Workout Supplements, Do you need them?

hello everyone in this video I'm going to answer that question should you take workout supplements in my humble opinion things like protein powder or casein creatine branched-chain amino acids anything from GNC in general really so the reason why I'm standing here with my shirt off is just to show you what you can do without regularly taking supplements from GNC or and I'm not discouraging people use those things when I was first getting started that was almost like for me at least half of what working out was like oh look what kind of protein powder am I gonna try next or what kind of pre-workout am I gonna try next now that I'm 10 years deep in it I just try to eat those things and hit my macros which will bring me to the kind of the points that I want to bring up in this video but now that I've kind of shown you what I look like I'm gonna put my shirt back on so to answer the question if you should take workout something this first I gotta ask you this are you counting your macros if you're not counting your macros then you have no reason really in my opinion to take supplements why it's because you have no idea how much protein you're eating throughout the day you have no idea how much fat you're eating throughout the day or how many carbs so to go out and spend 50 60 70 dollars on a pro protein you know container it doesn't make any sense you can already be eating enough protein for the day just with the food that you're buying going in the grocery store eating at school or you know wherever you get your food from and that kind of brings me into talking about what supplements actually are and they are supplements for food they're not replacements you don't you don't go out and buy I mean I guess you could but it wouldn't make sense to go out and buy a protein container and instead of eating chicken or steak or whatever you get protein from you just drink the powder instead it it doesn't make sense you're always gonna get better return on your investment with the actual food and not the supplements now saying this there are people that do need supplements and those people are people that are underweight or that have a hard time gaining weight or just malnourished people your body is really smart about turning fat into whatever it needs and if you're overweight you have all the stored energy in the world right there on your belly and I'm right there with you if you're if you're overweight I I'm leaner I guess that I have been in the past but I'm still not to the point where I need to start supplementing my diet to to add needed protein or amino acids I still have plenty of flippity flab on me and I hit my macros regularly so I'm slowly losing weight and there's no need for me to really eat protein ever another way that I kind of look at it that might be different than most other peoples is I count macros but at the same time my main goal is a sanic 1/4 desk deficit so yep anyway um I make sure that even if I'm a little lacking on my carbs and I'm a little over on my fats and I'm a little under my proteins that I hit around the calories for the day and it goes for for all three if if I have an abundance of protein for that day and I'm a little under the carbs or alone or the fat I just let it ride because underneath my caloric deficit and I'm I'm still there I'm still right with I guess what I'm trying to do and trying to cut back so if you have a hard time balancing your macros or if you have a hard time hitting your calories for the day then it would totally make sense to use protein or casein or creatine I guess now there there have been people that I've known that have had health problems from steadily using steadily using supplements but there's a one guy at my gym he was telling me a couple months ago that he had been taking creatine for like ten years in a row like he would he would take you know scoop in the more in a scoop at lunch and the stupid dinner or whatever like he he was always taking it and he just always thought that you were supposed to take creatine if you're working out well he went to his doctor his doctor was like yo bro and I don't remember exactly the diagnosis or whatever it was but he pretty much told him that he was gonna have to stop taking it or he was gonna have serious like side-effects or a bad health so he did and everything was fine like six months later he went back in all his levels or whatever it was regulated and I probably should be I should probably know more about you know what bad can happen to him but and to share with you but it just shows you that any too much of anything can be bad for you and you don't necessarily need these things if you if you need food you get everything that that can be supplemented anyway and another problem with the supplement industry or one of the biggest problems I think is that they find young kids or they find people that that haven't worked out a lot or have around the gym a lot heard that don't know a lot about nutrition and they they pick on they like they target them in there they tell them hey man you need this protein to get muscle you can't get muscle that protein it has to sell you stuff it's it's it's to get your wallet it's to it's to drive consumerism if they tell you you can't build muscle without protein powder you're gonna buy it and you're gonna think that you need it until you figure out you don't and it it's really sad man it just it kind of sucks because all the kids out there he's wasting wasting money on the like it's I don't know man it it's it's rough you see the same thing with like cookie cutter workouts people saw workouts if I came on here and I was like hey man I got the super secret workout that I can give you that'll make you just huge and you'll blow up and you'll be the strongest ever it's a lie the it does it doesn't work like that all you have to do is consistently go and workout at the gym what does matter is form and nutrition that's what it comes down to if you if you're working out with good form and you your diets there and you're hitting your you're hitting your macros that's what it is and then it just takes time and the problem with all this is that it does take time it's not easy to do it's I've been working out for a long time now and I'm 185 you know I'm not big at all I'm not a huge dude I think I look okay um but that's it I mean that's that's what you get out of it that if anything you just kind of got to embrace the embrace the journey and embrace the the fun that actually working out can give you at least I think I enjoy working out that's why I've done it so long and that's why I continue to do it is I like to do it it's fun I like being strong I like being I like being me I don't know like it's I guess it's kind of hard to explain if just somebody that's never worked out before but it's it's almost like an addiction like you uh you you get a little vain you get a little bigger you get a little poofy arms you know like damn son I'll look better and I'll look better and look better and you're just constantly chasing yourself I've heard so many times that the first time you work out is the first day that you realize that you're forever small because you'll never be really where you want to be and that leads into people taking you know steroids or or whatever are these these supplements again the supplementary industry will get somebody just jack diesel like just big just yoked and they're obviously taking you know something is they're not natural and they're saying hey bro if you want to get huge just take my take my protein powder that's not it bro it's not it's not how it works it sucks but the only thing that's gonna get you bigger and stronger and faster is nutrition and and constantly going to the gym that's that's all it is that's the that's the big secret I guess is that they're just trying to take your money from you the the supplement people I mean that's honestly that's what it's about now if you again if you're underweight and you need help gaining weight and you can't physically eat enough food to gain weight proteins power is a great way to do it it's it's a great way to put the protein in your body without like upsetting your stomach or being just full all the time so I can see that but unless you're you're I can I can on the flip side of that these pro bodybuilders that are like 200 and you know 70 pounds lean just freaking massive I'm sure that they have to supplement because there's no way that they're gonna eat you know 400 grams of protein a day it's just there's no damn way it's not gonna happen so if you're if you're super small or if you're super big most likely you're gonna have to take supplements but if you're watching this video you're probably not a pro bodybuilder if and I'm just throwing that out there that's just my assumption so I'm sorry if I'm wrong but that's that's what I think on it you should you should you don't have to use that stuff you can if you want and if that's if you have the budget for it personally I'm broke as hell I don't got money to be spending you know two three four or five hundred dollars a month on supplements stuff if I'm not count my macros men that macros is free download a color manager or My Fitness Pal you know they could pay me for saying that it'd be awesome but they're not gonna download some kind of app that will help you count macros and that will get you so much farther than any protein powder will you'd just figure out what you need for your basic nutrition get that down the lock get you some hats I don't even have abs I mean I'm still cutting so I'm not there yet but just get to where get to where you need to be nutritionally and then supplement insurance insurance so I look at a hospital anyway yeah get your get your macros down learn how to count calories get your nutrition down get your form down learn how to lift weights learn how to keep your muscle contracted when you move the weight then worry about the other stuff and I promise by the time you get to where you can do all that I would say 90% of people will be where I am not buying down protein every every single two weeks or every month it's it just it doesn't make sense that it's a I guess a lot better words it's like a dog and pony show it's like it's dangling the carrot in front of you trying to get you to chase the carrot this is it it's not gonna work I mean I don't I don't know what else to say I think I'm kind of like beating a dead dead horse at this point but if you're underway yeah use it if you can't for some reason eat all your all your nutrition and your now okay so that brings me up a different point I have used protein power off and on for example on keto I did keto for a little while I use protein powder then because you can only have a little bit of carbs and some of the protein that you do eat like eggs has a little bit of carbs in it not a lot um usually protein has pretty low carbs but just the foods that you're eating you're trying to keep the carbs down so low that you can go buy a protein powder with like one gram of carb per 25 grams of protein or whatever and you can throw that in a shake in some water and mix it up and and you're good to go and then you hit your macros for the day but it all comes back to basic nutrition if you don't understand how to do basic nutrition there's no point in wasting your money on that stuff in my humble opinion so thank you for watching the video if you stuck with me this long I'm trying to I'm trying to reach the the roba subscribers and view time and and likes on the video so if you could help me out with any of that that'd be dope if you can't understand I just appreciate you for for chill with me this long if you have any video ideas give me give me a comment in the comment section and let me know what I can make a video one thank you for watching again I appreciate everybody that sticks with me and watches these videos I guess I'm gonna hit it now alright peace

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