Woman Secretly Living At Life Time Fitness Found Nearly Drowned In Pool


  1. Not a drowning. It’s impossible to drown in that pool. Impossible.

  2. There’s a guy that works there all night all the time that would have seen her and kicked her out of there.

  3. And the police department is right across the street. When you can’t solve the crime, it’s law enforcement experience at play. .

  4. It's Strange that This happened here this area that we live in Doesn't attract people like That. 😵😵😵

  5. That’s so sad may allah be with her amiin😢💝

  6. who gives a fuck? a 24 year old homeless person died. Next story. Don't have time to care about worthless ass people fucking up their own lives.

  7. 1:36 She was about to say "this area doesn't attract black people"… smh

  8. All you niggas in the comments are probably the dumbest niggas in the world. If you don’t watch the news your not informed and if you watch the news your misinformed. I’m with my cousin in texas rn and shes doing much better and she was not homeless she was living with a roommate in Euless. This is the gym she works at. It’s sad that someone went to the local news station and told lies about my cousin just because she has beef with them.

  9. You know your friends aint shit when the reporter said…"Friends say that she had been living in the gym…for weeks"

  10. Her fine ass could have lived with me if I was in Texas. She looks a lot like Kelly Rowland.

  11. Please don’t believe the news! Jamila is my first cousin and she was not living in the gym these so called friends have no respect for my cousin and family please don’t believe this she’s alive. Please pray for my cousin 🙏🏽

  12. that look like one of them dam somalians. trying to take advantage of the system.

  13. White ppl this doesn’t happen in this kind of area…girl shut yo white ass the fuck up this shit ..can happen anywhere

  14. pretty women , sad case

  15. awww she was beautiful RIP Queen

  16. damn

  17. Those 2 ladies annoyed the shit out of me.

  18. OOF

  19. Saaaddd so beautiful

  20. Lmao

  21. Her fine ass could have stayed with me 😿

  22. Her "Friends" aint shit….clearly

  23. How does a 24 year old women who works at LA fitness go unnoticed? If this is a 24 hour facility, where the fuck was staff. Where were the hourly checks? Where were the lifeguards? Where the hell was security? I have so many unanswered questions. Why weren’t staff trained to swim? This facility had a responsibility to train ALL staff regardless of what department they worked. This could have been prevented. If I lived in that city (which I don’t, thank God) I would avoid this facility at all costs. Huge liability

    I’m also very disgusted by what some of these “neighbors” said. If you can’t detect the subtle micro aggression, prejudice and racist intent in their statement, you are part of the problem. yt people are cancerous.

    Rest easy Jamila.

  24. Wht was she doing sleeping in the pool?

  25. shes a receptionist

  26. This is awesome!! What a crazy story. A fun “ who done it” ??? I think it was murder. Or fell asleep in the pool?

    I think those old ladies need to sleep in pool too.

  27. She looks exactly like Kelly Rowland.

  28. Such a tragic story. You never know what someone is going through.

  29. Hey sugar land folks who was at lifetime during the fire??

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