Wilmington Yoga Center: HOT Yoga Beginner Tips

Hi, my name is Keegan White and I am an instructor
at the Wilmington Yoga Center. Today, I am going to give you some tips on how to prepare
and what to expect during one of our hot yoga classes! We have two primary models for our hot yoga
classes: “SET” sequence classes and open “MIX” classes, each with their own unique
benefits. If you enjoy structure, we encourage the “Set” sequence classes. If you enjoy
variety, we encourage the “MIX” classes. With over 80 classes per week, we encourage
all students to choose the type of hot yoga class that they feel is most needed on that
particular day. 1. Show up! ALL ages, sizes, and abilities
are welcome! We recommend our Hot Detox & Hold class for beginner’s! We always welcome
all levels of practitioners and strive to create a very welcoming, FUN, and non-intimidating
environment. 2. Hydrate! Drink lots of water before, during,
and after your Hot Yoga class. 3. Try to eat no more than 2-3 hours before
your class, as it is typically best to practice hot yoga on an empty stomach. You will be
doing lots of twisting, and detoxifying, so it is ideal for your body to focus on the
hot yoga practice, rather than digesting food. 4. Bring two towels! We highly recommend a
hand towel, and our Yogitoes brand yoga rugs to go on top of your yoga mat. (SHOW this
rug here). The yogitoes rug prevents slipping, and are available for rent or purchase. A
bath towel will work as well, however towels often bunch up on the yoga mat during practice.
Large beach towels are not allowed in the hot yoga room as your towel must fit on your
yoga mat. Be prepared to sweat! 5. Pace yourself and rest ANYTIME. If your
body is not used to the heat, it is very important, and encouraged, to take rest when needed. Thank you for joining me today! We look forward
to seeing you on your mat! For more information on our hot yoga class offerings and other
tips please click on the link below! Namaste’

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