we are not a tobacco product we are a smoking alternative and a harm reduction product and it so it does definitely need its own definition even if it is controlled still biking by dr. patrol now you're one of the larger youjizz manufactory yes Karen oh right yeah we were one of the first three to open up in Canada so we wondered the grandfather the industry we jumped on board of the ECTA right away when they founded we're very proud to be that part of it that was something very important for us as well because you know there was no regulation step by the government for our industry and this is a it's a harvard exit product to get you off in tobacco there is agent majority with that it's not / / for kids to be getting a hold of it the agent majority 19 plus we boys enforce that as a role in our company as well as ECT standards but then there's a lot of other things as well that any consumer product of canada must have certain labeling requirements and it is also should be tested for mall the mall i'm out there in the living room really no idea about e-cigarettes and vaping except for what they hear in traditional media right what's your message to mom about the quality of senorita's can does he do so by far is it seems to be leading the world and you know being the most compliance and regulations that are that should be followed you say it safe I can see that it's a UK government announced that they feel is ninety-five percent safer than tobacco products like myself I would rather not make a claim but I will say when they've said that I felt that for years but it's nice to have a government in the world save that openly because Canada husband so backwards about you know trying to restrict something that helps people get off of tobacco which is killing them ton it does get up off my awesome there's a lot less government regulations there on call the standards and assurance and are there not enforced as well as they are here in North America or Europe so what happens there a lot is they'll manufacture it some companies will cut corners there's ones like an oaken that you can yer joyetech janti they go out of their way to be at a standard that's this bed par with North America in Europe and that's really impressive that's why they are some of the biggest manufacturers of a hardware in the world so I have a huge amount of respect to those those same ova manufacturers of China that do their due diligence the founders of any can have been involved in ecigarette technology for about seven years which is almost from the very beginning Anakin was founded five years ago with the goal of improving in technology and making high quality devices available to people around the world you're a Canadian but you represent to Chinese company yes I'm from Toronto originally but I moved to China quite a few years ago and then I stayed in continue working because I have such high hopes and love for this industry and for this technology you know I know for a lot of people it might be a bit confusing to hear the word technology when it's applied to something that they think is a cigarette it's not a cigarette and we don't believe it's a tobacco product as well it's a new kind of technology that uses aerosol to deliver flavors and also different levels of nicotine to the users so with a harm reduction device explain that well that's the whole point it's not combustion its aerosol and we can control even with temperature what the output from the tank from the device is for the user we've interviewed people on our show like David's Weiner who talks a lot about how it's not the nicotine that kills in a cigarette is the delivery system and I guess you know all intents and purposes you're our delivery system of nicotine yes absolutely the devices use a coil system in a wicking system and power to heat up the liquid which then turns it to an aerosol which is it inhaled and used and it's not combustion like I said so there's no burning and then we can limit any of the toxins that are potentially in the aerosol and we test for these toxins and we test for metals to ensure the quality of the vapor how rigorous is your testing and what have you learned from that well we test with different independent third-party labs in both America and in Europe for regulations there and the most important thing is the supply chain is auditing making sure the supply chain is keeping the materials that we use up to the highest standards as possible so people can they trust that coming from the manufacturer well it's it's from the testing labs so the reports that we publish our from these independent testing labs which we're also using for our own stewardship as well and we share the protocols that we've been developing with regulators and with the market with vapors so that you know we can discover the the maximum harm reduction with these new technologies when it comes to the regulations that we're seeing draw up in the US and the EU and coming through here in Canada what are your thoughts on that what's the company songs now what we must do is continue to improve the devices and technology and to share everything we learn with with the FDA and indicate and other top manufacturers are helping fund Sevilla USA which are in talks with the FDA and other groups to share this information we've joined and donated funds to the CVA the cane vaping Association in hopes of continuing dialogue with Health Canada and regulators for all those vapors out there that feel that you know governments coming in and crushing the industry and that the industry might be in peril it might be gone what kind of reassuring message if there is one kanina can provide well it won't be gone the technology will continue to be developed around the world and with every success story then it's more power for all of us as well and I have high hopes that the Canadian regulators at the government will listen to science and we'll listen to research and that dialogue will be opened with us so that we continue vaping in Canada you just want a couple of warts tell us about that yeah in Europe there's a vape around Awards it was the first of its kind you know a great event thousands of companies from the US editing on it I entered my juice I took home three awards got nominated for five that was great shocking I mean no a new canaan newer canadian company you know i'm doing good up here and yeah it was great for you it is a rags-to-riches story yeah definitely I was talking to someone earlier today two years ago today I was going around to corner stores you know collecting my consignment money to buy food to live and try to build this company and oh how I got this so no two years later being one of the guys you know really building this industry we're seeing a lot of regulations coming down what do you think about that I'm all for regulation in terms of you know a quality product you know people doing things right you know following the you know it needs to be regulated but the problem is you know even in Europe you know the people regulating it don't know how to regulate so you know how can they put all these things into a fact when they don't really know anything behind it we're proceeding we're making it happen or you know I still want to do business in Europe so I'm going to do what they want is it going to work we don't know we just got to wait and see the u.s. they come up with these the FDA comes up with this you know big big piece on what they want which is which is crazy you know the way I see it is if that actually goes into a fact what's going to happen it's it's a little too extreme you can't go that extreme and expect it to be okay and everything costs money so if you gotta pay to get your flavors regulated to make sure it's up to a canadian standard you know I look I mean you go to a store to buy a can of pop I mean you buy a cup of coffee it's all regulated I mean why shouldn't this be regulated as one of the largest ejuice facturers obviously in Canada and growing in the world what's your message to say Health Canada they pop provincial regulatory authorities that health ministries what's your message I mean this is an industry that's not going away it is never going away so you know work with us to basically make it out

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