Wilmer Valderrama Fears For Ex Demi Lovato’s Health & Well-Being: Worried About Her New Romance – Da

Wilmer Valderrama is ‘freaking out’ after seeing Demi Lovato already engaging in PDA with a new man, Henry Levy, HL has EXCLUSIVELY learned! It’s not jealousy — her ex is seriously concerned    Wilmer Valderrama, 38, saw a major red flag when the announcement of Demi Lovato’s departure from rehab was accompanied by photos of her with Henry Levy After reportedly ending her 90-day stint in treatment on Nov. 3, Demi has already been spotted twice with the founder of Enfants Riches Deprimes! “Wilmer fears for Demi’s well-being, so it makes him sad and disappointed to hear that she has been spending time with someone new,” a source close to Wilmer EXCLUSIVELY shares with HollywoodLife “He wishes that, after her near fatal incident, Demi would take her sobriety more seriously and make her health her top priority ” And Wilmer’s being more than the voice of reason, after Demi nearly died from from an overdose in her Hollywood Hills home on July 24 He’s genuinely scared for his on and off-again ex-girlfriend of six years, partially because of Henry’s background   “Wilmer doesn’t know too much about this new guy Demi is seeing, but from what he has heard, he is already freaking out,” our source continues Henry has been “in an out of rehab since he was a teen,” according to TMZ, and the outlet further reported that the duo met in rehab a few years ago  But Henry aside, who appears to be focusing on his sobriety alongside Demi, Wilmer thinks the timing is just wrong for a new romance “Wilmer feels jumping into a new relationship is not the healthiest decision for Demi right now, so he worries for her and fears she will be hurt again or end up back in the hospital again or worse,” our source says And that reiterates what we’re hearing from a second source close to the That ’70s Show actor! “As soon as Wilmer heard that Demi was hanging out with Henry, alarm bells immediately started ringing,” our second source EXCLUSIVELY dishes “Even though he doesn’t know the guy personally, he’s heard enough things about him to believe he may not be the best influence on Demi Especially right now when she’s still in recovery and in a pretty fragile and vulnerable state ” So, what’s Wilmer’s plan going forward? Well, he’s “in a tough position,” given that “he cares for Demi,” our other source goes on He was a frequent visitor when the “Sober” singer was hospitalized before heading to rehab in August, but Wilmer knows where he stands in her life “As an ex, he knows that any advice he gives could be misconstrued, especially if it involves her seeing somebody else,” our source continues For now, he believes his “best option is to just keep his mouth shut and say nothing ” And it very may well be the best option, considering what his recurring problem with Demi was when they were a couple “Wilmer isn’t Demi’s caretaker anymore though, he can’t fix her, or save her—that was one of the major issues they had when they dated previously,” our source reveals The actor has now learned to “step away and allow her to be.” But still, he “hopes and prays” she’s actually “strong enough” to date again! Demi at least appears that way on the surface, as she was photographed with a big grin on her face as she held Henry’s hand at Matsuhisa restaurant in Beverly Hills on Nov 3. Continuing on that happy note, she strolled with her arm around the fashion designer’s back as they headed to an AA meeting in Los Angeles on Nov 4. We’re hearing that the two “have been inseparable lately” and that “Demi is healthier, happy and much stronger since her health scare,” according to what a source close to the singer EXCLUSIVELY told us! Although we understand Wilmer’s concern, we’re happy if Demi’s happy

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