World Cultures III Ancient China Disease Prevention

hi guys in this common craft lesson we're going to learn about vaccinations in ancient China this video was made by Larry Pugsley Mariana Kovac and Alex conk for mates big world cultures 3 first let me give you the definition of some words they're going to be using today vaccine a substance injected on a person to prevent from diseases prevention the act of stopping something bad from happening now let's finally start with the lesson a long time ago somewhere around the 10th century during the Song Dynasty the Chinese discovered way to protect their people from smallpox disease a Song Dynasty Minister Wang Dan found out that his son had smallpox and tried to find a way of sparing the Chinese population from disease after some time they figure out that if you expose someone to a wheat germ or small form of disease the patient will hardly develop the disease since there are new system will be used to the invasion oh wait wait not that much it happens just like when you get chickenpox when you contracted this disease you won't get it anymore because your body knows how to defend against they owns this is process called inoculation although we had been invented many centuries before that it was only introduced to the Western world in the 18th century by lay married were three montaj who brought vaccination to England she was a victim of smallpox herself and to prove the effectiveness of inoculation she injected her own children however the father of vaccination in immunology is a druid general even though he wasn't the pioneer in the area he was the first one to spread develop and generalize the technique of prevention against smallpox his research just ran on sedition belief into a standard procedure that saved millions of lives with his detailed case studies and clinical observations he basically invented immunology data shows the vaccine saved 2.5 millions of lives per year which is a lot it also extended diseases like polio in small pockets elf vaccination is one of the best instrument ever invented and one of the world's heroes reveal time around the 10th century in Song Dynasty in China the scientists of the time found out that if you injected a small portion or weak form of a disease in the sick person it was almost impossible to her or him to contract it this process called inoculation and was first used to prevent smallpox it was only introduced in England in the 18th century by Lady Mary Wortley and spread and developed by Edward Jenner the father of immunology who transformed it in a standard procedure called vaccination this process saved and still saves millions of lives by preventing the leading eradicating some illnesses being one of the world's most important and greatest inventions all of that thanks to the Chinese

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