Why Your "Healthy" Diet May be Hurting You & What You Can Do | T Colin Campbell | The China Study


  1. Great interview. You guys are awsome.

  2. "The number one cause of death is nutritional ignorance." Dr. T. Colin Campbell is so right. It's frightening how much misinformation we're fed throughout our lives. Whole Foods Plant Based diet is they way to go.

  3. It doesn't matter if we can't "hit one component" in cells. All that matters is researchers (corporations) can sell the concept to consumers. Eat all the meat & dairy you want because geniuses will target any cancer cells and save you. It's another permission to eat poisons.

  4. Wow, this guy. Reading straight from a screen with an impossibly fake persona. eww. Certainly not talking about the author of The China Study.

  5. Thanks for this very valuable interview! Please make a crowd funding, I will definitely donate for the research! And Dr. Campbell, please share your nutrition lectures on such platforms as Coursera, Udemy or Edx, so regular people (not scientists or medical staff) can also faster integrate plant based nutrition in daily life. Blessings!

  6. Best interview of Dr Campbell I’ve heard! Always enjoyed your broadcasts! Thank you both!!

  7. Great interview! A cell in like a Universe (w)holistic nutrition. T. Colin Campbell is a revolutionary man. By his love a discipline of human biochemistry. And speaking the truth!!!

  8. !!!

  9. Excellent interview! I would love to see a discussion between Dr. Campbell and Dr. Stephen Gundry, taking into account the information on plant lectins.

  10. Vegans dont consume anything with casin either it still came from an animak ^-^

  11. Please! Put English subtitles for the rest of the world! πŸ˜‰ For people not English/American is too difficult understand without reading!! These are important informations for EVERYONE! Please… Think about not English people… πŸ™‚

  12. Dr. don't prevent disease they're only trained to treat it once you get sick. Drugs, surgery, chemo all make money, treating symptoms to keep you alive.

  13. Thank you for this enlightening talk. Always enjoyable to listen to you both. Please set up the trust fund for study $6m we can do this. With all the channels that are showing this. All the plant-plant based channels we can raise this. Please set it up. πŸ™‚ I was touched by cancer, I am shocked at how the money raised at events does nothing to change things. This cause can.

  14. Great talk!

  15. That what your read at your gym was just to make money and sell sell sell those protein drinks that is all !!! They don’t care about what we need they want to sell those products

  16. Wonderful interview, great questions from Michael Sandler. Thank you Dr. Campbell for your life’s work and for your continuing education to the masses.

  17. Dr. Campbell needs a gofundme page!!!!

  18. "Whole" is one of the best Nutrition books of all time. Makes so much sense!

  19. Iceberg lettuce; are you kidding??

  20. A great scientist ! deserves Nobel Prize

  21. Where to donate money????

  22. Mothers breast milk only has 2.5 percent protein to grow a human being. Maybe we should use this figure.

  23. For the last year I have been listening to Drs Campbell, Mcdougall, Barnard, Ornish Etc.and as a result have switched from my "HEALTHY" diet, to a WFPB way of eating. Have lost weight and feel so much better. Thank you

  24. You're not on the radio,
    We can see you!!
    So use your facial and eye contact
    And be more intimate and engaging.
    Other than that,a Huge thank you for
    Your work.

  25. Dr Campbell and the late Dr. Gerson should be awarded the Nobel prize for medicine.

  26. How can we help pay money to this goal?

  27. WOOHOO

  28. WOOHOO

  29. WOOHOO

  30. Isn't there a way the people can soon have Dr. Colin's and all these others and studies, etc. be heard loud and clear!
    I am in my mid 50's, born and raised, still in TEXAS, farm and cattle, right? NOT ANY MORE!!
    Check out how hard (and very expensive) it is in north Texas to find REAL, food. You know. The stuff grown from seeds nature produced, no touch of man in the 'natural' production of. Meat as a treat, breads and such as we were instructed, in moderation. Amazing thing happens when that happens. People are healthy, happy, and that has to mean wealthy! Can't we as a whole do something! We will perish terribly if not, right?

  31. How enlightening in my cancer battle. Thank you for what both of you are doing!

  32. Thank you, very informative, always a pleasure to listen to Dr. Campbell

  33. Thank you so much Michael. I have listened to Dr. Campbell many times but this is the one I have longed for. This was the best ever, I always wanted to hear more in depth about the China study. In the last two months I have quit four meds. eating like this, and I'm 70 yrs. old.

  34. Fantastic interview! You really did your homework! I love Dr Campbell.

  35. Brilliant interview. This is my aim, to get this info out to general public. Was lead to your Chanel through 80/10/10 Chanel protienaholic link.

  36. did he get funding? there is crowd funding for scientific research

  37. BEST info ever. Helped me solve my diet. Aiming at whole food plant based 80/10/10 diet is awesome. Less stomach ibs problems for me. Cant believe its only 1k views.

  38. Every time someone's life gets touched by cancer, they're all out running and collecting money for pink ribbon events. All this guy needs is one major event to bring in the 6 million he needs to do tis study. I think if people only KNEW what he's found out by impeccable research so far, everyone of those pink ribbon runners etc. would give the one dollar. I wonder if the new president of USA will be impartial to the vested interests of the chemo/pharmaceutical cartels? All that's needed is for his voice to be heard. People are sick and tired and very afraid of this growing epidemic of cancer. There is a wave of stuff on the net – and some brilliant things included – eg. Ty Bollinger's work – maybe he and Drl Campbell could be the way. Ty is so good at getting people to listen. We must get the word out and urgently. Thank you Inspire Nation, but most of all, my immense gratitude to Dr. Campbell.

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