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Hi, I’m Sharmin from Digital Cooldown and
this is a series that is all about helping you nurture healthier online
habits and so this is all about digital well-being and so to give you a
background to myself and the own personal journey that I’ve gone through
last year I completely reformed the relationship that I had with the
internet and technology in a way I just didn’t think was possible and you know
so that was kind of really looking at the kind of more negative side of things
so in terms of feeling as if I was compulsively checking things doing
things on loop feeling as if I was essentially just scrolling away my life
on Twitter and the Guardian or these other sites where you know it was really
impacting just how I felt about myself I’ve been on a daily basis and how I
felt about the world and just by taking like by really looking and focusing on
trying to improve my relationship with technology like I massively improved my
well-being I know so and that had a knock-on effect on all other areas and
loads of other areas of my life as well so like productivity and you know just
basically being able to achieve things that I really want to focus on and
things like bringing daydreaming back into my life and I just when I look at
the digital world being space I just feel as if sometimes there is an
appreciation of just how holistic we have to be in terms of how we look at
our digital habits a lot of this is about learning about yourself it’s about
learning about your specific habits it’s about knowing your emotional and your
situational triggers which I’m making you wanna check something in the first
place like this is such an important area of our lives just because we’re
spending so much more of our lives in front of a screen and in front of
screens and so actually the parts of our lives which we spend away from a screen
are actually just getting smaller and smaller and smaller and that’s not to
say that that’s a negative thing but it is to say that we have to really
kind of a fight for those moments when we’re not expected to get all that
entertainment or our work in front of a laptop or in front of a phone but it’s
so just about you know because we’re expected to do so many important things
connected to the Internet then we’ve got to make sure that we’re using it in a
way that works for us as opposed to feel like we’re being used by these tools and
the great thing about digital spaces is that they are just so flexible you know
you can choose eternity notifications you can choose to delete an app from
your phone and then we download it if you want to you can choose what you’re
going to be emailed about or what your gonna be or what you’re gonna put under
spam and actually some of the hardest elements of this isn’t necessarily kind
of getting rid of the more irritating and intrusive aspects of technology
actually it’s about ourselves and it’s it’s what’s driving us to do what we do
and sometimes I think it’s just because we haven’t thought about an alternatives
and just having conversations with people you know you realize that the
moment you start talking about your relation with technology it goes really
really deep really quickly it’s it’s about you know how you view yourself
it’s about the confidence that you have at work it’s about how assertive you
feel about you know logging off from emails it’s about looking at your
passions and actually thinking you know are you making time for the things that
you really care about and it can be really painful coming to that
realization that actually maybe you’re not and so this is such an important
part of our lives and if we don’t look at the digital aspects of our lives
then and looking at ways that we can actually improve it then we’re not
necessarily going to make the most of the tools that we have available to us
firstly but I say not make the most of my lives and that’s when we fall into
this kind of prison where we feel as if we are addicted to something or you know
our lives are just disappearing through Scrolls in a way that we just don’t
understand how the other kind of part of this series is really gonna be about me
continuing that personal journey so while I have been very good um over the
past year in terms of saving time and getting rid of the more unhealthy habits
that I’ve developed over years of just unreflective internet use um it’s so
gonna be about how I want to now make the most of the online spaces that exist
or that are emerging because I was a kid who absolutely loved the Internet I
would have spent upwards of four hours a day on like journal and message boards
and Neopets and you know instant messaging and I thought it was fantastic
and there’s no way I would have described it as distracting or
compulsive or like against what I wanted to do and so I hope that you follow me
on this journey and so it’s gonna be about how you can save time safeguard
your well-being and understand your digital behavior as a whole as something
that is within your life and that’s is an amazing way of learning about
yourself oh it will include practical tips and questions of you to ask
yourself to reflect on your own online behavior so I really hope that you can
join me on this journey subscribe there will be a new video every week which is
all going to be dedicated to digital well-being
and I hope that this is something that you look at because if we’re spending
something like upwards of nine hours a day consuming digital content then
simple changes can have a big impact

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