Why You Should Be Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar For Gut Health & Healing | Dr. Nick Z.

In this video we’ll discuss the different
ways that apple cider vinegar can help you improve your gut health. Hi ladies and gentlemen, I’m Dr. Zyrowski
and welcome back to the channel. Now, if you’re new to the channel, it’s a pleasure to have
you here. Be sure to subscribe, hit that bell notification, and be sure to join our notification
community so that way I can help you excel your health and your life. Now in this video, we’re going to discuss
apple cider vinegar for gut healing. Now a lot of people love apple cider vinegar. It’s
this great DIY at home remedy that you can use to drastically improve your health on
a lot of ways. Well a lot of people are not familiar with is how you can actually use
apple cider vinegar to improve your gut health. So that’s what we’re going to discuss in this
video. Some research back ways the apple cider vinegar can help you improve overall gut healing.
Let’s go ahead and dive into this topic. Number one on our list. So, we’re going through
four different topics here. Number one on our list is going to be stops candida overgrowth.
Now this is important because a lot of people have candida overgrowth today for a lot of
reasons. A lot of medications cause it. There’s also too many people eating a lot of different
sugars and carbohydrates that are processed that also feed that candida. And it causes
a lot of problems in the body. Now the good news is, is apple cider vinegar can help in
a lot of ways. First of all, it’s antimicrobial. It has antimicrobial properties that have
been research proven to help decrease the Candido within the gut. So, using apple cider
vinegar is powerful for that because if we can decrease candida, we can decrease also
a lot of other problems or a lot of symptoms that come out of candida overgrowth. And so,
it’s involved in problems like a SIBO. It’s involved in problems like Crohn’s disease
or ulcerative colitis. It’s involved in conditions like joint pain. And so anyway, when we look
at candida, it causes a lot of different symptoms, a lot of different problems in the body, or
it’s directly involved with them. So, we want to make sure that we reduce candida in apple
cider vinegar. Like I said, it’s a great way to do so. Next here is apple cider vinegar is powerful
for increasing nutrient absorption. Now this is really interesting here because all the
time I see people who are taking a lot of supplementation, they’re also eating a healthy
diet and then we’ll do a nutrient test on them looking for their overall micro nutrient
levels and they’ll have all kinds of nutrient depletion. It’s always interesting, so it’s
very important that not only do we take these proper nutrients, but we also go in and we
make sure we optimize gut health so that we can absorb them. Apple cider vinegar has something
called acetic acid in it. Acetic acid is going to help in a couple of ways to help you get
more out of the food that you’re eating. First of all, the research shows that it’s going
to help increase absorption of the nutrients. But the other thing that apple cider vinegar
is going to do with the acetic acid is it’s going to actually help release enzymes into
the gut so you can break down your food and get more nutrients out of it because what
research also shows is that when you have like an enzyme depletion in the gut, you’re
not breaking your food down well and you can have micronutrient deficiencies from that
as well. So anyway, when you look at apple cider vinegar has the acetic acid, it’ll help
increase acidity in the gut, and it’ll also help break down food and help support, get
more nutrients and more nutrient absorption. Next on our list is going to help increase
stomach acid. This is so important and this kind of ties into the topic we were just talking
about here. So, it’s going to increase stomach acid in. A lot of people have way too little
stomach acid. A lot of people have stomach alkalinity and essentially when you have stomach
alkalinity and gut alkalinity, it opens the door for a lot of different problems. First
of all, you’re going to have heartburn that will come out of that. The other thing that
you’ll have come out of that is something called SIBO and this is small intestinal bacterial
overgrowth. This is essentially when you get bacteria in the wrong places in the gut and
also you get too much bacteria. And so, if your gut is too alkaline, then you have these
issues going on. Apple cider vinegar can help improve the acidity of not only the stomach,
but also the entire gut. And as a result, it can help with these different
issues that are suffering from here. And also, when you have too much alkalinity within the
gut, it opens a door for all these different issues. And I did a whole video on it and
I’ll put it in the description below because if you’re someone who thinks that, hey look,
I may have an alkalinity issue, and maybe that’s why I have so many different gut issues
and so many symptoms, I did a video that covers all of that because it’s really surprising
how many people have this issue and how many people have a ton of conditions as a result
of way too much gut alkalinity. But just to sum it up, apple cider vinegar will help increase
the acidity and help reverse a lot of these different problems that you may be facing. Next and last on our list is going to be supports
the healthy gut bacteria. Now it’s going to do this in a lot of ways and it’s very important
because when we look at the gut bacteria and the bacteria on our body in general, it’s
very important. For years, all these people were putting these different antimicrobials
on their skin and every time they walked into a grocery store, they would put it on their
skin and it was terrible for your health because it’s killing those bacteria, the bacteria
on your skin and in your body that’s really essential for good health. It’s essential
for proper hormone balance. It’s essential for proper gut health, for proper immune functions.
So important. So, we have to support that good bacteria. Apple cider vinegar is going
to do a couple of things. So we talked about small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, how
you could have too much. Well, first of all, it’s going to help remove unwanted bacteria
because first of all, it’s going to act as a anti-microbial, but also is going to act
as a prebiotic and support the good bacteria. When you support the good bacteria, it helps
get rid of some of the bad, unwanted bacteria that you don’t want in your system. Now, the
other thing about apple cider vinegar, is it going to have the mother. Now the mother
has been shown to have over 12 different strains of bacteria in it and when you look at apple
cider vinegar, you want to always get the apple cider vinegar that has the floating
cloudiness within the bottle because that’s the mother. If it’s filtered, if it’s not
raw, you’re not going to get all those same benefits. And if you want to learn more about
apple cider vinegar, I did a whole complete guide that teaches you everything from when
to take it and how to take it and all the different benefits. So be sure to check that
out. Now when we look at taking apple cider vinegar
and let’s say people don’t like the taste of it. The other thing you can do is take
a capsule, but if you want to get these digestive benefits for the most part, you’re going to
have to really be careful on what you’re doing because most of the different capsule forms
of apple cider vinegar out there are not good quality at all. They’re just simply acetic
acid. We talked about how acetic acid has some benefits but the problem is when you
look at supporting the gut health and a lot of other ways, the capsules don’t contain
the mother in most cases and they are typically not raw as well. So we want to make sure that
you’re always buying a good quality apple cider vinegar capsule and don’t be duped into
thinking that they’re all equal because they’re not. As a matter of fact, most of them are
completely junk. And if you want to learn more about the one that I recommend the people,
I’ll put a link in the description below because like I said, if you want to get the benefit,
you can’t be taking something that doesn’t offer you the benefit. So if you’re using
apple cider vinegar, you want to use the liquid with the mother in it, with that cloudiness
in it. And if you’re using a capsule, you want to make sure it’s raw and it also contains
the mother as well. And so be sure to give this video a thumbs
up. If you have any questions, put it in the comment section below. Let me know the results
that you get from apple cider vinegar. I’d love to know, dying to know the benefits that
you have received cause I’ve heard so many others tell their testimonial. So share in
the comments below. Also, if you want to learn more about how to improve your health through
nutrition, exercise, reverse health conditions, be sure to subscribe to the channel and hit
that bell notification so you’re notified every time a new video is released. Other
than that, check out my other videos on how you can improve your gut health and I’ll see
you in the next video.


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