Why We Shouldn't Ignore Mental Health Problems In Football… | One On One


  1. I understand getting depressed football all I new when I stopped, drink n drugs start.
    Don't be a snowflake move on with life !!!!!!!!!! OVERPAID BABIES NOBODY THINKS AM RELEVANT ANYMORE BOOOO HOOOOO !!!!!!!!

  2. Need to sort out the lighting. Great follow though and I'm not being a dick. Great little feed though. Well done lads

  3. I think that a great idea would be that a percentage of each players wage goes to a mental health organisation inside the club. When signing a contract 10% of wage goes to the organisation. Players can negotiate of course but 1% minimum… if not no contract. Im sure someone can do the math but 1% of all pro players salarys can make a difference.

  4. I'm a 21 year who's been suffering from depression and anxiety since I was 15, but only got help last year as it spiralled to its lowest point when I started off at University. My grades plummeted and finally I admitted to my parents what was going on. They've been as supportive as they can but there are certain things they'll never understand. I think the most important thing about speaking to others about their mental health problems is to not pretend like there's an easy fix or that you know how they can help themselves – NEVER say things like "just stay positive," "be yourself," "enjoy yourself," or "others are in a much worse situation than you." These kinds of phrases de-legitimize the seriousness of mental health problems. There is not an easy fix to a mental health issue, in fact many of them are much harder to battle than physical injuries. When it comes to physical injuries, you know when you're healed. With mental health issues you're never quite sure. Unless you're a therapist, people with mental health disabilities aren't looking for solutions when they approach you with their problems, they're only looking for reassurance that you're there to support them and that they can count on you to be there for them when they need someone to vent to.

    To Chris and the rest of the EFD team, I salute you for your bravery in tackling these important topics. You guys might feel like normal people but the truth is you have a platform with a significant following, so when you say something (good or bad) it'll reach and affect more people than if I say something. Thank you for educating us on this, hopefully professional and non-professional associations alike will take action to provide more help, not just to their players, but to their managers, medical staff, media team, and everyone else all the way down to the chefs and nutritionists.

  5. Well done lads great article

  6. Great vid. I suggest every year we make a day called arsrnal day and suppprt our friends who suppprt that sinking ship 🙁

  7. Its really great that y'all are taking initiative to educate us viewers about such a major issue and that's what seperates y'all from the other according to me. Well done !

  8. Top Man Chris x

  9. Kinda sad how this won't get the views of an average video you guys do considering how prevalent and important it is to talk about. Impacting most people in their daily lives or those around them

  10. Respect 👊🏼

  11. A topic that needs so much more attention. Awesome video

  12. Great content. As a performance psychologist for a professional football academy myself all that has been spoke about here is evident in today's game. It is vital that psychologists are ingrained further into every club, with trust and confidentiality with the players the main priority. I also believe that coaching staff and players need to complete mental health first aid courses, enabling them to spot the route causes and refer for help when needed. Great content again guys, glad the conversations are happening!

  13. Loved this Chris fantastic think piece about a extremely important topic

  14. Really important video to make, these One on Ones are fantastic, makes me proud to be a fan of you guys 👏🏼

  15. Brilliant video! Love this type of content, and great to see you guys using your platform / audience to discuss these complex issues, keep it up!

  16. Appreciate you lot never shying away from tough topics. Also topics like these and continuing to talk about it will accomplish a lot of good. Proud supporter here !

  17. Great video mate! Men need to speak up more about their mental health and need to understand it’s okay to not be okay.

  18. Solid video for sure. Very nice job. 💎💣🔥🔥💨

  19. Great Content lads

  20. It's absolutely amazing to see a sports channel doing this. Brilliant work by y'all.
    However football aside, this is a problem with men in general.
    We think talking about things and being vulnerable is 'gay', when it's actually something you SHOULD do. Talking about things and admitting about your issues does not make one weak.
    Here's to hoping this is talked about more and more action is taken towards it.

  21. This video is amazing, for the past year I have struggled with mental health and this shows how they can effect any one

  22. Anything can effect mental health

  23. Major hats off to hammel for having the courage to admit he too has had mental health issues showing that’s it is ok to share it. Great work from the FD lads!!!

  24. I think Adriano is a big example of this.

  25. Very good video EFD. Good on you on covering a topic a lot of people shun or don't understand

  26. Hire a professional psychologist in every single club and a professional youth psycholigist in every single club academy. Like this at least people may havw who to look to for their problems. As for rejected players in their youth, I think they must be given second chance or at least sent on career advising.

    I myself struggle with bipolar disorder. I know very well what 'mental health problems' means. I know there are people who have even worse struggles than mine. They must be looked into. I recommend processing the song Subdivisions by Canadian rock band Rush. Written in 1983 and released the same year it still is contemporary.

  27. Love when you do things like this really shows how players or just people in all levels

  28. Respect. Straight respect man.

  29. Really good stuff. Well done to everyone involved.

  30. Another great job covering another serious topic which is not addressed that often!

  31. I love that EFD, FD, and FDFC continue to break down stereotypes surrounding the beautiful game!

  32. Great video but post this series to the main channel so more people can see it

  33. Wonderful vid Chris. This issue needs to be dealt with and things like this can go a long way in the future for spreading awareness

  34. Greatley spoken Hamill this is a very important topic people think just cuz they have money they can’t be depressed even tho they are human as well

  35. Great video I love how you guys made a video like this ❤️respect I hope mental health doesn’t go ignored

  36. Mental health….Thats what you get when you support Arsenal 🥴

  37. Gotta say Chris, with your continued willingness/passion for approaching subjects like this you're in danger of becoming a serious journalist. Outstanding work.

  38. Good luck to us all.

  39. Well down, what a video, it goes to show how much needs to be done, i had no idea how bad mental health was in football.

  40. It’s when these fat old fans chant abuse at players.

  41. love these types of videos and this series keep it up!!!

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