Woody Allen's 1973 film "Sleeper" may accurately portray healthy eating in the future


  1. Har! It's come true several times since, the latest fad being Coconut Oil.

  2. God I love that quote..

  3. You see, I was right. I'm down for that.

  4. ɷ I Havee Watchedddd Thissss Movieee Leakeddd Versionnnn Heree : – https://t.co/Je7i5iuMpw

  5. Facebook won't let me post this?? Why?

  6. Latest research saying that lard is healthier than vegetable oil – incredible!

  7. just read about what they are saying about eggs, for years I've been saying they are good to eat and everyone thought I was crazy, yet know the government is telling different.

  8. No sure about the hot fudge but the rest sounds about right. 

  9. Woody Allen as a kind of latter day Cassandra on the subject of diet and smokin

  10. "It's tobacco. It's one of the healthiest things you can put in your body."

  11. I always worried about what would have happened if, indeed, Albert Shanker got that Atom bomb.

  12. And he was right!

  13. Interesting

  14. He got the part about Nixon right, too.

  15. the title needs to be changed. it does accurately portray healthy eating habits

  16. many lies abound over grass fed meat. it is a total scam in every sense of the word if you ask me.

    Myths, Distortions, and Lies About Beef
    biblelife. org/beef.htm

  17. they suckered me into joining the low fat vegetarian platform. I may dead today if I didn't stumble upon a website telling the real story of cholesterol and animal fats as a vital source of nearly all nutrients.

  18. Daily Mail today – Superfoods make cancer more liekly says dna pioner

  19. GRASS fed meat is great for you

  20. @Faavtro Imagine how old he would have been if he ate paleo from birth. He had great genetics.

  21. Low Carb Hot Fudge-Unsweetend bakers chocolate+Stevia, Heat in Microwave and Voila!

  22. How much did he weigh?

  23. this film did actually accurately portray something from the future that was intended as satire but nonethless is now true. At one point the leader shows up on television and the network voice over says its on channel "1200." Meant to be a joke, but we now have a channel 1200 and even higher!

  24. @thewonderfrog Same here. Got my abs that way. Screw carbs.

  25. @rcbaker200 Don't forget the biggest sham of them all……The Drug industry. Overwhelming evidence that the FDA and Big Pharma are in bed together. Not to mention all the "drug studies" that are paid for by the companies that are producing them…..conflict of interest anyone???

  26. Is this a youtube video of a youtube video?

  27. What's healthy for one person isn't for another as in "one's man's meat is another man's poison". I couldn't eat cheese or chocolate at one time because it would lead to a migraine and still now have to only eat in moderation because of the high calorific value. Somebody else couldn't eat salt because of hypertension and tried to stop me putting it on my food. As long as it's multi mineral salt what's the problem and you drink lots of pure water what's the problem?

  28. What about huge tumblers of whiskey?

  29. Glad to see that Jimmy uncovered one of my favorite bits from a great film. But sad to see that many doctors are still mired in the conventional wisdom of low-fat (but high omega-6) and high-grain diets that have left obesity, diabetes, and heart disease in their wake. (I'm still looking for that healthy hot fudge, however!)

  30. proteins are good, but carbohydrates turn sugars in the body….

  31. @rcbaker200 thanks doc 🙂

  32. I lost 30% OF MY BODY FAT BY EATING HIGH PROTEIN, HIGH SATURATED FAT FOODS AND NO CARBS. My cholesterol levels dropped by 25% and my HDL increased by 12%. It was easy when you can eat as much bacon, burgers, steaks etc etc as you would like.

  33. @livinlowcarbman

    You could, I dunno, download the FLV clip from YouTube and cut it shorter? There are even web-based tools to do that these days. Or just pirate the movie, extract that scene, and delete the rest. Plenty of higher-quality alternatives!

  34. I love those rare, sparkling moments when a movie's prediction of the future turns out to be right on the money. XD

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