Women Jr, 63-84+ kg – World Classic Bench Press Championships 2019

I apologize and the control and I'm home to the referees Claudia welcome back to Tokyo Japan for the RPF 2019 world open sub-junior junior and masters classic and equipped benchpress championships and the action is getting underway again here we will be having all the junior women here at this afternoon we've got the 63 kilo and the 84 kilo women first up and then we'll have the 72 in the 84 pluses here on platform 1 and of course massive thank you to our sponsors Alico they are just absolutely amazing the support they've given this sport for so long now uplift who came on board a little while ago one of the greatest and finest online coaching platforms of the world bringing coaches and athletes together quality coaches for athletes from all around the world and of course SPD some of the greatest equipment you can find on the planet for powerlifting and we are underway with it's a gaya tamami from Japan looking to open her campaign here today at 57 point five kilograms so we're into the juniors this afternoon we watch the sub juniors earlier today and this afternoon we'll be having the juniors the absolute future of this sport very very smooth pathway on that one that should be a good lift and it is with three white lights next lift Rachel elec from Great Britain looking to open her campaign at 60 kilograms for the bars that loaded at 60 kilograms for Rachel just a smidgen under a vest lift of 62 and a half and that should be a good lift it's on the board and we're getting underway and I welcome to the commentary box here mark oil can only join me in the commentary box today as your day been so far it's been good gallery of refereed this morning been a good day been some great lifting and repeated earlier in the week as well yeah competed yesterday you've been busy been busy more more refereeing later and I'm coaching and referee and later in the week so a busy week lilies are though from Hungary now we're looking for 65 kilograms they have four years experience under a belt and this should be an easy opening if she's lifted 75 before super tight set up beautiful there short bar path doesn't have to move the bar too far textbook baby to Gary the textbook man absolute on the money Chantell dong from Canada looking for 75 kilograms Chantal Zhang three years competing 23 years old yeah this is the this is the absolute future of powerlifting right here there's sub juniors and the juniors this is where it all begins definitely some great lifting exciting to watch as well it's been absolutely outstanding today I mean you look at some of the numbers that men and women in the sub juniors and juniors are lifting and it's just absolutely outstanding Chantelle you're making them openly very good lifts selection for an open lift they're comfortable comfortable are you enjoyed Tokyo I have been joins when you can test the hospitality has been wonderful who's been will it really well looked after foods great absolutely well I anything anyway character put food in front of me one will eat it exactly like Yamano from Japan looking for 85 big opener for a little lady it's a big number for this weight class she's lifted up a 92 and a half of 95s before so it should be a fairly comfortable lift yup and the Japanese lifters with a fantastic history of bench press very control great light touch yeah really wasn't as fast as you'd like it now open up a little bit slow off the chest but she'll come back a little bit nervous maybe yeah you've gotta get those first lift no doubt the rain especially for the juniors too they don't have decades of experience needs a national platform oh yeah Nowak from Poland whole sky 85 kilograms it's the big numbers per 63-kilo junior women are unbelievable unbelievable a lot of a lot of lads out there will be will be happy to press in this yeah exactly big wide set up there with the feet going against stable it's a very wide foot sit works well for her yep whatever works great technique three white lights on the board we're Anna Johnson from USA 85 kilos as well we're gonna have a battle for those medals bill Hennessey whether they're American coach Robert Crawford TC you know we've talked about the American coaching a few times over the last few competitions they lift selections for their athletes that are always so spot-on the money and that one was as well be it being a coaches it's really hard Gary to know what that especially with America they won't be doing squads they've just gotta trust ellipses what they can do yeah look when you work with with the national team sometimes you know you don't get to work with the athlete a whole lot until you get to the competition so you put a build that trust very very quickly and a lot of the time it's looking at them in the warm-up room and judging that opener because a lot of them just overestimate what they'll do not to traveling all the way around the world and you can't you're better taking that travel account especially coming from the US sure low from Russia oh yeah very nice lifted another very very I'd put stance there yeah seems to work I would imagine she's probably an equipped with as well something we often see an equipped lifting a bit of a wider foot position yeah it just stops her hips moving up Kazakhstan anastasiya Davina from Kazakhstan 95 kilos as that monster opening leer monster and she has a monster personal best as well some great Kazakhstan lifters here this week we have heard that Kazakhstan nationally eight them a lot of times today they have been absolutely on fire also got a great junior program in that country in developing junior athletes is such an important part of any sport yeah another wide stance get that chest up super high and that was a fantastic lift she is gonna be very very hard to be very hard to keep elbow rather than any talk we just kept kids elbows right under the bar boom Anna Brian USA we render the 84 kilos now Anna Brian open he's 100 kilograms 23 last year in the Junior that's just demonstrating her experience and the coaching there she's taking the time to tell her spotter how she wants to lift out can make such an enormous difference to your performance getting that bar placed in just the right position where you want to definitely especially you know with the big setups and getting it getting the art we've got to get the bar up perfectly to where they want it not to – not too late she's got those feet right back very nice bar par comfortable no two red lights and I think that might be from the feet not yeah I filled it out saw that I saw the feet is off those feet dentist Pharisees got them just now hooking them flat on the ground they hit the hips are fine so Natalie Richardson USA coached by the great Jonah Leo my good friend well Natalie's from home have plenty of experience oh yeah oh definitely opening at 102.5 which is from Dakota I can't remember whether it's north or south at this moment but John will be watching hello Jonah oh yeah really nice 2.5 doesn't pose any problems we'll stop punch it all day she'll be lifted in the equipt is rolled later on in the week he doesn't quit then roar she's left it will above that year – what – a 107.5 last year at the National sir yeah and that was a year ago so she's made a lot of progress since then how to do at this age allele and Norway 107.5 Richardson and Helmand they're gonna try and battle this out for the gold medal I think today no it's gonna be exciting and saline again another country with a great junior program Norway very technical very great technical lifters yeah very nice you really use the backwards motion I push there too but some speed up hips get two red lights there from the side records and I say yeah see her it slipped right up there on the porch they'll fix that in the break she'll come back stronger to mommy it's a guy after Japan these openness 62:5 these opening lifts are crucial because now that's gonna char they're gonna move up or just keep her where she is just to get the lift in that's a tough decision for the coaches yes they're keeping her where she is it was a hard decision with that one you know when you know they handled the weight okay I mean if it was a it was an open lifter with ten years of experience you might be tempted tempted to put it up a little bit knowing they could handle the weight myself I'll never move and if they miss to take it again every time yeah I mean it's I mean that's the thing with cheerleading you have to record a lift and they've just picked up the miss load there and the screen changes over to sixty two and a half yeah it was it was a screen it wasn't me yeah the screen didn't roll over to the second lift so the supporters loaded what was on the screen Sasha's getting a telling-off I'm guessing make sure make sure he knows wasn't the loudest won't cast off it was the it was a screen it did say you know the load is a fantastic job whether he's a tough job out there they're working super far they're working very very quickly and they all like to do is load what to put on the screen exactly and this green says 57 5 they put that on the bar yep the hardest job in power what we're waiting of course welcome to the commentary box here you have a number of roles in the IPF tell us a little bit about what you do as for Great Britain I are coach the Great Britain acquitting equipped bench team a referee my category two referee I write for the magazine increasing few articles now and again I do some commentary I've done an ounce of dust and everything really you are all over doing everything and everything so what we drawing on your coaching experience while we're watching this today and it looks like we've got everything sorted out now so 62 and a half should be on the bar for tamami cigar from Japan and we're still a little bit of a movement from the jury panel it's still not sure what sorry you know this could be a tough moment for an athlete yeah the know you can see Tim I'll be getting a little bit stretched over there yeah for some reason I know what they'll do now is I think they'll move her to the end of the round because she's been sitting there in a tree structure so long yep and the amount of stress placed on an athlete waiting that long and of course you know you you time yourself to be ready adrenalin wise but when bars loaded and when that happens you've got a weight around you lose that emotion and that edge yeah so we'll load the bar to 65 kilograms for Rachel left for Great Britain she came second that to our Nationals yeah and this I think this should be a personal best so this would be sixty two and a half of the National she did yes and my girl from my club beat at the Nationals but I won't say that she'll get this I'm sure she's worked hard but she's back with that technique so well yep that was trusted in the technique and it Peevy big smiles party Dan Dan McGee today young down lilies are Bo from Hungary looking for 70 kilograms these numbers are getting huge the 63-kilo junior lifters incredible incredible 63 June isn't want to say a hundred kilo no chances if you're if you're an open lifter and you're watching some of these junior women you think you've got a hope of a masters both atomic into the opens without a doubt she gets a big call be interesting to see what they call on his feet there yeah there's a little bit yeah it's been okay so it's a good lift Chantal Assam will be our next Lister from Canada at 80 kilos I think with the feet Gary I think as long as I don't move yeah and the referees are really really good and you know from your experience really good at knowing the difference between feet not sitting flat on the floor and the curl of the shoe the curl the foot I definitely shantelle jones canada this will equal her best lift i think she did 80 kilos quite a while ago at the canadian national so she would have progressed a lot since then I love the unpredictability of junior athletes sometimes we don't we don't have 10 years of historical data on them okay look at that beautiful that was absolutely textbook on that one we can improve so quickly they say you know add-ons is just so incredible on balloon it's and it's a combination of strength and technique and you know learning to bench press yeah and it is it's something you have to learn Cory and Eric from Poland looking at 87 and a half yeah that's exactly right it's very different than going to the gym and you know knocking out ten reps on the bench I mean you've really got to learn how to bench press in powerlifting definitely get that to get it technically perfect keep the judges happy keep the referees happy beautiful light touch on the chairs that was absolutely superb just touched it to a chest steadied it quickly absolutely spot-on the money Brianna Johnson from USA now wants eighty seven and a half they equal her best lift let's go Brianna yeah look here 85 absolutely flew up and they've taken a nice conservative little jump nothing too big she's sitting in a nice position in the bronze metal putting herself in a nice little spot to take a run at the silver very well Vaughn yeah I'd hear the coach yelling to hold it and wait for that recommend yep something you see occasionally in junior let's just get a bit excited after all lifters juniors opens masters after we all get excited we all get excited sure all over from Russia looking for 87 and a half as well it's nice steady jumps we've got quite a few girls here just sitting around those same numbers I'm gonna be trying to battle it out on that last lip for the middles absolutely fantastic very very nice demonstration there you have it again the poles great technicians like a Yamano from Japan 90 kilograms so close this group it's gonna be great battle yes so that's it I mean that's a far cooler job that's a fairly reasonable sized jump for this weight class at his age category but this will be enough to push her up those rankings and just might just might give her the edge she's got a push because she's actually the heaviest of the top so she has to lift more than two those medals definitely have a fingers here to these to play it safe and just get the 90 kilos in order to try and push it to the limit yeah it'll be Trish to see where we see some changes in those last list as it you know in bench only you can change that last lift you have got two changes a couple of changes at play a few tactics interesting technique way she rolls the wrist coming down and then rolls from back over coming up and see what's worked or she gets the white lights and it's work look the little heavy though a lot of the Japanese lift if you watch the Dharma Daiki good friend of mine the film never seems to be in contact with the bar you know quite a mystery interesting group on the bar and my role of the bow the grips always with the fingers rather than that the old hand anastasiya should being that from kazakhstan now Wow 100 key 100 kilos junior under 63 lifts up so the record is 133 extremely flexible gets a chest right up high very very smooth sticks to the bar path and guess it's three white lights just brilliant let's do it you're a very very good technique she's really sort of playing is too close for the ruler she came with those hips yeah and keeps her forearms right under the bar for the whole lift a lot of the times let lifters let it drift drifting when we talk to athletes quite a bit about keeping you for I'm under Barry that's where the power comes from Hannah brine it now from the US of A she had a foot problem I believe yeah I get those feet back on the ground actually she shouldn't say they would have made a few little adjustments the back it wasn't a strength issue Gary just now she handle the weight without any problems I'm not a fan of that foot position at all but if you worked for her we've got 105 so she's opted to go up and weight all over the shop of that bar fire I'm gonna give it a start come on Gary because of the feet it's gotta get a feet right I have a little bit walk on the replay yeah there's a big risk too I mean she missed the 100 they went up to 105 yeah I don't I don't I didn't understand that and it's that really important yeah your your mindset to be confident when you go out with a second lift that you've missed the first one mm-hmm so now Helen from Norway looking for 107.5 you know it's interesting henna brines best best lift I think is 107 and a half yeah a little ways yeah yeah they just said they're you're playing right on the edge there you know in this state you have other kept on 100 purpose hindsight's 20/20 is he saying and that that's Howland just struggled a little bit too much there with that 107 because she's already missed it all sorts of trouble and you know we talked athletes all the time and other coaches about the importance of opening a little bit on the conservative side guaranteed gain that one on the board you want to know when you walk out for that first lift it you know even on a bad day I can get this yeah exactly you know and a teep a technique was a little bit off then it always like I said it became beyond the game you pick a little bit more conservative way if something goes wrong your techniques are quite right you can still muscle your way out of exactly right now the Natalie Richardson 7.5 she's having a great day and just put herself in that gold medal position by being consistent and that one was to Jonah would be proud of her Jonah will be part of a great lifting Natalie so she has put herself in a position here where she's pretty much guaranteed herself the gold so now we come back around for two mommies Ageha for 62 and a half of her second lift at the start of the round it was just a little bit of a technical issue so they moved to in the round to regather compose herself just get this lift in yeah and you could see when she was waiting on the sidelines that she was sewn to get a little bit on the stress side yeah see the emotion starting to rise so young Gary so young 20 greatest when Tia referees and the jury panel looked after that side of her her sport as well yeah definitely 62.5 since her second lift timed that press command absolutely perfect perfectly fantastic it was so much on the line I think gaston gave a red light for maybe almost jumping that command there so now we'll come back around for third attempts so to my graph will she have to follow her self here you know if she follows herself bollocks then the rest period exactly yeah it's all of a few minutes really a guest on just sorting that out now survey athlete has to follow the cells I'll actually extend that the rest period so for when I guess I was just announced surgery they'll be the 4-minute rest so tamami can recover enough to follow herself and will start to round again so we have four mirrors you know she could come out and anytime she wants in there exactly doesn't have to take the formula wrestling you know and you will occasionally see some athletes go you know what I have a news no I'm I'm good to go but I imagine tomorrow he will use most of that I think she works I'm yeah well it was it looked am close to a limit so she's gonna give us a bit of time a big week of lifting is there a session you're looking forward to the most this week I look forward to all of it you know I like to say I'm biased I said I wanna live today actually but my great friend Jonah Leo's lifting exactly and I'm rooting for him ma'am I'm rooting for him all honest in take that fourth world title and he's such a you know great ambassador for the school and he's such a great man well I won't be actually saying that one actually speech and the little words are I'm not never so polite you know but look course Jen Thomas is lifting and I she is yes to here and I was watching her lift and it's such a great week we've got classic and equipped in the same competition absolutely fantastic yes of cookies lift lifted a doublet up and that you lifted the yesterday the Danish lady she lifted a world record one thirty she's actually going to go into the open and take on Brenda van Mullen it's a great event so we get to not only get to see some of these lifters lifts in the raw we're gonna get to watch them later in the week we're lifting equipped as well you know and that's that's got to be taken into account and managing themselves and their coaches managing them as well we've seen a few lifters already this week that have put the numbers on they needed for gold medal and opted not to take the register saving themselves for you know if you don't need to use all that energy yeah Dennis came out did one lift yesterday one that was enough to win yeah didn't need to do the other two which which I know when you're lifting equipped and raw in the same week it's a smart move and he did the sportsmanship being left isn't left his numbers in there so the guys got the minute rest as well exactly yeah people don't understand that they say all we should but now leave it a minute yeah the lift is more to sportsmanship things in powerlifting I think is one of those sports in the world where everyone wants to see everyone succeed you know you'll you'll watch someone breaking a world record and five minutes later they're watching someone beat their world record and cheering them on to be that's how it should be that's how it should be you know if if somebody's lifting to beat me I'm back and I'm backing him to get that lifted I don't know everyone stands behind everyone here it's actually a fantastic sport and it's always great to come to these events because we catch up with so many people we know that we haven't seen for a while definitely and all the athletes know each other from around the world lots of friendships built it's one of those giant families yeah and this this week the family is over a thousand people big think it's a massive week of lifting over a thousand athletes it's great that this you know married the two together the equipped in the raw you know people to see both sides a lift in it might encourage more people to do it quick Tim again and I think it's I think it's gonna be great for the spectators watching this online as well what most like this livestream because they can actually see you know what goes into being a bench presser as well on both or and equipped exactly I move down to a minute twenty she's got plenty of time left and you can see her waiting in the wings they're just getting her composure where it wants to be using up that time doing a great job spotters and Lotus really quick and efficient and they are just they're getting better and better every session they came through session quicker you know and it's hard you know me these international events we've got you know multiple different languages being spoken all over the place and you know there's always lots of communication issues but everyone manages it very very well and I reckon I recognize a couple of the lads from the quit bench in that we're gonna lift later on in the week the young man who's managing platform two very good lifter and he's yeah I mean everyone gets involved in every part of the sport to one we now just getting that last wrist wrap on coming out I don't think she's quite realized she was able to coming out that's I mean that's something coaches have to be on top of the junior lifters yeah getting them ready she's left it super super close gets in there with two seconds to spare but the 65 was just a bit too much it was a tough day for ya look I think the emotion to bestow a little bit I think any other day she hit that 65 and that's that's one thing as an athlete and a coach you've gotta learn to manage Rachel lack Great Britain looking for sixty seven and a half a 65 would look look tough so hopefully you can find something and get this lift on and this is five kilos above her best list so it's all good and it's on the world stage – that's yeah and that does I mean that does take a toll you're burning even out in the warm-up room and set your energy very quickly it's just a little bit too much for that I had a good days you smile and come to the world champions you got World Championships you've got a personal best on the world stage – lifts them lilies are they from Hungary 75 kilograms oh it's get away now there's gonna be some battles now and already see we've seen a few last live changes here there'll be some more yep coach throughout the back looking at people's body weights and looking to see how much they have to lift lilies are Bo I wonder see any relation to Agnes arbor the great Gary Lipton lifting does tend to run in families it's just a little bit too much yeah these girls pushing themselves to the absolute limit for these last lifts looks a little bit disappointed but I don't know why she's she's done great today Chantel Jonah 82.5 conservative jump again yeah look she's done 75 added five kilos for a second and they're just a small one yeah perfect you know come here try to put three or three lifts on the board and this will be a personal best as well let's go young lady you can do this that's a nice way to finish a World Championship you can get a personal best come on come up come on drive this one through she does she used that technique views are so well she gets the white lights textbook bench in accounting textbook better sure all over from Russia there's 90 kilos and even though she's got some lifters lifting more ahead of her they still have to put those on the board so 90 kilos puts her in fifth but depending on following lifts she could find out itself moving up the rankings just get one on the board just get one on the board and this is probably a smart card eighty seven and a half wasn't the fastest lift a little bit of a scream there she pushes that up she gets the ninety on the board oh yeah two white lights is enough to go on the board with that one hey Mike your mom though from Japan 92 and a half so she needs to put this on the board definitely yeah the heaviest lifter so if she doesn't put this one on the board shrill over moves up placing at least have looked pretty good so far roll of the wrist just a little too heavy so that no two and a half the door is totally pure low or actually moves up and 1/4 now with some no way to live now with – two and a half yes this is gonna put it in silver if you get set up in silver metal position sheral over now it's just waiting to see what happens she could find herself moving up it's a 5 kilo jump shot the weight obviously because she's um she's fraction heavier than Johnson yep so she needs the NOI two and a half he's a knight – it's just a little too heavy and sure Oliver played that smart card putting a number well she knew she was gonna hear make that a 90 would have been a good ball and tonight he's just rolled up into the bronze medal position she was in fifth after she hit the 90 now she's rolled up into the bronze medal now Brianna Johnson from USA once 92 and a half as well this is a must lift this is a must lift for Brianna and this is for the silver medal she's been very very good so far and she's got that one to the top and that should be three white lights and it is so she'll take home the silver medal I'm Tessa Clifton she'll take home the silver sure all over it will take home the bronze and Davina from Kazakhstan will take home the gold and still has one lift to come 102.5 big lift in so 102.5 she's lifted more than this in the past will she take it she might actually choose don't use the extra rest and save herself for the equipt she doesn't need to lift it she doesn't need to lift this one she already has the gold medal has walked up she's gonna let that clock run down just give these three young ladies in there yet make sure the other three athletes aren't rushed into it yeah in the 84 class yeah so smart move hanging a little bit of energy for the equipt later in the week first up we got Hannah Brian this is a must mate she's had problems with her feet yeah this has been a tough session in the 84th two of the athletes you know who are sitting in positions to challenge for any of the three places now found themselves in a position where they might not register a lift it's Anna Brian we'll look for that 105 again he had problems at 100 miserable if they went up to 105 for the second having not register with it and now the pressure on a fleet having missed your first two lifts and at any at any age group this is a lot of pressure at a junior level it's just doubled so Hannah needs this just secured a medal all or nothing Gary all or nothing you just have to give everything you've got good answer their feet look a lot better on that one I think they've got that right this time chest up super high gets the start come in quickly which is good quick press but it's just too much not the best way to finish your day should be extremely disappointed you know I'm she's completing later in the week at equipped that's really going to play on a mine and now in the same situation Holland from Norway looking at 107.5 she's just got to get these elbows likewise she just took it miss groove it last time she's telling the spot just to get it right where they said when they do these big spell settles they've just got to get that behind the right place galleries gonna get they're lying at the power path exactly right yeah they're not like as old-style benches who can drop it from anywhere Pressey exists these are technicians these are technicians and you know it but you're on I mean it's a it's a very different different look nowadays it's very technical it was so much better yeah everything was in line there perfect yes and short put that one on the board and gets a silver medal which she put herself under a lot of pressure but she managed to save her skin there good coaching don't listen to a coach now the gold medalist Natalie Richardson gold medal us a gold medal leo strength 10 kilograms and she picked her lifts very very well came out and did her job it hasn't been under any pressure oh and she puts that one away and they amazingly slim athlete put that one to bed and get some free wide lights and a gold medal well barn so plenty it up and down throughout this session but don't disappear because we go straight into the 72 kilo and the 84 plus and we've got some big numbers on the bra we look like someone we're gonna opening a record in 272 s1 16.5 Velma one time this is gonna happen right now go kinga kinga girl from hungary is opening at fifty five five ah look at that that was easy sensible to group make sure she has lifted well above that in the past sensible lifting going just get that was a really smart opening lift that one I mean she lifted sixty kilos last year at the European classic powerlifting championships and the bench classic championships as well so 55 was a good site opening lift so came over Kazakhstan 65 kilos a game I should think this would be comfortable Gary yeah I would absolutely think so I mean she's lifted well up into the 80s and this is just smart Oh being lifts being conservative knowing that doesn't matter even if something goes wrong I can still manage this lift very easily well she got it she was on that for 20 reps off and go yeah look what she was coming after a warm up there a made you're gonna do coach yep I'm and a wall from Canada once eighty big team this week Canada nice to see it's great to see so many nations competing this week so Amanda wall wants 80 kilograms myself again Gary nice and tight to the midsection there beautiful a little bit wobbly on the part of the chest there but she managed to correct that very very quickly Sophia Ellis from Great Britain 87 and a half young Sophia damn Maggie's coaching her again 23 years of age quite quite a new to powerlifting only been competing for a year yep there's two platforms today so I think Sharon will be on the other platform a head coach with some other lifters so it's mattre – you can almost tell when you watch an athlete a junior athlete come out you can always tell when they've got an experienced coach it's the little things I mean the athlete will come out and talk to the spot or tell them where they work the bar and all those little things that the coach adds in and that was a fantastic opening lift beautiful perhaps we are next lift they were just waiting for the spring to change over for the spotters and lowers Camille follow up from France looking for 90 kilograms well under a personal best should be very comfortable so a lot of our sub junior and junior athletes school students and university students so managing their sport and their studies and a lot of a lot of nations now adding in the fantastic school and university parenting programs yeah on the money with that one three white lights and Marie Bremner USA I just saw the coach in the back there is Dean the machine belt and if you don't know Jun bellies and you're a power lifter so much shame on you a legend of the sport seen seen that face 480 of times over in the corner 95 kilograms on the bar for the nice clean left here she put herself in a nice position to take a run at the medals and the opportunity it shows quite close foot position so they like something right aha so the referee said that her butt wasn't touching the bitch watching at the start glance take your time young ladies 20 20 seconds that's your time from what we can see that looks a lot better looks like I think it put her off a little but looks like the stress of having to replace it and restart and you rush that reached out a little bit it's throwing her off and she'll be fine she'll come back out and international level referees will still stand up and tell you what the problem is what we need to fix communicate with you you know this they're extremely supportive in this sport Marty Maher Norway being coached by Kim Gunderson today a great equipped venture from Norway so they weighed 5 kilos of the bar for her as well that's what I know they should look like fantastic lifting it's smooth on the money all the way through Wilma Olson and Sweden wants a 110 what an amazing lifted Alma is compete their weeks ago your junior lifter and it's a name we're all quite familiar with compete a couple weeks ago at European equipped so she'll be very very busy this week she's the world junior record at 1:16 she put the world junior sport record at 190 and the total record this role is to quit doesn't my arrest raps a couple of years competing and we're all ready to leave with his name whoo blow it up laughs blew it off is quite a quick descent one there lift as well yeah now we have Susanna paradin from Finland one 16.5 opening whoa record record at old record this is big lifting ladies and gentlemen 16 and a half so she's looking to steal that record from Bill Maher Olson won 16 and a half see if Wilma's going to work it'll be trick yes I knew it and I wonder I know very well you know it's a tough competition when you've got to go after records to look at getting a medal yeah 116 5 that wide foot set okay no wrist wraps hands out herself sinks it deep in your chest was that was a fast world record one 16.5 but bill was not gonna let her have it all their own way today will roll back around to the start now for kinga girl from hungary at 62 and a half one seventeen point five I'd imagine so yeah we're gonna play a game happy gonna play a game or you're gonna put going the other way the speed of that moved at 116 and a half I wouldn't be surprised to see you go a little bit more yeah maybe 120 yeah there we go 129 20 really pushing it 120 Julia lifted a 72 kilo 72 kilos my own you lift up that would be fantastic lift yeah exactly be a fantastic lift okay here we go beautiful she climbs that press command absolutely perfectly beautiful lifting she reacts for that press command so quickly jakirah Kazakhstan 70 kilograms or open oh really easy gallery this should be comfortable yeah it moved very very quickly oh yes such a powerful chest unbelievable and she sets herself up in the right position so she can utilize that powerful chest she has not wasting it you're not going to do things that you can't do place your strength gallery I'm in the wall looking for eighty two point five kilograms only a couple of years competing big left eighty two and a half to conserve to jump two point five 72 killer lifters she weighs in at 70 point six for this morning so well above body weight yeah whoo all the way through she'll put another two point five on that 85 got caught on a boat I think but yeah looks like it was a foot fault their footfall Camilla hello from France looking for 95 kilograms getting right up on those shoulders as high as you can get she's gonna create that super tight system I'm sure that her body doesn't move and all the foot-pounds going to go into that bar and look at that beautiful eyes if you watch that if you watch that replay you'll see her body hardly even wobbles and all that power is going straight into the bar absolutely fantastic so now we've come back round 4 in Roma just she got a bit flustered on me yeah look I don't think she has any issues with 95 I think she just rushed that second self she got read that react yeah and it's one of those things when you're a junior lifter you've only got a couple of years experience those sorts of things really throw you off definitely she looks very steady now yeah look at that absolutely beautiful oh when she gets to red lights and I'm gonna suggest that maybe that was for her about lifting up really tell from our camera angle there and it was a little bit blocked at the start so I'm not really sure but the referees would have actually said to her what it was yep Sophia Ellis from Great Britain looking for 95 and she's currently in sixth position but depending on following lifts 95 could be enough to find a move up the rankings a little bit get up repress model absolutely fantastic work coming out through your job we talked to athlete or time again stick EG game plan go out dude job put the numbers on the board how other thing is anyone's game this is a must make 100 kilograms on the bar of our team yeah she needs to get this this brought equal her best lift this will move up to the bronze medal position he hit this one on the board she'll slide up the ranking he's a little bit that got tough in the middle there but she looks like she pushed it through and she did she gets the three white lights we've learnt important that for her i now another world record attempt and Hilma Olson has said you know what I'd like it back please anything you can do I can do better bill Olson wants that record back so world junior record this will be her best ever lived she did the 116 to set the world record coach today took one sixteen point five and now 117 to take it back coach by my great friend andreas Linn today great coach too great great great over the numbers and that's a smart lift we haven't gone too much over the record just 2.5 4 kilo it's a big jump from 110 though big jump she's determined but it's just a little bit too much off the chair she just couldn't get the pair off the chest there look like she just didn't quite time to leg drive very well and now another world record attempt Horan and 120 she had it a bit too much on here one 16.5 flew up and now she's looking for 120 he looked powerful though Gary it was really super powerful and super fast where is it in a chasten yeah she has one of those techniques that syncs it down into the chest a little bit and then can use that power coming out so 120 he's well within reason they're mostly oh and she's got more in the tank she did 127 and a half of the European Championships laughs yeah so she's got the world record at 120 and she might be a bit hard to film we're also the beat now Dean got girl from Hungary now 72 and a half for our last rich to take home the silver medal this will put in gold medal position social temporarily move up into the gold the Kazakhstan being forced to out lift up if you could have gone 70 and took the lead with the coach John put 72 in yeah it's just quite a bit low she's at the very very bottom end of a 84 plus she waited at eighty four point seven six she's probably just moved to upper class yeah and you watch the junior athletes and subview in your athletes and over the years they changed weight classes particularly in the men watch the 105 to the 120s today some of which of the 120 classes next year and that seventy two and a half just a bit much maybe 70 would have been better than seven it would ruin my call there if we didn't need seventy two and a half seven that would have been my satellizer silver metal though yeah it's several metal great day World Championship and Kazakhstan will have it all their own way and take home the gold medal in the 84 plus looking for 75 kilograms Aviva TV again doing a fantastic job with his streaming great to see the pictures and the angles you guys are watching at home and we get them to on our screen as well so we've got the fantastic seat here we can see it live and we can see the different angles on the screen and it's all brought to you by Viva TV do it again is that every comment better every competition look at the power – she had more shot more than 75 was conservative but she's still looking like she's warming up yeah she'll go home with a gold medal with that why should just do what she had to do still got some in the tank to completely quit she'll be a hundred K Banshee before long I'm sure so I mean the war from Canada now looking for 90 kilograms big jump from eighty two point five on a rather large jump for this weight class and age proof maybe for some sort of record Gary you know there's always a reason behind the madness yeah I mean that's it I mean we don't know what the national records are but that jump just proved to be a little bit too much yeah yeah I thought I'm gonna jump 2.5 again the 82 Lords seven and a half is a big jump big jump big percentage very well do kilos going down to the wire this is gonna put her in a bronze medal position four mil up France all these coaches are mathematicians – yeah you do walk at the back during a competition you'll see all the coaches around the scoreboard with pens and papers working out exactly how much their athlete has to lift to move up to a ranking and it gets even more complicated when you're at a three lift event it's the pace of Bench buses what makes it tough you know with everything Germans around very quickly don't we have a lot of time to be steering the board doing calculations you better be able to think very very quickly and with the to tattoo changes it makes it it makes it tough out there so 100 kilograms she looks good on both her other lids and she'd you bring that one down which isn't gonna happen yeah settle for 95 I guarantee in front she would have got that travel and it just takes his toll and these guys I mean you travel a long way it does certainly take its toll in the mine but right now Ann Marie Bremer come on she jumped up seven kilos it's all or nothing left this Ward and she's had problems with her both her previous lifts they've got to have loaded it wrong and they've decided to throw caution to the wind here yeah and put on 102.5 to try and get into the medals yeah she took the last lift it was pretty easy it was a technical problem she hasn't had any problem lifting the weight she's got a bit of but you know she's had a tough call on the first one and see the start command needs now to get really fired up the 102.5 she's missed her opening to this so I'm taking the four reasons now once 102.5 let's go come on let's go Ann Marie you got this girl and we fantastic to see it get this on the board and slide it into the middles it's set up looks a lot better it's just a little bit too much just with everything going on playing on a mind just a little bit too much today but she certainly gave it everything she had and I think you know the end of that there was a good call by the coach to give that a crack yeah I mean she really had nothing to lose and it could have slit her into the middle has an only five looked pretty simple before it's just hip movement Martina here from Norway now 102.5 to consolidate that bronze medal position and then the pressure will be on Ellis to lift the 105 for the bronze ah very nicely done powerful he has lots of power and more room to move on that one so now Ellis is forced to lift 105 because she's the heavier lifter she has to lift a more than her to go into the bronze metal position and this is a big jump do anyone rise to 105 come on this is a huge jump let's go young lady strength coach from Great Britain 23 years old 105 in the bar for the bronze medal Sheridan ray shouting the orders big Seto yeah look she could just say as she lowered that part of the chest it just wasn't was it the same as her other lips so that gives him here from Norway the bronze metal now and now door also has gone to 120 after mission to 117 quite an interesting decision maybe was just a technical thing we bail him out she has the silver medal locked up and put away no one can take that off her she's gonna go for those the less she goes for the 120 she can't even challenge for that gold so maybe it's an all-or-nothing the amazing that of the most and Bill Maher Olson if anyone can pull it off it's Dilma yep call me and AH let's go everybody in Sweden will be cheering and she looked a lot better on the press you got a little bit of moving off the chespin and shot a bit to market so hora de is gonna take the gold medal keep the world record and she's decided she's gonna add another couple of kilos for that world record of one at 22.5 and finished on a massive massive world record julia lifter one twenty two and a half junior 72 kilos lifter she weighed in at 70 104 this is a huge huge lift 21 years old a lot of guys in the gym wanting to be able to lift its weight amazing 122 and a half world record again I think she's going to drive through it she gets it to the top let's see what the referees they who at wide right it's a world record no effect called toh phasee Lee I don't know if you could see on the camera when she got that lift and it wasn't very clean and coach wasn't looking very happy even though she gets a lift she wasn't he wasn't happy with the process so quite the perfectionist what a fantastic way to end this session Torrance Kendall stealing that world record three times in one session amazingly and you know it's a tough session when you've got to break World Records to have a chance at a gold medal Fillmore was close but she gave it everything she had she certainly made sure she was pushing her all the way don't go too far away we'll have the middle ceremony very shortly and there is lots more action to come this afternoon thank you Mark for joining us in the commentary box and hopefully you'll be back here again soon sharing your knowledge with the world thank you Gary thanks for time and all the hard work you do we don't thank you being busy very much for the great coverage again thank you for my the woman's journey is at the 43 theater class in third place what a book from Japan 40 close [Applause] in second place Jared Lindsay from the USA conqueror in first place Alexandra gone Felicia from Russia sexy to quick-fire pillar of course I'm [Applause] in the under 47 kilo class from Poland 70 kilos second place of Japan yeah exactly Utah seventy two point five foot in first place on Japan achieve me 77 [Applause] [Applause] in the under 52 Aikido class from Norway now killed eaten up seventy seven point five years it's a good place in the Ukraine d-10 code 89-85 people in first place in the Ukraine Sabine's camp Tatiana 87.5 killed [Applause] in the other 57 killer class from Iceland 75 killer in second place from New Zealand John Groce 80 killers in first place we stand for the national anthem of Ukraine [Applause] [Applause] so lightly mentioned that people know very intense so we'll be convincing the medal ceremony the g63 so for the under 63 genius in third place from Russia Vanessa Trillo 90 kilos [Applause] in second place from the USA we have a Johnson 92.5 fuel and in first place from Kazakhstan Anastasio Donita 100 coolers can we please stand at the national anthem of Kazakhstan [Applause] [Applause] from speeding filming in town and in fast place from Finland Susannah target one hundred and twenty two point five kilograms [Applause] [Applause] next up under 84 killers in second place to leave so step Evelyn from Norway 107.5 and in first place from the USA's navigate Richardson we please dead the national anthem of the USA [Applause] next up 84 plus in second place from Hungary take the dog sixty two point five kilos and in best plays from Kazakhstan we'll check brought to our mobile 75 kilos so we please deadhead a national anthem of Kazakhstan [Applause] [Applause] speak


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