hello the beautiful people welcome back to my channel I hope you are doing well today we are trying on some thick nest clothing because summer is around the corner and we should be working out and being cute why are we doing it and I have some goodies hit from fabletics I don't know if you guys know anything about relatives to be honest I didn't know much about furball ethics they reach out to me and I was like okay let me check this out and what was super funny is that I actually had a JustFab subscription for many many years which means that I got shoes every single month and I was a member I had to cancel that membership because sometimes you get to have too many shoes but and then I saw from Linux which is kind of a similar idea you become a member of the website and they have amazing offers on and really stylish gym wear that is supposedly extremely high quality so let's go ahead and try on some of these goodies and see what they look like on they've offered such as two leggings for 24 pounds and I really wanted to see if it's worth it and actually put some of the items to the test so let's get into this video workout set number one oh this is a great bust support set because I thought I was doing up I realized it had look oh and I hope she pop open it has kind of like the bra kind of hooks that you have here and this feels tight but if you have the big girls this is like the strut strap it in strap them down they're not going anywhere kind of top and as you can see it's a little bit more full covered but you can still really well this is what you're doing in the job I'm presuming that's not what you're doing in the gym and then these are a high waisted pair of workout pants and they're actually very nice and high waisted and I don't feel like I'm having to just pulse match them upwards which I am really really here for these aren't a sick sick and they have the booty pocket but they designed the poop booty pocket right there now I don't know if my phone would check let's do the test can my phone fit in the booty pocket let's just do the test pull those layers it's got my layers this this looks like you've logged into a very weird website Wow that's not going anywhere okay the phone isn't going anywhere the back works really well and I've got to say this is a really nice thick gym slick sucking material I'm feeling the snatch I'm feeling that's the sound effect I've got to say you know when there's like gym wear that when you put it on you look like you're already fit this is it this is it let's do a squat test because that's kind of essential that's the main thing like can you see I've got a mirror right here can you see the booty crack when you bend over okay okay stay in place squat test you did well okay this is a little bit different I picked this up because there are times where I'm thinking about running outside I don't know when that's actually going to happen but I do get cold and I saw that they have like sweat tops that actually looked quite interesting and this is one of the sweat tops I picked up and what I really liked was this twist detailing right here and the hoodie because there are days where I'm D wig and I feel like a nice little sweat talk like this would actually be nice to wear the leggings with and just go on a run I mean this is gonna motivate me to run you know maybe we'll see yeah this is nice and actually I think this is a great little piece of modesty because it's kind of breathable and I've got some volume to it if you're someone who doesn't show any flesh or anything like that this is an option okay bougie okay fashion okay style so this sec here is not your classic gym material I can't explain it but it's kind of like a ribbed really thick pair of tights like it's super stylish like look at this love this little detailing here it is not doesn't feel like a legging it feels like a thick pair of tights I don't know how vigorous I could be working out in this to be honest like lunge Star Jones squat lunge not bad actually I wasn't entirely convinced because I know this fabric isn't your classic gym wear fabric but it's really soft I'm really breathable and I feel like if you were to swear in this but it will kind of just evaporate out this isn't as sucky in but it's nice and secure my booty looks pumped and lifted from the shadows I'd like that and I feel like it's a really nice stable I'm just bouncing because I'm gonna do the brown step it's more supportive then I actually thought it would be because this fabric kind of threw me but I gotta say I love the floral details on the side right here I feel like this would be really nice to like dance or do they that's what this set gives me and ankles are covered okay I'm pleasantly surprised I'm a meanie baby oh this makes me wanna work out I love it woohoo this set here hide your wife hide your kids it's blinding and to be honest this is what I went on to fabletics for I was looking for stuff that was a little bit more feminine a little bit more floral and exciting and just a bit more style focus and I feel like this set is really giving it wow I need sunglasses yeah wow wow wow this one is a lot calm but I am here for it high in the waist long on the body this is a long mesh section right here and with me a hundred percent honest to you this isn't strapping the boobies in at all honey this is there's no support here there was literally no support here it just looks really nice now these are actually quite tight and really nice compression but this section here isn't that much compression but it's super in the waist because it's only a little gap which I love love love what do we think of the color in the pattern is it doing too much are we ready for summer in this I love this style of this I think it's a really stylish set I'm not sure how practical it is you're really looking for something to go crazy in and do like hardcore vigorous moving in and if you've got big boobies and there these are these are secure these are really secure yes sit the squat let's do a lunge yes let's do the high knees okay we're dropping down it's getting a little no 100 actually say that these are quite secure in the bottom they fit really well and I just wish that the top had a little bit more like security but overall I think the set is really hot okay this set here this is my Kelly Rowland inspired me set saw this on the fabletics website I feel like she's an ambassador or spokeswoman and she had our own collection and this piece was giving me crotch a room but she guru and yeah I just wanna see what I would like in it well wow wow wow wow oh this is this is a lot I don't know when if ever I'll be like doing this maybe I'll be having my I have my JLo on the chair splashing in the water moment if I'm wearing something like this but but it's cute I feel like this is nice if you're someone who has to wear more discoloring but yet this section isn't that modest I love what it's doing up here even just from the way that it's designed the weights going in and up it's very flattering but I'm gonna be real we've got nipples to the wind the whole world can see I'm not wearing a bra and I don't need this but I want it and I feel like if you will like some low-rise joggers like it would look sick cause you see that gap I also picked these leggings I thought I got them in the black but they're actually Navy so imagine these are black right and you can flip this down because they've got these fold-over styles yes gap on show Oh Instagram are you ready for this yeah I don't know if it looks right I think we've joggers and the way Ken wore it looked flawless on me it looks a bit weird but safe or it's it's wearing it just like this it's actually really nice long-sleeve breathable cover up top that you'd only wear if you like a dancer but it's so cute it's also got the hole at the back so you actually couldn't put a bra on with it so it's not the most practical top but it looks nice but it isn't practical and if you have small boobs that are fine and don't need support you'll be absolutely fine but if you have bigger boobs that need support I'm not sure but it feels really nice it kind of feels like swim material it's kind of sucking me in it's really tight another I love the contrast and the shape right here okay those are the pieces that I picked up from fabletics and I've got to say I think there were some really cute different styles of fitness wear here it's a bit more feminine a little bit more stylish and maybe a bit more two varieties of style which i think is really nice from when you can get a bright orange floral set I'm not mad and I'll be honest there were a lot of choices on the website there was a lot to choose from and these are the few pieces that I picked if you're looking for something special in the gym department definitely go and check it out I will have a link in the description bar below I love the fact that they have the legging offers I believe it's 2 for 24 pounds I like the fact that there are offers like that and I like the fact that you can also shop outfits it makes it a little bit easier to shop the website and I am not mad at it at all but yes if you're looking for something new I'm here I'm down I like it and I feel like the quality is really really good it's like different fabrics different textures different cuts different styles that I've not seen and like the fact that it's not a replica of so many other things that you see but we're like a logo stamped on it like it's not that at all items seen very good quality and I indicated for it so anyone who's looking for some gym wear check out my description bar below and in the meantime I will catch you later thanks for watching guys bye


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