Wireless Fitness Headset Microphone — Shure Fitness Headset Mic Review


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  5. Big fan of your content can i get this comment pinned buy the way i have bought the same laptop as yours

  6. Nice one… i like it…

  7. ⚡ QOTD: Do you create fitness or active content? What have you been using for audio? LMK! 👇👇👇 Also, check out other videos in our #CES2018 series here: http://bit.ly/ThinkCES2018

  8. Loving this series!

  9. Great content as usual !! Keep up the great work ..

  10. @seancannell Why do you still use a mic 🎤 like that rather than a wireless mic that attaches to your shirt instead

  11. Those are really nice, wish I get a pair of them

  12. Love seeing all the new shit! 🤘

  13. liked the way you have described the whole info about this microphone😊😊😊 good investment yes!

  14. Nice microphone ,but isn't it some how expensive?

  15. i shure do

  16. Amazing video Sean😍💕✌🏻 I have fitness channel it will help me a lot thanks Abhi💕✌🏻😘

  17. I haven't been but I plan on creating Fitness based content. Looks like a reasonable priced setup

  18. That headset is awesome. Awesome video and that can be used in so many things.

  19. One more question, all these incredible items you are uploading videos about , where are they found?

  20. Looks like a good investment but i don’t workout. LoL 😂.

  21. I am a great follower of you Sean. I am grateful to you.

  22. I am waiting for a response from you for a long time

  23. I am using my Laptop's microphone for audio recording.

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  26. I have a only a Smartphone that I used…and I love it… love you sir

  27. You are not just an YouTuber. You are an inspiration Sean!

  28. Looks like a nice mic system. I live outside the States, I have something from a local brand similar to radio shack. It's not amazing but does the job. It's less than 100 bucks, also comes with a receiver, a headset and a wireless hand held microphone. It usually lasts about a year because the receiver plug usually gets beat up until it breaks. I get it fixed for about 30 bucks with a local guy.

    The system in this video looks real nice, specially for doing YouTube content. It's real pricy though. Most fitness YouTubers seen to go with the mic you hand over your shirt. A Sony brand which was featured in this channel about a year or two ago. It's only 20 bucks!

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  30. Nice Video Bro <3

  31. Nice one Sean love your show keep it up

  32. Hey great product. Not for me tho…..😅🍍😅🍍 But ya did a super job reviewing this product. Super smacked the like button….😉🤘

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  34. Great review. I'm thinking to buy it.

  35. Sean and Benji I watch all of your videos I'm so inspired I hope I win the camera if I do I would interview you with my new camera

  36. I have a health and fitness channel, however I feel that system is very expensive. There are other good quality systems for half that price. It is nice looking though.

  37. this looks so good.

  38. Cool video! I'll wait til the price drops! 😀

  39. too expensive. there are better values out there form a variety of manufacturers.

  40. Nice!

  41. Notification Gangg!!

  42. i like ur last talk …..

  43. Thanks for sharing, need this for my channel 😀

  44. Great Video Think Media, Shure is a great company, but a true wireless mic will not have a cord. I been teaching group fitness for 30 years and I have always used Samson Wireless air 77, it the best and half the cost of the Sure you reviewed. I used Shure before and didn't like the fit or the cord from the headset to the battery pack. Samson wireless air 77 there is no wires or battery pack, its on the headset, just plug it in and put the headset on. I hope you will check it out and do a review. Thanks for the vids and keep em coming. 👍🏾😎 Sam!

  45. nice video!

  46. Nice quality video content…
    Fitness headset is good.

  47. Ur viedoes are very high quality

  48. Cool microphone

  49. I love how you have no background noise – teach me 💪Love the headset 👍

  50. Yeah cool and informative. Thanks you so much. 👍

  51. I was scrolling through your channel just now and saw this headset. These Shure SM31FH-TQG mics are solid. I deploy hundreds of these each year for theme parks. They can put up with a lot of abuse.

  52. pls….shopping link

  53. People still make XLR?
    Do they also listen to music on an 8 track?

  54. Just been using my iPhone 8, no other mic. Need to come up with a cost effective solution!

  55. thats…..reeeeally stupid…couldn't you just get a lapel mic system for like 150 bucks? vs spending half a grand on what is basically a glorified handsfree mic?

  56. I am using takstar e160w in my dance class. Light transmitter with volume control.

  57. Hello Iam startinf a fitnes/yoga chanel and I have been follow all your videos I think is great you are doing this such a great help. Question with this wireless mic is posible to connect it to the camera as well for the videos? Sorry if this is a basic question I am a beginner

  58. I'd purchase this. Bit how to fit it to my Tascam DR 10L? Do they come with a 3.5mm adapter?

  59. I have and I’ve been using the ambient audio from my iPhone but I am looking for a better solution as I move forward. Thanks for this video.

  60. xD

  61. Sooo goood!! Exactly what I was looking for

  62. I prefer an integrated headset and transmitter. So, not the SHURE. I actually have one in my arsenal of mics but don't use it. I don't like moving with the transmitter pack on my body.

  63. Thanks so much! Been looking for a mic for fitness videos that works for both DSLR and iPhone. Could you do a follow up video on how to connect this to your iPhone?

  64. Can it be used for stage lecture bro

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