Will Corona End the World? – With Sadhguru in Challenging Times – 22 Mar

Sadhguru chants Kaalo na Janati… Sadhguru: All of you who are with us
right now, please chant this after me. Sadhguru chants Yoga Yoga
Yogeshwaraya (Repeated by Participants)… Sadhguru: Just sit with an upturned face,
slightly upturned face, eyes closed, maintain a mild focus between your eyebrows. Please… please open your eyes. If I knew a virus could become a source
of so much sense and awareness, I would have given you one a long time ago. Why am I wasting my time trying to teach you many
practices to make you aware, to make you sensible, how many things! Oh, I didn’t know a virus can do this. Well, this is not a laughing matter, but if you lose
your laughter the virus will not go away. If you become dead serious,
you will be dead before you are dead. So, it is in times like this, it is in times like this when we think we are in a crisis or when we foresee a crisis or there is a possible crisis – it’s not happened yet but in this
country it could happen anytime; unfortunately in some countries it’s already hit them. It is in these times that what kind
of a human being you are matters. It matters all the time, but in normal
times all kind of flakes will escape. They can pretend. It is when crisis hits you that what kind of a human
being you are becomes the most valuable thing. So right now this virus – well I think all of you already have
read enough, heard enough about it, I will not go into the detail and the nature of what it is, but the most significant aspect of this for us is, this is not being carried by a mosquito or a mice
or some other creature – this is carried by us. We are the carriers. Well, this is the problem, and this is also a great
advantage because we are human beings. Right now we have to make up our minds, “Are
we human beings or are we human creatures?” If we are human beings, we should know how to be. If we know how to be, following the simple rules of not passing it onto the
next person and the next person is very much possible. If you are human creatures, you will anyway pile
up on each other and make it a universal process. Maybe you are the agents of the virus. You are! I’m not joking. You are the agents who carry. Right now as we sit here and
many of you wherever you are, many of us right now may be
asymptomatic carriers of the virus. In many of us it may never show any symptom,
in some of us it may show mild symptoms, in some of us it may show severe
symptoms, some of us may go! But in most of us it may not show any
symptom and it may just pass through us, but we could be giving it to
somebody else whose life is at risk, somebody else who is far more vulnerable than us. So, this is why this is the time to prove
what kind of a human being are you. First of all, are you a human… are you fit to
be called a being or are you just a creature? A creature of compulsions or
are you a conscious being? If you are a being, the most fundamental
thing is you know how to be. If you know how to be, then social
interaction is only by choice. If it’s not necessary you can keep yourself
to yourself and this is a great time. By not doing anything you can feel hugely satisfied that
you have done something wonderful for the world. How is that? Never before you had this opportunity. I have been talking to you for many,
many years how to do nothing, tch… I had to come up with various
devices, teachings, methods to make you sit for a few minutes doing nothing. But now you have this, that by doing nothing
you are doing great service to the world, tch… Serving the nation, serving the people,
serving the humanity, just by doing nothing. You will not get another opportunity like
this, you must make use of this fully. No, not the people at the yoga
center, I have work for you to do. Because in these twenty-five to
twenty-seven villages which are around us, nearly a quarter-million people exist. These people may not know how to
manage themselves in case it enters. It has not yet entered rural India, so this is the
time for us to go out and educate them as to… incase it comes into rural India, how to manage it. Definitely in southern India it’s
not entered rural populations but in the next three to seven
days we want to make sure that everybody in the villages are conscious
as to how they should deal with this, how they should maintain social
distancing and personal distance, between people who live in such close quarters actually. So we will step out and do some work. “Ohh virus, virus, virus how can I do anything? Let’s build a wall around Yoga Center and live here.” No, no that’s not the kind of people we are, hello? That is not the sort of people we are, if it is necessary
we will step out and do whatever we have to do. It is amply established in the world that largely, not an absolute but largely it is people
who are over sixty years of age, who are largely vulnerable, those who
are using any kind of Imuno-blockers, because of medical conditions,
those who are using blood thinners, those who have gone through
any kind of organ transplant, these are the very vulnerable population,
and infants below one year of age. It is our business to ensure that that
population is well protected among us. I want you to take this commitment that
we will ensure in the next twelve months, because we are thinking of a twelve month
span in which this virus may play out its drama. In this twelve months nobody in our
families, nobody in the Yoga Center, people who are around us who are in
this vulnerable age group or condition, there will not be a single fatality, we need to take
that commitment and make sure that it happens. So we will be going through a drill tonight as to
what we should do and how we should take care, what are the arrangements or re-arrangements we
need to make to ensure that this population is safe. Those who are in the younger group of people,
those who falsely claim that you are young, we will go by your claim because
this is self-declaration, you know? It’s a self-curfew ‘janata curfew’. So if you are sixty but you said,
“I’m thirty” we’ll go by your word. Now we will make some
arrangements and re-arrangements to ensure that the vulnerable population
is well protected, this is most important. The younger people will go
through some minor symptoms or maybe little more severe symptoms but they can
easily recover with immediate medical attention. When I say immediate medical attention, generally if you’re infected with the virus first
three, four days generally there is nothing. Fourth, fifth day you may start running mild temperature, this mild temperature is not to be ignored right now
and by sixth, seventh day you may start mild coughing. Well by ninth, tenth day you may be becoming… it’s manifesting pneumonia
in the lungs or worse fibroids, but by the time you get mild fever if you
notice this immediately you go for treatment, if you are within the age group of one to sixty very
easily, ninety-nine percent of the time you recover. Ninety-nine percent of the time. With all the sadhana and a certain amount of care that’s gone into our lives in terms
of how we eat and how we live, definitely our immune systems are better
than most people who live in cities. So we should be able to go through this effortlessly but you need to understand there is no choice as to
who the virus will come to and who it will not come to. In twelve to eighteen months literally
everybody on this planet will get it. The question is only will we allow it to become a major
calamity or will we just pass it like a simple flu. This depends on various things that we do, we will give out recommendations in the next few
days exactly what you should do on a day to day basis, even if we catch the virus, how will we go through it but the vulnerable segment of
the population we must protect. That is the most important thing to do right
now, so we will be heading in this direction. There is no need to panic, what is
needed is precautiousness not panic. Above all there is substantial data to show that if a person is exuberant, joyful and wonderful, their immune-system is always
functioning at a better level of protection than those who are depressed
and worried about something, tch. I’ve been wanting to put on a depressed face but my
face is not cooperating, I think I’ll get it in the next week. Because you’re supposed to become
dead serious, if the situation is serious… situation is serious let’s understand this, situation is serious, you don’t have to
become serious, that’s what is important. “I am not serious, does it mean
to say I’m going to be frivolous?” No, I’m just going to be joyful, responsible,
sensible this what you’re going to be. Hello? A joyful, sensible, responsible
human being can deal with situations much better than those who are
dead serious about everything. Especially if you are in panic you are
paralysed – panic is paralysation. You get paralysed and you think you will
handle it better, there is no such thing. It’s very important that all your faculties are in place, your body and your brain functions and
responds to what is needed the way it needs to, this is most important. So we will create a certain situation in the Yoga Center to keep you up and I know many
people will get worried about this but with proper screening we will also
invite other meditators, volunteers to come and live here for fifteen days or one month, so that they also pass through this
time in the safest place possible. Will we make sure that this is among
the safest places for anybody to stay? Participants: Yes! Sadhguru: So those of you now who are outside
thinking of coming here immediately tomorrow morning, we will put you through a certain period of quarantine. But we will make quarantine also a little fun. Quarantine does not mean sitting
depressed on a hospital bed, quarantine simply means to ensure that you
don’t carry it and give it to somebody else. If it’s come to you, let’s deal with this in this body,
let’s not give it to one more and one more, that’s all it is. And it is truly wonderful in the country, I know the prime
minister gave an appeal just two days ago I think, and the way the nation has responded is spectacular. Not a single person on the street, across the country, this is really wonderful, if this much
awareness and responsibility is there… In every nation if this much
responsibility and awareness is there, if their people respond in this manner in every country,
we will deal with the virus, there’s no big deal. But if they don’t follow this then this is not a joke, if the
curve becomes very steep if the peak rises like this, then the kind of calamity that will strike – some of the scientists and doctors are saying
it could wipe out ten percent of the population. We don’t want that to happen, so it’s very, very
important that each one of us behave responsibly, no… if in case we come in contact with anybody who
seem to be sick, they may not be sick, hey you okay? They seem to be sick, if such a thing happens
immediately you go to the clinic and yourself checked, this kind of protocol we have to manage this. I want you to understand this this is a long haul,
it’s not over in three days or seven days or fifteen days. We are trying to do fifteen days to break the cycle
and level out the spread but it’s not going to be over. Most scientists are saying it will last anywhere between twelve to eighteen months before
our bodies learn to handle the virus. First of all virus doesn’t want to kill you,
I want you to understand – it’s you who die. Because the virus… for the virus you’re the habitat. You’re their home, they like to live here. And of course they would like to move
to other homes, expand their territory but they don’t want you to die because
if you die, one body is gone tch. So they have no intention of killing, it is just that if your
body doesn’t have the necessary antibodies to fight, if you don’t have the immune system to stand
up to them, then unfortunately you’ll die. So because of that, well, the fatality
is what is concerning us right now, if it was just he flu we wouldn’t care. But the fatality which has happened across the world,
touching nearly 9,000 people I think right now. People are expecting it could go
into millions across the world. Well human societies, if they behave truly
responsibly, keeping individual distance. Social distance but we’re having a party
in our room or in our home – this is not it. Individual distance must be there. I want all of you to maintain this in the Yoga
Center, no matter what is the work we have, many patterns which are already
existing patterns we want to change. We want to spread out the people as much as possible. The important thing is you maintain
physical distance from people. Especially those people who are over
sixty years of age, that includes me! When did I have a privilege like this? So there are many things that we can do,
one thing is to strengthen our system, strengthen our sadhana,
strengthen our spiritual process and there are many things in the Yoga
Center that we have not been able to attend to simply because we’ve been on, on-the-fly, seven
days of the week for the last fifteen to twenty years, not a single day to stop and attend to something so I think this is the time to attend
to many things that need attention but we’ve not been able to pay attention to, so let’s make use of this time and tch
come out of this as better human beings. This is very important. And many many simple practices
we’ve always been telling you, we told you like this but you went like this. Hello? All the people who are watching me in United
States, those of you who many times ask me, “Sadhguru where is my hug?”
I looked in my pockets it was not there. This is good, not just because
of the virus, this is very good. This is very good because unnecessary physical
contact is not good for a spiritual seeker at all because it builds a certain bondage, physical bondage
which makes unnecessarily small things difficult. Little things that you could easily cross,
a threshold becomes a wall in your experience. A threshold which you could easily cross
becomes like a big wall that you cannot cross so we will give out the protocol and we
will also start for all of you who are here, and those of you, wherever you are, if you give out your
names and register in the next twenty-four hours for sadhana we will do guided sadhana
for you in whichever time zone you are, accordingly the right time we will do
a guided sadhana process for you, so that you know how to conduct the day by yourself. And as far as possible, unless it’s absolutely necessary let’s stay out of
normal activity and break the cycle of the virus. It doesn’t exist forever in your system, it gets
neutralised if you just don’t spread it to other people – this much we have to do and I think we have
a little time, think we should take a question. Ahh, the birds have to wait because this is not a bird flu. This is our business, okay? Speaker: Namaskaram Sadhguru. So there are many questions that has come on the
social media, so the first question is from Kunal. “Namaskaram Sadhguru, this is an unprecedented
situation and everyone is clueless at this moment, not only in the country but across the globe,
do you think the end of the world is near?” Sadhguru: This happened – Two Quaker priests were standing with a board: “End Is Near.” So a motorist, a man driving a car came, saw the board, put his head out of the car and said “You religious nuts!” And you know, all the other things he said. And then after a few seconds they heard
screeching tyres and a crash noise, then one of them said, one of the quakers said
“I think we should have just put it as ‘Bridge Is Out'”. So we are just saying behave responsibly,
this will pass, but you want to say “End is near”! No, no, end is not near, the world’s
population is not going to get wiped out but by the time this is done as a genration
of people, either we will have the satisfaction – “We rode this crisis well” or we will have the shame of putting our
heads down that we did irresponsible things and which cost many precious lives. This is for sure that either you will hang
your head in shame in twelve months time, or you will walk with a certain sense of
resolve and purpose in your life because as a generation of people we sailed through this
with minimum amount of damage to the humanity. This one thing will definitely be available to you. Either this or that. It is my wish and my blessing that we should be
able to hold our heads high after twelve months time, let’s make that happen! Two more minutes. Speaker: The next question is from Supreja. “Namaskaram Sadhguru, my father
is a doctor and is sixty-eight years old. I understand that he needs to fulfil his duties but
as a daughter I am very scared for his health also. Please guide me how to overcome this fear.” Sadhguru: Aah right now being a doctor
is more impotant than being a daughter. So let the doctors… doctors’ duties take
precedence over daughter’s concerns. I appreciate and value the concern that you have but it is very important that everybody
stands up to do what they are capable of doing. It is not that every medical professional will be infected
or will be hurt by this, sufficient care must be taken. Care is not only from the professional,
but also the patients and others who come – how they behave and how they do things. Just with the fear that “I may have infection”
you want to go and hold onto your doctor – that’s not the way to do it. It is important that everybody behaves responsibly, especially those who are here to serve us,
we should not damage their lives. This is the responsibility of every
citizen that you don’t go irresponsibly causing infections to the medical
professionals who are out there to serve us and right now how many ever doctors you have it
may not be enough if things go a little out of control so when this is the case, saving and
protecting the doctors is very important. Please, whoever you are, wherever you are, ensure that his wellbeing is taken care of and necessary
support is given to him in every possible way. So being a doctor right now is very important. So we will be with you again tomorrow at six o’clock. Let’s see apart from answering
questions let us see what we can chart out and we will have a sadhana schedule going out to
everybody who wishes to do. I think it’s best to register (Talks aside: Is there a method
already, how to register? Okay). They will establish a method in the next few hours
and if you register we’ll have a guided sadhana for you. If you’re feeling lost at home. How’s that? People used to say, “Home sweet home” – now when we say “stay home for two weeks”
you’re saying that’s the biggest problem? I didn’t know it was such a terrible place. If it has been a terrible place it’s time you transform
it into a wonderful place, you’ve got fifteen days. Sadhguru chants Yoga Yoga
Yogeshwaraya (Joined by participants)…


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