Workouts For Lazy People!


  1. 💜

  2. I think you are strong but lazy your mentality

  3. gahhh what’s the song at like 2:30

  4. Help me motivate!

    1 like= 1 day without snacks and candy🙃


  6. You're So Hot I Watched First Time Video I Like Your Video

  7. 2019

  8. When you are too lazy to even watch the whole video

  9. Too much work

  10. Just back from the gym procrastinating and watching videos about working out while feeling accomplished

  11. what effect will these low intensity movements make?

  12. Anyone watching in 2018

  13. Just love the beggining of the video

  14. Anyone else doing these while laying on the bed or couch and while scrolling down through the comment section?😉😁

  15. I was like "I WILL workout Every morning!" I even set 2 alarms to wake me up with very motivational Names😐😉😎
    But i wake up and i am way to lazy to do it

  16. 1:42 is that music from victorious!!?

  17. I like your personality; cute video .

  18. Lol I like how you say it's no joke

  19. How many times do we do it and how much time will it take

  20. 10 seconds after she said the jiggle under your arm I finally got it

  21. Do a plank with ur arms on the floor at 90° 25-35 seconds, you'll lose weight

  22. many of each?

  23. Good!!!! Now I can workout, and watch your videos at the same time!

  24. I'm 100 °/° lazy

  25. Thanks


  27. Hi

    Read more

  28. Did you use that one song from victorious i think it was called begging on your knees. Brought back memories.

  29. That intro is my life

  30. Love the video but just saying girls do have enough strength in their arms it's the amount of effort that they put in

  31. Wait I’m a girl and I’m strong enough to do pushups so would that make me transgender? Now I’m confused! Nope, I’m still a girl

  32. im super lazy

  33. Perfect for me

  34. 2018 everyone

  35. Daniella’s in the back like “ Huh?”

  36. Thank u Rclbeauty101 i need these

  37. I'm LAZY

  38. good exercise gr8 getting active

  39. Heard the beggin on your knees song….

  40. id rather just squat at that point instead of sitting

  41. I’m doing these workouts while watching dis

  42. 3093?

  43. What is going on

  44. I am asking because I know how to do it

  45. How you put your picture in YouTube

  46. Hi

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