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(gentle music) – Hello everyone.
Welcome to Yoga With Adriene. I’m Adriene and this is my
trusty assistant Benji and today we have an awesome 10
minute wind down yoga for you. So come on down to the ground. As soon as you’re
ready start to breathe deep. We’re gonna start in all fours. Thank you, Benji. Just start to take a load
off here with some Cat-Cow. So whenever you’re ready
starting to move with the breath we’ll drop the belly,
open the chest, breath in and then
use your exhale to round through the spine. Draw your chin to
your chest and breathe out. And just that
simple move, again, we’re gonna inhale,
drop the belly, open the heart forward as you press away from the
earth with your hands. And then exhale continue to
claw through the fingertips as you draw the navel up, chin to chest rounding
through the spine. Then go ahead and do
one more on your own. And then I’ll meet you
in a nice Tabletop Position. Neck nice and long,
nice neutral spine. From here, let’s together
bump the hips to the left. Take your gaze to look
past your right shoulder. And come back through center. Bump the hips to the right, take your gaze
past your left shoulder. Then come back to center, you’re
gonna just draw little circles with the tailbone forward,
around and back. The one way and
then reverse the circle and move in the other direction. Just nice, soft,
easy movement. Excellent, then from here
we’re going to bring the big toes to touch. Bring the knees
just a bit wider. And we’re going to
inhale to drop the belly, open the chest. Exhale, round through here. Chin to chest. Inhale, drop the belly,
open your heart. Exhale letting go
of the day thus far, letting go of any
stress and tension as you round through the spine. Then do one more on your own. Beautiful, and then send
the hips all the way back. Melt your heart to
the earth to Child’s Pose, Extended Child’s Pose. Take a moment here
to close your eyes and listen to the
sound of your breath. Give the thinking mind a break
as you begin to slowly invite the body to relax.
The mind to relax. And winding it down for the
day or decompressing after any activity or, let’s face it, sometimes we experience
heavy stress load. So it’s all good.
We’re tending to it here. Take one more breath. And then slowly begin to
come back to all fours. Then you’re gonna from here
cross one ankle over the other and use your hands to guide
you here as you come all the way through to a seat. (chuckles) Benji’s
feeling relaxed as well. Then from your cross-legged seat
bring your hands together at your heart and lift the
sternum up to your thumbs here. Take a deep breath in. And as you exhale, relax the
shoulders down away from the ears and close your eyes. Find a moment of stillness here. A moment of calm. A peaceful moment
of conscious breath. Excellent and then slowly
we’ll bat the eyelashes open and come all the
way to our backs. So nice and slow. The rest of this practice is
floor work so as you start to come down to the ground just
notice what it feels like, ah, to take this
time for yourself. A little goes a long way. Just think the next five minutes
you get to spend feeling the support of the
earth on your back. If you can, extend
your legs out long. (laughs) Excuse me, Benji. (Benji moans) Sorry bud. And when you’re ready,
take the arms up and overhead for a nice full body stretch. Use this as an
opportunity to check in. Where are you at?
How are you feeling? Start to open up
through the shoulders here. You can wiggle the fingertips. Take one more total body
stretch as you breathe in. And then as you breathe out,
you’ll slowly bring the fingertips down and nice and
easy you’re gonna hug just the right knee in
towards your chest. Wrap your arms around your right
shin and really squeeze that right knee up
towards your heart space. Start to slowly
activate through the left leg. Just to create a
little stability. And then when you’re ready,
inhale in and exhale, gently peel the
nose up toward the knee. Keep the skin of the
face soft, best you can. Shoulders relaxed. Take one more breath in here. And then on an exhale,
gently lay your head, your neck, your shoulders
back down on the earth. And we’ll take the right knee
and guide it all the way across the body coming into a twist. So right knee moves towards the
left side of your mat and you can open up
through your right arm, your right wing and send your gaze past your right fingertips as you breathe deep here, listening to your heart’s song or the sound of your breath. Notice where you might
be clenching or holding. Soften through the
skin of your forehead. Try to relax your jaw. And then when you’re ready,
gently guide it back to center. And we’ll send the right leg out and peel the left
leg all the way up. Wrap your arms or
hands around your left shin, squeeze the left
knee up towards your face. And when you’re ready,
inhale in, exhale, peel the nose
up towards the left knee. Feel that compression
in the belly massaging the internal organs. Keeping the shoulders relaxed. And then slowly release. When you’re ready, take the
left knee across the body, Supine Twist. So open up
through your left arm. Notice how this side is
different and just take a second here to close your eyes,
go inward and, once again, really breathe deep
and listen to the sound of your breath in order
to kind of anchor any busy thoughts or monkey mind. Really listen to
nice audible breath. I love the image here and in
most twists but especially in a nice Supine Twist of two beautiful hands
wringing out a dirty rag or a sponge and just all of that
excess water and the things you don’t need,
the dirt, the grime rinsing out and away. Take one more breath here. Feel that rinse in spine. And then slowly
guide it back to center. With the left knee
hugging in towards your heart, go ahead and allow the right
knee to come up and meet it. You’re going to take a second
here to just give yourself a big hug and really
feel that embrace. So close your eyes and
notice what it feels like. And your hug doesn’t
have to look like mine. We’re here to really learn how
to or relearn I should say how to love and honor our bodies
just the way they are so you can modify,
you can make do. Just want to take
a moment that feels like you’re really
present with yourself. Whatever that means to you. Great, and then take
a nice gentle inhale in. Reaching the fingertips now
towards the outer edges of the feet or the inner arches,
yogi’s choice. We’re gonna take a version of
Happy Baby by kicking the soles of the feet up towards the sky. And if this is
not available to you, you can work one leg at a time holding onto
your shin or pant leg. So hands on the inner arches
or on the outer edges the feet. We’re gonna kick
the legs up to the sky. We’re gonna ground the shoulders
down to the earth and take the deepest breath
you’ve taken all day. Beautiful, then slowly release. From here, hands
will come to the rib cage. We’re gonna
windshield wiper the legs left to right, back and forth. Nice and easy breezy
until the legs eventually lay all the way out. We come in to Shavasana. I’m gonna move
mine so Benji can stay. Just let your limbs relax here. Close your eyes. Take one final buoyant beautiful
inhale in through your nose. And this time as you exhale
allow the weight of your body to relax completely and
fully into the earth. Thanks for sharing your time and
your practice with me and all the beautiful people around
the world practicing together. Taking care of our mind, of our body. and of our spirit too. I’ll see you next time. Take good care. Namaste. (gentle music)


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