy super high quality and you know I don't really ever use them unless I'm going for max various Oso Oso callers here axial Oso Calder rogue block straw collar so just a bunch of calls and random things down there are made some bands every jump rope from every jump rope company you could ever want to buy jump rope from gravity boots up there for hanging upside down and then these are my stole bars I created these tall bars because I was doing gymnastics bodies and I wanted a place to you know train stall bars so I built these myself I actually have a DIY on my website it's another popular link on my website you can click up here if you want to check up check out that review but there's a very solid I use them a lot I really like them you can do pull-ups on them right now I have a basketball mini basketball go ham because it's fun this is an uncommon breed weight vest they sell these on road I did Murph in this a few weeks ago they're solid they're pretty comfortable they don't bounce a lot it's a good weight vest some knee wraps here Chris toughen kabuki shoulder kabuki warrior shoulder rock hanging here I I love this thing I use it for warmups and you know I like to superset with it as well and then finally let me show you my squat racks this is my rope while one yoke in my opinion if you just want to get one squat rack in your garage this would be the one I would buy it's the most versatile you can bench on it you can squat on it you can use it as yoke you can use it as a sled I mean it's the it's the most used piece of training equipment probably my garage we take it out to the street all the time and use it as a yoke or just finish or squat outside so we can get some rays sun's out guns out but you can having you know pull-ups on it too so it's it's super versatile it's great I love it solid I don't have any complaints on it over here I have my highly prized rogue our three rack this is my favorite rag and you know I like the white one if I was going to only have one I have that one but this one is just fun to have because it I mean it just call it it's over built and it's just got a lot of crap on it so I've got pin safeties on it I've got the the fat bar and then the skinny bar combo on it I've got rings attached to it these are the this is a spudding DIY pulley I've got here I've got band pegs down there on the back on the side here I've got a metolius a campus board for doing rock climbing training on the other side here I have an epic on fitness spinning pull-up bar so pull the pins out this bad boy spins so doing pull-ups on it can be pretty difficult overall I love this rack it's got so much to it so this has been my garage gym this a plan on doing these about once a year just to show you the progressions that I go through but as you can see I have a lot of equipment you don't need this much equipment really it's just nice to have it's fun to have and it's fun to train hard with all these things and you know build things and enjoy them so this has been coop with garage gym check out the site subscribe thanks for watching see you guys later on


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