Work at Cherry Farm Tour with Blippi | Healthy Eating for Children

hmm hey it's me flippy whoo and look at what I'm eating whoa I am eating a yummy cherry hmm I love cherry hmm I threw out the stem and I threw out the seed I love cherry goods are so sweet hey I wonder how the cherries went all the way from the cherry farm to this package huh okay first thing you need to do is pull the cherries off of the tree and then you put it in the bucket right here and when the bucket is really full like this then we go to the bin and pour out the cherries get all of these cherries now that the bins are all of cherries to the tippy tippy top now it's time for the tractor to load up the bins whoa look at the cherries they look so yummy I love cherries and cherries grow in clusters like these let's pull off a cluster and count how many cherries are in the cluster whoa okay one cherry two cherries and three cherries these cherries look so tasty and these cherries are the color red Oh giant door Wow gotta lock up the back of the truck all right now the truck is stolen cherries now it's time for the truck to take it to the packing facility [Applause] okay now that the bins are full and in the factory it's time to dump them in the water so they can get sort of impact watch sherry yeah now it's time for the cherries to go up conveyer belt in Logansport there's so many cherries so what I'm doing now as here's one I'm holding the stems throwing them away and then I'm also looking yeah I'm looking for leaf and throwing them away yes another leap good job okay so now we make sure these is trees are nice and clean so then they can go down the conveyor belt so then they'll be nice and ready for you to eat look so what I'm doing right here is I'm filling up clamshell container all of the way full of cherries and there's a scale right here so I can weigh it and now that it's the perfect weight I seal it all up now this goes to the store it's the semi-truck look that's right hmm cherries are subbu tasty whoa-ho-ho look at him like red Wow I'll need another chair but it does excuse me but it does have a seed on it Wow I love cherries and I love learning about how cherries go from the farm to a package like this so that you and I can eat well this is the end of this video but if you want to watch more of my videos all you have to do is search for my name will you spell my name with me okay are you ready BL I Pete Pete I would be good job well see you again


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