Workout for Two: Testosterone Blitz

hi I'm Mike Pellegrini and this is Nick trainer from the Kipp train with Mike welcome to today we're gonna throw smash push-pull stuff bring on the testosterone blitz workout this first exercise is the medicine ball chest pass it's an explosive exercise we're really trying to throw the ball right through the wall here the key points are really drive through legs fully extend those hips and really give a full extension of those arms it's a momentum based exercise you've got to remember this next exercise is a variation of the front toss we just did is the rotational med ball toss this is great for sports like golf tennis baseball just to get your drives a little bit longer just smash that forehand winner hit that ball out of the ballpark with the med ball side toss you really have to pivot off the back foot and explode through the hips dad you know you want to do this the sled pull and push full body pulling and pushing power good for football rugby any rowing sport and it's a whole lot of fun the first moment is the pulling exercise stand with the rope between your legs pick up the rope get into a partial squatted position with your chest up and back flat and pull the rope wrapping one hand over the other making sure that you're pulling with your shoulder blades keeping your shoulders back once the sled gets right up next you drop down onto that front bar and start pushing like crazy with the legs with the upper body core engaged all the way to the end Wow it doesn't get much more testosterone than this guys the full body extension flexion power exercise the sledge hammer the exercise that everyone wants to do but don't mistake it for just an upper body arm and shoulder exercise the lower body is very involved here as well so grab that hammer swing it up and over your head and come down with both the upper and lower body moving together our fourth and final exercise the tire flip what guy doesn't want to walk into work and flip his desk this is a variation of that a walking dead lifts the key points here walk right up to it feet shoulder-width apart get a good grip lock the arms drive through the heels the glutes and keeping your back flat give it a good flip this is the ultimate guys workout full body oriented exercise with an emphasis on power what more do you want so guys get off the couch put the remotes down and let's get moving give the sledgehammer to your son and tell them to have some fun on your mother's sofa try it at home or don't try it again is there an insurance policy that comes with this job go behind them get a fruit basket shot this is weird alright he's wearing spandex it's way too much to be shown back there again I want to make the bloopers this year again I that's why I'm doing this you


  1. Nice pants. Do they make them for men? 😛

  2. Can't really do this crap in the house.

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  4. Not a very practical exercise… But it could work, I guess.

  5. wow.. an actual MOJO video that works outside the U.S.

  6. That is the ultimate guys workout. Not very credible when you're wearing tights inside

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