I want you to be proud of your
accomplishments whether you have lost body fat that you
have been striving to lose for a while or whether you have just gotten yourself
started on your exercise program or if you are an intermediate trainer and you
have pushed yourself to new heights in you are an intermediate trainer and you
have pushed yourself to new heights in dedication for each of us and something
to celebrate for those who have found consistency baby steps in the right
direction and for those who came flying out of the gate and are now way ahead of
winning their race this is for all we celebrate folks
reducing your body fat down to the point where you fall into a healthy range by
turning down fattening foods and getting yourself to the gym to exercise many they
do not want to when it is not easy to fit into your schedule and when you are
tired all of those be accomplished there is a
famous saying anyone can work out and want to that’s easy because it’s
something you want to do but the successful people are the ones that
manage get themselves enter the gym even and when they do not
let’s also apply that rule to dieting and weakness because anyone you can pass
on sweets and fried foods when they want to if they just happen not to be hungry
or if they are full from a meal but the people who are the most successful with
their diet are the ones that manage to stay within the parameters of their
eating plan even when temptation I’ve said in many podcasts that people
need to get up and get going to get serious about their diet to get
themselves into the gym and get going on a muscle building routine and I know the
majority of you and have tried even in years past I’ll bet you put forth the
effort and tried the best and I never want to do minimize because of those the
reason that my philosophy regarding diet and fitness is that you need to make
slow consistent changes moving forward the right direction rather than pushing
yourself a thousand percent is because it’s so easy to become overwhelmed
they give up not sustain and won’t give up is off because if you have been attempting to
make better choices with your food and beginning to move your body into
exercise in many cases when you start it is because the system you’re using is
not if it is to flex if it is to stricte if
it is too much wallet one time these are all reasons to stop that
reevaluate consistent approach but reevaluation is something completely
different from giving up Edison attempted to make the light bulb close
to 1000 times before he actually got he was once asked by a newspaper
reporter how did it feel to fail 1,000 times and Edison replied I didn’t fail
1,000 times the light bulb was an invention with 1000 steps sometimes that
quote is even stated as saying I didn’t fail 1000 times I learned 999 ways to
not make a light bulb because making an attempt the intelligence to reevaluate
and then try again is the learning process have gone through for all of the
greatest works in our history everyone that is listening to me at this moment
has attempted things in your lives and then who went back to the draw you probably do that in school you
probably did that you probably did that on the relationship and you probably
have done that on many aspects so dieting and fitness and a search for the
discovery of the range works for you the delicate balance in pushing yourself
finding comfort consistent is the only way for successful long-term
lifestyle change what works for me may not work for you what works for you at
age 45 may be is going to be completely different than what works for you when
you get to age 65 life is all about change and as we try to navigate through
the aging process and we attempt to find the correct amount of food the correct
selection of food the correct amount of exercise the right selection exercise
you know it’s always going to be you’re 57 could be completely reacting differently
than my 57 that unfortunately is their hand your 57
year old mind probably works differently than my 57 I suppose the exception to
that would be in less Patrick facility and maybe our minds are
in sync with each other but every time you have made a better
choice of your nutrition reps and sets of an exercise you are successful I
don’t care if you never manage to lose a single pound each and every time you may
be thoughtful choice for the better the word successful each of those singular
choices for a success unto themselves

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