World Record Farmers Attempt – 5 Weeks Out To World's Strongest Man

what's up everybody this workouts about to be fire cuz I'm the dragon hence why we need these extinguishers cuz if it gets out of control we're gonna extinguish some ah some fires anyways today's gonna be farmers stones and maybe one other event most likely grip a slight chance I might do a truck pull but I might put it off so tomorrow we'll see how I feel today get this workout going roaster is drills are exhausting Lindsay you're always on your phone who are we texting do you actually have a friend from out of state yeah so you go for a world record in next week well they possibly I want to see what it feels like so I haven't really trained farmers like full-on for a long time maybe half a year or so so gotta see a fasiq to get them up today the goal is to get twenty meters which is about 65 feet in 6.7 seconds with a hundred fifty kilograms or 330 pounds per hand Laurence Chalet is the record holder of that that's insanely fast like without weight so where's Linds yet lugar Lindsay are you gonna motivate Martines next week CrossFit thing oh I'm gonna spot it alright let's do it so Lindsay how much does this weigh have you ever done farmers before are you going trade today yeah acai parking lot it's only 40 feet so what do you do feet from blue line to blue line which they're kind of fading but because I need to get 65 I'm actually gonna be running on the diagonal yes I could fit a 65 foot run from corner to corner so Martines how do we do farmers in my earlier youtube videos man I'll go watch it yeah just watching come back later all right let's go oh my god that was so fast that was like three seconds right there well this is time twisting 0.97 5.97 the guy didn't sixes six seven that's impressive bring it back let's go however you promised I think each one is 85 empty okay so earlier we said so many five we were wrong and we're increasing it for another 50 pounds making it to 75 so what Bill is that this is a rebound under belt I like to use it because I often times when I'm doing stones or a blog or any kind of medley if you just work hard belt oftentimes the skin will pinch in that between the hard belt and implement so this gives an extra little layer between the belt skin not only that but extra support as well strongmen we do a lot of heavy stuff god damn it Phil hi Lindsey we got Phil Preston we three timers six hundred five six seven zero seven point three Bill's new to this all right since you mess up the timer full yet the degenerative disease for a year heart speeding air is flowing through my lungs standing on my feet all good signs for world record to be broken here my team's look here look to you right the missed those days let's go hey come on we're gonna change this go go get it rapid let's go you ready to go you ready to go hey kid all right what happened with that last one I just held up what handles a little bit too far back so the way stilted and smashed my foot yes [Applause] what was the time oh hey look he's in here with this alright yeah freakin 525 9.3 9.4 5 alright so don't win farmers flips thanks buddy stones on what are you and were couple sons 365 pounds 4 sets of 3 to 5 chalk only Tommy starts and now four five six and reset timer timer starts go reset each one every single time you're going to 3 4 reach and good let's go Preston nice cool up press then press the time sigh mayor starts come on stone stood one two three four high school boy on one rap live for nothing yeah sit it over my shirt is like super slippery to put your public through keep going up and over and over how much is that stone 365 and you did have no tacky yeah that's insane deed yep let's go he is awesome let's go in our time starts now so we go 1-0 great six reset go one two three ball come on come on boy why these mom three cents go what two three four let's go go go go last one come on let's go the last one was closer to nine but not by marching great yes that's so rough oh I can subscribe everybody hump no yeah one more day oh well I got to talk about something special I just got ya from one of my fans this is a little lovely gift for Mom one of my fans it's an Amazon card I love Amazon see when I first got this card okay so much when I first got this card I thought it was from directly from Amazon because I'd like to use Amazon Prime all times like that was like a thank-you from Amazon when they came with like a nice lovely no but uh yes thank you to whomever sent this over and thank you for the lovely note the note is personal and precious so thank you again good this is my jam right here I'll do that series again yell one more set yeah let's get it let's go baby yep throwing this freaking okay so a little disclaimer you guys are doing throws kegs are all fine but when you get to Starbucks coffee coffee cups be very careful they're very dangerous ou should really seek professional guidance on the technique of throwing these cups because they easily can throw you off balance and you'll slam your elbow around like you know fall on your butt I definitely did not take that Starbucks coffee cup very seriously and hence I messed up my throw this is a loadable circus jumbo two-thirty log 240 240 log 240 long what is this mic – 45 and a 180 circus dumbbell good pastors good beautiful two extra quarters on there on each side yes sir Oh there you go boys come on for Judas 360 360 220 that's right last one oh yeah let's go no I do pay for let's go yes L do turkleton see wait a bit okay stop it and if it gives you downhill oh yeah I'll give it on strike joy crap anyone ready perfect boy 1.61 oh yeah thinking about brother crazy you need a hot or cold back probably at this point yeah miss Harridge I get makeup me can I get a kit oh oh yeah looking fine all right that's a bumper time once they get faster I can subscribe yeah that's it there you go steady we got to follow life if I found this on my way here [Applause]


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    You folks work hard but keep it fun

  5. What the heck man, lindsay looks so good. What was this video about again??

  6. Now when I am working out I just yell "Martins" really loud during lifts.

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  8. Martins

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  12. Martins

  13. At some point, Martins is going to have warmed up rotators on every object in the gym.

  14. Yeah Martins sorry to let you know but Lindsey did send me messages by mistake I am Thor the God of Thunder they're planning trips without you man


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