Workforce Solutions at AMN Healthcare

as the innovator in health care workforce solutions MN health care provides hospitals and healthcare facilities with unique solutions to workforce challenges so they can focus on providing quality patient care while our staffing services handle critical immediate needs our workforce solutions solve long range and complex challenges for hospitals and health systems labor costs are half of all costs of healthcare systems so partnering with amn healthcare to achieve financial goals can be critically important our workforce solutions also help reduce administrative complexity streamline staffing management recruit quality staff and find new ways to be more efficient workforce solutions began from listening to our clients and to their needs clients said they needed more help with many aspects of workforce challenges our clients needed a partner who can help them address their overall workforce cost and quality issues for both contingent and permanent staffing they need a partner that can understand that contingent labor spin needs to be kept in control and managed to a budget because of our deep expertise in Workforce Solutions we know that workforce challenges that hospitals and healthcare systems will have even before they happen amn healthcare not only has the nation's largest database of quality clinicians we also have a large database of clients and the challenges that they have faced so we've developed an array of workforce solutions to help clients solve problem in recruitment process outsourcing or RPO we recruit hire and onboard quality clinicians for clients permanent staff our managed services programs or MSP they streamline the management of all contingent labor whether nurses doctors and allied professionals providing a single point of contact for an entire hospital system with contractual responsibility for managing a network of vendors to meet fill rates and quality requirements our consulting services help clients assess their current needs and see how we can help them be more efficient with their workforce locum tenens billing services help clients offset lost revenue from hiring locum tenens positions by recovering unbilled professional fees a quarter of a billion dollars a year goes unclaimed every year and we even help hospitals and health systems convert to electronic health records because clinical acceptance of these new systems is the biggest hurdle to climb emmons offerings of workforce solutions are the most comprehensive in the industry in a healthcare workforce staffing environment challenged by shortages and funding gaps and in the midst of an unprecedented period of transformation for the healthcare industry cost effective workforce management solutions are more important than everything

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