Will Donald Trump Regulate Supplements? NutraBio's Mark Glazier Weighs In

fuck the FDA so they can go after and impose these regulations that are there but they won't do that because no fucking congressman or senator ever wants to get out of the meeting since I'm going to spend more money welcome to price Club do you have any opinions or ideas on what the Trump administration might do with some of the things I was kind of thinking like he built himself as law and order but at the same time less regulation so in that case see if our I love it so far is not going anywhere but if you have law and order you're hoping that there might be some sort of enforcement maybe oh well I hope there is the wall without enforcement is useless right and that's a problem this industry it's all the politicians just say the same thing there is no regulation and when they say that we can't fix the problem because there is regulation but there is no enforcement of the regulation it's like somebody speeding down Route 78 here and the cops say oh my god you know every day we have more and more people speeding and the politicians go tell we need a speed limit we have a speed limit no we need a speed level we need speed limits and then they scream they yell about it for weeks and at the end it disappears because they can't put speed limits and when they're already there so that's what they do they yell about regulation we deregulation week but they don't do anything because the regulation is already there and they know what's there so it dies away until the next scam company gets fuck doing on they should but if they get out there and say yeah there is regulation they're not just interested in making a news more of that night but you know they ever give a fuck about is being on a 30 second news board politician then the media they just got a city nasty shit if they really care the politician will get out say look we can fix this we Congress did the right thing in 2008 we passed CFR 111 strict guidelines and regulations for manufacturing your supplements this company just put out a product that didn't meet label claim it's already regulated they were supposed to test that ingredient of every ingredient and the finished product to make sure make labeling they created a product that was illegal the problem is not the regulation is not there we got to get together we got to back the regulations that we have too long so now you know I'm now going taking this back to Congress and I'm going to look for 200 million dollars to fund the FDA so they can go after and impose these regulations that are there and and and go out and police them and force them but they won't do that because no fucking congressman or senator ever wants to get out of the median since I'm going to spend more money right I'm gonna go back and Thomas get more money they just want to say yeah we're gonna put more laws out there you can't you ask me that question earlier note the laws are there they're strong mm-hmm they're really strong let's start enforcing them and clean up the bad guys we got the law we need the order I mean this she's no different than anything else right now and there's bad this ugly there's great this phenomenally people care and there's always those bad eggs they're gonna just screw it all up for everybody else those are guys have always be there they're in every industry whether it's apps our Tigers or whatever we gotta try to regulate them yeah watch what they're doing there welcome to price cloth


  1. Ask Jared Wheat if there is no enforcement?
    And this is that prescribed moment where we Drop the Mic and exit.

  2. TRUMP 2020

  3. u ever had to "cope" with the swissmedic?…. u would looooove the fda ;)) (swissmedic is the fda from switzerland)

  4. Bring the DMAA back to life

  5. Nutra bio is Awesome one of the best company's imo. Mark is a great guy!

  6. The i78 anology gets me bc there's cops every quarter mile on it hahaha

  7. FDA >> Forever Determined to be A$$holes

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